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  • Volume 164, Whole Number 654, April 2010




    The Probable Genetic Signature of Thomas1 Riggs, Immigrant to Gloucester, Massachusets, by 1658
    Alvy Ray Smith



    The Probable Genetic Signature of Edward1 Riggs, Immigrant to Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1633
    Alvy Ray Smith



    English Ancestry of Bennett Hodsoll, First Wife of Edmond1 Freeman of Sandwich, Massachusetts
    Richard L. Bush



    Hopkins Bible Record



    Joanna Hooker, Wife of John1 Borden and John1 Gay
    Eldon Wilson Gay and Christopher Challender Child



    Nathaniel4 and Esther (Carpenter) (Bardeen) Bowen and Their Family
    Cherry Fletcher Bamberg



    WilliamA Dwight, Father of John1 and Timothy1 Dwight of Dedham, Massachusetts
    Leslie Mahler



    The English Origins of William1 Whitredge of Ipswich, Massachusetts
    David A. Whittredge



    Identification of Miss Bell Traill of Kirkwall, Orkney, as Isabella (Traill) Tate of Boston, Massachusetts, with a Royal Descent
    Ralph E. Wadleigh, Jr.



    Notes on the Children of John1 and Mary (Woods) Bellows of Concord and Marlborough, Massachusetts
    Michael W. Kearney



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