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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Sackets Harbor Jefferson V 1814   OR D    
    Saddle Rock Nassau V 1911          
    Sag Harbor Suffolk V 1819 x   FNP    
    Salamanca Cattaraugus V 1870         incorporated as a city 1913
    Salamanca Cattaraugus C 1913   ORZ FO    
    Salamanca* Cattaraugus T 1854     DPZ x  
    Salem Washington T 1786 x P DNPS    
    Salem Washington V 1803     P    
    Salem Westchester T 1788         name changed to South Salem 1806
    Salina Onondaga T 1809   OZ D x  
    Salisbury Herkimer T 1797   O D x  
    Saltaire Suffolk V 1907          
    Sand Lake Rensselaer T 1812 x FKNOPV FNPS x  
    Sands Point Nassau V 1910          
    Sandy Creek Oswego T 1825 x O D x  
    Sandy Creek Oswego V 1878   OZ D    
    Sanford Broome T 1821     DFW x  
    Sangerfield Oneida T 1795 x   DF x  
    Santa Clara Franklin T 1888     F    
    Saranac Clinton T 1824 x P P x  
    Saranac Lake Essex V 1892         see Saranac Lake, Franklinklin County
    Saranac Lake Franklin V 1892 x OR F    
    Saratoga Saratoga T 1788 x DNV DFPW    
    Saratoga Springs Saratoga T 1819 x P DPW x  
    Saratoga Springs Saratoga V 1826         incorporated as a city 1915
    Saratoga Springs Saratoga C 1915   P DPW    
    Sardinia Erie T 1821 x BDN D x  
    Saugerties Ulster T 1811 x BDFHKNPS DFNPS x  
    Saugertes* Ulster V 1831   NS N    
    Savannah Wayne T 1824   POX D x  
    Savona Steuben V 1883   c DS    
    Scarsdale Westchester T 1788 x   DN    
    Scarsdale Westchester V 1915          
    Schaghticoke Rensselaer T 1788 x NPS DFNP    
    Schaghticoke Rensselaer V 1867   FHP FP    
    SChenangoectady Schenectady B 1764         incorporated as a city 1798
    SChenangoectady Schenectady C 1798 x DFHKNOPS DNPS    
    SChenangoevus Otsego V 1870 x        
    Schlosser Niagara T 1812         name changed to Niagara 1816
    Schodack Rensselaer T 1795   FHNSV DFNP x  
    Schoharie Schoharie T 1788 x DFHKNPSV BDPS x  
    Schoharie Schoharie V 1867   FP      
    Schroeppel Oswego T 1832     DP x  
    Schroon Essex T 1804   OR DPW x  
    Schuyler Herkimer T 1792   F DF    
    Schuyler Falls Clinton T 1848     DNP x  
    Schuylerville Saratoga V 1831 x DFNOPSV DP    
    Scio Allegany T 1823   OR DF x  
    Scipio Cayuga T 1794   FOPRX DNPW x  
    Scotia Schenectady V 1904 x BFKS DFKNPS    
    Scott Cortland T 1815   CFNO DFNP x  
    Scottsville Monroe V 1914 x OR D    
    Scriba Oswego T 1811     DNP x  
    Sea Cliff Nassau V 1883          
    Sempronius Cayuga T 1799   NP DNW x  
    Seneca Erie T 1851         name changed to West Seneca 1852
    Seneca Ontario T 1793   CO DF x  
    Seneca Falls Seneca T 1829 x COPR P x  
    Seneca Falls Seneca V 1831   NOPR P    
    Sennett Cayuga T 1827   COR DW x  
    Seward Schoharie T 1840 x FNP DFN x  
    Shandaken Ulster T 1804 x F P x  
    Sharon Springs Schoharie V 1871 x   DN    
    Sharon* Schoharie T 1797 x FHNPS DN x  
    Shawangunk Ulster T 1788 x BFNPS BFHNP    
    Shelby Orleans T 1818     DP x  
    Sheldon Wyoming T 1808   DOR DFNP    
    Shelter Island Suffolk T 1666 x F BDF x  
    Sherburne Chenango T 1795 x DFPS BDNP x  
    Sherburne Chenango V 1830 x FP BP    
    Sheridan Chautauqua T 1827   OP FOZ x  
    Sherman Chautauqua T 1832 x   DFS x  
    Sherman Chautauqua V 1890          
    Sherrill Oneida V 1916          
    Shirley Erie T 1852         name changed to North Collins 1853
    Shoreham Suffolk V 1913          
    Shortsville Ontario V 1889 x O DFNS    
    Shrub Oak Westchester V       DW    
    Sidney Delaware T 1801 x   D x  
    Sidney Delaware V 1888     D    
    Silver Creek Chautauqua V 1848 x D D    
    Silver Springs Wyoming V 1895   OR DFP    
    Sinclairville Chautauqua V 1887 x OZ PW    
    Skaneateles Onondaga T 1830 x CD DS x  
    Skaneateles Onondaga V 1833          
    Skenesborough Washington T 1763         name changed to Whitehall 1786
    Sloan Erie V 1896 x        
    Sloatsburg Rockland V 1929   B      
    Smallwood * Monroe T 1813         Divided into Brighton and Pittsford 1814
    Smtthfield Madison T 1807   DP DP x  
    Smithtown Suffolk T 1677 x FP DN x  
    Smithville Chenango T 1808     DF x  
    Smyrna Chenango V 1829   O      
    Smyrna* Chenango T 1808 x NO DNP x  
    Snell* Yates T 1808         name changed to Benton 1810
    Sodus Wayne T 1789 x O DFNO    
    Sodus Wayne V 1918   O      
    Sodus Point Wayne V 1957 x OR      
    Solon Cortland T 1798 x CNO DPW x  
    Solvay Onondaga V 1894 x        
    Somers* Westchester T 1788 x   DFNSW    
    Somerset Niagara T 1823 x OR D x  
    South Bay Washington T 1822         name changed to Dresden 1822
    South Bristol Ontario T 1838     DFN    
    South Corning Steuben V 1920          
    South Dayton Cattaraugus V 1915     F    
    South Floral Park Nassau V 1925          
    South Glens Falls Saratoga V 1895 x   FP    
    South Nyack Rockland V 1878          
    South Salem* Westchester T 1806         name changed to Lewisboro 1840
    South Valley Cattaraugus T 1847   OR DOZ x  
    Southampton Livingston T 1802         name changed to Caledonia 1806
    Southampton Suffolk T 1676   D D    
    Southampton Suffolk V 1894          
    Southeast* Putnam T 1788   P FNP x  
    Southeasttown Putnam T 1772         name changed to Southeast 1795
    Southfield Orange T 1808         name changed to Monroe 1808
    Southfield Richmond T 1788       x became 4th Ward of Borough of Richmond NYC 1898
    Southold Suffolk T 1676   BP BDNP x  
    Southport Chemung T 1822   OP DP    
    Spafford Onondaga T 1811 x N D x  
    Sparta Livingston T 1789 x CD DFN x  
    Speculator Hamilton V 1925          
    Spencer Tioga T 1806 x S BPS x  
    Spencer Tioga V 1886   B      
    Spencerport Monroe V 1867 x COR DO    
    Spring Valley Rockland V 1902   HN D    
    Springfield Otsego T 1797 x FNV DFNS x  
    Springport Cayuga T 1823   C DPW    
    Springville Erie V 1834   OR DNO    
    Springwater Livingston T 1816 x   F x  
    St. Armand Essex T 1844     F x  
    St. Johnsville Montgomery T 1838   FNSV DN x  
    St. Johnsville Montgomery V 1857   FV      
    Stafford Chenango T 1808         name changed to Smyrna 1808
    Stafford Genesee T 1820   DOZ DWZ x  
    Stamford Delaware T 1792 x BNOSV BD x  
    Stamford Delaware V 1870     D    
    Stanford Dutchess T 1793   P P x  
    Stark Herkimer T 1828     DF x  
    Starkey Yates T 1824   C DP x  
    Staten Island Richmond B 1975          
    Stephentown Rensselaer T 1784 x FS DNPS    
    Stephentown Westchester T 1788         name changed to Somers 1808
    Sterling Cayuga T 1812   OS DFW x  
    Steuben Oneida T 1792     DF x  
    Stewart Manor Nassau V 1927          
    Stillwater Saratoga T 1788   DNOSV DNPW x  
    Stillwater Saratoga V 1816          
    Stockbridge Madison T 1836     DW x  
    Stockholm St. Lawrence T 1806   OP F x  
    Stockport Columbia T 1833 x   W x  
    Stockton Chautauqua T 1821 x OZ DWZ x  
    Stonington Chenango T 1806         name changed to Pharsalia 1808
    Stony Creek* Warren T 1852 x   P x  
    Stony Point Rockland T 1865 x   D x  
    Stratford Fulton T 1805 x   DFS    
    Stuyvesant Columbia T 1823 x FK PW x  
    Suffern Rockland V 1896 x   D    
    Suffrage Otsego T 1796         name changed to Milford 1800
    Sullivan Madison T 1803 x   DN    
    Sullivan Onondaga T            
    Summerhill* Cayuga T 1831 x C DW x  
    Summit Schoharie T 1819   DF D x  
    Sweden Monroe T 1813   CDOP DF x  
    Sylvan Beach Oneida V 1971 x        
    Syracuse Onondaga V 1825         incorporated as a city 1847
    Syracuse Onondaga C 1847 x BCDFNOPSVZ DFN x
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