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  • New York Town Guide

  • The material in this section was taken from New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities: A Guide to Genealogical Sources by Gordon L. Remington, published by NEHGS in 2002. It is intended to help locate published and transcribed records for the state's nearly 1,700 organized municipalities.

    The tables give basic information on each of New York's towns, villages, and cities: the county in which it is located, the date of organization or incorporation, and whether or not a dedicated history of that place has been published. It then provides information on transcribed church and cemetery records and the collections or repositories in which they are found. Key guides can be found at the top of each page, in pdf format. To browse additional towns, use the alphabetical key to the right of this page.

  • Church and cemetery codes










    Cairo Greene T 1803   NOS DN x  
    Caldwell Warren T 1810 x   DP x name changed to Lake George
    Caledonia Livingston V 1891   OPR P    
    Caledonia* Livingston T 1802   DNOPR DPZ x  
    Calhoun Orange T 1825         name changed to Mount Hope 1833
    Callicoon Sullivan T 1842 x     x  
    Cambria Niagara T 1808   OPR DP    
    Cambridge Washington T 1788 x DNSV DFNPS    
    Cambridge Washington V 1866   OFSVX P    
    Camden Oneida T 1799 x   DFP    
    Camden Oneida V 1834          
    Cameron Steuben T 1822   D DFW x  
    Camillus Onondaga T 1799   DP DFP x  
    Camillus Onondaga V 1852   CP FP    
    Campbell Steuben T 1831     FNPW x  
    Canaan* Columbia T 1772 x DKNOSV NPSW x  
    Canadice Ontario T 1829   C D x  
    Canajoharie Montgomery T 1788   FKNS DN x  
    Canajoharie Montgomery V 1829     D    
    Canandaigua Ontario T 1789 x CORS DFN x  
    Canandaigua Ontario V 1815         incorporated as a city 1913
    Canandaigua Ontario C 1913 x COR DFP x  
    Canaseraga Allegany V 1892   OR D    
    Canastota Madison V 1835     D    
    Candor Tioga T 1811   DP DFNP x  
    Candor Tioga V 1900   P F    
    Caneadea Allegany T 1808   O   x  
    Canisteo Steuben T 1796   O DNSW    
    Canisteo Steuben V 1873   O      
    Canton St. Lawrence V 1845 x OR      
    Canton* St. Lawrence T 1805 x OPR DFNS x  
    Cape Vincent Jefferson T 1849 x DOR D    
    Cape Vincent Jefferson V 1853   OR D    
    Carlisle Schoharie T 1807   D D x  
    Carlton* Orleans T 1822   D D x  
    Carmel Putnam T 1795 x NOP DFNPS x  
    Caroga Fulton T 1842 x   DFS    
    Caroline Tompkins T 1811     FNP x  
    Carroll Chautauqua T 1825 x O FOZ x  
    Carrollton Cattaraugus T 1842     D    
    Carthage Jefferson V 1841 x NOR N    
    Cassadaga Chautauqua V 1921 x   Z    
    Castile Wyoming T 1821 x O P    
    Castile Wyoming V 1877   OP F    
    Castleton Richmond T 1788   V NV   became 1st Ward of Borough of Richmond NYC 1898
    Castleton-On-Hudson Rensselaer V 1827 x        
    Castorland Lewis V 1929 x        
    Catharine Schuyler T 1798 x C DPW    
    Catlin Chemung T 1823     DP x  
    Cato Cayuga T 1802   OR DPW x  
    Cato Cayuga V 1880   OR      
    Caton Steuben T 1839     W x  
    Catskell Greene T 1788 x HNOPSV DNPS x  
    Catskill Greene V 1806   NP FNPS    
    Cattaraugus Cattaraugus V 1882 x OR      
    Caughnawaga Fulton T 1788         became Broadalbin/Johnstown/Mayfield 1793
    Cayuga Cayuga V 1857 x CDOR      
    Cayuga Heights Tompkins V 1915          
    Cayuta Schuyler T 1824   P DW x  
    Cayuta Tioga T 1811         see Newfield, Tompkins Co. 1822
    Cazenovia Madison T 1795   DFNP DFW x  
    Cazenovia Madison V 1810 x FNP      
    Cedarhurst Nassau V 1910          
    Celoron Chautauqua V 1896   O      
    Centerville Allegany T 1819     DN x  
    Central Square Oswego V 1889 x   D    
    Centre Island Suffolk V 1926          
    Champion Jefferson T 1800 x DF DP x  
    Champlain Clinton T 1788 x OR N x  
    Champlain Clinton V 1873   OR      
    Charleston Ontario T 1789         name changed to Lima 1808
    Charleston Montgomery T 1793 x DNOPV DFP    
    Charlotte Chautauqua T 1829 x O PWZ x  
    Charlton Saratoga T 1792 x DNOV DFPW x  
    Chateaugay Franklin T 1799 x P N    
    Chateaugay Franklin V 1868   OR O    
    Chatham Columbia T 1795 x DFNOSV DFNP x  
    Chatham Columbia V 1869   SP FW    
    Chaumont Jefferson V 1874   OR D    
    Chautauqua Chautauqua T 1804 x   DFNWZ x  
    Chazy Clinton T 1804 x OPR DFNPSW x  
    Cheektowaga* Erie T 1839 x OR O    
    Chemung Chemung T 1789     DP x  
    Chenangoango Broome T 1791 x DP DS x  
    Cherry Creek Chautauqua T 1829 x   F x  
    Cherry Creek Chautauqua V 1893 x        
    Cherry Valley Otsego T 1791   DNPS DFN x  
    Cherry Valley Otsego V 1812   V F    
    Chesecocks Orange T 1799         name changed to Monroe 1811
    Chester Orange T 1815 x BP BNPS x  
    Chester Orange V 1892   B BN    
    Chester Warren T 1799 x   DFNSW x  
    Chesterfield Essex T 1802       x  
    Chestnut Ridge Rockland V 1986          
    Chictawauga Erie T 1839         now spelled Cheektowaga
    Chili Monroe T 1822 x OR DFZ x  
    China Wyoming T 1818         name changed to Aracde 1869
    Chittenango Madison V 1842   O DP    
    Church Tract Allegany T 1827         name changed to Grove 1828
    Churchville Monroe V 1867   COR D    
    Cicero Onondaga T 1807   F DP x  
    Cincinnatus Cortland T 1804   CNP DFW x  
    Clare St. Lawrence T 1880     F    
    Clarence Erie T 1808 x P FP x  
    Clarendon Orleans T 1821 x OZ D x  
    Clarkson Monroe T 1819 x CDO DF x  
    Clarkstown Rockland T 1791 x FHKNOPS DNP x  
    Clarksville Allegany T 1835 x   FOZ x  
    Clarkville Madison V 1834 x        
    Claverack Columbia T 1772 x DFKNOPSV NPW x  
    Clay Onondaga T 1827 x   D    
    Clayton Jefferson T 1833   NOPR BDP x  
    Clayton Jefferson V 1872   OP DP    
    Clayville Oneida V 1887   FOSZ      
    Clermont Columbia T 1787 x   W x  
    Cleveland Oswego V 1857          
    Clifton Saratoga T 1828         name changed to Clifton Park 1829
    Clifton St. Lawrence T 1868          
    Clifton Park* Saratoga T 1828 x FNV FNW x  
    Clifton Springs Ontario V 1859 x COR F    
    Clintonton Clinton T 1845 x   W x  
    Clintonton Dutchess T 1786     N    
    Clintonton Oneida V 1843 x FNOV DFNS    
    Clintonton Rensselaer T 1855         name changed to East Greenbush 1858
    Clintontonville Clinton V 1825 x OR      
    Clyde Wayne V 1835 x CDOPR DNP    
    Clymer Chautauqua T 1821 x   DPWZ    
    Cobleskill Schoharie T 1797   DFNOSV DW    
    Cobleskill Schoharie V 1868   PV      
    Cochecton Sullivan T 1828 x FN S x  
    Coeymans Albany T 1791 x FNOPSW DFNSW x  
    Cohocton Steuben T 1812 x CDOPR PW x  
    Cohocton Steuben V 1891   OR F    
    Cohoes Albany C 1869 x BP FN    
    Colchester Delaware T 1792     DFN    
    Cold Brook Herkimer V 1903          
    Cold Spring Cattaraugus T 1823         name changed to Napoli 1828
    Cold Spring Putnam V 1846 x O FN    
    Colden Erie T 1827       x  
    Coldspring Cattaraugus T 1837     DFZ x  
    Colesville Broome T 1821 x   D x  
    College Point Queens V 1867         became part of 4th Ward of Borough of Queens NYC 1898
    Collins Erie T 1821 x NOP DO    
    Colonie Albany T 1895 x FHNOPS DFNPS    
    Colonie Albany V 1921          
    Colton St. Lawrence T 1843 x OPR D x  
    Columbiambia Herkimer T 1812   DFN DN x  
    Columbiambus Chenango T 1805   D DNP x  
    Concord Erie T 1812 x O DFN    
    Concord Saratoga T 1819         name changed to Day 1827
    Conesus* Livingston T 1819 x C   x  
    Conesville Schoharie T 1836 x   D x  
    Conewango Cattaraugus T 1823     D x  
    Conklin Broome T 1824 x   DP x  
    Conquest Cayuga T 1821     DFW x  
    Constable Franklin T 1807   OR   x  
    Constableville Lewis V 1877 x OR FP    
    Constantia Oswego T 1808     DP x  
    Cooperstown* Otsego V 1807 x DFNSV DN    
    Copake Columbia T 1824 x KNPSV NPW x  
    Copenhagen Lewis V 1870   ORZ DF    
    Corfu Genesee V 1868   O P    
    Corinth Saratoga T 1818 x   DFPSW x  
    Corinth Saratoga V 1886          
    Corning Steuben T 1796 x COR DF    
    Corning Steuben V 1848         incorporated as a city 1890
    Corning* Steuben C 1890 x COR FNPW    
    Cornwall Orange T 1788 x N DNW    
    Cornwall-On-Hudson Orange V 1885          
    Cortlandland Cortland C 1900 x CDFNOP DNO    
    Cortlandlandt Westchester T 1788 x FHKNOP DFNP    
    Cortlandlandville Cortland T 1829 x   DW    
    Cove Neck Nassau V 1927     D    
    Coventry Chenango T 1806 x DFN D x  
    Covert Seneca T 1817 x CFOR DP    
    Covington Wyoming T 1817   D DPW x  
    Coxsackie Greene T 1772 x HKNPSV D x  
    Coxsackie Greene V 1867          
    Crawford Orange T 1823   FNP NP x  
    Croghan Lewis T 1841   OR W    
    Croghan Lewis V 1906   OR      
    Croton-On-Hudson Westchester V 1898 x O DGNW    
    Crown Point Essex T 1786 x OR DFOP x  
    Cuba Allegany T 1822 x OPRZ DNP x  
    Cuba Allegany V 1850 x O D    
    Cuyler Cortland T 1858   CFN DP    
    Cuylerville Livingston V 1848  
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