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  • New England Articles in Genealogical Journals in 2000


    In the October 2001 Register editorial, I proposed a “seen elsewhere” feature that would list articles in local New England genealogical journals and New England articles in the national scholarly genealogical journals. Actually, it has turned out to be a “seen recently” feature since it includes NEHGS’s own publications (Register, New England Ancestors, Great Migration Newsletter). Because of the large number of articles, only one year can appear at a time.

    Listed below are the titles of the seventeen genealogical journals covered (with abbreviations). Next is a link leading to an index to surnames, places, and some subjects occurring in the titles of articles in these journals in 2000. The index is to the bibliography by author which is shown below; “a&c” is used to indicate additions and corrections, often by a different author.

    Not all articles in each issue are included in the bibliography and index. Some articles were not relevant to New England, some were too general to be included, and others were insufficiently documented.

    Photocopies of articles for personal research can be obtained (for a fee) from libraries or from the NEHGS Research Services.

    Abbreviation Journal
     CA Connecticut Ancestry
     CN The Connecticut Nutmegger
     GMN Great Migration Newsletter
     MASSOG MASSOG: A Genealogical Magazine for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
     MD Mayflower Descendant
     MG The Maine Genealogist
     MQ The Mayflower Quarterly
     NEA New England Ancestors
     NGSQ National Genealogical Society
     NHGR The New Hampshire Genealogical Record
     NYGBR The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
    Register The New England Historical and Genealogical Register
     RIR Rhode Island Roots
     TAG The American Genealogist
     TEG The Essex Genealogist
     TG The Genealogist
     VG Vermont Genealogy


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    “1677 Oath of Allegiance Taken at Lynn,” TEG 20 (Nov. 2000):196–97

    “1677 Oath of Allegiance Taken at Manchester,” TEG 20 (Nov. 2000):197

    “1677 Oath of Allegiance Taken at Marblehead,” TEG 20 (Nov. 2000):199

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