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  • Note on a Survivor of the William Smith Family

    Published Date : December 1987

    One William Smith was born at Fort William, Castle Island, in Boston Harbor, in 1752, the son of William Smith, a British soldier.  His earlier ancestry is unknown.  William. Jr., removed to the area of Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a merchant’s apprentice with his mother and siblings.  During an Indian. raid on the store, William escaped by concealing himself under an empty cask, then stowed away on a fishing vessel to Manchester, Massachusetts.  He married at Gloucester, Massachusetts, Lydia Houston, and the couple settled eventually in Rockport.  William died there in 1818, survived by his wife and six children. Thus began a new American Smith family. (Sources: William Cutter, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Familie of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, vol. 2[ 1908], pp. 933-36; family papers.)

    Mr. Myron Smith has collected much data on this William Smith which he is willing to make available to serious students of Smith genealogy.  He seeks the parents of William Smith, Sr., and their origin in England.  Was William Smith an enlisted or a commissioned soldier of the British army? Did he fight in the colonies or Canada, and did he die in service or return to England after the war?  Write to Myron Smith at 680 West Vista Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614.

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