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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Adams Jefferson T 1802   OPR DFP x  
    Adams Jefferson V 1851   P P    
    Addison Steuben V 1873   OR P    
    Addison* Steuben T 1796   OR NSW x  
    Afton Chenango T 1857 x   DFN x  
    Afton Chenango V 1891     D    
    Airmont Rockland V 1991          
    Akron Erie V 1850   OR DP    
    Alabama Genesee T 1826   O DWZ x  
    Albany Albany C 1686 x BDFKNOPSVX BDFKNOS x  
    Albion Orleans T 1875   DOR DPW    
    Albion Orleans V 1828 x DORZ D    
    Albion Oswego T 1825     D x  
    Alden Erie T 1823   OR D    
    Alden Erie V 1869   OR      
    Alexander Genesee T 1812     DWZ x  
    Alexander Genesee V 1834     DZ    
    Alexandria Jefferson T 1821   P BD x  
    Alexandria Bay Jefferson V 1878   NOR      
    Alfred Allegany T 1808 x BS DFNOP x  
    Alfred Allegany V 1881   B D    
    Allegany Cattaraugus T 1831 x DOR DFZ x  
    Allegany Cattaraugus V 1906   R DR    
    Allen Allegany T 1823       x  
    Alma Allegany T 1854 x   DO x  
    Almond Allegany T 1821 x   DFNO x  
    Almond Allegany V 1921   O      
    Almond Steuben V 1921         see Almond, Allegany County
    Altamont Albany V 1890   FNOS      
    Altamont Franklin T 1890 x S      
    Altmar Oswego V 1876          
    Altona Clinton T 1857   OPR N x  
    Amboy Oswego T 1830       x  
    Amenia Dutchess T 1788 x BFNOP BFNS    
    Ames Montgomery V 1924   FOS F    
    Amherst Erie T 1818 x   DP x  
    Amity Allegany T 1830 x PSZ FO x  
    Amityville Suffolk V 1894   D DFN    
    Amsterdam Montgomery T 1793 x FKNS NPS x  
    Amsterdam Montgomery V 1830         incorporated as a city 1885
    Amsterdam Montgomery C 1885   FKO DP    
    Ancram* Columbia T 1803 x NOPS FPW x  
    Andes Delaware T 1819   O   x  
    Andes Delaware V 1861   O D    
    Andover Allegany T 1824 x ORZ DFNZ x  
    Andover Allegany V 1892          
    Angelica Allegany T 1805   OPX DN x  
    Angelica Allegany V 1835 x P      
    Angola Erie V 1873 x OR      
    Annsville Oneida T 1823 x   DFNP x  
    Antwerp Jefferson T 1810   PR DFN    
    Antwerp Jefferson V 1853   NOR D    
    Arcade Wyoming V 1871     PW    
    Arcade* Wyoming T 1818 x D FNP    
    Arcadia Wayne T 1825 x C DP    
    Ardsley Westchester V 1896 x O      
    Argyle Washington T 1786   DFNOS BDNP x  
    Argyle Washington V 1838 x F P    
    Arietta Hamilton T 1836 x        
    Arkport Steuben V 1913 x        
    Arkwright Chautauqua T 1829     DFOWZ x  
    Arlington Tioga T 1831         name changed to Richford 1832
    Asharoken Suffolk V 1926          
    Ashford Cattaraugus T 1824     DFZ x  
    Ashland Chemung T 1867     PW    
    Ashland Greene T 1848 x D   x  
    Astoria Queens V 1836   F F   merged into Long Island City 1870
    Athens Greene V 1805   N      
    Athens Greene T 1815 x KNOPS FD x  
    Athol Warren T 1813         divided into Thurman/Stony Creek 1852
    Atlantic Beach Nassau V 1912          
    Attica Genesee V 1837         see Attica Wyoming County
    Attica Wyoming T 1811 x DOR P x  
    Attica Wyoming V 1837 x OPR OP    
    Auburn Cayuga V 1823         incorporated as a city 1848
    Auburn Cayuga C 1848 x CDNOPR FOPW    
    Augusta Oneida T 1798   D D x  
    Augusta Yates T 1789         name changed to Middlesex in 1808
    Aurelius Cayuga T 1789   CDOPS DFW x  
    Aurora Cayuga V 1837 x COR FNOW    
    Aurora Erie T 1804 x   D x  
    Ausable Clinton T 1839 x OR   x  
    Austerlitz Columbia T 1818 x FOP BFPSW x  
    Ava Oneida T 1846     DFP    
    Avoca Steuben T 1843   C DNW x  
    Avoca Steuben V 1883          
    Avon Livingston V 1853   OR D    
    Avon* Livingston T 1789 x OR DF
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