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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Macedon Wayne T 1823 x OR DFNP x  
    Macedon Wayne V 1856   OR P    
    Machias Cattaraugus T 1827     DFW    
    Macomb St. Lawrence T 1841     F x  
    Madison Madison T 1807     D    
    Madison Madison V 1816     DP    
    Madrid St. Lawrence T 1802   OR FN    
    Maine Broome T 1848 x CP DFPSW x  
    Malone Franklin V 1833          
    Malone* Franklin T 1805 x DOR DF x  
    Malta Jefferson T 1804         name changed to Lorraine 1808
    Malta Saratoga T 1802     DPW    
    Malverne Nassau V 1921          
    Mamakattng Sullivan T 1788 x     x  
    Mamaroneck Westchester T 1788 x   DN    
    Mamaroneck Westchester V 1895 x O P    
    Manchester Ontario V 1892 x        
    Manchester* Ontario T 1821   C DFN    
    Manhattan New York B 1898 x BDFHKNPSV DFKNS    
    Manheim Herkimer T 1817   fnops DFNP x  
    Manlius Onondaga T 1794 x DFNS DF x  
    Manlius Onondaga V 1813 x F F    
    Mannsville Jefferson V 1879     DN    
    Manorhaven Nassau V 1930          
    Mansfield Cattaraugus T 1830     DOZ x  
    Marathon Cortland V 1861 x O F    
    Marathon* Cortland T 1818 x CDNOS DNW    
    Marbletown Ulster T 1788 x BFHKNOS FNP    
    Marcellus Onondaga T 1794 x CDP DFS    
    Marcellus Onondaga V 1853   P BF    
    Marcy Oneida T 1832 x   DN x  
    Margaretville Delaware V 1845 x   N    
    Marilla Erie T 1853 x O D x  
    Marion* Wayne T 1825 x C D x  
    Marlborough Ulster T 1788 x BDFNS FN x  
    Marshall Oneida T 1829 x   D x  
    Marttnsburg Lewis T 1803   O BDP    
    Maryland Otsego T 1808 x   D x  
    Masonville Delaware T 1811 x   D x  
    Massapequa Park Nassau V 1931 x        
    Massena St. Lawrence T 1802 x DOPR DFOP    
    Massena St. Lawrence V 1886   OPR DFP    
    Mattnecook Nassau V 1928   O      
    Maybrook Orange V 1925          
    Mayfield Fulton T 1793   NPS DN x  
    Mayfield Fulton V 1896   FPV DN    
    Mayville Chautauqua V 1830 x O FNPWZ    
    Mcdonough Chenango T 1816   O DF x  
    Mcgraw Cortland V 1869          
    Mechanicville Saratoga V 1859         incorporated as a city 1915
    Mechanicville Saratoga C 1915 x DFOS P    
    Medina Orleans V 1832   DORZ      
    Menands Albany V 1924 x        
    Mendon Monroe T 1812 x   DFNS    
    Mentz* Cayuga T 1802 x OX DNW x  
    Meredith Delaware T 1800     DP x  
    Meridian Cayuga V 1854   OX DP    
    Mexico Oswego T 1792 x O DP    
    Mexico Oswego V 1851   O P    
    Mlddleburgh Schoharie V 1881   P      
    Mlddleburgh* Schoharie T 1797   FKNPSV DNW x  
    Mlddlebury Wyoming T 1812   OZ DPWZ x  
    Mlddlefield Otsego T 1797 x O DNF    
    Mlddleport Niagara V 1858   ORZ FZ    
    Middlesex* Yates T 1789 x CD D    
    Mlddletown Delaware T 1789     FN x  
    Middletown Ontario T 1789         name changed to Naples 1808
    Middletown Orange V 1848         incorporated as a city 1888
    Mlddletown Orange C 1888   F FN    
    Middletown Richmond T 1860         became 2nd Ward of Borough of Richmond NYC 1898
    Middletown Schoharie T 1797         name changed to Middleburg 1801
    Middletown Steuben T 1808         name changed to Addison 1808
    Mlddleville Herkimer V 1890   OS      
    Milan Dutchess T 1818   OP P x  
    Mllford Otsego V 1890   D D    
    Mllford* Otsego T 1796   D D x  
    Mill Neck Nassau V 1915          
    Millbrook Dutchess V 1896     F    
    Mlllerton Dutchess V 1875   O      
    Millport Chemung V 1923 x   D    
    Milo Yates T 1818   C DN    
    Milton Cayuga T 1789         name changed to Genoa 1808
    Milton Saratoga T 1792 x NOPS DFNPW    
    Mina Chautauqua T 1824 x   BP x  
    Minden Montgomery T 1798   DFOSV DFNP    
    Mlneola Nassau V 1906          
    Minerva Essex T 1817 x N DPS x  
    Mlnetto Oswego T 1916          
    Mlnisink Orange T 1788 x KNV NPW x  
    Mlnoa Onondaga V 1913     D    
    Mohawk Herkimer V 1844          
    Mohawk Montgomery T 1837   F DN x  
    Moira Franklin T 1828     W x  
    Monroe Orange V 1894 x P P    
    Monroe* Orange T 1799 x KNPS P x  
    Montague Lewis T 1850       x  
    Montebello Rockland V 1986          
    Montezuma Cayuga T 1859   P DFPN x  
    Montgomery Orange T 1788 x FKNOS DFNSW x  
    Montgomery Orange V 1810   BHO      
    Monticello Sullivan V 1830 x NST DS    
    Montour Schuyler T 1860     W x  
    Montour Falls* Schuyler V 1836   C F    
    Mooers Clinton T 1804 x BO   x  
    Mooers Clinton V 1899          
    Moravia Cayuga T 1833 x C DFNPSW x  
    Moravia Cayuga V 1837   OR      
    Moreau Saratoga T 1805 x D DFPSW    
    Morehouse Hamilton T 1835     P x  
    Moriah Essex T 1808 x   DP    
    Morris Otsego T 1849     DFP x  
    Morris Otsego V 1870          
    Morrisania Westchester T 1788         annexed to Westchester 1791
    Morrisania Westchester T 1855         incorporated as a village 1864
    Morrisania Westchester V 1864         annexed by New York City 1874
    Morristown St. Lawrence T 1821   OR F x  
    Morristown St. Lawrence V 1884   OR F    
    Morrisville Madison V 1819          
    Moscow Livingston V 1850 x       Defunct
    Mount Hope* Orange T 1825   N DNP x  
    Mount Kisco Westchester T 1876     DFNSW    
    Mount Kisco Westchester V 1876     D    
    Mount Morris Livingston T 1818 x OR N    
    Mount Morris Livingston V 1835   OR D    
    Mount Pleasant Westchester T 1788   P DN    
    Mount Vernon Westchester V 1853         incorporated as a city 1892
    Mount Vernon Westchester C 1892 x DFN D    
    Munnsville Madison V 1915     FPW    
    Munseypark Nassau V 1930          
    Murray Orleans T 1808   C D x  
    Muttontown Nassau V 1931     DF    
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