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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Hadley Saratoga T 1801     NPW    
    Hagaman Montgomery V 1892   S N    
    Hague* Warren T 1807   O D x  
    Haight Allegany T 1825         name changed to New Hudson 1837
    Halcott Greene T 1851 x   D x  
    Halfmoon* Saratoga T 1788     BDFNSW x  
    Hamburg Erie T 1812 x COR BOP x  
    Hamburg Erie V 1874 x C P    
    Hamden* Delaware T 1825     D x  
    Hampton Madison T 1795   DN DFNPS x  
    Hamilton Madison V 1812 x D D    
    Hamlin* Monroe T 1852   CO DFN    
    Hammond St. Lawrence T 1827   OPR DFP x  
    Hammond St. Lawrence V 1901   OR F    
    Hammondsport Steuben V 1856 x COR W    
    Hampden Delaware T 1825         name changed to Hamden 1826
    Hampstead Rockland T 1791         name changed to Ramapo 1828
    Hampton Washington T 1786   SO B x  
    Hamptonburgh Orange T 1830   FNP BDFNS x  
    Hancock Delaware T 1806     F x  
    Hancock Delaware V 1888          
    Hannibal Oswego T 1806 x   D    
    Hannibal Oswego V 1876     D    
    Hanover Chautauqua T 1812 x DO DWZ x  
    Hardenbergh Ulster T 1859     FS x  
    Harford Cortland T 1845   C D x  
    Harmony Chautauqua T 1816 x O DWZ    
    Harpersfield Delaware T 1788   BFNOSV DNP    
    Harrietstown Franklin T 1841       x  
    Harriman Orange V 1914          
    Harrisburg Lewis T 1803   O D x  
    Harrison Cortland T 1818         name changed to Marathon 1827
    Harrison Franklin T 1805         name changed to Ezraville 1808
    Harrison Jefferson T 1804         name changed to Rodman 1808
    Harrison Westchester T 1788 x N DNSP    
    Harrison Westchester V 1975   OX P    
    Harrisville Lewis V 1892   O      
    Hartford Livingston T 1789         name changed to Avon 1808
    Hartford Washington T 1793 x NO BFNPS    
    Hartland Niagara T 1812   NORS DFZ x  
    Hartsville Steuben T 1844     DPW x  
    Hartwick Otsego T 1802 x D D x  
    Hastings Oswego T 1825     DF x  
    Hastings-On-Hudson Westchester V 1879 x   FPS    
    Havana Schuyler V 1836 x       name changed to Montour Falls
    Haverstraw Rockland T 1788   O DFS x  
    Haverstraw Rockland V 1854          
    Head Of The Harbor Suffolk V 1928          
    Hebe Cattaraugus T 1812         name changed to Ischua 1816
    Hebe Wyoming T 1814         name changed to Gainesville 1816
    Hebron Washington T 1786 x NOX D x  
    Hector Schuyler T 1802   CNOP DFNPW x  
    Hempstead Nassau T 1644 x BFP DFP x  
    Hempstead Nassau V 1853          
    Henderson Jefferson T 1806     D x  
    Henrietta Monroe T 1818 x C DFNP x  
    Herkimer Herkimer T 1788 x DKNPV DNS    
    Herkimer Herkimer V 1807   KPSV      
    Hermon St. Lawrence T 1830   OP F    
    Hermon St. Lawrence V 1877   O F    
    Herrings Jefferson V 1921          
    Heuvelton St. Lawrence V 1912 x OR F    
    Hewlett Bay Park Nassau V 1928          
    Hewlett Harbor Nassau V 1926          
    Hewlett Neck Nassau V 1927          
    High Market Lewis T 1852 x   P    
    Highland Sullivan T 1853   N DS x  
    Highland Falls Orange V 1906          
    Highlands Orange T 1873          
    Hillburn Rockland V 1893          
    Hillsdale Columbia T 1782 x FHKNOPSV BNPW x  
    Hilton Monroe V 1885 x        
    Hinsdale Cattaraugus T 1820     DFZ x  
    Hobart Delaware V 1888   NSV D    
    Holcomb Ontario V 1916          
    Holland Erie T 1818   OR   x  
    Holland Patent Oneida V 1885     DF    
    Holley Orleans V 1850   DORZ      
    Homer Cortland T 1794 x CDNOP DNPW    
    Homer Cortland V 1835 x COP D    
    Honeoye Ontario T 1808         name changed to Richmond 1815
    Honeoye Falls Monroe V 1838 x COR DF    
    Hoosick Rensselaer T 1788   DHNOV DFNPS    
    Hoosiac Falls Rensselaer V 1827 x D DNF    
    Hope Hamilton T 1818 x   P    
    Hopewell Ontario T 1822   N DFP x  
    Hopkinton St. Lawrence T 1805 x OR F x  
    Horicon Warren T 1838 x   P x  
    Hornby Steuben T 1826 x COX FPW    
    Hornell Steuben C 1888 x OR      
    Hornellsville Steuben T 1820 x   N x  
    Horseheads Chemung T 1854 x OR D x  
    Horseheads* Chemung V 1837 x OR      
    Hounsfeeld Jefferson T 1806 x   D x  
    Howard Steuben T 1812 x C DFNPSW    
    Hudson Columbia C 1785 x DNP KPW    
    Hudson Falls Washington V 1810   P DF    
    Hume Allegany T 1822 x   DFP x  
    Humphrey Cattaraugus T 1836     DFZ x  
    Hunter Greene V 1894          
    Hunter* Greene T 1813     NP x  
    Huntington Suffolk T 1666   KP DFNP x  
    Huntington Bay Suffolk V 1924          
    Huntsville Otsego T 1822         name changed to Otego 1830
    Hurley Ulster T 1788   FN FNP    
    Huron* Wayne T 1826   D D x  
    Hydepark Dutchess T 1821 x KS   x
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