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  • Acquisitions News: Sources at NEHGS for the Mid-Atlantic Region

    Published Date : June-August 1990
    As noted in the April NEXUS (7[1990]:55) this column features significant new acquisitions of books and microforms (and underused resources already at NEHGS), both to bring them to your attention and to explain (where necessary) how they may be used to advantage. George F. Sanborn, Jr., our Director of Library Operations (who oversees collection development at NEHGS) and the Technical Services Division of the Library Department (who select, order and process all incoming materials) are committed to making the #HistGen# collection second to none in targeted collecting areas.

    Earlier columns in this series discussed new resources for different New England regions.  We will now examine areas outside New England, beginning with the mid-Atlantic (from New York south to Maryland).

    New York (City and State)

    New acquisitions for New York include virtually all of the new volumes of upstate church records compiled by Arthur Kelly or Jean Worden.  A major complement to these books is the Vosburgh Collection of Protestant church records -- 13 rolls of microfilm covering many churches in Albany, Cayuga, Columbia, Delaware, Fulton, Greene, Herkimer, Montgomery, New York, Oneida, Otsego, Rensselaer, Oswego, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, and Washington counties. Some of these last were previously published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

    One major ongoing acquisition project is the series of New York county guides to historical resources, bound in red paper, of which NEHGS now owns about half.  The series provides, in effect, a bibliography of manuscript and archive materials in each county.  NEHGS is also collecting Catholic records of Clinton and surrounding counties, in New York's northeast corner.  Two other manuscript collections --those of W.A.D. Eardeley and H.F. Seversmith, 16 microfilm reels in all -- cover many Long Island families.

    Also available at NEHGS are Jean Worden#s recent index to volumes 1-113 of the Record; the various books of New York will and newspaper abstracts by Gertrude Barber, Kenneth Scott, Fred Q. Bowman and others; the New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch and English series; and the compendia by Henry Z. Jones Jr., W.V.H. Barker, and Maryly B. Penrose, on New York Palatine families of 1710, the Burnetsfield Palatines of Herkimer County, and early families of the Mohawk Valley, respectively.  The bulk of recent New York scholarship has been concerned with colonial Dutch and English or eighteenth-century German immigrants and their descendants. It is important to remember, however, that many stray New Englanders, New Jersey, Caribbean or Maritime residents, an even Europeans, either lived or traded in New York City or state, and are frequently covered in early will and church records.

    At some time in the future we hope to acquire the 1855 New York state census, which lists a person#s county of birth (if born in New York) and length of residence in the community.

    New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland

    Although acquired many years ago, the centerpieces of our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland collections are the published archives of those states.  The New Jersey set abstracts all wills through 1817 and includes newspaper items 1704-1782.  The nine series of Pennsylvania Archives include numerous volumes of marriages, marriage licenses, tax lists, land grants, and revolutionary muster rolls.  The Archives of Maryland contains 15 volumes of provincial and county court records, and the five volumes of Delaware Archives consist of the military records for that state through 1827.  Among recent printed works are the Given Name Index to the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, a 4-volume index to 50 volumes, by the late Kenn Stryker-Rodda; all reprints and journal consolidations assembled by Genealogic Publishing Company of Baltimore, the latter of which include Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, and from the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (3 vols.), Pennsylvania Vital Records (3 vols.), Pennsylvania German Church Records (3 vols.), and Maryland Genealogies (2 vols.); the three volumes of Annette K. Burgert exploring the European origins of Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America; and the Maryland corpus of H.W. Newman and Robert W. Barnes, especially the latter#s Maryland Marriages (2 vols.) and Baltimore County Families, 1659 1759.  New microfilm holdings include nine rolls of court records for Northampton County, Pennsylvania, the generous gift of Francis S. Fox.

    Much of "East Jersey was settled by New Englanders -- especially Connecticut and Rhode Island migrants, sometimes after a sojourn in Long Island -- and many New Englanders settled also in the Wyoming and Susquehanna Valleys of Pennsylvania.  The immediate origins of midwestern ancestors whose surnames are typically New England often lie then in upstate New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, and the rich mugbook literature of the nineteenth century can frequently be mined for clues.  NEHGS also owns most of the classic works on the New York Dutch, on the Welsh and English Quakers of Philadelphia and environs, on the Pennsylvania and Maryland Germans (including several good new works on western Maryland and Frederick County especially), on the Swedes and Finns of early Delaware, and on Maryland's planter aristocracy.

    In the next installment of "Acquisitions News" we shall consider new works on the American South.

    GFS, GBR and JHO

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