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  • Notable Kin - New England in Hollywood, Part Three: The Possible Rhode Island Ancestry of Marilyn Monroe

    Richard E. Brenneman

    Author: Richard E. Brenneman, assisted by Editors Otto, Roberts and Shaw

     Like only a few presidents, several western heroes or outlaws, and a handful of other entertainment or sports figures, the actress Marilyn Monroe is an American icon.  She has become a symbol of youth, its innocence, vulnerability and exploitation, of peerless but doomed beauty, of Hollywood’s studio system and its relentless stereotyping, and of early death and its legacy of tragic loss.  Yet this brilliant comedienne left us such movie classics as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, and Some Like It Hot, plus intriguing, more serious performances in Bus Stop and The Misfits.  Marilyn Monroe has been the recipient probably of more posthumous biography than any actress of any century or nation.  Her marriages to baseball player Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller have been well chronicled (the latter in part by Mr. Miller’s own After the Fall), her illegitimacy is widely known, and her mother’s family, from the Midwest and upper South, has been examined by biographers (but not studied well genealogically) mostly for patterns of instability that Marilyn is thought to have continued.  This article, however, can claim a unique contribution to Monroe studies; it is the first, surprisingly, to consider the genealogical background and ancestry of Charles Stanley Gifford (1898-1965), a New England native who the actress believed was her father.  Marilyn and Gifford, a studio co-worker of her mother, never met, although Marilyn may once have tried to telephone.  Unfortunately, then, the actress knew neither a father nor anything about Gifford’s fascinating Rhode Island ancestry.

    This ancestry, through six generations, centers around Newport, the birthplace of Gifford, his mother, maternal grandparents, and five great-grandparents.  It quickly extends, however, to Dartmouth, New Bedford, and Westport, Massachusetts, via Giffords; to Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard, via Dunhams and Butlers; to Little Compton, via Tompkinses and Taylors; to Tiverton, via Almys and Cooks; to East Greenwich, via Batemans and Spencers; to South Kingstown, via Congdons; to Westerly, via Blivens; and to Block Island, via Mitchells. Thus much of Marilyn Monroe’s possible paternal ancestry becomes a Rhode Island genealogical sampler. As with most Rhode Island migrants -- Gifford’s father moved to California in the first decade of this century -- there are descents from many colonial figures of interest, including “Presidents” John Coggeshall and John Sanford and Governors William Coddington, Jeremiah and Walter Clarke, Nicholas and John Easton, and Peleg Sanford.  Some colonial ancestry remains unknown -- for example the patrilineal descents of Ann Babcock and Thomas Tillinghast below -- and additions will be welcome.  But from available printed sources we can trace one, and possibly two, Mayflower descents; one further Mayflower connection; lines to four Rhode Island immigrants of royal descent and to Governor Thomas Mayhew of Martha’s Vineyard; one likely distant kinship to The Princess of Wales and her sons; kinships as well to 11 U.S. presidents, including Bush; and connections to various figures from earlier “Notable Kin” columns.  Links to Dartmouth and New Bedford, Plymouth Colony and Mayflower lines (through Little Compton especially), royal descents, and numerous presidential connections are common expectations in Rhode Island genealogy.

    C.S. Gifford’s Mayflower lines are from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins and possibly -- if the first Thomas Mitchell of Block Island is Thomas, son of Experience and Jane (Cooke) Mitchell -- from Francis Cooke.  Marilyn’s possible Mayflower “connection” is descent from John Howland’s brother, the immigrant Henry Howland of Duxbury.  Royal forebears are derived through the famed Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson and her sister, Mrs. Catherine Marbury Scott of Providence, from Acting Governor Jeremiah Clarke, and from John Throckmorton -- each descended from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307).  The Marbury sisters, moreover, shared ancient Spanish ancestry through Sancha de Ayala (d. 1418), wife of Sir Walter Blount.  Of these various ancestors John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were also forebears of the presidents Adams; Experience Mitchell, of Taft and Bush; the parents of Experience Mitchell, very probably, of The Princess of Wales and her sons; Francis Cooke, of FDR and Bush; Cooke’s parents-in-law, (Jacques?) and Jeanne (___) le Mahieu, of Grant, FDR, and Bush; Henry Howland, of Nixon and Ford; and both John Howland and Mrs. Hutchinson, also of FDR and Bush.  Still other presidential connections of Gifford and his possible daughter are derived through William and Audrey (Barlow) Almy, ancestors of Harding, Nixon and Carter; Thomas and Rebecca (___) Cornell, ancestors of Nixon and Carter; Richard and Mary (Hooker) Greene, ancestors of Taft and Harding; Adam and Elizabeth (Creel) Mott, ancestors of Harding and Ford; and Henry and Agnes (Butter?) Sherman, ancestors of Taft, Hoover, and Bush.  Governor Mayhew is an ancestor of Bush, and George Hull (see below), of Ford.  Another pair of Gifford forebears, Richard and Joan (Fowle) Borden, were the immigrant patrilineal ancestors of accused murderess [65] Lizzie Andrew Borden, milkman Gail Borden III, and Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Laird Borden.

    There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other connections to notable Americans.  From earlier columns in this series we can glean historians Henry and Brooks Adams and Charles A. Beard, Episcopal Bishop Phillips Brooks, the second Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt (Edith Carow), Senator Samuel James Ervin, Jr., and William Sydney Porter, alias O. Henry (Beard through Francis Cooke, the others via Howlands -- see NEXUS 3[1986]:26-27), Humphrey Bogart and Bing Crosby (via Howlands, 3:178-80), Orson Welles (via Aldens and Francis Cooke), “signers” Robert Treat Paine and Roger Sherman (via Shermans, 3:235-38), “signer” William Ellery, Jr. (via Almys and Cornells, 3:291-94), Constitution “signers” Nicholas Gilman, Jr. (via Hutchinsons) and Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. (via Howlands), financier Joseph Wharton (via Clarkes and Scotts, 4[1987]:69-73), various du Ponts (via Hutchinsons, 4:159-62), Hetty Green (via Howlands, Clarkes and Scotts, 4:192-95), Pamela Harriman (via Hutchinsons), philanthropists Mrs. Russell Sage and Henry Clay Folger, Jr. (both via Scotts), Mrs. Edward Stephen Harkness (wife of the donor of Harvard’s houses and Yale’s colleges [via Clarkes), Texas cattleman A.H. “Shanghai” Pierce (via Hutchinsons, Mitchells, and Francis Cooke, 4:240-44), James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok (via Butlers and Mayhews, 5[1988]:19-22), midget performer Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump Stratton Magri, Mrs. “Tom Thumb” (via Mayhews and Francis Cooke), Canadian prime minister Sir Charles Tupper, 1st Bt. (via Mayhews, 5:56-59) and Mrs. John George Diefenbaker (via Howlands), Jennie Jerome, Sir Winston Churchill and the second Lady Anthony Eden (via Bordens, Thomas Cooke of Portsmouth, Howlands and Shermans at least, 5:94-98), Irish President Erskine Hamilton Childers (via Aldens and Hutchinsons), Mrs. Tomas Masaryk (wife of the president of Czechoslovakia, via Aldens), Mrs. Benny Goodman (via Hutchinsons, 5:168-71), Johnny Carson (via Howlands), Ralph Waldo Emerson (via Howlands, 6[1989]: 108-12), Henry David Thoreau (via Mitchells), Harriet Beecher Stowe (via Shermans), William Cullen Bryant (via Aldens, Mitchells, and Francis Cooke, 6:202-206), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (via Aldens and Howlands), James Russell Lowell (via Shermans), and William Hickling Prescott (via Greenes, 7[1990]:26-30).

    Frequent readers of this column will not reel at the above list -- they will know instead that such intricate and multiple notable kinships are typical in the “New England family.”  Also seemingly wondrous, but quite usual for migrants from the smallest state in this region, is the considerable number of families well covered in printed sources and prominent in early Rhode Island history, that figure in C.S. Gifford’s ancestry. Of “colony founders” covered by G.B. Roberts in “A Bibliography for 100 Colonial Rhode Island Families,” most recently updated in the introduction to Genealogies of Rhode Island Families from NEHGR, vol. 1 (1989), Marilyn Monroe may descend from at least 34 -- Aldrich, Almy, Babcock, Bailey, Borden, Briggs, Brownell, Burdick, (Jeremiah) Clarke, Coggeshall, (Thomas) Cooke, Cornell, Crandall, Dennis, Gardiner, (Dr. John) Greene, Hazard, Holden, Hutchinson, (George) Lawton, Manchester, Pearce, Peckham, Remington, Reynolds, Sanford, Scott, Sherman, Stanton, Throckmorton, Thurston, Tillinghast, Tripp, and Wilcox.  Through the above, plus forebears in Little Compton and Block Island, Marilyn may be related to millions of Americans with Rhode Island ancestry.  The Alden, Howland, and possible Francis Cooke descents add kinships to many Plymouth Colony descendants, and via Dunhams, Butlers and especially Mayhews, many colonial resdients of Martha’s Vineyard, and their descendants, are Gifford cousins also.  David Nason, #54 below, was a native of South Berwick, Maine.  One of Nason’s great-great-great-grandfathers, also a great-great-great-great-grand father of James Easton, Jr., #56, was the immigrant Rev. Joseph Hull, a 1614 Oxford graduate who preached or lived in Weymouth, Hingham, Barnstable, Yarmouth (Mass.), York (Maine), Oyster River (N.H.) and the Isles of Shoals, as well as in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall.  Hull’s children settled on Cape Cod and in Maine and New Jersey; one grandson, John Hull (below), settled in Jamestown, R.I. and left a daughter whose husband (Henry Stanton, below) and several children moved to Carteret Co., North Carolina. George Hull, Rev. Joseph’s brother and a passenger on the Mary and John, was a founder of Fairfield, Connecticut.  Thus Charles Stanley Gifford had genealogical connections to several parts of New England.

    But we have considered only the ancestry of Marilyn’s possible father. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, was the daughter of Otis Elmer Monroe and Della Mae Hogan, natives of Indiana and Missouri, the granddaughter maternally of Tilford Marion Hogan and Jennie Nance, and the great-granddaughter maternally, according to census records, of George W. and Sarah A. Hogan, and of Levi and Sarah C. Nance.  These last, born ca. 1824, 1824, 1813 and 1837 respectively, were natives of Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri.  Much further research into this maternal ancestry is needed and may be underway.  It is clear already, however, that the geographical range of Marilyn’s likely ancestral associations is wide.  As with President Bush (two years Marilyn’s senior) and others of their generation who combine or may combine New England and Southern, Yankee and Confederate roots, the actress Marilyn Monroe may well be related to a considerable percentage of the American people and a sizeable part of her audience. She is certainly one of our most enduring contemporary legends.

    Outlined below is the known genealogical data about Marilyn and her mother, plus an ancestor table (AT) of Charles Stanley Gifford for six generations, including full dates and places for all vital events when ever known. For the father of any person listed, double the number; for the mother, double it and add one; for a child, divide the number by two and drop halves. Places precede dates, towns are in Rhode Island unless otherwise specified (at first entry), and b., bp., d., bur., m., and ca. are abbreviations for born, baptized, died, buried, married and circa (about). Following the AT are single or multi-line extensions of [66] the ancestry of 16 of Gifford’s great-great-great-grandparents, arranged in the standard format for this column, showing Gifford’s, and possibly Marilyn’s, descent from each of the individuals or couples (and many, but not all, of the Rhode Island families) listed above.  Following the number of the sixth-generation ancestor (32-63) are his or her parents, grandparents, great-grand-parents, etc., backwards to the italicized, already mentioned ancestors.  Semi-colons separate generations, commas separate couples in the same generation, and RD, MP, PW, TP and FP indicate, as usual (and respectively), an ancestor of royal descent, a Mayflower passenger, a forebear shared with The Princess of Wales, or ancestors of two or three (IT) or four or five (FP) American presidents.

    Norma Jeane Mortenson (raised as Norma Jeane Baker), known as Marilyn Monroe, b. Los Angeles, Calif. 1 June 1926, d. there 5 Aug. 1962; m. (1) Los Angeles 19 June 1942 James Dougherty, b. Torrance, Calif. ca. 1921, son of Edward and Ethel Mary Dougherty (div. 1946); (2) San Francisco 14 Jan. 1954 Joseph Paul DiMaggio, b. Martinez, Calif. 25 Nov. 1914, son of Giuseppe and Rosalie (Mercurio) DiMaggio (div. 1955); (3) White Plains, N.Y. 29 June 1956 (civil) and Katonah, N.Y. 1 July 1956 (religious) Arthur Miller, b. New York City 17 Oct. 1915, son of Isidore and Augusta (Bamett) Miller (div. 1961). Marilyn’s mother was

    Gladys Pearl Monroe, b. Ciudad Porfirio Diaz (later Piedras Negras), Coahuila state, Mexico 24 May 1900 or 1902, d. Gainesville, Florida 11 March 1984; m. (1) Los Angeles 22 May 1917 John Newton “Jack” Baker, b. Kentucky ca. 1891, son of S.W. and Lucy (Epperson) Baker (div. 1921); (2) Hollywood, Calif. 11 Oct. 1924 Martin Edward Mortenson, b. Haugesund, Rogaland Co., Norway ca. 1897, d. Milton, Mahoning Co., Ohio 18 June 1929 (he apparently deserted his wife a few months after the marriage); (3) prob. California before 1960, a Mr. Eley.

    Ancestor table of Marilyn’s possible father:

    1.             Charles Stanley Gifford, b. Newport 18 Sept. 1898, d. Hemet, Riverside Co., Calif. 27 June 1965
    2.             Frederick Almy Gifford, b. New Bedford, Mass. 12 April 1867, d. Riverside Co., Calif. 4 July 1957; m. Newport 25 April 1888
    3.             Elizabeth Easton “Lizzie” Tennant, b. Newport 5 April 1866, d. there 27 April 1904
    4.             Charles Adams Gifford, b. New Bedford 7 May 1839, d. Taunton, Mass. 5 April 1874; m. New Bedford 15 Feb. 1866
    5.             Susan Bateman Almy, b. Tiverton 27 Feb. 1841, d. Los Angeles, Calif. 10 Oct. 1908
    6.             William Congdon Tennant, Jr., b. Newport 8 Dec. 1838, d. there 9 Dec. 1898; m. there 26 Jan. 1859
    7.             Elizabeth Cutting Easton, b. Newport 31 Dec. 1837, d. there 9 Feb. 1921
    8.             John Allen Gifford, b. Westport, Mass. 18 July 1802. d. New Bedford 16 March 1872; m. Westport 7 Feb. 1826
    9.             Lydia F. Tompkins, b. Little Compton (henceforth LC), 16 Nov. 1799, d. New Bedford 23 Oct. 1872
    10.           Samuel Elam Almy, b. LC 18 Feb. 1800, d. there 17 Aug. 1889; m. there 24 March 1830
    11.           Susan Bateman, b. Newport 18 Aug. 1805, d. Tiverton 15 Nov. 1865
    12            William Congdon Tennant, b. Newport 25 Nov. 1815, d. New Bedford 12 March 1889; m. prob. Newport 28 Feb. 1836
    13.           Mary Lawton Bliven, b. Newport 25 Feb. 1818, d. there 2 March 1886
    14.           John W. Easton, b. Newport 15 July 1809, d. there 29 Sept. 1872; m. prob. Newport 28 Oct. 1830
    15.           Frances Ann Franklin, b. Newport 16 June 1812, d. there 15 July 1904
    16.           Abner Gifford, b. Westport 16 Oct. 1780, d. Dartmouth 22 Dec. 1862; m. Westport 11 April 1802
    17.           Thankful Dunham, b. prob. Edgartown, Mass. ca. 1770, d. Dartmouth 17 Feb. 1837, ae. 66
    18.           Uriah Tompkins, b. LC 17 Aug. 1767, d. there 15 Nov. 1848; m. there 31 Aug. 1794
    19.           Mary (or Mercy) Taylor, b. LC 28 Oct. 1767, d. there 3 Dec. 1847
    20.           Cook Almy, b. Tiverton 24 Sept. 1765, d. LC 25 Feb. 1861; m. LC 22 March 1795
    21            Charlotte Cook, b. Tiverton 12 Sept. 1773, d. there 23 March 1835
    22.           William Bateman, b. Coventry 29 Jan. 1773, d. Newport 20 Nov. 1850; m. East Greenwich 7 March 1799
    23.           Susannah Spencer, b. Newport 3 Sept. 1775, d. Tiverton 21 Nov. 1847
    24.           John Fowler Tennant, b. Newport 8 Jan. 1786, d. there 1 May 1883; m. there 23 May 1813
    25.           Mehitable Congdon, b. So. Kingstown ca. 1792-93, d. Newport 24 March 1842, ae. 49
    26.           Benjamin Hall Bliven, b. Voluntown, Conn. 17 June 1787. d. Newport 24 Oct. 1870; m. by 1812
    27            Meribah Nason, b. Newport 4 April 1790, d. there 12 May 1842
    28.           James Easton (IID, b. Newport 3 May 1772, d. there 14 Dec. 1851; m. there 1 Feb. 1801
    29.           Mary Ann (Nancy) Spooner, b. Newport ca. 1783. d. there 2 Oct. 1832
    30.           Robert Maynard Franklin, b. So. Kingstown 26 Sept. 1765, d. Newport 18 Oct. 1850; m. by 1805
    31.           Olivia Tillinghast, b. ca. 1782, d. Newport 3 or 24 Jan. 1818, wid. of Mulford Osborne
    32.           Christopher Gifford (IID, b. Dartmouth 28 Aug. 1737, d. Westport 5 Dec. 1820; m. Dartmouth 2 April 1756
    33.           Deborah Howland, b. Dartmouth 25 Sept. 1740, d. Westport 9 March 1823
    34.           David Dunham, Jr., b. Edgartown ca. 1724, bur. there 19 Aug. 1807; m. there 5 Nov. 1761
    35.           Priscilla Butler, b. Edgartown ca. 1730, d. there 10 Oct. 1810
    36.           Micah Tompkins, b. Little Compton 29 Jan. 1722, d. there May 1771; m. Tiverton ca. 1755
    37.           Sarah Dring, b. Tiverton 7 Sept. 1731, d. LC 9 May 1827
    38.           Gideon Taylor, b. LC 15 May 1729, d. there 11 July 1790; m. there 18 Jan. 1753
    39.           Mary Brownell, b. LC 8 Aug. 1735, d. there 15 March 1815
    40.            John Almy, b. Tiverton 18 April 1720, d. there 14 May 1808; m. prob. Tiverton ca. 1758
    41.           Hannah Cook, b. Tiverton 1 April 1738, d. there 25 Oct. 1765


    42.           Isaac Cook, b. Tiverton 21 June 1745, d. there 18 April 1726; m. there 16 Oct. 1766
    43.           Lydia Gray, b. Tiverton 27 Sept. 1744, d. there 9 April 1826
    44.           Hector Bateman, b. England ca. 1748, d. Coventry 19 June 1784; m. East Greenwich 14 Jan. 1770
    45.           Susannah Nichols, b. East Greenwich 2 Sept. 1750, d. Tiverton 18 July 1837
    46.           Jeremiah Spencer, b. East Greenwich 8 May 1727, d. there 16 Feb. 1803; m. there 3 Oct. 1750
    47.           Alice Aldrich, b. Mendon, Mass. 2 May 1730, d. East Greenwich post 1786
    48.           James Tennant, b. East Greenwich ca. 1756, d. Exeter 10 April 1839; m. Westerly 19 Sept. 1782
    49.           Mary Chappell, b. Exeter ca. 1758, d. Middletown 3 Jan. 1828
    50.           William Taylor Congdon, b. N. Kingstown 19 July 1769, d. there 17 Aug. 1841; m. ca. 1790
    51.           Ann Babcock, d. ante 1818
    52.           James Bliven (III), b. Westerly 20 Nov. 1760, d. Newport ca. 1811; m. Westerly 22 Feb. 1780
    53.           Mary Ross, b. Westerly 1 Aug. 1756, wid.of James Hall
    54.           David Nason, b. So. Berwick, Maine 5 July 1758, d. Newport 16 Nov. 1807; m. Providence 27 June 1779
    55.           Abigail Stoddard, b. prob. LC 16 Jan. 1763, d. prob. Newport 9 Aug. 1843
    56.           James Easton, Jr., b. prob. Newport 4 March 1738, d. prob. there 5 June 1798; m. there 11 Nov. 1762
    57.           Rebecca Coggeshall, b. Newport 29 July 1745, d. there 14 Oct. 1790
    58.           Benjamin Spooner, b. Newport ca. 1736, m. there 26 March 1760
    59.           Sarah Hunt, b. LC 4 April 1741, d. Newport 6 Dec. 1826
    60.           John Franklin, b. Jamestown 12 May 1727, d. Wickford 16 Aug. 1806; m. Jamestown 29 Aug. 1750
    61.           Elizabeth Mitchell, bp. Boston 19 Sept. 1731, d. Wickford 25 May 1768
    62.           Thomas Tillinghast, b. prob. R.I. ca. 1740, d. Philadelphia, Pa. Oct. 1793
    63.           -- (probably not wife Mary ___)


    32.              Christopher Gifford, Jr. & Mary Borden; Richard Borden & Innocent Cornell; John Borden & Mary Earle, Thomas Cornell, Jr., & Sarah Earle (a 2nd wife); Richard Borden & Joan Fowle, Thomas Cornell (TP) & Rebecca ___ (TP).
    33.              Thomas Howland & Ruth Wing; James Howland & Deborah Cooke, Nathaniel Howland & Rose Allen, John Cook, Jr. & Ruth Shaw; Zoeth Howland & Abigail ___, John Cook & Mary Borden; Henry Howland (VP) & Mary ___ (VP), Richard Borden & Joan Fowle, above; Henry Howland (FP) & Margaret ___ (FP).
    34.              David Dunham & Sarah Clifford; Jacob Clifford & Elizabeth Mayhew; John Mayhew & Elizabeth Hilliard; Thomas Mayhew, Jr. & Jane Paine; Gov. Thomas Mayhew & ___.
    36.              Samuel Tompkins & Sarah Coe; John Coe & Sarah Pabodie; William Pabodie & Elizabeth Alden; John Alden (MP, TP) & Priscilla Mullins (MP, TP).
    39.              George Brownell, Jr. & Sarah Bailey; George Brownell & Mary Thurston; Jonathan Thurston & Sarah ___, Edward Thurston & Elizabeth Mott; Adam Mott (VP) & Elizabeth Creel (VP).
    40.              Job Almy, Jr. & Bridget Sanford; Job Almy & Mary Unthank, Peleg Sanford, Gov. of R.I., & Mary Coddington; William Almy (TP) & Audrey Barlow (TP), John Sanford, “President” of R.I., & Bridget Hutchinson, William Coddington, Gov. of R.I., & Anne Brinley; William Hutchinson (VP) & Anne Marbury (RD,TP).
    41, 42 (siblings): Thomas Cook & Philadelphia Cornell; Joseph Cook & Susanna Briggs, George Cornell & Deliverance Clarke; John Cook & Mary Borden, above, Thomas Cornell (III) & Susanna Lawton, Walter Clarke, Gov. of R.I., & Hannah Scott; Thomas Cornell, Jr., above, & Elizabeth ___, Jeremiah Clarke, act. Gov. of RI. (RD) & Frances Latham, Richard Scott & Catherine Marbury (RD).
    43.              William Gray & Elizabeth Dennis; Edward Gray, Jr. & Mary Manchester, Robert Dennis, Jr. & Sarah Briggs; William Manchester & Mary Cook, Robert Dennis & Sarah Howland, William Briggs & Elizabeth Cook; Henry Howland (VP) & Mary (VP), above, John Cook & Mary Borden, above (parents of Mary & Elizabeth).
    45.              Thomas Nichols & Welthyan Spencer; John Spencer (III) & Mary Fry; John Spencer, Jr. & Audrey Greene, Thomas Fry, Jr. & Welthyan Greene; John Greene, Jr. & Anne Almy (parents of Audrey), Thomas Greene & Elizabeth Barton (parents of Welthyan); John Greene & Joan Tattershall (parents of John, Jr. & Thomas), William Almy (VP) & Audrey Barlow (VP), above; Richard Greene (VP) & Mary Hooker (TP).
    46.              Peleg Spencer & Elizabeth Coggeshall; Joshua Coggeshall, Jr. & Sarah George; Joshua Coggeshall & Joan West; John Coggeshall, “president” of R.I., & Mary ___.
    50.              Stephen Congdon & Mary Taylor; Joseph Taylor & Experience Sherman; Abiel Sherman & Dorcas Gardiner; Samson Sherman & Isabel Tripp; Philip Sherman & Sarah Odding; Samuel Sherman & Philippa (Ward?); Henry Sherman (VP) & Susan Lawrence (VP); Henry Sherman (VP) & Agnes (Butter?) (TP).
    54.              Nathaniel Nason & Meribah Tuttle; Richard Nason & Mercy Ham; John Ham & Mary Heard; John Heard & Elizabeth Hull; Rev. Joseph Hull & ___.
    56.              James Easton & Alice Stanton; John Easton & Dorcas Perry, Henry Stanton & Mary Hull; Peter Easton & Anne Coggeshall, John Stanton & Mary Clarke, John Hull & Alice Tiddeman; Nicholas Easton, Gov. of RI., & ___, John Coggeshall, above, & Mary ___,Jeremiah Clarke, act. Gov. of R.I. (RD), above, & Frances Latham; Tristram Hull & Blanche ___; Rev. Joseph Hull, above, & ___.
    57.              James Coggeshall & Hannah Brooks; Benjamin Coggeshall & Sarah Easton; John Coggeshall, Jr. & Patience Throckmorton, James Easton & Miriam Allen; John Coggeshall, above, & Mary ___,John Throckmorton (RD) & Rebecca ___, John Easton, Gov. of R.I., & Mehitable Gaunt; Nicholas Easton, gov. of R.I., above, & ___.
    61.    Thomas Mitchell (III) & Margaret ---; Thomas Mitchell, Jr. & Margaret Rathbone; Thomas Mitchell & (likely) Experience Mitchell (VP) & Jane Cooke; Thomas Mitchell (PW,TP) & Margaret Williams (PW, TP), Francis Cooke (MP,TP) & Hester le Mahieu (VP); (Jacques?) le Mahieu (VP) & Jeanne___ (TP).



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    Richard E. Brenneman, a native of Odessa, Missouri, has published articles in The American Genealogist on the English origins of the Yarnall family of Pennsylvania, on Billa Root of Connecticut, and on the Goodrich family of Connecticut and Massachusetts.  He has also undertaken extensive research on the Burnworth and Monasmith families of Pennsylvania. Interested readers may contact him at P.O. Box 8635, JFK Station, Boston, MA 02116.

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