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  • Key Manuscript Collections Relating to New England Families

    Published Date : June 1985
    NEHGS is the repository of many outstanding manuscript collections of local history and genealogical papers relating to New England families.  This collection serves to augment our library of published family and local histories and in many cases to preserve rare documents in their original form.  There are also complete libraries of notebooks, bibliographies, photograph albums, etc., by prominent genealogists. Carefully maintained in our environmentally controlled safe, these papers are available to NEHGS members for research and are indexed in the library card catalog.  To request the use of any manuscript, fill out a yellow request form and a librarian will page it for you.  Herewith is a selected list of manuscript collections housed at NEHGS.


    I.          General Collections

    A.  Aspinwall, Algernon A., descendants of Mayflower Pilgrims and other families.

    B.  Barlow, Claude, includes several Mayflower families; descendants of Thomas Sawyer of Leominster; Worcester County Families.

    C.  Bartlett, J. Gardner and Elizabeth (French), many New England Families; strong in English material.

    D.  Holman, Mary L., and Dodge, Winifred L. H., about 1200 New England families.

    F.  Reed. Marion C., many New England families.

    F.  Torrey, Clarence A., New England Marriages Before 1700. [published by NEHGS on microfilm. See Publication Catalogue for more details.]

    II.         Major Surname Collections

    A.  Andrews, Henry F., descendants of John Andrews of Ipswich.

    B.  Barbour, Edmund D., descendants of George Barbour of Medfield.

    C.  Chase Family Association Papers.

    D.  Cook and Lewis, by Rollin H. Cooke, different families of these surnames, primarily in southern New England.

    F.  Cook, Wendell B., descendants of Jeremiah Cook of Eastham. Mass.

    F.  Davis, Elwin G., Davis families in northern New England.

    G.  Dimmock, George. Dimmock, Sykes, Nash, Pasco and related families.

    H.  Dudley Family Association Papers. Descendants of Gov. Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts.

    I.  Endicott, William C., Jr. Descendants of Gov. John Endicott of Massachusetts.

    J.  Fletcher, by Winifred L. Holman. Descendants of Robert Fletcher of Concord.

    K.  Freeman, Willis, Freeman families in Great Britian and America.

    L.  Goodrich. Merton T. Goodrich and 709 allied families.

    M.  Gorham. Henry S., descendants of John Gorham of Barnstable.

    N.  Hibbs, Harold R., descendants of William Hibbs and related families.

    O.  Hutchings, Frank M., Hutchings, Miller and allied families, 1610-1955.

    P.  Morse Family Association Papers.

    Q.  Nickerson, William F., descendants of William Nickerson of Chatham.

    R.  Palmer, Horace W., Palmer families of America.

    S.  Robinson Family Association, descendants of various Robinsons in Mass., Conn., R.I., and N.H.

    T.  Wales, Charles M., descendants of Nathaniel Wales of Dorchester.

    U.  Williston, Sidney S., Williston, Breese, Hawkins, and Tucker Families.

    III. Connecticut

    A.  Bowen, Clarence Winthrop, Woodstock families.

    B.  Hinman, Royal Ralph, early families of Connecticut.

    IV. Maine

    A.  Cummins, Viva. Maine families.

    B.  Weeden, Eugene, families of Berwick, Maine and Dover, New Hampshire.

    V. Massachusetts

    A.  1798 Direct Tax Census. [published by NEHGS on microfilm. See Publication Catalogue for more details.]

    B.  Abbot, Charlotte Helen. Andover families.

    C.  Ammidown, Harvey F., Worcester Co. vital records.

    D.  Banks, CoI. Charles Edward, Martha’s Vineyard families.

    F.  Corbin, Walter E. Covers Connecticut River Valley and western Massachusetts. [published by NEHGS on microfilm. See Publication Catalogue for more details.]

    F.  Hinckley, G.A., transcriptions of Barnstable town and county records.

    G.  Hodges, Almon D., eastern Massachusetts families.

    H.  Linnell, Arthur F., Cape Cod families.

    I.  Sprague, Waldo. Braintree, Quincy, Randolph and Holbrook families. [published by NEHGS on microfilm. See Publication Catalogue for more details.]

    J.  Welch. Hamilton W. Scituate families.


    VI.  New Hampshire

    A.  Hardon, Henry W., New Hampshire families.

    B.  Shackford, Samuel B., New Hampshire families.

    VII.  Rhode Island

    A.  Austin, John O. Author’s annotated copy of the Genealogical Dictionary of R. I.

    VIII.     Vermont

    A.  Doane, Gilbert H., Families of Fairfield, Vermont

    IX. Nova Scotia

    A.  Crowell, F.E., Scotia. [published by NEHGS on microfilm. See Publication Catalogue for more details.]

    B.  Eaton, A. W. H., New Englanders in Nova Nova Scotia families.

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