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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Fabius Onondaga T 1798   CDFNO D x  
    Fabius Onondaga V 1880   C      
    Fair Haven Cayuga V 1880 x        
    Fairfield Herkimer T 1796 x OS DF    
    Fairfield Warren T 1792         name changed to Luzerne 1808
    Fairport Chemung V 1837         name changed to Horseheads 1845
    Fairport Monroe V 1867 x OR DO    
    Falconer Chautauqua V 1891 x   OZ    
    Fallsburg Sullivan T 1826 x   DS x  
    Far Rockaway Queens V   x       became part of 5th Ward of Borough of Queens NYC 1898
    Farmersville Cattaraugus T 1821     FW x  
    Farmingdale Nassau V 1904     F    
    Farmington Ontario T 1789 x COPSV DFN    
    Farnham Erie V 1892   O P    
    Fayette* Seneca T 1800 x COP D x  
    Fayetteville Onondaga V 1844   DFN DF    
    Fenner Madison T 1823     DW x  
    Fenton* Broome T 1855     DW    
    Fillmore Allegany V 19-4     D    
    Fine St. Lawrence T 1844     F x  
    Flshkill Dutchess T 1788 x BFDNP HNP x  
    Flshkill Dutchess V 1889   P BS    
    Flatbush Kings T 1652 x BHK BD x became 29th Ward of Borough NYC Brooklyn 1898
    Flatlands Kings T 1667 x H   x became 32nd Ward of Borough NYC Brooklyn 1898
    Fleischmanns Delaware V 1913          
    Fleming Cayuga T 1823 x DFNSV DFPW x  
    Floral Park Nassau V 1908 x        
    Florence Oneida T 1805     DF x  
    Florida Montgomery T 1793 x FNSV FNP x  
    Florida Orange V 1946   P P    
    Flower Hill Nassau V 1931     P    
    Floyd Oneida T 1796     DP x  
    Flushing Queens T 1645   FOP DNP   became 3rd Ward of the Borough of Queens NYC 1898
    Fonda Montgomery V 1850 x FHKNPSV FNP    
    Fondas Bush* Fulton V 1815 x        
    Forestburgh Sullivan T 1837     S x  
    Forestport Oneida T 1869   S DP    
    Forestville Chautauqua V 1849 x ORZ BDFPZ    
    Fort Ann Washington V 1820   P P    
    Fort Ann* Washington T 1786   P BDFNP    
    Fort Covington Franklin T 1817   OR PF    
    Fort Edward Washington T 1818 x D DFNO    
    Fort Edward Washington V 1849 x O D    
    Fort Johnson Montgomery V 1909     P    
    Fort Plain Montgomery V 1832 x DFNPSV DF    
    Fowler St. Lawrence T 1816 x     x  
    Franklinkfort Herkimer T 1796 x   DF x  
    Franklinkfort Herkimer V 1863 x        
    Franklinklin Delaware T 1792   DP D x  
    Franklinklin Delaware V 1874   P      
    Franklinklin Franklin T 1836       x  
    Franklinklin Putnam T 1795         name changed to Patterson 1808
    Franklinklinville Cattaraugus T 1812 x   DFW x  
    Franklinklinville Cattaraugus V 1874 x OZ DW    
    Frederick* Putnam T 1795         name changed to Kent 1817
    Fredericksburgh Oswego T 1806         name changed to Volney 1811
    Frederickstown Putnam T 1788         name changed to Frederick 1795
    Frederickstown Steuben T 1796         name changed to Wayne 1808
    Fredonia Chautauqua V 1829 x DOZ DZ    
    Freedom Cattaraugus T 1824 x   DFN x  
    Freedom Dutchess T 1821         name changed to La Grange 1828
    Freehold Greene T 1790         name changed to Durham 1805
    Freehold* Greene T 1808         name changed to Greenville 1809
    Freeport Livingston T 1819         name changed to Conesus 1825
    Freeport Nassau V 1892   DN DF    
    Freetown Cortland T 1818   CN DP    
    Freetown Wayne T 1807         name changed to Ontario 1808
    Freeville Tompkins V 1887     N    
    Fremont Steuben T 1854   C DFNW    
    Fremont Sullivan T 1851       x  
    French Creek Chautauqua T 1829 x OR WZ x  
    Friendship Allegany T 1815 x FOPSZ D    
    Fultonon Oswego V 1835         incorporated as a city 1902
    Fultonon Oswego C 1902     DF    
    Fultonon Schoharie T 1828   P D x  
    Fultononville Montgomery V 1848   FNS DFNP
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