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  • Notable Kin - Additions, Corrections and Further Documentation for Previous Columns

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Since its inception in the February 1986 NEXUS - with two preview columns in 1985 - “Notable Kin” has generated considerable response.  In this twenty-seventh “installment” of my ongoing reflections on Western genealogical evolution, Anglo-American kinship and the “New England family” especially, I wish to complete the unit of work undertaken to date by summarizing corrections, adding three new figures of interest, and further documenting the two preview columns and several Hollywood figures treated in NEXUS 3(1986):178-80.

    Various corrections to “Notable Kin” have appeared in “Errata” or “Letters to the Editor” sections of earlier issues, usually reported by members who have further studied the line in question.  I am very grateful for all such data, which can be cited, credited and summarized as follows:

    1.       NEXUS 4(1987):87 (Jean E. Irish Weare): The mother of New Hampshire “signer” Matthew Thornton was probably Katherine , not Elizabeth Jenkins.

    2.    4:88 (John D. Heal, Jr.): The mother of Nathaniel Beal (b. 1620/1), a great-great grandfather of Massachusetts “signer” Elbridge Gerry, was Frances Ripley, first wife of John Beal and sister of William Ripley of Hingham (not John Beal’s second wife, Mrs. Nazareth Hobart Turner).

    3.    4:171 (Alice Price Merriam): The wife of John Emery, a great-grandfather of New Hampshire “signer” Josiah Bartlett, was Mary ,not Shatswell.

    4.    4:208 (L. David Dobson): Further data on Virginia immigrant Edward Porteous, formerly of Newbotttle, Scotland, a son of Robert Porteous and Elizabeth Keith, and ancestor of H.M. Queen Elizabeth  The Queen Mother and H.M. The Queca.

    5.      5(1988):1 75, 214; 6(1989):74 (several correspondents, especially Dr. Dorothy Branson, reporting published research by Neal S. Southwick): New England immigrants Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra Burnell, ancestors of Jennie Jerome, Sir Winston Churchill, and President R.M. Nixon, were married at Kingswinford, Staffordshire 25 January 1623.

    6.      6(1989):34 (Richard E. Brenneman): Agatha Christie’s American great-grandmother, the wife of Alvah Miller, was Martha Hillman, not Young, daughter of John Hillman (IV) and Patty Bodmen, and a descendant, via Cottle and Look families of Martha’s Vineyard, of Nantucket pioneer George Bunker.

    7.      7(1990):34 (Dr. Douglas F. Hardy): Sarah, wife of Edward Thompson and great-great-great grandmother of poet H.W. Longfellow, was a daughter of John and Mary (ShatswelD Webster, also ancestors of President Franklin Pierce.

    8.    7:122 (N. Sherrill Foster): George Bancroft’s ancestors Lion Gardiner of Gardiner’s Island and Samuel King married respectively Mary Dirks dr. Deurcant and Frances , not necessarily Ludlam.

    In addition to the above corrections I noted some lesser corrections in NEXUS 5:64, 98, 7:122, 218.  I have also collected more substantial changes, additions, or recent sources, several received from valuable correspondents, which can likewise be briefly listed as follows:

    1. 3(1986):27, 237-38, 293-94: See 7(1990):28-29 for Henry and Brooks Adams; my Ancestors of American Presidents, preliminary ed. rev. (1989, henceforth AAP), esp. pp.3-6, 106-7 for John Adams, Jr. (and note that a great-great grandmother, wife of John White of Brookline, was Frances Jackson); and Elizabeth Pearson White, John Howland of the Mayflowcr, Volume I, The First Five Generations: Documented Descendants through his first child Desire Howland and her husband Captain John Gorham (1990), pp. 1-12, 22-23, 85-86, 343-44, for Nathaniel Gorham, Jr.  Among “Nantucket Soup” figures see also NEXUS 4:242-43 for Mrs. H.L. Hunt and 7:157, 159 for Mrs. Lucretia Coffin Mott.

    2.    3:74-76: V.M. Meyer and J.F. Dorman, Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, 3rd ed. (1987, henceforth APP3), pp. 507-513 argues against the identification of Pocahontas’s son and Thomas Rolfe of North Carolina, and William Thorndike in The Virginia Genealogist 34(1990):209-13 argues persuasively against Thomas Rolfe, Pocahontas’s son, as the father of Anne Rolfe, wife of Peter Elwyn of Thorning, Norfolk.  A Supplement [to] Pocahontas’s Descendants, also by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, and Eileen M. Chappel, was published in 1987.

    3. 3:133-35: H.R.H. Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward of Great Britain was created Duke of York on his wedding day; thus the former Sarah Margaret Ferguson is known as H.R.H. The Duchess of York. Their daughters, H.R.H. Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary and H.R.H. Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, fifth and sixth in succession to the British throne, were born in London 8 August 1988 and 23 March 1990, respectively.

    4. 4(19871:24-28: Among Virginia forebears of H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, for Nicholas Martiau see APP3, pp. 417-31; for George Reade and Mrs. Mary Towneley Warner, I4AP, pp. 138-39, 276; and for Richard Bernard, FL. Weis, Arthur Adams, and W.L. Sheppard, Jr., Magna Charta Sureties, 1215, 4th ed. (1991, henceforth MCS4), line 46. For the Virginia [67] immigrant Lawrence Smith, Mrs. Warner’s almost certain nephew, see David A. Avant, Jr., Some Southern Colonial Families, vol. 1(1983), pp. 31 6-25.

    6.       4:192: Like Mrs. W.H. Harriman, Mrs. T.F. Ryan and Mrs. Paul Mellon, Mrs. Mary Lily Kenan Flagler (Bingham) was the later spouse of a tycoon who left children by an earlier wife, and Florida developer Henry Morrison Fhagher has living descendants.  See National Cyclopaedia of American Biography (henceforth NCAB), vol. 15 (1916), pp. 10-11,42 (1958), p. 147, for H.M. Flagher Sr. and Jr., the latter of whom left three daughters.

    6. 4:194-95: The late Ludlow Elliman wrote that research he sponsored, not yet published, had disproved the royal descent of John Underhill of Long Island.  If so, and Mrs. T.F. Ryan has no royal descent, another “tycoon” who left no grandchildren but whose wife was of royal descent is Texan Robert Ralph Young, for whom see 4:243-44.

    7.      5(1988):58-59: A kinsman several times over of Mrs. John George Diefenbaker, most closely a third cousin via shared descent from Nathaniel Parker and Salome Whitman (parents of Mrs. Charlotte Parker Freeman), was Cleveland banker and industrialist Cyrus Stephen Eaton (1883-1979), a native of Nova Scotia. See A.W.H. Eaton, The Eaton Family of Nova Scotia, 1760-1929 (1929), pp. 86-87, 133-35, 180-84, and C.H. Farnam, History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weynwuth, Mass. (1889), pp. 735,783-84,786.

    8. 5:94: Abigail, wife of the immigrant Timothy Jerome and ancestress of Sir Winston Churchill, was the daughter of Nicholas (not NathanieD Rich and Abigail Greca.

    9. 6(1989):23-27, 156-59: Additional data on the ancestry of President George Herbert Walker Bush appears in AAP, pp. 94-101, 132-37, 161-65 esp.; NEXUS 7:104,218 (the patrilineal Bush descent), 201-3 (Vander-burgh); 8:32 (Phillips); TAG 65 (1990):107-9 (McCune, Shannon); The Mayflower Descendant 41(1991): 1-4, 6-7 (John Howland and possible Francis Cooke descents); and MCS4, lines 42, 42B (revised royal descent for Robert Livingston the elder of N.Y.)

    10.  Margaret B. Moore of Athens, Georgia writes that Rachel, wife of Henry Phelps and great-great grand-mother of the novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jr., was Rachel Guppy, not Upton (NEXUS 6:110-12), as confirmed by Sidney Perley, The History of Salem, Massachusetts, vol. 2,1638-1670(1926), p. 119 and the Reading and Salem VRs.

    11. 8(1991):28: A 29th figure among the first 300 noted “royal cousins” of The Princess of Wales for whom such kinship has been documented in a “Notable Kin” colunm is Connecticut “signer” William Williams (see the entry for Mrs. Benjamin Silliman below).

    12. 8:30: #348, 5th line: Elizabeth Taliaferro was the second wife, not the first, of Edward Bennett Close.  His first wife was the noted Marjorie Memweather Post.  See E.B. Closets obituary in the New York Times of 6 February 1955, p. 88.  Additionally, as Daniel MacGregor reminds me, Brooke Shields shares colonial Lathrop forebears, and although not nearly related, is a distant cousin of M.M. Post, Mm. Sturges, and Dina Merrill (8:29).

    In addition to the above additions and corrections I wish to document below the first set of “Additional Noted American Cousins of The Princess of Wales,” the two 1985 NEXUS articles that previewed “Notable Km.”  Also listed below are further sources for ancestors of Humphrey Bogart, “Bing” Crosby, Jane (and Peter and Bridget) Fonda, and Orson Welles, all treated in the first “New England in Hollywood” column.  Following these listings, and a new Henry Howland line for “Bing” Crosby, are three new figures - John Goodwin Tower, U.S. senator from Texas, 1961-85, an eleventh example of the connection between “New England and Texas”; Francisco Silvela, prime minister of Spain, 1897-1901, a sixth European head of government (for more than a year) “with New England derived forebears or wives”; and the deMilles, brothers and movie directors Cecil B[lount] and William Churchill, and Agnes, W.C.’s daughter, the dancer and choreographer.  Tower, the first Republican Texas senator since Reconstruction, was the great-grandson of a Vermont native who moved to Natchitoches and East Point, Louisiana.  Via Days of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Tower was a third cousin four times removed of President Millard Fillmore, and via Morses and Fiskes, a distant kinsman of Presidents Benjamin Harrison, Taft, Coolidge, Nixon and Bush.  Amalia Loring, wife of Francisco Silvela and later Marquesa do Silvela, was a descendant of Samuel and Martha (Lyford) Lincoln, immigrant ancestors of President Abraham Lincoln, and of Edward Gilman of Hingham Norfolk (almost certainly Samuel Lincoln’s maternal grand-father), also an ancestor of Presidents Ford and Bush.  Mrs. Cecil B. deMille (Constance Adams) was treated in the second “New England in Hollywood” column, but the deMilles themselves have much western Fairfield County, Connecticut ancestry.  Outlined below is their descent from William and Elizabeth (___) Tuttle of New Haven, well known in colonial annals as parents of two murderers, one murder victim (deMille ancestor Sarah [Tuttle] Slawson), two children called insane, and one called incompetent.  One of the “insane” children was Elizabeth, wife of Richard Edwards of Hartford (son of the royally-descended Mrs. Agnes Harris Spencer Edwards) and grandmother of the famed Rev. Jonathan Edwards, whose ancestry and progeny was much studied by early geneticists for “hereditary ability” (see NYGBR, volumes 71-73, 90-94, esp. 71 [1940]: 221-4; TAG 40[1964]: 65-76, 63[1988]:33-45, and F.L Weis and W.L. Sheppard, Jr., Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, 6th ed. 119881, line 246E).

    A final addendum suggests a Sherman descent for Clara Barton; if correct, as seems likely, Barton would be a kinswoman of Presidents Taft, Hoover, and Bush; Sir Robert Laird Borden, Sir Winston Churchill and the Countess of Avon (Lady Anthony Eden) among foreign prime ministers or their spouses; and once more of Susan B.      Anthony and Dorothea Lynde Dix.  The formats and abbreviations used below, for both further documentatiom and new figures or lines, are the customary ones for this colunm and will be familiar to all readers.


    With these additions and corrections a sizable quantity of research is now completed, many members have found themselves related to a wide variety of notable Americans, the size and geographical range of the “New England Family” has been evoked and explored, several aspects of Anglo-American kinship have been examined, and most of my original goals for the column have been met.  Future columns may explore other ideas and use different formats.  Guest columns, especially those fully examing the ancestry of major figures with at least some “Great Migration” New England forebears, will be welcome.

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    NEXUS 3(1986):178-80:

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    10. (George) Orson Welles: See NEXUS 4:243 (A.H. Pierce) for further Head, Wilcox, Cooke, Warren, Little, Fobes, Pabodie and Alden Sources.

    NEXUS 4(1987):240-44:

    11. John (Goodwin) Tower, 1925-1991; Joseph Z. Tower & Beryl Goodwin; Charles A. Tower & Helen V. Sanders; Franklin R. Tower & Elizabeth Ettredge; Welcome Tower & Betsey Rowe; Nathaniel Tower & Lucy Tingley; Thomas Tingley & Martha Day; Timothy Tingley & Ruth Partridge, Benjamin Day & Martha Robinsoni; Nathaniel Partridge & Lydia Wight, Nathaniel Day & Ruth Rowe; Ephraim Wight & Lydia Morse; Daniel Morse & Lydia Fisher; Samuel Morse (TP) & Elizabeth Jasper (TP), Anthony Fisher & Mary ___; Thomas Morse (TP) & Margaret King (TP), ___ Fisher & Mary Fiske; Thomas Morse (TP) & Agnes ___ (FP), Nicholas Fiske (TP) &  ___ (TP); Richard Fiske (TP) & ___ (TP).

    Sources: “Westward,” magazine of the Dallas Times Herald, Sun., 15 March 1981, pp. 7-8; R.M. Tingley, The Tingley Family (1910), pp. 12-13, 17-18, 35, 91, 246,492 and Some Ancestral Lines (1935, covering the entire known ancestry of Mrs. Lucy Tingley Tower), Tingley, Partridge, Wight, Morse, Fisher, Fiske and Day sections.


    NEXUS 5(1988):94-98:

    6. Francisco Silvela, 1843-1905 (wife, Amalia Loring, Marquesa de Silvela; George Henry Loring, Marques de Casa Loring, & Amalia Heredia; George Loring & Maria del Rosario; Joseph Loring & Ruth James; Benjamin Loring & Jael Jacob, Philip James & Mary Nichols; Peter Jacob & Hannah Allen, Nathaniel Nichols & Elizabeth Lincoln; John Jacob & Margery Earnes, Daniel Lincoln & Elizabeth Lincoln; Nicholas Jacob & Mary Gilman, Samuel Lincoln & Martha Lyford [parents of Daniel]; Edward Gilman [TP] & ___ [TP] [parents of Mary & Bridget], Edward Lincoln & Bridget Gilman).

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    NEXUS 5:168-71:

    1. Cecil Blount deMile, 1881-1959, William Churchill deMille, 1878-1955, movie diredors, and a daughter of the latter (by Anna Angela George) Agnes [George] de-Mile, b. 1905, dancer and choreographer; Henry Churchill deMille and Matilda Beatrice Samuel (parents of C.B. & W.C.); William Edward deMille & Margaret Blount Hoyt; Thomas Arnold deMill & Caroline Elizabeth Price; Peter deMill & Sophia Mead; Joseph deMill & Elizabeth Arnold; John Arnold & Mary Knapp; Peter Knapp & Elizabeth Slawson; John Slawson, Jr. & Mary Holmes; John Slawson & Sarah Tuttle; William Tuttle & Elizabeth ___. .

    Sources: NCAB, vols. 41(1956), pp. 444-45,45 (1962), p. 382, and 47 (1963), pp. 614-15 (H.C., W.C. & C.B. deMille) and Current Biography Yearbook 1985, pp. 79-83 (Agnes deMille); A.A. Knapp, Nicholas Knapp Genealogy (1953), p. 30; CC. Slawson, The Slason, Slauson, Slawson, Slosson Family (1946), pp. 12, 14, 18; DL. Jacobus, Families of Ancient Nero Haven (1922-32, reprint 1974), pp. 1881-85 (Tuttle). For this line I am much indebted to Rev. Frank C. Baldwin of Oak Park, Illinois.

    NEXUS 7(1990):208-13:

    3. Clarissa Harlowe “Clara” Barton: David Hammond & Mary Platts (matrilineal great-great grand-parents); Thomas Hammond, Jr. & Sarah Pickard; Thomas Hammond & Hannah Cross; John Cross & Anna (very prob.) Sherman; Edmund Sherman & Joan ___; Edmund Sherman & Anne Pellatte; Henry Sherman (TP) & Agnes (Butter?) (TP).

    Sources: G.E. Blodgette and A.F. Jewett, Early Settlers of Rowley, Mtssachusetts (1933, reprint 1981), pp. 127-29 (Hammond); Henry Bond, Genealogies of the Families andDescendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, 2nd ad. (1860, variously reprinted), pp. 270 (Hammond), 189 (Cross); tentative identification by Michael J. Wood of London of Anna, wife of John Cross, as Anna, daughter of Edmund Sherman of Conn., based in part on the will of Mrs. Hannah Cross Hammond, Anna’s only child. This identification may be the subject of a future article.

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