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  • Notable Kin - Additional Noted American Cousins of The Princess of Wales: A Five-Year Update, Numbers 326-350

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    The first “Notable Kin” column, in the NEXUS for February 1986, was preceded by two articles (NEXUS 2[1985]:125-27, 159-60) that covered 23 “new” noted kinsmen of Dr. Joseph Strong (1770-1812) of South Coventry, Conn. and Philadelphia, The Princess of Wales (a great-great-great-great granddaughter of Dr. Strong) and Princes William and Henry, her sons.  These articles also covered additional kinships for 14 of the 302 noted distant “royal cousins” treated in American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (henceforth AACPW), cited new scholarship on several families in the Princess’s ancestry, and mentioned three deaths among the 302 in 1984 or 1985.  Since then, among these 325 “notable royal kin,” or notable spouses, Spencer Woolley Kimball, Jack Isidor Straus and (George) Orson Welles died in late 1985; Cary Grant in 1986; Fred Astaire, (Howard) Malcolm Baldrige (Jr.), Rita Hayworth, and (Mrs.) Clare Boothe (Brokaw) Luce, in 1987; Kingman Brewster, Jr. and (William) Stuart Symington (Jr.) in 1988; Joseph (Wright) Alsop (V) and Robert Penn Warren in 1989; and William Samuel Paley, in 1990.

    Also since 1985 I have continued to “collect” or trace notable distant cousins of the Princess and her sons, and present below a summary of my most important findings so far 25 — new noted cousins, for a total of 350, plus six additional kinships to figures treated earlier.  Twelve of these new 25, plus three intriguing possibilities, are derived from the 25 “Notable Kin” columns to date, in the course of whose writing I often discovered unexpected connections, more fully explored the ancestry of various major figures. and sometimes decided that seemingly lesser notables were more important than might at first appear.  These 12 figures, the New England families they share with the Princess, and pertinent NEXUS citations, may be listed as follows; all of these lines are fully documented in the cited columns.

    1-3. Anson Jones, 1798-1858, last president of the Republic of Texas (Strong), Samuel May Williams, 1795-1858, private secretary of Stephen F. Austin, Galveston banker and financial backer of the Republic of Texas (Thompson), and Abel Head “Shanghai” Pierce, 1834-1900, cattleman responsible for the importation of Brahman cattle to Texas (Fobes, Mitchell) (NEXUS 4[1987]: 242-43).

    4.    Richard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount Bennett, 1870-1947, Canadian prime minister, 1930-35 (Gore) (5[1988]:58-59).

    5-6. Ella Kazan[joglous], b. 1909, film director (1st wife, Mary Day Thacher) (Hibbard, Luff, Walden) and Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1875-1950, creator of Tarzan (Parke, Thompson) (5:169-170).

    7.    Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jr., 1804-1864, novelist and man of letters (CogswelD (6[1989]:110-12).

    8.    George Herbert Walker Bush, b. 1924, 41st U.S. president (a likely Thomas Mitchell descent) (6:157-59, 24).

    9-10. Eliphalet Remington, Jr., 1793-1861, and his son, Philo Remington, 181 6-1 889, arms manufacturers and “molders” of the American West (Charde) (7[1990]: 113-14).

    11-12.  (Mrs.) Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910, suffragette, women’s club leader and author of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” (CogswelD, and her husband, abolitionist and reform leader Samuel Gridley Howe, 1801-1876 (7:211-13).

    Additionally the actress Marilyn Monroe, two of whose husbands were baseball player “Joe” DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller, may be a notable “royal cousin” - if her father was really Charles Stanley Gifford and if the first Thomas Mitchell of Block Island was Thomas, son of Experience and Jane (Cooke) Mitchell of Plymouth (7:64-68).  Among the 23 “new” cousins of Princes William and Henry covered in NEXUS 2:159-60, J.R. Lowell and H.D. Thoreau were more fully treated, and their Blott and Mitchell lines fully documented, in NEXUS 6:205-6, 111-12. Among the 300 noted “royal cousins” treated in AACPW, the 25 “Notable Kin” columns to date have covered more fully - and documented such kinships for - John (Jr.), John Q., Charles F., Brooks and Henry Adams; Mrs. Amos B. and Louisa May Alcott; Susan B. Anthony; Lyman and H.W. Beecher; W.C. Bryant; Samuel Colt; Mrs. Lee DeForest; Emily Dickinson; Dorothea Dix; R.W. Emerson; Mrs. H.S. Firestone, Jr.; Mrs. Arthur H. Fleming; Mrs. William Clay Ford; O.W. Holmes Sr. and Jr.; Mrs. C.H. McCormick; Mrs. Paul Mellon; W.H. Prescott; Frederic(k) Remington; Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Harriet Beecher Stowe; and Emma Hart Willard (28 in all).  Some documentation was provided in these columns also - but not to ancestors shared with the Princess - for the second Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, W.S. Porter (O. Henry), Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth, J.P. Morgans, Rockefellers, Mrs. W.S. Paley, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mrs. J.H. Whitney, Mrs. H.W. Cushing, Mrs. J.L. Straus, Vanderbilts, Hetty Green, Mrs. T.F. Ryan, Mrs. H.L. Hunt and her sons, -Childerses of Ireland, and Masaryks of Czechoslovakia.


    In addition to the twelve new “Notable Kin” of The Princess of Wales treated in earlier columns and listed above, the following 13 “new” figures are also “royal cousins.”  These 13 include one First Lady (Lou Henry Hoover), so that the total number of U.S. presidents related by birth or marriage to The Princess rises to 15; two Hollywood figures (Glenn Close and Preston Sturges); Sarah Caldwell and Pete Seeger from the world of music; plus W.S. Lewis, John O’Hara, Philip Rahv and Tennessee Williams among twentieth-century literary figures.  Several fairly close kinships to earlier treated “royal cousins” are perhaps surprising: Preston Sturges married a half-sister of Dina Merrill who was also an aunt of the half blood of Glenn Close; Julia Ward Howe and society leader Samuel Ward McAllister were first cousins; Glenn Close and Brooke Shields are second cousins once removed (but Brooke is not related to Mrs. Sturges or Dina Merrill); and Tennessee Williams, through a line not covered in NEXUS 5:16-17 but recently brought to my attention by John Anderson Brayton, was a third cousin once removed of Zelda Sayre, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The format below is the usual one for this column, and of AACPW also.  Following the notable kinsman’s full name, birth and death years, and a word or phrase denoting achievement (plus parentheses and the spouse’s name if the kinship is through this latter) is an outline, generation by generation - parents, then grandparents, then great-grand-parents, etc., with semi-colons separating generations and commas separating couples of the same generation (from the figure) if there are two or more kinships - of the descent from the italicized ancestor shared by Dr. Strong and the Princess.  Following these thirteen figures (numbered #338-50; the twelve listed earlier are considered #326-37) are additional lines for Louis Auchincloss, Lee Remick, C.A. Black (husband of Shirley Temple), Mrs. Charles Follen McKim and Katharine Hepburn.  These latter entries, following the figure’s full name and number (from AACPW) begin with the last earlier-treated couple through one of whom the new line begins, and then outline the descent as noted above.  The final listing covers a “new” line for John Wellborn Root, previously included only as a “royal cousin’s” spouse.

    338.                    SARAH CALDWELL, b. 1924, opera promoter, artistic director and conductor of the Opera Company of Boston; Edwin F[letcher?] Caldwell & Carrie Margaret Baker; Charles Davis Caldwell & Mary Ann Jones; Edwin Caldwell & Martha J. Davis; John Hays Davis & Elizabeth Strong; Jared Strong & Betsey Gregory; Horatio Strong & Patience Stevens; Ozias Strong & Susannah West (see AACPW, p. 69); Phineas Strong & Mary Baker; Joseph Strong & Sarah Allen.

    339.                    GLENN CLOSE, b. 1947, actress; William Taliaferro Close & Bettine Moore; Charles Arthur Moore, Jr., & Elizabeth Hyde; Charles Arthur Moore & Mary Campbell, great-great grandparents of Brooke Shields, see AACPW, pp. 68-69 (Mary Campbell was a great-great granddaughter of Ozias Strong & Susannah West, above).

    340.                    FANNIE MERRITT FARMER, 1857-1915, cookbook author and nutrition pioneer; John Franklin Farmer & Mary Watson Merritt; John Adams Merritt & Mary Watson Gore; Jeremiah Gore, Jr. & Thankful Harris; Jeremiah Gore & Mary Watson; Samuel Gore & Mary Williams; Joseph Williams & Abigail Davis; Stephen Williams & Sarah Wise; Joseph Wise & Mary Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman (RD).

    341.                        HERBERT CLARK HOOVER, 1874-1964, 31st U.S. president, engineer, secretary of commerce (wife, Lou Henry; Charles Delano Henry & Florence Ida Weed; Phineas Weed & Philomelia Sophia Scobey; John Scobey & Nancy M. Wallace; Josiah Wallace & Polly Goffe; John Goffe (IV) & Jemima Holden; John Goffe (III) & Hannah Griggs; Ichabod Griggs & Margaret Bishop; Samuel Bishop & Hester Cogswell.

    342.                        WILMARTH SHELDON LEWIS, 1895-1979, man of letters, Horace Walpole scholar and editor (wife, Annie Burr Auchincloss; Hugh Dudley Auchincloss Emma Brewster Jennings [parents of H.D. Auchincloss, Jr., stepfather of playwright Gore Vidal and First Lady Mrs. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis]; John Auchincloss & Elizabeth Buck; Gurdon Buck & Susannah Mainwaring; David Mainwaring & Martha Saltonstall; William Mainwaring & Rebecca Gager; Samuel Gager & Rebecca Lay; John Gager & Elizabeth Gore).

    343.                        SAMUEL WARD McALLISTER, 1827-1895, lawyer, leader (with Mrs. Astor) of New York “400” Society; Matthew Hall McAllister & Louisa Charlotte Cutler; Benjamin Clarke Cutler (a Cogswell descendant) & Sarah Mitchell, grandparents of Mrs. Julia Ward Howe (see NEXUS 7:211-13).

    344.                        JOHN HENRY O’HARA, 1905-1970, short-story writer and novelist (3rd wife, Katharine Lansing Barnes; Courtland Dixon Barnes & Katharine Lansing Barney; Henry Burr Barnes & Hannah Elizabeth Dixon; Alfred Smith Barnes & Harriet Elizabeth Burr, Courtland Palmer Dixon & Hannah Elizabeth Williams; Timothy Burr, Jr. & Mary Chapin, Ephraim Williams, Jr. & Hannah Elizabeth Denison; Aaron Chapin & Mary King, Ephraim Williams & Hepzibah Phelps, Amos Denison & Hannah Elizabeth Williams; Zebulon King & Keziah Loomis, William Williams & Martha Wheeler [parents of Ephraim & Hannah Elizabeth]; Thomas King, Jr. & Sarah Mygatt, John Williams, Jr. & Desire Denison, William Wheeler & Hannah Gallup; Thomas King & Mary Webster, John Williams & Martha Wheeler, Isaac Wheeler & Martha Parke [parents of William & Martha]; John King & Sarah Holton, Isaac Williams & Martha Parke, Thomas Parke & Dorothy Thompson; William Holton & Mary ___, William Parke & Martha Holgrave [parents of Martha], Robert Parke & Martha Chaplin [parents of Thomas & William].

    345.                        PHILIP RAHV, 1908-1973, man of letters, founding co-editor of Partisan Review (1st wife, Theodora Moran Jay; Delancey Kane Jay & Elizabeth Sarah Morgan; Edwin Denison Morgan III & Elizabeth Mary Moran; Edwin Denison Morgan, Jr. & Sarah Elizabeth Archer; Edwin [30] Denison Morgan, U.S. senator and governor of New York, & Eliza Matilda Waterman; Jasper Morgan & Catherine Copp, great-great grandparents of Mrs. James Joseph “Gene” Tunney [see AACPW, p. 57], Henry Waterman & Lydia Morgan, (sister of Jasper).  Jasper & Lydia Morgan, & Catherine Copp were all descendants of James Morgan & Margery Hill and Catherine Copp was also descended from John Thompson & Alice Freeman (RD).

    346.                        NORMAN PERCIVAL ROCKWELL, 1894-1978, painter and illustrator; Jarvis Waring Rockwell & Anne Mary Hill; John William Rockwell & Phebe Boyce Waring; Samuel Darling Rockwell & Orilla Janes Sherman; Jacob Sherman & Cafira Janes; Lemuel Sherman & Rose Blashfield; John Blashfield & Mercy Rea; Luke Blashfield & Rose Trenance; Thomas Blashfield & Abigail Hibbard; Robert Hibbard & Joan Luff.

    347.                        PETE[R] SEEGER,. b. 1919, folk singer; Charles Louis Seeger, Jr. & Constance de Clyver Edson; John Tracey Edson & Winona de Clyver Charlier; Cyrus Edson & Martha Davidson Nelson; Ophir Edson & Sophia Williams; Ezra Edson, Jr. & Asenath Perkins; Ezra Edson & Rebecca Johnson; David Johnson & Rebecca Washburn; John Washburn (III) & Rebecca Lapham; John Washburn, Jr. & Elizabeth Mitchell; Experience Mitchell & Jane Cooke; Thomas Mitchell & Margaret Williams.

    348.                        EDMUND PRESTON BIDEN, known as PRESTON STURGES, 1898-1959, playwright and movie director (2nd wife, Eleanor Post Close, also known as Eleanor Post Hutton; Edward Bennett Close [father by his first wife, Elizabeth Taliaferro, of William Taliaferro Close, father in turn of Glenn Close, #339 above] & Marjorie Merriweather Post, society leader, founder of General Foods, Inc. & a descendant of John Cager & Elizabeth Gore, see AACPW, p. 52).

    349.                        FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER, 1861-1932, historian, author of The Significance of the Frontier in American History (wife, Caroline Mae Sherwood; Nehemiah Sherwood & Lucinda Allen Ware; Ralph Ware & Lucinda Allen Clark; Jonathan Ware & Anna Kirkland, Elisha Clark, Jr. & Lucinda Keith; John Kirkland & Anna Palmer, Ebenezer Keith, Jr. & Hannah Allen; Daniel Kirkland & Mary Perkins, great-great grand-parents of Mrs. John Pierpont Morgan, Sr. [see AACPW, pp. 49-501. Mary Perkins was a granddaughter of Joseph Morgan & Dorothy Parke), Ebenezer Keith & Mary Pierce; Samuel Keith & Bethiah Fobes; Edward Fobes & Elizabeth Howard; John Fobes & Constant Mitchell.

    350.                        THOMAS LANIER “TENNESSEE” WILLIAMS, 1911-1983, playwright; Cornelius Coffin Williams & Edwina Dakin; Thomas Lanier Williams & Isabella Coffin; John Williams & Rhoda Campbell Morgan; Rufus Morgan & Elizabeth Trigg; Gideon Morgan & Patience Cogswell, great-great grandparents of Zelda (Sayre) Fitzgerald, see AACPW, p. 42.  Gideon Morgan was a descendant of James Morgan & Margery Hill, and Patience Cogswell was a descendant of William Cogswell & Susannah Hawkes.

    17.                LOUIS STANTON AUCHINCLOSS; Joseph Howland Auchincloss & Priscilla Dixon Stanton; John Winthrop Auchincloss & Joanna Hone Russell, Louis Lee Stanton & Pauline Williams Dixon; John Auchincloss & Elizabeth Buck (grandparents of Mrs. Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis, #342 above), Courtland Palmer Dixon & Hannah Elizabeth Williams (great-grandparents of Mrs. John Henry O’Hara, #344 above).

    177.                                    (Mrs.) LEA ANN REMICK COLLERAN GOWANS, known asLEE REMICK: Jesse Waldo & Bridget Thompson; Samuel Thompson & Thankful (prob.) Palmer; William Thompson & Bridget Chesebrough, Nehemiah Palmer, Jr. & Jerusha Saxton; Nathaniel Chesebrough (1st husband) & Hannah Denison, Joseph Saxton (2nd husband) & Hannah Denison; George Denison & Bridget Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman (RD).

    214             (Mrs.) SHIRLEY (JANE) TEMPLE (AGAR) BLACK (2nd husband, Charles Alden Black; James Byers Black & Katharine McElrath; John Edgar McElrath & Elsie Anne Alden; Hugh McDowell McElrath & Elizabeth Lowrey Morgan; Gideon Morgan, Jr. & Mary Margaret Sevier; Gideon Morgan & Patience Cogswell, see #350 above).

    283.                        CHARLES FOLLEN McKIM (wife, Julia Amory Appleton; Charles Hook Appleton & Isabella Mason; Jonathan Mason III & Isabella Cowpland; Jonathan Mason, Jr. & Susannah Powell; Jonathan Mason & Miriam Clarke; Benjamin Clarke (a Cogswell descendant) and Miriam Kilby, great-great grandparents of Mrs. Julia Ward Howe (again see NEXUS 7:211-13).

    313.                        KATHARINE HEPBURN: Leman Benton Garlinghouse & Martha Ann Spalding; Joseph Garlinghouse & Submit Sheldon; Reuben Sheldon & Sarah West; Aaron Sheldon & Rhoda Belden; Ebenezer Sheldon & Mary Hunt; Isaac Sheldon & Mary Woodford; Thomas Woodford & Mary Blott.

    190.                        JOHN WELLBORN ROOT, 1850-1891, architect, designer of the Columbian Exposition; Sidney Root & Mary H. Clark; Salmon Root & Elizabeth Carpenter; Moses Root & Anna Bardwell; Joseph Root, Jr. & Abigail Bridgeman; James Bridgeman & Elizabeth Allis; John Bridgeman & Mary Sheldon; Isaac Sheldon & Mary Woodford; Thomas Woodford & Mary Blott.


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    17.        Auchincloss: As per #s 342 and 344 above.

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    A final reminder of the significance of notable “royal - cousins” is perhaps in order. In addition to reinforcing and massively extending American kinship ties to the British royal family, who thus become a central genealogical focus for much of the Anglo-American world, the progeny of the Princess’s New England ancestors is broadly representative of Connecticut and the Connecticut Valley as a whole.  Among her ancestors are two town “ur-mothers” - Mrs. Elizabeth Charde Cooke Ford, ancestress of Strongs, Lymans, and Clapps of Northampton; and Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, forebear of Parkes, Denisons, Stantons, Chesebroughs and Palmers of Stonington.  And among the Princess’s distant American kinsmen, who total probably 20-30 million, are many of the statesmen, tycoons, and intellectual, entertainment, or social figures produced by Connecticut, upstate New York, the Midwest, New York City and even, to some extent, Brahmin Boston.  Descent, then, from one of the Princess’s 20-25 Great Migration family-head ancestors, or their near kinsmen, connects the reader to a sizable and I hope well-documented slice of Americana.

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