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  • #59 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: My Own Kinships to Presidents and First Ladies

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : May 21, 2002
     In my last column, a genealogical tribute to my late mother, with 50 “new” notable kin, I deliberately omitted mention of any U.S. presidents or First Ladies. On the dedication page of my Ancestors of American Presidents (1st ed., 1995, henceforth AAP), I indicated with which presidents my four grandparents shared certain or possible ancestors. Half or more of my presidential kinships are largely outlined on charts in AAP that cover the presidential progeny of Howlands (p. 246: F.D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford, and the two Bushes), Lathrops (p. 256: Grant, F.D. Roosevelt, and the two Bushes), Day/Stebbins (Stebbing) (p. 273: Hayes and Cleveland), Stanleys (p. 282: Cleveland and the two Bushes), Alcocks (p. 291: F.D. Roosevelt and Coolidge), and Worshams (p. 332, plus Notable Kin, Volume Two [1999, henceforth NK2], pp. 76-78: the two Bushes and the second Mrs. [Thomas] Woodrow Wilson).

    Notable Howland and Lathrop descendants are treated in columns 55 and 56 of this series. In my last column (#58) are outlines of my own Lathrop, Scudder, Stebbins, Stanley, and Alcock descents. Treated as well are my mother’s descents from Robert and Mary (----) Royce (ancestors of Fillmore [AAP, p. 27, #s 124-25]); from a sister of Thomas Hale and a great-nephew of John Root (ancestors of Hayes [AAP, pp. 43-44, #s 164 and 184]); and from William Hough and Sarah Calkins (ancestors of Cleveland [AAP, p. 53, #s 156-57]). Also covered in the last column were my mother’s Martin, Cowles, Dwight, Gaylord, Baldwin, Woodruff descents, and lines from the unrelated Paul and William Peck of Hartford and New Haven respectively.

    Outlined below are my remaining kinships to presidents and First Ladies. Included are the Lathrop, Pratt, Ring, and Martin ancestry of Mrs. Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt; the Cowles and Stanley descent of Mrs. Helen Herron Taft, plus the likely Scudder line of her husband; the Dwight and Gaylord ancestry of Mrs. Ellen Louise Axson Wilson; the Baldwin descent of Mrs. Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe Harding; the Woodruff and Baldwin ancestry of Mrs. Lou Henry Hoover; the Root line of Mrs. Elizabeth Virginia “Bess” Wallace Truman (only to the immigrant John of Farmington, a possible brother of my immigrant ancestor Thomas Root of Hartford); the Baldwin and Paul Peck descent of Mrs. Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower; the Howland and Twining forebears of Richard Milhous Nixon; the Howland and Hull ancestors of Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.; the Dwight, Stebbins and Root ancestry of Mrs. Nancy Davis Reagan; and the William Peck and Joseph Baldwin lines of Mrs. Barbara Pierce Bush and her son, current President George Walker Bush.

    Of these ancestors I share with presidents or First Ladies, the Ring, Twining, and Howland lines are all derived from my late father, whose descent from them can be readily outlined as follows: Jack Carl Roberts, 1911-1990; John Christopher Roberts & Mary Louise Fry; Willis Petree Fry & Lucy Elizabeth Devin; Martin Fry & Sarah Compton; Basil Compton & Sarah (Winn?); Thomas Compton & Rachel Smith; Ralph Smith & Mercy Penquite; John Penquite, Jr. & Rachel Twining; Stephen Twining & Abigail Young; William Twining, Jr. & Elizabeth Deane, John Young & Abigail Howland; Stephen Deane & Elizabeth Ring, Henry Howland [Jr.] & Mary ----; William Ring & Mary Durrant, Henry Howland & Margaret ----. Sources include TAG 42 (1966): 193-205 (Ring, Deane); Howland and Young sources as noted in column #55; T.J. Twining, The Twining Family, rev. ed. (1905), esp. pp. 14-18, 21-28; J.B. Boddie, Historical Southern Families, vol. 4 (1960), esp. pp. 226-28, plus Compton and Fry research in Spartanburg Co., S.C. and Giles Co., Tenn., undertaken by myself and various cousins; the Bible of W.P. Fry, sometime in possession of Mrs. John C. Roberts; and TAG 55 (1979): 114-15 (my ancestor table, with corrections as per #41 of this column series). Joshua and Bathsheba (----, sometimes alleged to be Fay) Pratt of Plymouth, ancestors of Mrs. T. Roosevelt, were parents of Hannah Pratt, wife of William Spooner and mother of Ebenezer Spooner, who by Mercy Branch was the father of John Spooner of N.C., husband of the Hannah Stanton treated in my last column as an ancestor of my maternal grandfather. See J.P. Lovelace, The Pratt Directory, 1995 Revised Edition (1995), pp. 505, 341, and Thomas Spooner, Records of William Spooner of Plymouth, Mass., and His Descendants (1883), pp. 13-25, 36-37, 69-70, this last much improved in E.L. Woodworth-Barnes, Spooner Saga (1997), pp. 347-50. Lastly, I wish to note that the various kinships between Baldwin immigrants to Milford, Conn., are best treated in H.F. Seversmith, Colonial Families of Long Island, New York, and Connecticut, vol. 1 (1939), esp. pp. 227-68.

    The descents below are largely from Connecticut and Plymouth Colony. They represent, I think, a fair sampling – especially when the above-mentioned already charted kinships are added – of the contribution to American history of these two regions. Also reflected are various pioneer migratory patterns – to Vermont, upstate New York and western Pennsylvania, the Midwest (especially Ohio, Michigan, and Iowa), and even Missouri and Savannah in the middle states and coastal South. Quaker movement from the former Plymouth Colony to the South and Midwest, and eventually California, is capsuled in the ancestry of R.M. Nixon.

    1. Theodore Roosevelt [Jr.], 1858-1919 (26th president) (2nd wife, Edith Kermit Carow; Charles Carow & Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler; Daniel Tyler [IV] & Emily Lee, a descendant of John Howland of the Mayflower, see AAP, p. 343; Daniel Tyler [III] & Sarah Edwards; Daniel Tyler, Jr. & Mehitable Shurtleff, Timothy Edwards & Rhoda Ogden; Thomas Shurtleff & Phebe Shaw, Jonathan Edwards, theologian, philosopher, and third president of the College of New Jersey (later Princeton), & Sarah Pierpont; William Shurtleff & Susanna Lathrop, Jonathan Shaw & Mehitable Pratt, James Pierpont & Mary Hooker; Barnabas Lathrop & Susanna Clark, Benajah Pratt & Persis Dunham, John Pierpont & Thankful Stowe; Rev. John Lathrop & Anne ----, Thomas Clark & Susanna Ring, Joshua Pratt & Bathsheba ----, John Stowe & Elizabeth Bigge; William Ring & Mary Durrant, John Bigge & Rachel Martin; James Martin & Joan Adam).

    2. William Howard Taft, 1857-1930 (27th president) (wife, Helen Herron; John Williamson Herron & Harriet Anne Collins; Ela Collins & Maria Clinton; Oliver Collins & Lois Cowles; Ebenezer Cowles & Mercy Johnson; Joseph Cowles & Mindwell ----; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley). A likely but unproved Taft descent is as follows: Alphonso Taft, U.S. Secretary of War and Attorney-General, & Louisa Maria Torrey; Samuel Davenport Torrey & Susan Holman Waters; Asa Waters, Jr. & Susan Holman; Asa Waters & Sarah Goodhue; Jonathan Waters & Mehitable Giles, John Giles & Anne Andrews; Eleazer Giles & Elizabeth Bishop; Edward Giles & Bridget ----, widow of Thomas Verry and almost certainly a granddaughter maternally of Henry Scudder & Elizabeth ----, see TAG 72 (1997): 286-93, 298-300.

    3. [Thomas] Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1924 (28th president) (1st wife, Ellen Louise Axson; Samuel Edward Axson & Margaret Hoyt; Nathan Hoyt & Margaret Bliss; Alexander Bliss & Abigail Williams [a descendant of John Dwight & Hannah ----, see column #56 in this series plus AAP, pp. 226-27]; Jedediah Bliss & Miriam Hitchcock; Ebenezer Bliss & Mary Gaylord; John Gaylord & Mary Clark; William Gaylord, Jr. & Anna Porter; William Gaylord & ---- ----).

    4. Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1865-1923 (29th president) (wife, Mrs. Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe; Amos H. Kling & Louisa Mabel Bouton; Harvey Bouton & Dorcas Emily Hanford; Holly Hanford & Polly Andrus; John Andrus, Jr. & Dorcas Ingersoll; Jonathan Ingersoll, Jr. & Dorcas Moss; Jonathan Ingersoll & Sarah Newton; Samuel Newton & Martha Fenn; Benjamin Fenn & Sarah Baldwin).

    5. Herbert Clark Hoover, 1874-1964(31st president) (wife, Lou Henry; Charles Delano Henry & Florence Ida Weed; Phineas Weed & Philomelia Sophia Scobey; Joshua Weed & Abigail Kimberly; Wolaston Kimberly & ---- ----; Fitch Kimberly & Abigail Woodruff; John Woodruff, Jr. & Hannah Andrew; John Woodruff & Mary Platt; Matthew Woodruff, Jr. & Mary Plumb; Matthew Woodruff & Hannah ----, Robert Plumb & Mary Baldwin).

    6. Harry S Truman, 1884-1972 (33rd president) (wife, Elizabeth Virginia “Bess” Wallace, great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, per AAP, pp. 232-33, of Joseph Moseley & Abigail Root; John Root, Jr. & Mary Ashley; John Root [a possible brother of Thomas Root, father by ---- ---- of Joseph Root, father by Hannah Haynes of John Root, husband of Mary Woodruff, see column #58 in this series] & Mary Kilbourne).

    7. Dwight David Eisenhower, 1890-1969 (34th president) (wife, Mamie Geneva Doud; John Sheldon Doud & Elivera Matilda Carson; Royal Houghton Doud & Mary Cornelia Sheldon; Eli Doud & Maria Riggs, a descendant of Richard Baldwin & Elizabeth Alsop, see AAP, pp. 233-34; Benjamin Doud & Mary Savage; Richard Doud & Phebe Foster; David Doud & Mary Cornwall; John Cornwall, Jr., & Mary Hilton; John Cornwell & Martha Peck; Paul Peck & Martha Hale).

    8. Richard Milhous Nixon, 1913-1994 (38th president); Francis Anthony Nixon & Hannah Milhous; Franklin Milhous & Almira Park Burdg; Oliver Burdg (a descendant of Henry Howland & Mary ----, see AAP, p. 246) & Jane M. Hemingway; James Hemingway & Hope Malmesbury; Benjamin Malmesbury & Jane Cattell; John Malmesbury & Rebecca Doane; John Doane & Hannah Wilson; Eleazer Doane & Susanna ----, Daniel Doane & Mehitable Twining; William Twining, Jr. & Elizabeth Deane.

    9. Leslie Lynch King, Jr., whose name was changed to Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., b. 1913 (38th president); Leslie Lynch King & Dorothy Ayer Gardner; Levi Addison Gardner & Adela Augusta Ayer; George Manney Ayer (a descendant of Henry Howland & Mary ----, see AAP, p. 246) & Amy Gridley Butler; George Selden Butler & Elizabeth Ely Gridley; Theodore Gridley & Amy Ely; Jonathan Gridley, Jr. & Martha Adams; Jonathan Gridley & Mary Pinney; Isaac Pinney & Sarah Clark; Humphrey Pinney & Mary Hull; George Hull of Fairfield & Thomasine Michell; Thomas Hull & Joan Peson (Pyssing).

    10. Ronald Wilson Reagan, b. 1911 (40th president) (second wife, Anne Frances Robbins, name changed to Nancy Davis; Kenneth Seymour Robbins & Edith Luckett, later Mrs. Loyal Davis; John Newell Robbins & Anne Ayers Francis; Frederick Augustus Francis & Jessie Ann Stevens; Manning Francis & Elizabeth Robbins Root; Luke Francis & Mehitable Sackett, George Bridges Rodney Root & Honor Robbins; Daniel Sackett, Jr. & Mehitable Cadwell, Ezekiel Root & Ruth Noble; Abel Cadwell & Anna Dwight, a great-granddaughter of John Dwight & Hannah ----, see under column #57 in this series, John Root, Jr. & Anna Loomis; Matthew Cadwell & Abigail Beckley, John Root & Mary Leonard; Thomas Cadwell & Elizabeth Stebbins, Thomas Root & Mary Spencer; Edward Stebbins & Frances Tough, John Root, see #6 above, & Mary Kilbourne).

    11, 12. George Walker Bush (b. 1946) (43rd president); George Herbert Walker Bush, b. 1924 (41st president, whose Howland, Lathrop, Stanley and Whiting-Dwight descents are all outlined in NK1: 117-24, and charted or mentioned in AAP, pp. 246, 256, 282 or column #57 in this series) & Barbara Pierce, great-great-great-granddaughter, as per AAP, p. 236, of Robert Marvin & Phebe Ford; Samuel Marvin & Jerusha Peck, Samuel Ford, Jr. & Grace Kitchell; Samuel Peck & Mary Parmelee, Samuel Ford & Sarah Baldwin; John Peck, Jr. & Susanna Street, Jonathan Baldwin & Susanna Kitchell; John Peck & Mary Moss, Benjamin Baldwin & Hannah Sergeant; William Peck & Elizabeth ----, Joseph Baldwin & Hannah Whitlock.


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