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Vital Records of Marblehead, Massachusetts to the year 1850

   As early as 1629, the first settlers, many of whom are said to have been natives of the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, gave the name of "Marble-Harbor" to this tract of land which was originally a part of Salem, and "Great Neck " to that portion which forms a peninsula jutting into the ocean. The name Marblehead is first mentioned in the Colonial records, July 2, 1633, and is thought to have been suggested by the variegated porphyry-colored stones found there and called "marble stones " by Higginson in 1629. Wood  and  Josselyn also mention the locality as "Marvil  Head."  On May 6, 1635, the Court ordered: "That there shalbe a plantacion at Marble Head, & that the inhabitants now there shall have liberty to plant and imp've such ground as they stand in neede of." The population  was undoubtedly increased from time to time by people from Lincolnshire, which would account for many of the idiomatic peculiarities which for more than two centuries characterized the speech of their descendants."  History of Marblehead-ROADS. 
Marblehead was established as a town May 2, 1649.

  The population of Marblehead at different periods was as

     1765, 4954.        1800,  5211.       1840,  5575.
     1776, 4386.        1810,  5900.       1850,  6167.
     1790, 5661.        1820,  5630.       1900,  7582.
                        1830,  5149.

Newcomb and Gauss
Salem, Massachusetts
  The following records of births, marriages and deaths include all entries to be found in the books of record kept by the town clerks; in the church records; in the returns made to the Salem Quarterly Court; in the cemetery inscriptions; and in several private records found in family Bibles. These records are printed in a condensed form in which every essential particular has been preserved. All duplication of the town clerk's record has been eliminated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter appear in brackets. Parentheses are used when they occur in the original record ; also to show the difference in the spelling of a name in the same entry and to indicate the maiden name of a wife.
  When places other than Marblehead and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties. Double dating is used in the months of January, February and March, prior to 1752, whenever it appears in the original and also whenever from the sequence of entry in the original the date may be easily determined. In all records the original spelling of names is followed and in the alphabetical arrangement the various forms should be examined, as items about the same family may be found under different spellings. All church records have been included, except those of the Universalist church, which were destroyed by the fire of 1888.

C. R. 1.-First Congregational Church records.
c. R. 2.-Second Congregational (Unitarian) Church records.
c. R. 3.-St. Michael's (Episcopal) Church records.
c. R. 4.-First Baptist Church records.
c. s. 5.-Methodist Church records.
CT. F.-court files, Essex Co. Quarterly Court.
CT. R.-court record, Essex Co. Quarterly Court.
d.-daughter; day; died.
dup.-duplicate  entry.
G. R. 1.-gravestone record, Old Burying Hill Cemetery.
G. R. 2.-gravestone record, Unitarian Cemetery.
G. R. 3.-gravestone record, Harris St. Cemetery.
G. R. 4.-gravestone record, Green St. Cemetery.
G. R. 5.-gravestone record, St. Michael's Cemetery.
h.-husband; hour.
int.-intention of marriage.
m.-male; married; month ; minor.
P. R. 1.-Private record of deaths, 1811-1825, kept by Rev. John Bartlett, now in possession of Stephen P. Hathaway.
P. R. 2.-Bible record now in possession of Stephen P. Hathaway.
P. R. 3.-Bible record now in possession of the Marblehead Historical Society.
R. R. 4.-Bible record now in possession of Frank Broughton,
P. R. 5.-Bible record now in possession of Robert Bessom.
P. R. 6.-Bible record now in possession of Francis Wilson.
P. P. 7.-Bible record now in possession of Miss Caroline Humphrey.
P. R. 8.-Bible record in possession of Mrs. Emma L. Roads.
P. R. 9.-Bible record now in possession of Miss Oceana Hammond.
P. R. 10.-Record furnished by Mrs. Mary O. Proctor.
P. R. 11.-Record now in possession of George B. Humphrey.
P. R. 12.-Bible record now in possession of George B. Humphrey.
P. R. 13.-Bible record now in possession of George B. Hiller of New  Troy, Mich.
P. R. 14.-Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Mary P. Martin.
P. R. 15.-Family record furnished by Miss Mary A. Alley.
P. B. 16.-Bible record now in possession of Miss Sarah S. Swett.
P. R. 17.-Bible record now in possession of Stephen P. Hathaway.
P. R. 18.-Records of Philanthropic Lodge, F. and A. M.
P. R. 19.-Bible record now in possession of John Russell Kemble of New York City.
P. R. 20.-Family record now in possession of Stephen P. Hathaway.
P. R. 21.-Family record now in possession of Stephen W. Phillips of Salem.
T. c.-town copy of records made in 1864, by  Capt. Glover
       Broughton, town clerk.
w.-wife ; week.

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