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  • Notable Kin: Molders and Mythologizers of the American West

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : June - August 1990

    In earlier 'Notable Kin' columns we considered the New England ancestry of folkloric figures 'Buffalo Bill' Cody and 'Wild Bill' Hickock (NEXUS 5[1988]: 19-22), of the King-Kleberg clan and 'Shanghai' Pierce among Texas cattlemen, and of Mrs. Robert Ralph Young, wife of the Texas-born railroad tycoon and sister of 'desert' artist Georgia O'Keeffe (NEXUS 4[1987]:240-44).  We also noted the Maryland 'gentry' ancestry of the outlaws Jesse and Frank James (5:19-22 again), and the descent of Mrs. Owen Wister from 'signer' William Ellery, Jr. and William Ellery Channing, the founder of Unitarianism (NEXUS 3[1986]: 291-94). In this column I wish to complete this preliminary survey of New England's contribution to the West - minus Hollywood and the movies, subjects of another 'Notable Kin' series -- by treating the ancestry of a dozen of the region's 'molders and mythologizers.'  The molders are gun manufacturers Samuel Colt, Oliver Fisher Winchester, and Eliphalet, Jr. and Philo Remington (father and son), hat manufacturer John Batterson Stetson, congressman Galusha Aaron Grow, promoter of the Homestead Act of 1862, and inventor Joseph Farwell Glidden, whose improved barbed wire made fencing the West feasible.  Mythologizers include Indian painter George Catlin, 'cowboy' artist Frederic Remington, Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie, Klondike novelist Jack London, and Louis L'Amour among writers of modern 'westerns.'  The gun manufacturers, Stetson, Remington, L'Amour and even Catlin and London represent the mythic West of conquest, warfare with Indians, gunfighters, bandits, cattle drives, and the search for gold or fantastic wealth; Grow, Glidden and Wilder, by contrast, represent the 'taming' of the West by farming, families, and settlement.

    The rifles and pistols used in the Civil War, by outlaws and gunfighters, and to settle the West were often manufactured in Hartford, New Haven, or Ilion, New York, by firms established by Hartford native Samuel Colt, Boston native Oliver Fisher Winchester, or Suffield, Connecticut native Eliphalet Remington, Jr., whose son and successor, Philo Remington, also manufactured sewing machines and typewriters.  The 'Colt 45' revolver, Winchester rifle and Remington arms are 'household names' to western fans.  Stetson hats were produced in Philadelphia by John Batterson Stetson, whose parents were natives of Norwich and Southport, Connecticut. Homesteading advocate Galusha Aaron Grow, although raised in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, was a native of Ashford, Connecticut, and Joseph Farwell Glidden, raised in Orleans County, New York and owner of farms and ranches in Illinois or Texas, was a native of Charlestown, New Hampshire.  The New England derivation of these 'molders' of the American West is thus fairly obvious -- all except Stetson, the one non-native besides the younger Remington, are mentioned in Stewart H. Holbrook's 1950 classic, The Yankee Exodus.

    The Western 'mythologizers,' by contrast, were on average 47 years younger (1861 rather than 1814) and two generations more removed from New England, of which none was a native.  The father of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania native George Catlin was born in Litchfield, Connecticut; the artist's mother, whose own immediate forebears lived in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, and Rye and White Plains, New York, was capured by Indians as a child.  Frederic Remington, born in Canton, New York, was a grandson of Bennington, Vermont native Rev. Seth Williston Remington and Maria Pickering, said to be of Rupert, Vermont; the former was a second cousin of gun manufacturer Eliphalet Remington, Jr., whose son Philo was thus a third Cousin once removed of the artist.  Laura Ingalls Wilder was born in Pepin, Wisconsin; the four grandparents of her father, who all moved to upstate New York, were natives respectively of Sandown, New Hampshire, Tolland, Connecticut, and Corinth and West Fairlee, Vermont.  The father of San Francisco native Jack London is thought to be William Henry Chancy, a much-married astrologer and native of Chesterville, Maine; below, however, I treat only the ancestry of the writer's mother, born Flora Wellman in Marsillon, Ohio, whose paternal grandfather, later of Somerset, Vermont, and Salina, Onondaga County, New York, was born in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  Louis Dearborn L'Amour, born in Jamestown, North Dakota, was of Canadian paternal ancestry, his mother's mother was a Virginian, and his paternal grandfather, Abraham Truman Dearborn, a native of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  The father of this last, however, was born in Loudon, New Hampshire.  David Curtis Dearborn, NEHGS reference librarian, has traced this particular branch of his agnate kin in great detail, and George Freeman Sanborn Jr., our director of library operations, whose mother is also a Dearborn, is L'Ainout's fifth cousin once removed.

    Hartford native Samuel Colt, as a descendant of Robert White and Bridget Allgar, of Robert Foote and Joan Brooke, of Mrs. Elizabeth Charde Cooke Ford, of Samuel Smith of South Hadley, and of Lords and Stanleys of Hartford, was a kinsman of at least 10 Amertcan presidents - Fillmore, Grant, Hayes, Cleveland, Taft, Hoover, FDR, Nixon, Ford and Bush - and of [112] The Princess of Wales and her sons.  Via Mrs. Ford, Loomises and Whites, and Stanleys and Governor John Webster of Connecticut, Colt was a distant kinsman too of the three Remingtons, Glidden, and Catlin below.  Colt's wife, Elizabeth Hart Jarvis, was of royal descent through Mrs. Mary Gye Maverick and the Tully, Buckingham, and Hart families.  A great-nephew, Russell Griswold Colt, married the actress Ethel Barrymore.  Boston native Oliver Fisher Winchester shared Brookline ancestors with three presidents and at least one First Lady; John and Frances (Jackson) White were forebears of John and John Quincy Adams (respectively a third cousin once removed and fourth cousin of Winchester), and Peter and Remembrance (Palfrey) Aspinwall, of Mrs. Eliza Kortwright Monroe and FDR (respectively a third and fourth cousin, both once removed, of Winchester).

    Via Mrs. Elizabeth Charde Cooke Ford the three Remingtons, gunmen Eliphalet, Jr. and Philo, and the artist Frederic, were kinsmen of Presidents Hayes, Cleveland, and FDR, of The Princess of Wales and her sons, and of Colt above. Eliphalet, Jr. and Philo, moreover, were descendants of Mayflower passenger Edward Doty and of Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton, the latter of whom were both of royal descent and ancestors of President Coolidge.  Elisha Kilbourn of Sandisfield, Massachusetts, maternal grandfather of Eliphalet Remington, Jr., was a first cousin of Massachusetts political leader James Otis, Jr., and the poet Mrs. Mercy Otis Warren, and a second cousin of this latter's husband, the patriot James Warren (IID. Forebears of hat manufacturer John Batterson Stetson include Cornet Robert Stetson of Scituate, Massachusetts and Elder John Crandall of Providence, Newport, and Westerly, Rhode Island. Sarah Stetson, sister of a great-grandfather of the hatman, married James Bliven, Jr., of Westerly; their son, James Bliven (III), 1760-ca. 1811, was ancestor #52 of Charles Stanley Gifford, possible father of the actress Marilyn Monroe.

    Homestead champion Galusha Aaron Grow shared Essex County Lord or Waite ancestors with Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne and Lathrop forebears with Presidents Grant, FDR, and Bush, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and John Lothrop Motley.  Another ancestor of Grow was a brother of Governor Thomas Hinckley of the Plymouth Colony.  Barbed wire improver Joseph Farwell Glidden, who shared Loomis ancestry with Samuel Colt, was related, via only Henry Squire or Robert White and Bridget Allgar, to at least eight presidents - the two Adamses, Fillmore, Grant, Cleveland, Taft, Coolidge, and Ford. Fillmore was a fifth cousin, a fifth cousin once removed, and a sixth cousin once removed.

    George Catlin was descended from Hartford founder Rev. Thomas Hooker, from Connecticut governors William Leete (of probable royal descent) and John Webster, from a sister of Connecticut governor Robert Treat, and from immigrants George and Elizabeth (Smith) Way of Providence. George Way, Jr., of Lyme, a son of these last, married Sarah Neast; their son, George Way (III) married Lydia Sprague and is identified (as Jr., however) in an earlier 'Notable Kin' column (NEXUS 3[1986]:178-80) as an ancestor of Jennie Jerome, Sir Winston Churchill, and John Wayne.  Via Stanley and Hooker forebears Catlin's presidential kinsmen include Cleveland, Taft, Coolidge, FDR and Bush, and as already noted Catlin shared Stanley and Webster ancestors with Samuel Colt.

    (Mrs.) Laura (Elizabeth) Ingalls Wilder was descended from Richard Warren of the Mayflower, was a distant relative of President Garfield's maternal grandmother (Mrs. Mehitable Ingalls Ballou) and almost certainly shared le Mahieu forebears with President Bush.  She was more closely related, however, to at least four other presidents -- Pierce (a third cousin three times removed), via Bodwells; Grant (a third cousin once removed), via Delano-Hatch; Arthur (a fifth cousin once removed, twice over), via Colby Eldridge; and FDR (a fifth cousin) via Delano-Warren John Griffith (Jack) London, Jr. was descended from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307), through Mrs. Jane Deighton Lugg Negus of Boston, sister of Taunton 'ur-mother' Mrs. Frances Deighton Williams, sister-in-law of Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts, and near kinswoman of Maine sponsor Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Virginia governor Sir William Berkeley.  Among the agnate kin of London's mother, moreover, was movie director William Augustus Wellman.  Among the New Hampshire ancestors of Louis Dearborn L'Amour, who had three Dearborn and two Sanborn lines, Hampton 'ur-father' Rev. Stephen Batchelder was an ancestor of Presidents Nixon and Ford and of serial killer Herman Webster Mudgett; and Tobias Langdon, Jr. of Portsmouth, and Mary Hubbard, his wife, were the paternal grandparents of U.S. Constitution signer John Langdon, Jr.  Another illustrious first cousin several times removed was General Henry Dearborn, Jefferson's Secretary of War, grandson of John Dearborn and Abigail Batchelder below.

    Outlined below, in the usual manner for this column, are the descents discussed above of these dozen 'molders and mythologizers of the American West.'  The figure's full name and birth and death dates are followed by parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. backwards to ancestors mentiond above, with semi-colons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation.  As before, 'RD' indicates an ancestor of royal descent, 'MP' a Mayflower passenger, 'PW' a forebear shared with The Princess of Wales, 'TP' an ancestor of two or three presidents (as charted in Ancestors of American Presidents [1989]) and 'FP' an ancestor of four or five presidents.

    1. SAMUEL COLT, 1814-1862: Christopher Colt & Sarah Caldwell; Benjamin Colt, Jr. & Lucretia Ely, John Caldwell (IID & Margaret Collyer; Benjamin Colt & Miriam Harris, John Caldwell, Jr. & Maiy Church, Hezekiah Collyer, Jr. & Jennett Evans; John Colt, Jr. & Sarah Lord, John Caldwell & Hannah Stillman, James Church & Abigail Stanley, Hezekiah Collyer & Hepzibah Wadsworth; John Colt & Anne Skinner, William Lord & ___, George Stillman & Rebecca Smith, Caleb Stanley & Sarah Foster, Jonathan Wadsworth & [113] Hepzibah Marsh; John Skinner & Mary Loomis, Thomas Lord (TP) & Dorothy Bird (TP), Philip Smith & Rebecca Foote, Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ___, John Marsh, Jr. & Sarah Lyman; Joseph Loomis & Mary White, Samuel Smith (TP) & Elizabeth Smith (TP), Nathaniel Foote (TP) & Elizabeth (Deming?) (TP), John Stanley (TP) & Susan Lancock (TP), John Marsh & Anne Webster, Richard Lyman, Jr. & Hepzibah Ford; Robert White (FP) & Bridget Allgar (FP), Robert Foote (FP) & Joan Brooke (FP), Gov. John Webster of Conn. & Agnes Smith, Thomas Ford (PW) & Elizabeth Charde (PW, TP).

    2.    OLIVER FISHER WINCHESTER, 1810-1880: Samuel Winchester & Hannah Bates; Jonathan Winchester & Sarah Crafts; Henry Winchester & Sarah White, Samuel Crafts (IID & Mehitable Aspinwall; Joseph White & Hannah ___, Samuel Aspinwall & Sarah Stevens; John White (TP) & Frances Jackson (TP), Peter Aspinwall & Remember Palfrey.

    3. ELIPHALET REMINGTON, JR., 1793-1861: Eliphalet Remington & Elizabeth Kilbourn; John Remington & Desire Patience Mason, Elisha Kilbourn & Sarah Robbins; Daniel Remington & Sarah Winchell, Hezekiah Kilbourn & Elizabeth Allyn, Jonathan Robbins & Sarah Welles; Jonathan Winchell, Jr. & Sarah Hovey, Joseph Allyn & Mary Doty, Robert Welles, Jr. & Sarah Wolcott; Thomas Hovey & Sarah Cooke, Edward Doty, Jr. & Sarah Faunce, Samuel Wolcott & Judith Appleton; Aaron Cooke (III) (TP) & Sarah Westwood (TP), Edward Doty (MP) & Faith Clarke, Samuel Appleton, Jr. & Hannah Paine; Aaron Cooke, Jr. (TP) & Mary Cooke (TP), Samuel Appleton (RD) & Judith Everard (RD); Aaron Cooke (TP) & Elizabeth Charde (TP, PW).

    4. PHILO REMINGTON, 1816-1889: Eliphalet Remington, Jr., above, & Abigail Paddock.

    5. FREDERIC(K) (SACKRIDER) REMINGTON, 1861-1909: Seth Pierrepont Remington & Clara Bascorn Sackrider; Seth Williston Remington & Maria Pickering; Thomas Remington, Jr. & Olive Nelson; Thomas Remington & Mary Remington; Daniel Remington & Sarah Winchell (parents of Thomas), above.

    6.    JOHN BATTERSON STETSON, 1830-1906: Stephen Stetson (III) & Susan Batterson; Stephen Stetson, Jr. & Mary Aderton; Stephen Stetson & Dorcas Hall; Cornelius Stetson & Thankful Saunders; Isaac Stetson & Elizabeth Pray, Stephen Saunders & Thankful Crandall; Robert Stetson, Jr. & Joanna Brooks, Joseph Crandall & Deborah Burdick; Robert Stetson & Honor ___, John Crandall & Sarah ___.

    7. GALUSHA AARON GROW, 1822-1907: Joseph Grow & Elizabeth Robbins; Thomas Grow (III) & Experience Goodell, Samuel Robbins & Zerviah Cook; Thomas Grow, Jr. & Susannah Eaton, Thaddeus Cook & Zerviah Hinckley; Thomas Grow & Rebecca Holt, Samuel Hinckley, Jr. & Zerviah Breed; John Grow & Hannah Lord, Samuel Hinckley & Martha Lathrop; Robert Lord & Mary Waite, John Hinckley (brother of Thomas Hinckley, governor of the Plymouth Colony) & Bethiah Lathrop, John Lathrop, Jr. & Mary Cobb; Samuel Waite & Mary Ward, Thomas Lathrop & Sarah Learned (parents of Bethiah), Rev. John Lathrop (TP) & Anne ___ (a second wife); Rev. John Lathrop (TP) & Hannah House (TP) (parents of Thomas).

    8. JOSEPH FARWELL GLIDDEN, 1813-1906: David Glidden & Polly Hurd; Simeon Glidden & Rebecca Smith, Stephen Hurd & Abigail Glidden; Jonathan Glidden & Margaret Bean (parents of Simeon & Richard), Samuel Hurd & Lydia Wilcox, Richard Glidden & Grace Hubbard (parents of Abigail); Richard Glidden & Sarah ___ (parents of Jonathan), Elnathan Hurd & Thankful Nettleton; Charles Glidden & Eunice Shore, John Nettleton, Jr. & Sarah Woodmansee; Sampson Shore & Abigail Purchase, John Nettleton & Martha Hull; Aquila Purchase & Ann Squire, Josias Hull & Elizabeth Loomis; Henry Squire (FP) & ___ (FP), Joseph Loomis & Mary White; Robert White (TP) & Bridget Allgar (TP).

    9. GEORGE CATLIN, 1796-1872: Putnam Catlin Polly Sutton; Eli Catlin & Elizabeth Way, James Sutton & Sarah Smith; John Catlin & Margaret Seymour, David Way & Esther Russell, William Hooker Smith & Sarah Brown; Samuel Catlin & Elizabeth Norton, John Seymour, Jr. & Elizabeth Webster, Thomas Way & Anne Lester, John Smith & Mehitable Hooker; John Norton & Ruth Moore, Robert Webster & Susannah Treat (sister of Gov. Robert Treat of Conn.), George Way & Elizabeth Smith, James Hooker & Mary Leete; Isaac Moore & Ruth Stanley, Gov. John Webster of Conn. & Agnes Smith, Samuel Hooker & Mary Willett, William Leete, Jr. & Mary Fenn; Jolm Stanley, Jr. & Rev. Thomas Hooker (Jr.) & Susanna Garbrand, Coy. William Leete of Conn. (RD) & Anna Payne; John Stanley (TP) & Susan Lancock (TP); Thomas Hooker (TP) & (TP).

    10.  (Mrs.) LAURA (ELIZABETH) INGALLS WILDER, 1867-1957: Charles Philip Ingalls & Caroline Lake Quiner; Lansford Ingalls & Laura Louisa Colby; Samuel Ingalls & Margaret Delano, Nathan Colby & Eunice Blood; Jonathan Delano (IID & Anna Ladd, Ezekiel Colby & Sally Fowler; Jonathan Delano, Jr. & Amy Hatch, Timothy Ladd & Esther Parker, Nathan Colby & Hannah Worthen; Jonathan Delano (TP) & Mercy Warren (TP), Nathaniel Ladd & Abigail Bodwell, Joseph Colby & Anne Bartlett; Philip Delano (TP) & Hester Dewsbury (TP), Nathaniel Warren (TP) & Sarah Walker (TP), Henry Bodwell & Bethia Emery, John Colby, Jr. & Sarah Eldridge; Jan de Lannoy (TP) & Marie le Mahieu (TP), Richard Warren (MP, TP) & Elizabeth ___ (TP); (Jacques?) le Mahieu (TP) & Jeanne ___. (TP).

    11. JOHN GRIFFITH (JACK) LONDON, JR., 1876-1916: William Henry Chaney & Flora Wellrnan, who later married John Griffith London; Marshall Daniel Wellrnan & Eleanor Garrett Jones; Joel Wellman & Betsey Baker; Adam Wellrnan & Esther Mann; Joseph Wellman & Charity Hall; John Hall & Esther Bell; James Bell & Esther Lugg; John Lugg & Jane Deighton (RD).


    12. LOUIS DEARBORN L'AMOUR, 1908-1988: Louis Charles LaMoore & Emily Lavisa Dearborn; Abraham Truman Dearborn & Elizabeth Frances Freeman; William S(eavey?) Dearborn & Frederica Garic; Levi Dearborn & Anna Seavey; Reuben Dearborn, Jr. & Mary Lovering, William Seavey & Anna Trefethen; John Lovering & Anna Sanborn, Amos Seavey & Mary Langdon; Ebenezer Lovering & Esther Dearborn, Reuben Sanborn & Sarah Sanborn, Joseph Langdon & Mary Banfield; John Dearborn & Abigail Batchelder, Joseph Sanborn & Mary Cove (parents of Reuben), Benjamin Sanborn & Sarah Worcester (parents of Sarah), Tobias Langdon, Jr. & Mary Hubbard; Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr. & Deborah Smith, John Sanborn & Mary Tuck (parents of Joseph & Benjamin); Nathaniel Batchelder & Hester Mercer, ___ Sanborn & Ann Batchelder; Rev. Stephen Batchelder (Batchiler) (TP) & ___ (TP) (parents of Nathaniel & Ann).


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