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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Waddington St. Lawrence V 1839   O      
    Waddington St. Lawrence T 1859 x   DFP x  
    Walden Orange V 1855   FNPS      
    Wales Erie T 1818   FO DFON x  
    Walkill Orange T 1788   NPS DNP x  
    Walton Delaware T 1797 x FP DP x  
    Walton Village Delaware V 1851   P P    
    Walworth Wayne T 1829   C DFNP x  
    Wampsville Madison V 1907          
    Wappinger Dutchess T 1875   N DP    
    Wappinger Falls Dutchess V 1871 x   D    
    Ward Allegany T 1856       x  
    Warren Herkimer T 1796     DFP x  
    Warren Rockland V 1854 x        
    Warrensburgh Warren T 1813 x PF DFPS x  
    Warsaw Wyoming T 1808 x   NP x  
    Warsaw Wyoming V 1843 x OPRZ P    
    Warwick Orange T 1788 x FNP DNP x  
    Warwick Orange V 1867          
    Washington Dutchess T 1788   DP   x  
    Washington Seneca T 1800         name changed to Fayette 1808
    Washingtonville Orange V 1895   N FPSW    
    Waterford Saratoga V 1801     P    
    Waterford Saratoga T 1816 x FOP P x  
    Waterloo Seneca V 1824 x DOR F    
    Waterloo Seneca T 1829 x CDOR DF x  
    Watertown Jefferson T 1800 x   D x  
    Watertown Jefferson V 1816         incorporated as a city 1869
    Watertown Jefferson C 1869 x DFOPRZ DFP    
    Waterville Oneida V 1871          
    Watervliet Albany T 1788   FP FPW    
    Watervliet Albany C 1896 x NOPS FNPS    
    Watkins Glen Schuyler V 1842 x CFOR F    
    Watson Lewis T 1821 x   W    
    Waverly Franklin T 1880 x   N    
    Waverly Tioga V 1854   DR DF    
    Wawarsing Ulster T 1806 x BFNPS   x  
    Wawayanda Orange T 1849   NP DP x  
    Wayland Steuben T 1848   COR   x  
    Wayland Steuben V 1877   OR      
    Wayne* Steuben T 1796 x O P x  
    Webb Herkimer T     O P    
    Webster Monroe T 1840   CO FDPS x  
    Webster Monroe V 1905 x CR D    
    Weedsport Cayuga V 1831 x OR DF    
    Wells Hamilton T 1805   OR DP x  
    Wellsburg Chemung V 1872   OPS D    
    Wellsville Allegany T 1855 x O DN x  
    Wellsville Allegany V 1857 x O D    
    Wesley Hills Rockland V 1982          
    West Almond Allegany T 1833       x  
    West Bloomfield Ontario T 1833   COPR DFN x  
    West Brunswick Herkimer T 1806         name changed to Ohio 1808
    West Carthage Jefferson V 1888          
    West Farms Westchester T 1846 x       annexed to New York City 1874
    West Grove Allegany T 1838         name changed to Granger 1839
    West Haverstraw Rockland V 1883          
    West Monroe Oswego T 1839     DP    
    West Seneca* Erie T 1851 x OR D    
    West Sparta Livingston T 1846     D x  
    West Troy Albany V 1836         incorporated as Watervliet City 1896
    West Turin Lewis T 1830   DOPR DF x  
    West Union Steuben T 1845     D x  
    West Winfield Herkimer V 1898     P    
    Westbury Nassau V 1932   FOP D    
    Westchester Westchester T           annexed to New York City 1874
    Westchester Westchester T 1788 x   NPS    
    Westerlo Albany T 1815 x S DNW x  
    Western Oneida T 1797   NP DFP    
    Westfield Chautauqua T 1829 x DP DFNPWZ    
    Westfield Chautauqua V 1833 x POR BFP    
    Westfield Richmond T 1788   V N   became 5th Ward of the Borough of Richmond NYC 1898
    Westfield Washington T 1786         name changed to Fort Ann 1808
    Westford Otsego T 1808   O DN x  
    Westhampton Dunes Suffolk V 1994     DN    
    Westhampton Beach Suffolk V 1928 x   D    
    Westmoreland Oneida T 1792   FNOP DP x  
    Westport Essex T 1815 x R D x  
    Westport Essex V 1907 x OR      
    Westville Franklin T 1829     DF    
    Westville Tioga T 1823         name changed to Newark 1824
    Wethersfield Wyoming T 1823   OZ FP x  
    Wheatfield Niagara T 1836     W    
    Wheatland* Monroe T 1821 x CDPZ DPZ    
    Wheeler Steuben T 1820   OX P x  
    White Creek Washington T 1815     DP x  
    White Plains Westchester T 1788 x N FNPS    
    White Plains Westchester C 1916   O DF    
    Whitehall Washington T 1786 x FPS BFNPS    
    Whitehall Washington V 1806   P P    
    Whitesboro Oneida V 1813 x NSFV DF    
    Whitestone Queens V 1869   F F   became part of 4th Ward of Borough of Queens NYC 1898
    Whitestown Oneida T 1788   DFNSV D x  
    Whitney Point Broome V 1871     W    
    Willet Cortland T 1818   O DF x  
    Williamson Wayne T 1802   C DFP x  
    Williamstown Oswego T 1804     DN x  
    Williamsville Erie V 1850 x OR      
    Willing Allegany T 1851 x   DF x  
    Willink Erie T 1804         name changed to Aurora 1818
    Willink Erie V 1849 x        
    Willistonpark Nassau V 1926          
    Willsboro Essex T 1788 x OR      
    Wilmington Essex T 1821   F N    
    Wilmurt Herkimer T 1836 x     x  
    Wilna Jefferson T 1813     DP    
    Wilson Niagara T 1818          
    Wilson Niagara V 1858          
    Wilton Saratoga T 1818 x O DFNPW x  
    Winchester Wayne T 1825         name changed to Marion 1826
    Windham Greene T 1798 x P DP x  
    Windsor Broome T 1807 x DP DFW x  
    Windsor Broome V 1897 x P DW    
    Winfield Herkimer T 1816   DOZ DP    
    Wirt Allegany T 1838 x   D x  
    Wolcott Wayne T 1807 x O DP x  
    Wolcott Wayne V 1852   OX      
    Woodbury Orange T 1889     BS    
    Woodhull Steuben T 1828   OD D x  
    Woodhull Steuben V 1899   DOX DF    
    Woodridge Sullivan V 1911 x        
    Woodsburgh Nassau V 1912          
    Woodstock Ulster T 1787 x BFN N x  
    Worcester Otsego T 1797 x DOP D x  
    Wormly Steuben T 1839         name changed to Canton 1840
    Worth Jefferson T 1848     D x  
    Wright Schoharie T 1846     DFKS x  
    Wurtsboro Sullivan V 1866 x DF S    
    Wyoming Wyoming V 1916     OPZ
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