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    David Allen Lambert

    Getting Started

     Cusack, Ruby M., Searching your roots in Saint John, New Brunswick: a beginner's guide. [7th Floor Reference - CS83 .C87 1992]

    Fellows, Robert F., Researching your ancestors in New Brunswick, Canada.[6th Floor Reference – [CS88.N43 F44 1979]

    Findlen, George L., Genealogist's handbook for upper Saint John Valley research. [CS88.N43 F56 2003]

    Punch, Terrence M. and George F. Sanborn, Genealogist’s Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research. [CS88.A88 G46 1997], p. 2-29.

    Swanick, Eric L., New Brunswick history : a checklist of secondary sources, second supplement. [7th  Floor Reference - Z1392 .N53 1984]

    Published Genealogies

    New Brunswick families: Allison, Anderson, Astle, Betts, Bowser, Brewers, Calhoun, Carroll, Clark, Colpitts, Corey, Cyr, Daigle, Dixon, Doiron, Estabrooks, Fawcett, Frazees, Gilberts, Gillis, Gormley, Gunter, Hannahs, Harvey, Hill, Holmes, Hoar(e), Hyland, Inch, (Irvins, Irvines, and Irvings), Jaunne, Johnson,  Keillors, Keith, Kiersteads, Lockhart, Logie, Losier, MacLeod, Martin, McPherson, Melansons, Moore, Parkins, Purdy, Rand, Raymond, Reed, Savoie, Seelys, Steeves,  Stief, Tozer, Wests, Wilcox.

    Almanac and Gazetteers

    Barnes's New Brunswick almanack. [Rare Book - AY420.N4 B6].

    McMillan's New Brunswick almanac and register. [Rare Book - AY420.N4 B7]

    The Merchants' and farmers' almanack for the year of Our Lord, 1862. [AY410.N4 M4 1862]

    Cemeteries Transcriptions

    Christopher, David F., Cemeteries of Albert County, New Brunswick [CS88.N43 C4 1987]

    Elliott, John R., Gone but not forgotten: cemetery inscriptions of Kings County, New Brunswick. [CS88.N43 K564 1990]

    Hayward, George H., Northern Carleton County, New Brunswick, cemeteries. [CS88.N43 H39 1988]

    Hale, R.W.R., Southern Carleton County cemeteries. [F1044.C3 H34 1982]

    Phinney, Bruce W., Cemetery inscriptions, Westmorland County, New Brunswick [CS88.N43 W473 1996]

    Hale, R.W., NorthwesternYork County cemeteries [F1044.Y6 H3]

    Census Indexes (located on the Microtext Library Floor)

    1851 - St. John (city), Carleton, Charlotte, Northumberland, Restigouche, Sunbury, Victoria, York.

    1861 - Charlotte, Gloucester, Kent, Kings, Queens, Restigouche,

    1871 - St. John (city), Fredericton (city), Gloucester, Restigouche, Sunbury

    1881 - Gloucester, Restigouche,

    1891 - Carleton, Gloucester, Restigouche,

    Census Records

    1851 to 1901: Microfilm on the Microtext Library Floor
    1881 : available at
    1901 :
    1911 :

    Church Records

    Arsenault, Bona. Les registres de Carleton, 1773-1900 : incluant les noms des pionniers de Nouvelle, St-Omer, Maria et New-Richmond. [CS88.C313 A77 1983]

    Betts, E. Arthur, Congregational churches in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick : 1749-1925. [BX7152.N64 B3 1985]

    Gasero, Russell L., Guide to local church records in the archives of the Reformed Church in America and to genealogical resources in the Gardner Sage Library, New Brunswick Theological Seminary. [BX9509 .G37 1979]

    Jehn, Janet B., Baie des Chaleurs registres, 1786-1799. [CS88.C314 J441984]

    Tizard, Aubrey M., Methodism, a flame: Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada [BX8252.N3 T5 1978]

    Registre de la mission St-Antoine de Richibouctou, catholique, 1796-1871 [CS88.N43 C38 – Microfilm]

    Registre de la paroisse St-Louis de Kent, catholique : baptisms 1800-1870, mariages et sepultures 1802-1870. [CS88.N43 C38 – microfilm]

    Registre de la paroisse St-Laurent de [Baie-des-Vents], catholique 1801-1870 [CS88.N43 C38 – Microfilm]

    Registre de la paroisse Ste-Anne-de Restigouche 1759-95 : Nova  Scotia church records - Acadia, divers registres, 1755-1795 [CS88.N43 C38 – Microfilm]

    Parish registers: St. Quentin-du-Tres, Saint Sacrement, Ste- Anne, Maliseet, St-Michel, Drummond. [CS88.N43 C38 – Microfilm]

    Records from congregations : Jerusalem, Little Shemogue, Sackville, Saint John, Tabusintac, Tantramar, Woodstock.  [CS88.N43 U54]


    Hutchins, Thomas, Hutchinson's St. Johndirectory for 1863-64: containing names of the inhabitants, a business directory, or classification of the various professions, trades, etc., also a directory of the parish of Portland  and an appendix containing much useful information. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A00156 A00212 A00231 A00232 – Microfiche]

    McAlpine's Moncton city directory, 1899: containing an alphabetical directory. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A00622 – Microfiche]

    McAlpine's maritime Provinces directory for 1870-71: containing directories of the provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, with indexes and contents, and an appendix for each provinces containing much useful information. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A01056 – Microfiche]

    New Brunswick directory for 1871: names of professional and business men and other inhabitants in the cities, towns, & villages throughout the Provinces. [7th Floor Reference - F1041.5 .N48 1984]

    McAlpine & Co's Fredericton & York County directory for 1877-78: containing an alphabetical directory and business directory of the city of Fredericton, also an alphabetical directory of York County. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A02178 – Microfiche]

    McAlpine's Westmorland & Albert counties directory for 1885-86: containing an alphabetical directory of Moncton and Amherst, and towns, villages and settlement throughout Westmorland and Albert counties, including post office addresses of each individual. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A02195 – Microfiche]

    McAlpine's Charlotte County directory, 1886-87: containing an alphabetical and business directory of St. Stephen, Milltown, St. Andrews, St.George, and towns, villages and settlements throughout Charlotte County to which is added an alphabetical directory of Calais, Me. [F1003 .G45 CIHM A02204 – Microfiche]


    MacDonald, M.A., Rebels & royalists : the lives and material culture of New Brunswick's early English-speaking settlers, 1758-1783. [CS88.N43 M33 1990]

    Irish Studies

    Cushing, J. Elizabeth, A chronicle of Irish emigration to Saint John, New Brunswick, 1847. [CS88.S31 C87 1979]

    Dingfelder, Dorothy Rines, Irish emigrants in the emigrant hospital, St. John, New Brunswick, April 30, 1848-January 1, 1849   and List of ships with dates of arrival at St. John. [F1045.I6 D4]

    Huggard, Turner, An annotated list of resource material on The Irish in New Brunswick [7th Floor Reference - F1045.I6 H83 1984]

    Johnson, Daniel F., Irish emigration to New England through the port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1841 to 1849. [F1045.I6 J64 1996]

    Long, Heather, Good green hope: the Irish Catholic settlers of Albert county, New Brunswick. [CS88.A45 L65 1995]

    Murphy, Peter D., Poor, ignorant children: Irish famine orphans in Saint John, New Brunswick. [F1044.5.S14 M87 1999]


    Generations: the journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society. [CS80 .G4]

    The New Brunswick magazine. [F1041 .N41]

    Loyalist Studies

    Barnett, Cleadie and Elizabeth S. Sewell, Loyalist families. [CS88.F73 B37 1983]

    Bell, David Graham, Early Loyalist Saint John : the origin of New Brunswick politics, 1783-1786. [F1044.5.S14 B45 1983]

    Condon, Ann Gorman, The Loyalist dream for New Brunswick : the envy of the American states. [F1043 .C66 1984]

    Dubeau, Sharon, New Brunswick Loyalists : a bicentennial tribute.   [F1043 .D82 1983]

    Hill, Isabel L., Some loyalists and others. [E277 .H54 1977]

    Holmes, Theodore C., Loyalists to Canada : the 1783 settlement of Quakers and others at Passamaquoddy.[F1044.P3 H65 1992]

    Somerville, Graeme F., Some burial records of the Loyalist Burial Ground, Saint John, N.B. [CS88.N43 S66]

    Pipes, Gail Bonsall, Loyalists all : stories told about New Brunswick loyalists by their descendants. [E277.L6 P5 1985]

    Wright, Esther Clark, The loyalists of New Brunswick. [E277 .W7 1955]

    ----, True to their king ... the Loyalists Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. [F1043 .T3 1981]

    Marriage Records (Published)

    Marriage register, Albert County, New Brunswick, 1846-1887. [CS88.A45 M37 1984]

    Hayward, George H., Carleton County, New Brunswick marriage register book A 1832- 1862. [CS88.N43 C372 1988]

    Cusack, Ruby M., Kings Countymarriages. [CS88.N43 K561]

    Barnett, Cleadie B., Kings County marriage register. [CS88.N43 K5613 1980]

    Elliott, John R., Kings County, New Brunswick, marriages, register. [CS88.N43 K563 1989]

    Hale, R. Wallace, Queens County, New Brunswick, marriages. [CS88.N43 H35 1986]

    Wood-Hole, B., Early marriage records of New Brunswick : Saint John City and County from the British conquest to 1839. [CS88.N43 W6 1986]

    Sewell, Elizabeth S., Sunbury County, New Brunswick marriages, 1766-1888. [CS88.S9 S4 1987]

    Marriage register, Westmorland County, N.B. [CS88.N43 W472 1986]

    Poitras, Jean-Guy, Marriages of Northwestern New Brunswick, Canada, for Madawaska, Restigouche (partially), and Victoria counties [CS88.N43 P65 2002]

    Military Records

    Facey-Crowther, David R., The New Brunswick Militia commissioned officers' list, 1787-1867. [CS88.N43 F32 1984]

    Facey-Crowther, David R., The New Brunswick militia : 1787-1867.[CS88.N43 F33 1990]

    Johnson, Daniel F., The South African War, 1899-1902 : New Brunswick men at war. [CS88.N43 J65 1989]

    Johnson, Daniel F., World War I : Canadians at war, New Brunswick : Victoria & Carleton counties : military biographies of the men who enlisted in World War I from the counties of Victoria and Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada. [F1044.V5 J64 2003]

    Passenger Lists

    Boston Passenger List Index 1848-1891, 1902-1920 (Microfilm)

    St. Albans Border Crossings 1895-1952 (Microfilm)

    Probate Records

    Hale, R. Wallace, Early New Brunswick probate records, 1785-1835. [CS88.N43 H36 1989]

    * Microfilm of all New Brunswick Probate Records located in the Microtext Library

    Town Records (Township Books)

    Sackville, New Brunswick 1748-1883 [CS88.N43 S23 – Microfilm]

    Vital Records on Microfilm

    Paulsen, Kenneth S., New Brunswick vital records: finding aid. [CS88.N43 N44 1995].

    New Brunswick vital statistics: late registrations of births: index and documentation.
    [CS88.N43 N433 - Microfilm]

    New Brunswick vital records County Marriage Returns (1790-1887) - CS88.N43 N432

    New Brunswick Provincial Marriage Records (1888-1919)  - CS88.N43 N432

    New Brunswick vital records: Births (1870-1905) - CS88.N43 N433

    New Brunswick vital records: Deaths.(1887-1951) - CS88.N43 N434


    Provincial Archives of New Brunswick:

    1881 Canadian Census:

    1901 and 1911 Census:

    Passenger Arrivals for Canada 1865-1922:

    New Brunswick Gravestones:

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