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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Painted Post Steuben T 1796         name changed to Corning 1852
    Painted Post Steuben V 1893 x COX NPW    
    Palatine Montgomery T 1772   FHKNPSV DFNP x  
    Palatine Bridge Montgomery V 1867     DP    
    Palermo Oswego T 1832     DFP x  
    Palmyra Wayne T 1789 x CDFNOPR DFNP    
    Palmyra Wayne V 1819   COR      
    Pamelia* Jefferson T 1819     BDP x  
    Panama Chautauqua V 1861 x O W    
    Paris Oneida T 1792 x DFNOPSVZ DF    
    Parish Oswego T 1828     D x  
    Parish Oswego V 1883          
    Parishville St. Lawrence T 1818 x OR D x  
    Parma Monroe T 1808 x CD DFNP x  
    Patchogue Suffolk V 1893     BD    
    Patterson* Putnam T 1795     DFNP x  
    Pavilion Genesee T 1841 x D DWZ x  
    Pawling Dutchess T 1788 x DNP DN x  
    Pawling Dutchess V 1893     P    
    Peekskill Westchester V 1816         incorporated as a city 1940
    Peekskill Westchester C 1940 x DNOPT FNPS    
    Pelham Westchester T 1788 x        
    Pelham Westchester V 1896          
    Pelham Manor Westchester V 1891          
    Pembroke Genesee T 1812 x N DPWZ x  
    Pendleton Niagara T 1827   NOR FOW x  
    Penfield Monroe T 1810 x DOPR D x  
    Penn Yan Yates V 1833 x CNOPR FNPW    
    Perinton Monroe T 1812 x C DOS x  
    Perry Cattaraugus T 1814         name changed to Perrysburgh 1818
    Perry Wyoming T 1814 x OPRZ FP    
    Perry Wyoming V 1829   POR      
    Perrysburgh Cattaraugus V 1916          
    Perrysburgh* Cattaraugus T 1814     DOZ    
    Persia Cattaraugus T 1835     DFOZ    
    Perth Fulton T 1831 x FNSV DFNWZ x  
    Peru Clinton T 1792 x NOPRS N x  
    Petersburg(H) Rensselaer T 1791     DF x  
    Pharsalia* Chenango T 1806 x   BD x  
    Phelps Ontario T 1796 x CNO DFNPS x  
    Phelps Ontario V 1855   OR P    
    Philadelphia Jefferson T 1821     D    
    Philadelphia Jefferson V 1872   OR      
    Philipstown Putnam T 1788     DNP x  
    Philipstown Rensselaer T 1806         name changed to Nassau 1808
    Philipsville Allegany V 1853          
    Philmont Columbia V 1892          
    Phoenix Oswego V 1848     D    
    Piercefield St. Lawrence T     OR FP    
    Piermont Rockland V 1850          
    Pierrepont St. Lawrence T 1818   FP F x  
    Pike Wyoming T 1818   DN P x  
    Pike Wyoming V 1848          
    Plnckney Lewis T 1808     DW x  
    Pine Field Delaware T 1808         name changed to Tompkins 1808
    Pine Hill Ulster V 1895 x T      
    Pine Plains Dutchess T 1823 x FKNOPSV   x  
    Pitcairn St. Lawrence T 1836     P x  
    Pitcher Chenango T 1827 x NO DP x  
    Pittsfield Otsego T 1797          
    Pittsford Monroe T 1814   CDO DF    
    Pittsford Monroe V 1827          
    Pittstown Ontario T 1789         name changed to Richmond 1808
    Pittstown Rensselaer T 1788 x   DNP x  
    Plainfield Otsego T 1799   DNO DP x  
    Plandome Nassau V 1911          
    Plandome Manor Nassau V 1930          
    Plandome Heights Nassau V 1921          
    Plato Cayuga T 1831         name changed to Summer Hill 1832
    Plattekill Ulster T 1800   BFS FN x  
    Plattsburgh Clinton T 1785 x NP NP x  
    Plattsburgh Clinton V 1815         incorporated as a city 1902
    Plattsburgh Clinton C 1902 x FOPR PS    
    Pleasant Valley Dutchess T 1821 x DFNOP FP x  
    Pleasantville Westchester V 1897 x O NS    
    Plymouth Chenango T 1806     D x  
    Poestenkill Rensselaer T 1848 x KS DF    
    Poland Chautauqua T 1832 x   O x  
    Poland Herkimer V 1890 x        
    Pomfret Chautauqua T 1808 x O DFOWZ    
    Pomona Rockland V 1967     D    
    Pompey Onondaga T 1789 x DFNOPS BDNP x  
    Poquott Suffolk V 1931          
    Port Bay Wayne T 1826         name changed to Huron 1834
    Port Byron Cayuga V 1837 x ORX DFNP    
    Port Chester Westchester V 1868 x OP DP    
    Port Crane Broome T 1855       x name changed to Fenton 1867
    Port Dickinson Broome V 1876          
    Port Henry Essex V 1869 x OR NP    
    Port Jefferson Suffolk V 1963          
    Port Jervis Orange V 1853         incorporated as a city 1907
    Port Jervis Orange C 1907 x FHS P    
    Port Leyden Lewis V 1871 x OR      
    Port Washington North Nassau V 1932     P    
    Portage Livingston T 1827   O N x  
    Porter Niagara T 1812 x   DP    
    Portland Chautauqua T 1813 x   B x  
    Portville Cattaraugus T 1837 x   D x  
    Portville Cattaraugus V 1895   O D    
    Potsdam St. Lawrence T 1806 x P DFNP x  
    Potsdam St. Lawrence V 1831   DOR FP    
    Potter Yates T 1832 x COT   x  
    Poughkeepsie Dutchess T 1788 x KNP NS x  
    Poughkeepsie Dutchess V 1799         incorporated as a city 1854
    Poughkeepsie Dutchess C 1854 x BDFHKOPS F    
    Pound Ridge Westchester T 1788 x DS BDFNOS x  
    Prattsburg Steuben T 1813   C DNPW x  
    Prattsville Greene T 1833 x KNOSV DS x  
    Preble Cortland T 1808   COP DFNPW    
    Preston Chenango T 1806 x D D x  
    Princetown Schenectady T 1798 x NPSF D    
    Prospect Oneida V 1890 x        
    Providence Saratoga T 1796 x FP FNPW x  
    Pulaski Oswego V 1832 x C D    
    Pulteney Steuben T 1808   C PW x  
    Putnam Washington T 1806   OPS BDNP x  
    Putnam Valley* Putnam T 1839     DNP x
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