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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Babylon Suffolk T   x   D    
    Babylon Suffolk V 1893 x F      
    Bainbridge Chenango V 1829          
    Bainbridge* Chenango T 1791 x D D    
    Baldwin Chemung T 1856     x  
    Baldwinsville Onondaga V 1848 x FP BF    
    Ballston Saratoga T 1788 x NOPSV DPW x  
    Ballston Spa Saratoga V 1807 x OPS D    
    Bangor Franklin T 1812 x   N    
    Barker Broome T 1831     DW x  
    Barker Niagara V 1908   R      
    Barneveld Oneida V 1970   OF P    
    Barre Orleans T 1818     DPW x  
    Barrington Yates T 1822     FW x  
    Barton Tioga T 1824     DF    
    Batavia Genesee T 1802 x OR Z x  
    Batavia Genesee V 1823         incorporated as a city 1914
    Batavia Genesee C 1914 x DFORVZ DFWZ    
    Bath Steuben T 1796 x CDOPR DNW    
    Bath Steuben V 1816   COPR N    
    Baxter Estates Nassau V 1931          
    Bayville Nassau V 1919          
    Beacon Dutchess C 1913 x DPT FS    
    Bedford Westchester T 1788 x NO DFHNPS x  
    Beekman Dutchess T 1788     x  
    Beekmantown Clinton T 1820 x     x  
    Belfast* Allegany T 1824   OR DFOZ x  
    Belle Terre Suffolk V 1937          
    Bellerose Nassau V 1924          
    Bellmont Franklin T 1833     FW x  
    Bellona Genesee T 1812         name changed to Leroy 1813
    Bellport Suffolk V 1908 x        
    Belmont Allegany V 1871   OR N    
    Bemus Point Chautauqua V 1911     FWZ    
    Bengal Oneida T 1808         name changed to Vienna 1816
    Bennington Wyoming T 1818   OPR FDP    
    Benson Hamilton T 1860     DP    
    Benton* Yates T 1803   CP DP x  
    Bergen Genesee T 1812   CD DFPWZ x  
    Bergen Genesee V 1877   COR      
    Berkshire Tioga T 1808     DFN x  
    Berlin Rensselaer T 1806 x FNS DF x  
    Berne Albany T 1795   BFHNOPSV DFNPS x  
    Bethany Genesee T 1812     DWZ x  
    Bethel Sullivan T 1809   DFN NS x  
    Bethlehem Albany T 1793 x DFNOS BDFHNPS x  
    Big Flats Chemung T 1822     DP x  
    Binghamton Broome V 1813         incorporated as a city 1867
    Binghamton Broome T 1855 x   W x  
    Binghamton Broome C 1867 x BDNP BDFP    
    Birdsall Allegany T 1829   OR   x  
    Black Brook Clinton T 1839   OR   x  
    Black River Jefferson V 1891   OR      
    Blasdell Erie V 1898   O      
    Bleecker Fulton T 1831   F DFSW x  
    Blenheim Schoharie T 1797 x FKNOPSV D x  
    Bloomfleld Ontario T 1789         became East Bloomfleld in 1833
    Blooming Grove Orange T 1799   FNPS FNP x  
    Bloomingburg Sullivan V 1924   DFNS DFNS    
    Bloomingdale* Essex V 1905   FO FN    
    Bolivar Allegany T 1825 x P D x  
    Bolivar Allegany V 1882       x  
    Bolton Warren T 1799   DP NS x  
    Bombay Franklin T 1833   O FP    
    Boonville Oneida T 1805 x   DW    
    Boonville Oneida V 1855 x O P    
    Boston Erie T 1817   OR D x  
    Bovina Delaware T 1820     FNP    
    Boyle* Monroe T 1808         name changed to Smallwood 1813
    Boylston Oswego T 1828     D    
    Bradford Steuben T 1836   O W x  
    Brandon Franklin T 1828 x OR W x  
    Brant Erie T 1839 x   DPS x  
    Brantingham Lewis T 1828         name changed to Greig 1832
    Brasher St. Lawrence T 1825   OPR F x  
    Brewster Putnam V 1894 x   DFN    
    Briarcliff Manor Westchester V 1902 x        
    Bridgewater Oneida T 1797 x D D x  
    Bridgewater Oneida V 1825   O P    
    Brighton Franklin T 1858 x   F x  
    Brighton Monroe T 1814 x   DFS x  
    Brightwaters Suffolk V 1918          
    Bristol Ontario T 1789   CPO DFN x  
    Bristol Schoharie T 1797         name changed to Broome 1898
    Broadalbin Fulton T 1793 x DFNP DFP x  
    Broadalbin Fulton V 1924   PV      
    Brockport Monroe V 1829 x CORZ D    
    Brockton Chautauqua V 1894          
    Bronx Bronx B 1898 x O DP    
    Bronxville Westchester V 1898 x DO D    
    Brookfield Madison T 1795 x   DFP    
    Brookhaven Suffolk T 1666 x   FNP x  
    Brooklyn Kings T 1667         incorporated as a village 1801
    Brooklyn Kings V 1801         incorporated as a city 1834
    Brooklyn Kings C 1834 x BDFHNOSV BDFHNSV    
    Brookville Nassau V 1931   F      
    Broome* Schoharie T 1797   FNP D x  
    Browersville Livingston T 1825         name changed to Conesus 1825
    Brownville Jefferson T 1802 x DP BD x  
    Brownville Jefferson V 1828   OP D    
    Brunswick Rensselaer T 1807   KNOSV DFNP x  
    Brushton Franklin V 1925   OR      
    Brutus Cayuga T 1802 x   DPW x  
    Buchanan Westchester V 1928          
    Bucktooth Cattaraugus T 1854         name changed to Salamanca 1862
    Buffalo Erie T 1810         ceased to exist as a town 1839
    Buffalo Erie V 1813         incorporated as a city 1832
    Buffalo Erie C 1832 x DOPRSZ DFNOP x  
    Burdett Schuyler V 1898          
    Burke Franklin T 1844 x   DFP x  
    Burke Franklin V 1922   OR D    
    Burlington Otsego T 1792   DN DNP x  
    Burns Allegany T 1826     F x  
    Burt Ontario T 1821         name changed to Manchester 1822
    Burton Cattaraugus T 1831         name changed to Allegany 1851
    Bush Chautauqua T 1823 x   DFZ x  
    Butler Wayne T 1826 x   DN x  
    Butternuts Otsego T 1796   DFPS D x  
    Byron Genesee T 1820     DWZ
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