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  • Notable Kin: New England in Hollywood, Part II: Behind the Scenes

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : er - November 1988

    The first “New England in Hollywood” column (NEXUS 3[19861:178-80) explored the Yankee ancestry of 10 movie “giants” -- Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, John Wayne, and Orson Welles.  Among the most popular “Notable Kin” features to date, this column, like some movies, seemed to demand a sequel, and I have spent much time over the past two years gathering additional material.  Future columns on Hollywood spouses of New England ancestry, on movie “giants” with English gentry, Dutch New York, or Tidewater Southern ancestry, on the New England backgrounds of figures of perhaps slightly less prominence than the 10 actors, actresses, or directors above, or on “New England on Broadway, in Television, and at the Opera” are all possible.  Wishing, however, to cover “giants” with New England connections, at least some non-spousal, I turn instead in this column to “behind the scenes” figures --major directors; writers a large portion of whose total corpus has been converted to the screen; composers or orchestra leaders whose songs were movie favorites; and publicists, a category that includes managers, columnists, and television talk show hosts as well.

    In these categories, then, we treat directors Cecil B. deMille, Howard Hawks, and Elia Kazan; Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, detective writer Agatha Christie, and playwright ‘Tennessee” Williams; composers Irving Berlin and Cole Porter, and Benny Goodman, the “King of Swing”; and comedian and talk show host Johnny Carson.  The New England connections of deMille, Kazan, Berlin, and Goodman are through their wives, and the marriages of the last three suggest much about (1) the absorption by marriage of talented newcomers into an older “establishment,” and (2) intermarriages between descendants of early families and recent immigrants or their children or grandchildren.  Something of the cosmopolitanism of artistic communities and of the genuine achievements of “cafe society,” so labeled by Mrs. Berlin herself, is suggested as well.  The immediate background of the remaining six figures also reveals the geographical extent of the “New England family.”  Hawks was born in Goshen, Indiana, Burroughs in Chicago, Porter in Peru, Indiana, and Carson in Coming, Iowa (Carson’s paternal kin were also associated with Blair, Washington County, Nebraska).  Agatha Christie, born in Torquay, Devon, England, of an American father and an English mother who were listed in the New York Social Register, was a great-granddaughter of residents of Williamsburg, Massachusetts.  ‘Tennessee” Williams, born in Columbus, Mississippi, had New England ancestry through both his mother, a native of Marysville, Ohio, and great-great-grandparents, treated below, who moved from Newburyport, Massachusetts, to Greenville, Tennessee.  Of the contributions to Hollywood by the non-directors among these ten we need only recall the serial fantasy or adventure, detective, and Southern “gothic” movie genres to which numerous works by Burroughs, Christie, and Williams have been adapted, the many movie “musicals” with songs by Berlin or Porter, Goodman’s appearances in A Star is Born and other films, and both the present home of Johnny Carson’s “Tonight” show -- Burbank, California -- and the thousands of movie actors and actresses that have appeared on this program since 1962.

    As regards the New England ancestry of these 10 well known but in Hollywood somewhat “behind the scenes” figures, Mrs. de Mille, Mrs. Kazan, and Mrs. Berlin were all descendants of Mayflower passengers --respectively William and Susanna White, Richard Warren, and Degory Priest.  Mrs. Berlin was also descended from a sister (Priest’s wife) of Isaac Allerton, and Johnny Carson is descended from Henry Howland, a brother of John.  Mrs. deMille, Burroughs, Christie, Williams, Mrs. Goodman, and Carson all have Great Migration New England ancestors of royal descent -- Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts (Mrs. deMille and Williams), John Drake and Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke (Burroughs), Mrs. Margaret Wyatt Allyn (Christie), Christopher Batt and Mrs. Anne Bainton Batt, his wife (Williams), the famed Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson of Rhode Island and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Catherine Hamby Hutchinson of Boston (Mrs. Goodman), and Edward Raynsford (Carson).  Much to my surprise, Mrs. Kazan and Burroughs also share New England ancestors with The Princess of Wales and her two sons, kinships I first noticed while undertaking research for this article.  The Princess and Mrs. Kazan share Robert Hibbard, Jr., and Mary Walden of Windham, Connecticut; the Princess and Burroughs share Thomas Parke and Dorothy Thompson of Preston.  John and Elizabeth (Brown?) Hawks, immigrant ancestors of Howard, were also the parents of Joanna Hawks, wife of William Arms of Deerfield, a couple identified in the last “New England in Hollywood” column as ancestors of Lillian Gish and Anthony Perkins.  John and Susan (Lancock) Stanley of Ashford, Kent, England, parents of early immigrants to Hartford, and ancestors, as also noted in the previous column, of Humphrey Bogart, Jane Fonda, and Anthony Perkins, were also forebears twice over of Cole Porter.  A last immigrant ancestor of interest, patrilineal forebear of Williams’s paternal grandmother, is Nantucket “ur-father” Tristram Coffin, mentioned in several previous “Notable Kin” columns, especially “Nantucket Soup” (NEXUS 31 19861:26-27).

    Several 18th- or 19th-century forebears and a few 20th century connections of these ten figures also deserve attention. Mrs. deMille, daughter of a New [169] Jersey judge, was a great-great-granddaughter of Joshua Atherton of Amherst, New Hampshire, noted lawyer, loyalist, and early anti-slavery leader.  The remarkable marital connections of Howard Hawks and his brother, Kenneth Hawks, are explored by Charles Kidd in Debrett Goes to Hollywood (1986).  Howard’s first wife was Athole Shearer, sister of actress Norma Shearer, wife of producer Irving Thalberg; his second wife later married producer Leland Hayward; and his third wife’s sister married Groucho Marx.  Kenneth Hawks was the first husband of the actress Mary Astor, born Lucile Langhanke, and Kitty Hawks, Howard’s daughter, married Ned Tanen, president of Universal Pictures during their marriage, now president of Paramount.  Mrs. Kazan was a great-granddaughter of Jeremiah Day, Jr., and a third cousin of Charles Seymour, both presidents of Yale, and a second cousin once removed of Mrs. Charles Joseph Bonaparte (Ellen Channing Day), wife of the U.S. Attorney-General and Secretary of the Navy who was also a great-nephew of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French.  Tennessee Williams, whose descent from Thomas Cooke of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, was mentioned in NEXUS 5(1988):20, shared descent from Benjamin Woodbridge, Jr., and Susanna Tappan, with the poet Edwin Arlington Robinson, a third cousin twice removed.

    Mrs. Berlin and Mrs. Goodman both belonged to major “tycoon” dynasties; Mrs. Berlin as a granddaughter of Comstock Lode mining magnate John William Mackay and Mrs. Goodman as a great-granddaughter of railroad magnate William Henry Vanderbilt, eldest son of the famed Cornelius Vanderbilt I.  Through her mother Mrs. Berlin was also a great-great-great-granddaughter of U.S. Constitution signer Rufus King and Mary Alsop, his wife, descended herself from a sister of Governor John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay.   King’s ancestry and notable progeny, Mary Alsop’s distant kinship to H.R.H. The Duchess of York, and Mrs. Berlin’s Southern ancestry, a royal descent (through the immigrant William Bernard), and distant kinship to H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, see previous “Notable Kin” columns in NEXUS 3[1986]:133-35, 291-94, 4[1987]:24-28, 5[1988]:96.  Through the Vanderbilts Mrs. Goodman was not only a cousin of the progeny of Cornelius Vanderbilt II treated in NEXUS 4:159-62.  A sister of jazz patron John Henry Hammond (IV), Mrs. Goodman was also a first cousin once removed of Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough, yachtsman Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (who invented contract bridge) and wives of publisher Ralph Pulitzer and novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss; a third cousin, moreover, married the publisher Charles Scribner (IV).  Lastly we should note that as a descendant of Quakers Anthony Smith (1723-ca. 1810) and Lydia Willets of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and Greene County, Pennsylvania, Johnny Carson is a fifth cousin once removed of Richard Milhous Nixon. As noted in the last two “Notable Kin” columns Howland descent, derived through Anthony Smith, is also shared by presidents F. D. Roosevelt and Ford, by Mrs. J. Q. Diefenbaker, and by Sir Winston Churchill and his niece, the Countess of Avon.

    Outlined below are the descents discussed above of these 10 “behind the scenes” Hollywood figures.  The format is that used in earlier columns: the figure’s name, birth and death years, then parentheses and the name of his wife if the treated ancestry is hers, his or her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to ancestors mentioned above, with semicolons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation. As always, “RD” indicates an immigrant of royal descent, “MP” a Mayflower passenger, and “PW” an ancestor shared with The Princess of Wales.

    1. CECIL BLOUNT DEMILLE, 1881-1959 (Constance Adams; Frederic Adams & Ella King; Frederic Augustus Adams & Mary Jane Means; David McGregor Means & Catherine Atherton; Joshua Atherton & Abigail Goss; Thomas Goss & Abigail Wade; Philip Goss, Jr., & Judith Hayward, Samuel Wade & Lydia Newhall; John Hayward & Anna White, Nathaniel Wade & Mercy Bradstreet; Resolved White [MP] & Judith Vassall, Simon Bradstreet, governor of Massachusetts, & Anne Dudley, known as Mrs. Anne Bradstreet, poetess; William White [MP] & Susanna _____ [MP], Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts [RD] & Dorothy York)

    2.    HOWARD WINCHESTER HAWKS, 1896-1977; Frank(lin) Winchester Hawks & Helen Howard; Eleazer Hawks & Jennie L. Goff; Cephas Hawks & Chloe Case; Paul Hawks & Lois Wait; Eliezer Hawks, Jr., & Abigail Wells; Eliezer Hawks & Judith Smead; John Hawks & Elizabeth (Brown?).

    3.    ELIA KAZAN (born Kazanjoglous), b. 1909 (first wife, Mary Day Thacher; Alfred Beaumont Thacher & Emma Cecelia Erkenbrecher; Thomas Anthony Thacher & Elizabeth Day; Peter Thacher & Anne Parks; John Thacher & Abigail Swift; Peter Thacher & Abigail Hibbard, Silas Swift & Abigail Tupper; Joseph Hibbard & Abigail Lyndon, Jireh Swift & Abigail Gibbs; Robert Hibbard, Jr. [PW] & Mary Walden [PW], Thomas Gibbs, Jr., & Alice Warren; Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker; Richard Warren [MP] & Elizabeth _____).

    4.    EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, 1875-1950; George Tyler Burroughs & Mary Evaline Zieger; Abner Tyler Burroughs & Mary Rice; Tyler Burroughs & Anna Pratt; David Burroughs & Hannah Blodgett; Josiah Blodgett, Jr., & Margaret Rockwell; Benjamin Rockwell & Margaret Parke; Joseph Rockwell & Elizabeth Drake, Robert Parke & Mary Rose; Job Drake & Elizabeth Alvord, Thomas Parke (PW) & Dorothy Thompson (PW); John Drake, Jr., & Hannah Moore, John Thompson (PW) & Alice Freeman (PW, RD); John Drake (RD) & Elizabeth Rogers.

    5.    DAME AGATHA MARY CLARISSA MILLER CHRISTIE MALLOWAN, known as AGATHA CHRISTIE, 1890-1976; Frederick Alvah Miller & Clarissa Boehmer; Nathaniel Frary Miller & Martha Messervey; Alvah Miller & Martha Young; Jacob Miller & Mercy Johnson; John Miller & Hannah Bush; Ebenezer Bush, Jr., & Miriam Noble; [170] Mark Noble & Mary Marshall; Samuel Marshall & Rebecca Newberry; Benjamin Newberry & Mary Allyn; Matthew Allyn & Margaret Wyatt (RD).

    6.    THOMAS LANIER “TENNESSEE” WILLIAMS, 1911-1983; Cornelius Coffin Williams & Edwina Dakin; Thomas Lanier Williams & Isabella Coffin; Cornelius Worcester Coffin & Nancy McCorkle; Charles Coffin, Jr., & Susanna Woodbridge Ayer; Charles Coffin & Hepzibah Carnes, James Ayer & Mary Woodbridge; Joseph Coffin & Margaret Morse, Benjamin Woodbridge, Jr., & Susanna Tappan; Nathaniel Coffin & Sarah Brocklebank, Benjamin Woodbridge & Sarah Gerrish, Christopher Tappan & Sarah Angier; Tristram Coffin, Jr., & Judith Greenleaf, Thomas Woodbridge & Mary Jones, Peter Tappan & Jane Batt, Edmund Angier & Anne Batt; Tristram Coffin & Dionis Stevens, John Woodbridge & Mercy Dudley, Christopher Batt (RD) & Anne Bainton (RD) (parents of Jane & Anne); Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts (RD) & Dorothy York.

    7.    IRVING BERLIN (born Israel Baline), b. 1888 (second wife, Ellin Travers Mackay; Clarence Hungerford MacKay & Katherine Alexander Duer; William Alexander Duer & Ellin North Moale Travers; Denning Duer & Caroline King; William Alexander Duer & Hannah Maria Denning, James Gore King & Sarah Rogers Gracie; William Denning & Amy Maria Hawkshurst, Rufus King & Mary Alsop; William Hawkshurst & Anne Pratt; Ebenezer Pratt & Mehitable Mudge; John Pratt & Ann Barker; Phineas Pratt & Mary Priest; Degory Priest [MP] & Sarah Allerton, sister of Isaac Allerton [MP])

    8.    COLE PORTER, 1891-1964; Samuel Fenwick Porter & Kate Cole; James Omar Cole & Rachel Henton; Albert Cole & Mary Galpin; Stephen Cole & Lucy Deming, Ozias Galpin & Mary Andrews; Moses Deming & Sarah Chloe Norton, Samuel Galpin & Abigail Ward; John Norton (III) & Anne Thompson, Caleb Galpin & Elizabeth Baldwin; John Norton, Jr., & Ruth Moore, Samuel Galpin & Elizabeth St. John; Isaac Moore & Ruth Stanley, Mark St. John & Elizabeth Stanley; John Stanley, Jr., & ____ (parents of Ruth), Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ____ (parents of Elizabeth); John Stanley & Susan Lancock (parents of John, Jr., & Timothy).

    9.    BENJAMIN DAVID “BENNY’ GOODMAN, 1909-1986 (Alice Frances Hammond, John Henry Hammond III & Emily Vanderbilt Sloane; John Henry Hammond, Jr., & Sophia Vernon Wolfe; Nathaniel Wolfe & Mary Ann Vernon; William S. Vernon & America Fontaine; Samuel Vernon III & ____ Samuel Vernon, Jr., & Amy Ward; Samuel Vernon & Elizabeth Fleet; Daniel Vernon & Anne Hutchinson; Edward Hutchinson & Catherine Hamby [RD]  William Hutchinson & Anne Marbury [RD]).

    10.  JOHN WILLIAM “JOHNNY’ CARSON, b. 1925; Homer Carson & Ruth Hook; Christopher N. Carson & Ella B. Hardy, George William Hook & Jessie Boyd; Marshall Carson & Emeline Kellogg, William Hook & Saphrona Barnett; William Carson & Dorothy Nye, James Grant Hook & Sarah Lyle; Jonathan Nye, Jr., & Ruth Sperrin, Stephen Hook & Annzube Grant; Jonathan Nye & Mercy Ellis, James Grant & Margery Smith; Stephen Nye & Maria Bourne, Anthony Smith & Lydia Willets; Jonathan Bourne & Hannah Dillingham, Thomas Smith, Jr., & Mary (very probably) Allen; Nathan Bourne & Mary Bassett, Jedediah Allen & Elizabeth Howland; William Bassett (III) & Rachel Williston, Henry Howland (brother of John Howland, MP) & Mary .____; William Bassett, Jr., & Mary Raynsford; Edward Raynsford (RD) & ____.


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