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  • Notes on the Manuscript Collection

    John B. Carney

    Published Date : February-March 1992


    Fuller Papers

    Spec. Coll. 11, F, 2, 3 (100 items)

    The Fuller Papers concern Amos Fuller (1732-1810) and his son Dr. Timothy Fuller (1765-1799), both of Needham, Mass. The collection contains scattered deeds and account books, most notably Dr. Timothy Fuller’s charges for medical services from 1792 to 1793. The collection also includes papers relating to the Kingsbury family; Amos Fuller married his distant cousin, Sarah Kingsbury, at Needham 5 Sept. 1754. Members of both families held town offices at various times, and a small number of Needham town records were left among the Fuller papers. Most interesting are town accounts for soldiers’ payments in 1781-82 and a 1794 parish tax.

    The papers are divided into three sub-groups. Subgroup I. Fuller papers (1685-1793). Sub-group II. Kingsbury papers (1704-78). Sub-group III. Needham town records (1756-1800).

    Charles B. Gault Papers

    MSS 192 (1.5 feet)

    Col. Charles B. Gault (b. 1911), born in Columbia Co., North Carolina, joined NEGHS in the 1930s and in 1988 donated a set of his research papers to the Society.

    The Charles B. Gault Papers, 1927-1988, trace Gault and 109 allied families. The Gaults are an old North Carolina family with New England links through the Willards. Many other family branches spread through the South, Midwest, and West. The Gault papers include genealogies, charts, notes, documents, correspondence, and photographs. The compiler also included two tongue-in-cheek lines for his Moore and Ashe ancestors from the Garden of Eden and Roman Caesars, respectively.

    The material has been treated in genealogical order; an index was compiled for this inventory.

    The material is divided into two sub-groups: Subgroup I. Gault family (1600-1988). Sub-group II. Allied families (774-1988).

    James H. Gilbert Papers

    MSS 220 (134 items)

    James Harris Gilbert (b. 1844) was born at Toronto, Ontario. Educated in Canada, he began the practice of law in 1865 and moved to Chicago, where he entered banking and politics. He served as alderman and acting mayor of Chicago and High Sheriff of Cook County.

    His interest in genealogy began ca. 1895; material was collected until ca. 1930 by family members, the last of whom was Maria P. Turnbull (d. 1936) of Boston. Her papers were donated to the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA) by a daughter, Lena Turnbull Gilbert. SPNEA sent those portions of the papers deemed of genealogical interest to NEHGS in 1989.

    The James H. Gilbert Papers follow descendants of Jonathan Gilbert (1618-1682) of Middletown, Conn. Various related lines are also treated, including the Butler, Dale, Johnson, Ranney, Slack and Turnbull families in particular.

    Most of the material consists of charts, notes, records and research correspondence, with some scattered family papers. A diary dedicated to his wife by Ebenezer Dale (1812-1871) describes an 1865 tour of Italy. Charles N. Turnbull (1832-1874) left several military commissions and a few letters, one of which comments on the almost lethal climate and general conditions of life in New Orleans in September 1854.

    The material is divided into three sub-groups: Subgroup I. Gilbert Family, 1584-1901. Sub-group II. Allied Families (1317-1930). Sub-group III. Miscellaneous Papers: Genealogical notes and Joseph Byington’s 1783 army discharge.

    John B. Carney, a long-time volunteer in the Society’s Manuscripts Department, has been a NEXUS contributor since 1984. His article, “In Search of Fayerweather: The Fayerweather Family of Boston,” continues in the April 1992 issue of the Register.

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