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  • Mrs. Lucy Hearsey's Book

    Published Date : December 29, 2005

    This article originally appeared in New England Ancestors Magazine, Holiday 2005 - Vol. 6, No. 5, p. 48

    The following is a transcription of the Bible record for the Jacob and Hersey families, 1701–1890. This Bible was donated to NEHGS in October 2004. In addition to the data below, this gift also contained newspaper clippings and loose sheets of paper with additional information not transcribed for this article.


    [End sheet]

    Mrs. Lucy Hearsey’s Book 1835

    [Title page]

    The Holy Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments 85 Boston: Published by Langdon Coffin, 31 Washington Street, 1831.

    [Left column. Marriages]

    Joshua Jacob and Elizabeth Richmond 1765

    Lucy Jacob and Joshua Hearsey March 6th 1794

    Joshua Jacob Jr and Hannah Cushing May 30th 1796

    Rhoda Jacob and Jacob Beal March 14th 1798

    Loring Jacob and Mary Simmons May 30th 1802

    [Right Column. Marriages]

    Loring Jacob & Rachel Wilders married Oct 17th 1808

    Loring Jacob & Merial Wilder June 12th 1811

    Silvester Jacob & Cynthia Storrs Nov 23rd 1812

    Joshua Hearsey Jr. & Deborah B. Cushing September 12th 1822

    Benjm Hearsey & Mary J. Jacob October 11th 1832

    Andrew Cushing & Lucy Hearsey July 29th 1827

    Joshua Hersey Jr. & Harriet Davidson Dec 23rd 1838

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    [Left column. Births]

    Joshua Jacob March 31st 1702

    Mary James Oct 5th 1701

    Married April 7th 1726

     — Their children —

    Sarah Jacob Nov 2nd 1727

    David Jacob Jan 16th 1729

    Mary Jacob July 17th 1732

    John Jacob May 23d 1735

    Joshua Jacob June 23d 1737

    Eunice Jacob July 23d 1740

    James Jacob March 6th 1742

    Lucy Jacob Nov 3d 1743

    Joshua Jacob June 23d 1737

    Elizabeth Richmond Nov 21st 1743

     — Their children —

    Joshua Jacob Sept 22 1767

    Elizabeth Jacob Oct 24th 1769

    Loring Jacob May 3 1771

    Lucy Jacob April 16th 1773

    Rhoda Jacob Aug 17th 1778

    Polly Jacob Aug 26th 1780

    Silvester Jacob Sept 1st 1782

    [Right column. Births]

    Joshua Hearsey Jan 15th 1766

    Lucy Jacob April 16th 1773

     — Their children —

    Elizabeth R Hearsey Aug 24th 1795

    Joshua Hearsey Jr. April 18th 1797

    Benjamin Hearsey Aug 13th 1799

    Lucy Hearsey March 19th 1803

    Rachel Hearsey March 20th 1806

    Hannah Hearsey Sept 4th 1808

    William J. Hearsey Feb 6th 1815

    Joshua Hersey Jr. Apr 18th 1797

    Deborah B. Cushing Jan 31st 1801

     — Their children —

    Deborah B. Hersey 1824

    Elizabeth R. Hersey 1826

    William W. Hersey 1827

    Nehemiah C. Hersey 1830

    Maria J. Hersey 1832

    Franklin J. Hersey 1835

    Joshua Hersey Jr. April 18th 1797

    Harriet Davidson 1808

     — Their children —

    Charles D. Hersey 1840

    Charles Hersey 1841

    Frederic W. Hersey 1844

    Harriet C. Hersey 1849

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    [Left column. Births]

    Benjamin Hersey Aug 13th 1799

    Mary J. Jacobs Jan 3rd 1800

     — Their children —

    Mary J. Hersey Sept 30th 1840

    Emma L. Hersey May 17th 1842

    Andrew Cushing Nov 22 1801

    Lucy Hersey March 19th 1803

    Their children

    Lucy J. Cushing Jan 20th 1829

    Andrew C. Cushing Aug 27th 1830

    Matilda Cushing Sept 23rd 1832

    Maria E. Cushing Oct 1st 1834

    Joanna A. Cushing Dec 20th 1836

    Rachel H. Cushing March 20th 1839

    Joshua H. Cushing Sept 19th 1841

    Wendell Cushing Oct 17th 1843

    Infant Daughter June 17th 184[?]

    Mary W. Cushing Aug 16th 1847

    [Right column. Births]

    Peres Richmond Oct 25th 1709

    Deborah Loring Dec 9th 1710

    Married March 11th 1731

    Their children

    Hannah Richmond Jan 15th 1732

    Joshua Richmond July 1st 1734

    Edward Richmond Aug 5th 1736

    Loring Richmond Dec 27th 1738

    Peres Richmond Feb 1st 1741

    Deborah Richmond June 30th 1742

    Elizabeth Richmond Nov 21st 1743

    Benjamin Richmond Aug 7th 1747

    Mary Richmond Aug 27th 1749

    Lucia Richmond July 26th 1751

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    [Left column. Deaths]

    Elizabeth R. Hearsey Oct 24th 1819 Aged 24 years 2 months

    Joshua Hersey March 17th 1853 Aged 87 years

    Wid Joanna Hersey December 13th 1827 Aged 93 years

    Benjamin Hersey Feb 6th 1855 Aged 55 years

    Lucy Hersey, wife of Joshua Hersey, died Feb 4th 1861 Aged 87 yr’s

    Mary J. Hersey, wife of Benjamin Hersey, died Nov 12th 1861 Aged 61 yr’s

    Rachel Hersey died Dec 29th 1870 Aged 64 yr’s 9 months

    Deborah B. Hersey, wife of Joshua Hersey, died Oct 3d 1837 Aged 37

    Joshua Hersey died Sept 5th 1869 ae 72

    Harriet D. Hersey, wife of Joshua Hersey, died Dec 9th 1876 Aged 67 yrs

    William J. Hersey June 30th 1884 Aged 69 yrs 5 months 3 days

    Lucy Cushing Aug 22nd 1885 Ag’d 82 yrs

    Hannah Hersey Jan 1st 1887 Aged 78

    Andrew Cushing [no date]

    [Right column. Deaths]

    Elizabeth R. Hersey daughter of Joshua Hersey Jun Aged 27 years Died Oct 16th 1853

    Martha Simmons Jan 3rd 1834

    Mary Wilder Sept 9th 1842

    Sarah Jacobs April 22nd 1854

    Rachel Hersey Aug 22nd 1775

    Benjamin Hersey March 4th 1793

    Mary J. Hersey Sept 9th 1843

    Maria J. Hersey July 3d 1858

    Charles D. Hersey Sept 4th 1858

    Franklin J. Hersey Died Nov 20 1860

    Harriet C. Hersey [Died] Jan 28th 1864

    Fred W. Hersey [Died] Feb 13th 1864

    Nehemiah C. Hersey [Died] May 17 1861

    William W. Hersey Dec 23d 1855

    [End sheet]

    [Left column. Deaths]

    Joshua Jacob Jun Aug 9th 1808

    Elizabeth Jacob wife of Joshua Jacob Dec 9th 1781

    Elizabeth Jacobs March 21st 1832

    Hannah Jacobs April 5th 1824

    Joshua Jacob May 3d 1840

    Loring Jacob Dec 6th 1846

    Mary Jacob wife of Loring Jacob May 23d 1805

    Rachel Jacob wife of Loring Jacob Aug 27th 1810

    Merrial Jacob wife of Loring Jacob Died April 14th 1861

    Alexander Vining Oct 27th 1818

    Polly Vining wife of Alexander Vining [no date]

    Jacob Beal Oct 28th 1805

    Rhoda Beal wife of Jacob Beal Sept 3d 1858

    [Right column. Deaths]

    David Jacob Aug 24th 1799

    Hannah Jacob wife of David Jacob Aug 26th 1799

    David Jacob June 6th 1859

    Hannah R. Jacobs 94 yrs 3 months 21st 1875

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