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  • #57 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Especially via Grandsons of Northampton and Hadley

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : April 16, 2002
    In the last two columns I covered major historical figures descended from three of my seventeenth-century ancestors – Henry and Margaret (----) Howland of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire (parents of John of the Mayflower, Henry of Duxbury, and Arthur of Marshfield) and Rev. John Lathrop, the founder of Barnstable, Mass. Early Howlands and Lathrops were associated largely with Cape Cod. In this column I wish to move geographically to Dedham, Boston, Northampton, and Hadley, and consider the progeny of John Dwight, also the founder of a large New England clan with a “unique particular” surname. Such surnames common in New England and to some extent the Southern Tidewater plantations (but not the backcountry or frontier) were borne by one immigrant or a set of related immigrants and almost everybody of that surname in the northern tier of states – New England, the Midwest, and the Northwest – is agnately related.

    American notables with the surname Dwight are primarily associated with Yale – presidents Timothy IV and Timothy V (and later Alfred Whitney Griswold via Whitings, Slacks, and Whitneys), president Theodore Dwight Woolsey, geologist Josiah Dwight Whitney, Jr., linguist William Dwight Whitney, and numerous professors and graduates. In Notable Kin, Volume One and Volume Two, I treat the Dwight descent of the American Mrs. [Joseph] Rudyard Kipling [Caroline Starr Balestier] and Mrs. Juliet Magill Kinzie Gordon Low of the Girl Scouts (1:58-59); Mrs. [Robert] Erskine Childers [the American Mary Alden Osgood], wife of the Irish nationalist and martyr and mother of Irish president Erskine Hamilton Childers (1:94); Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush (1:117-20); humanitarian and asylum reformer Dorothea Lynde Dix (1:212-13); genealogists James Savage, [Mrs.] Mary [Campbell] Lovering Holman, [Mrs.] Winifred Lovering Holman [Dodge], and Mrs. Elizabeth French Bartlett, plus Savage’s daughter Emma, wife of MIT founder and first president William Barton Rogers (2:61, 64-67); western scout James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok (2:94); and Dubose Heyward, author of “Porgy and Bess” (2:161).

    The royal descents of the two Dwight presidents of Yale, plus Theodore Dwight Woolsey and Mrs. Daniel Coit Gilman [Elizabeth Dwight Woolsey], are covered in New England Ancestors 1 (2000) 4:42, 44, and those of Alfred Whitney Griswold in 1:5-6, 41-42. Timothy Dwight III, son-in-law of the theologian Jonathan Edwards, was himself the son of Timothy Dwight II (and Elizabeth King), son of Nathaniel Dwight (1666-1711) of Hatfield and Northampton (and Mehitable Partridge). Nathaniel was the son, by Anna Flint, of Timothy Dwight, son of the immigrant John of Dedham and his first wife Hannah ----. A.W. Griswold ancestor John Slack, husband of Elizabeth Ruggles, was the son of Benjamin Slack and Jerusha Whiting, daughter of John Whiting (and Mary Billings), son of Nathaniel Whiting of Dedham and Hannah Dwight, eldest daughter of John Dwight and Hannah ----.

    Third and fourth U.S. presidential connections, in addition to the two Bushes, are derived through Ellen Louise Axson, first wife of [Thomas] Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), also governor of New Jersey and president of Princeton University; and Nancy Davis, born Anne Francis Robbins, wife of Ronald Wilson Reagan (b. 1911), also an actor and governor of California. The royal descents of both of these First Ladies are covered in my 1995 Ancestors of American Presidents (AAP), pp. 226-7, 234-5. The matrilineal great-great-great-grandmother of Ellen Louise – Lydia Dwight, wife of Elijah Williams – was the daughter of Henry Dwight, 1676-1732, of Hatfield, and Lydia Hawley. Henry Dwight was a brother of the above-named Nathaniel, a son of Timothy (and Anna Flint) and a grandson of John Dwight and Hannah ----. Eleanor Randolph Wilson, daughter of Woodrow and Ellen Louise, was the second wife of William Gibbs McAdoo (1863-1941), U.S. senator and Secretary of the Treasury. A great-great-great-great-grandmother of Nancy Reagan – Mehitable Cadwell, wife of Daniel Sackett, Jr. – was a daughter of Abel Cadwell and Anna Dwight, daughter of the above-named Nathaniel Dwight and Mehitable Partridge.

    A foreign politician of note among Dwight descendants is Michael [Casimir Jean Pierre Guillaume Maria Andreas, Prince] Poniatowski, born 1922, French minister of the interior under Guiscard d’Estaing, son of Carl Casimir Victorian Maria Andreas, Prince Poniatowski (and Anne Riquet, Countess de Caraman-Chimay), son of Louis Leopold Stansislas August Maria Andreas, 5th Prince Poniatowski and the American Elizabeth Sperry, daughter of Simon Willard Sperry (and Caroline Elizabeth Barker), son of Charles Sperry (and Hannah Willard), son of Ebenezer Sperry and Hannah Pardee, daughter of Benjamin Pardee (and Hannah Beecher), daughter of Samuel Beecher and Hannah Farrington, daughter of my ancestors Nathaniel Farrington and Sarah Whiting, daughter of the above-named Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight. Among forebears of tycoons treated in Notable Kin, Volume Two, Ebenezer Draper, husband of Dorothy Child, great-grandfather of Charles Lewis Tiffany and great-great-grandfather of glassmaker and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, was a son of James Draper and Abigail Whiting, daughter of the above Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight.

    Elizabeth Savage, wife of South Carolina “signer” Thomas Heyward, was an ancestor not only of playwright Dubose Heyward, but also of Mrs. Mary Alicia Heyward Bradford Maddox, second wife of Alfred Irenée du Pont, early twentieth-century head of Du Pont (2:11, 161). Mary Alicia’s sister Eleutheria du Pont Bradford married Henry Belin du Pont, a first cousin of Alfred; several descendants of Henry B. and Eleutheria have figured in the Forbes 400 of the 1980s.

    Lastly among tycoons treated in Notable Kin, Volume Two, Edward Henry Green, husband of the well-known miser Hetty [Henrietta Howland Robinson], was a son of Henry Atkinson Green (and Anna Amory Tucker), son of Joshua Green and Mary Moseley, daughter of David Moseley, Jr. and Lydia Gay, daughter of Lusher Gay, Jr. and Mary Colburn, daughter of Joseph Colburn and Mehitable Whiting, daughter of Timothy Whiting (and Sarah Bullard), son of the above Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight. One tycoon family of Dwight descent but not treated in an earlier “Notable Kin” column begins with Herbert Henry Dow (1866-1930), chemist and founder of Dow Chemical Company, father by Grace Anne Ball of Willard Henry Dow (1897-1949), president of Dow Chemical Co. (1930-1949), and Ruth Alden Dow, wife of Leland Ira Doan (1894-1974), president of Dow Chemical Co. (1949-1962). Herbert Dow Doan (b. 1922), was president of Dow Chemical Co. (1962-1971). Herbert Henry was a son of Joseph Henry Dow and Sarah Jane Bunnell, daughter of Alva Bunnell and Lucy Perkins, daughter of Peter Perkins (III) and Asenath Beecher, daughter of Jesse Beecher (and Abigail Sperry), son of Isaac Beecher (and Mabel Hotchkiss), son of Poniatowski forebears Samuel Beecher and Hannah Farrington above. Among wives of Howland descendants, I should also note, Mrs. Mary Clay Gray, great-grandmother of Mrs. Norman [Mattoon] Thomas (Frances Violet Stewart, wife of the socialist politicial leader), was a daughter of Joseph Clay and Mary Savage, daughter of Thomas Savage (III) (of South Carolina) (and Mary Elliott Butler, parents also of Mrs. Heyward), son of Thomas Savage, Jr. (and Elizabeth Fowle), son of Thomas Savage and Mehitable Phillips, daughter of Henry Phillips and Mary Dwight, daughter of John Dwight and Hannah ----.

    I now turn to the remaining Dwight descendants, thirty of whom, I think, are notable figures in American history, and sufficiently well enough known to merit an outline of their descent. These are Mrs. Robert Alphonso Taft [Martha Wheaton Bowers], wife of the U.S. senator and Republican leader; Mrs. Isabella Stewart Gardner, social leader, art collector and patroness, and builder of Fenway Court in Boston; the brothers William Morris Hunt and Richard Morris Hunt, artist and architect respectively; Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick [Pamela Dwight], wife of the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; novelist Catharine Maria Sedgwick; Mrs. Charles Eliot Norton [Susan Ridley Sedgwick], wife of the art historian; Mrs. Eero Saarinen [Lilian Louisa Swann], wife of the architect; the first Mrs. John Phillips Marquand II [Christina Davenport Sedgwick], wife of the novelist; geologist James Dwight Dana; geologist Josiah Dwight Whitney, Jr. and linguist William Dwight Whitney, brothers; Mrs. Moses Yale Beach [Nancy Day], wife of the publisher of the New York Sun, pioneer penny newspaper; Clarence [Shepard] Day [Jr.], author of Life with Father; diplomat Chester Bliss Bowles; Mrs. George Bancroft [Sarah Hopkins Dwight], wife of the historian and diplomat; Anna Dwight Baker and her sister Ella Baker, wives of painter Julian Alden Weir; Mrs. William Lawrence [Julia Cunningham], wife of the seventh Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts;  Mrs. Lemuel Shaw [Hope Savage], second wife of the jurist and stepmother of Mrs. Herman Melville; Mrs. Rufus Choate [Helen Mills Olcutt], wife of the lawyer, orator, and U.S. senator; actress Julie [Anne] Harris; Mrs. Yves Tanguy [Katherine “Kay” Linn Sage Bourbon del Monte, Princess of San Faustino], wife of the surrealist artist; John Dustin Archbold of Standard Oil; Hugh Bancroft, president of Dow Jones & Co.; Mrs. James Bowdoin, Jr. [Elizabeth Erving], wife of the Revolutionary statesman and governor of Massachusetts, and great-grandmother of U.S. senator and House speaker Robert Charles Winthrop; Mrs. Joseph Story [Sarah Waldo Wetmore], second wife of the jurist; Matilde Pacheco y Stewart, whose second husband was José Batlle y Ordoñez, president of Uruguay; and Mrs. Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzberger [Barbara Winslow Grant], first wife of the publisher of The New York Times, and mother of present publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. The ancestry of Mrs. Sulzberger is the subject of column #42 in this series.

    John Dwight’s descendants are fairly evenly divided between the Connecticut Valley and often Yale, New York, or midwestern-associated descendants of his son Timothy on the one hand, and the Dedham and Boston Brahmin descendants of his daughters Hannah Whiting and Mary Phillips, on the other. The Whiting descendants, like some of the Timothy Dwight progeny, often moved west (Tiffanys and Sulzbergers in New York, Julie Harris from Michigan, etc.). Phillips descendants are largely associated with Boston, with a major branch in South Carolina; duPont descendants in Delaware; and a quite surprising link to Uruguay via Scotting Stewarts of Ardshiell.

    Outlined below, in the format of my “Notable Kin” columns in NEXUS and New England Ancestors, are the Dwight descents of the 30 figures listed above. Following the figure’s name, birth and death years, and a brief description of achievement, are his or her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., back to the immigrant John Dwight and Hannah –---. As always, semi-colons separate generations, and commas separate couples in the same generation back from the figure.

    1. Robert Alphonso Taft, 1889-1953, U.S. senator, Republican leader (wife, Martha Wheaton Bowers; Lloyd Wheaton Bowers & Louise Bennett Wilson; Samuel Dwight Bowers & Martha Wheaton Dowd; William Bowers & Almira Bailey; Nathaniel Bowers & Phebe Clark; Benjamin Clark & Abiah Hall; Daniel Hall, Jr. & Mary Dwight; Samuel Dwight & Mary Lyman; Nathaniel Dwight & Mehitable Partridge; Timothy Dwight & Anna Flint; John Dwight & Hannah ----).

    2. Mrs. Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1840-1924, social leader, art collector and patroness, builder of Fenway Court in Boston (Mrs. John Lowell Gardner); David Stewart & Adelia Smith; James Stewart & Isabella Tod; David Tod & Rachel Kent; Elijah Kent & Jemima Kellogg; Samuel Kent & Abiah Dwight; Nathaniel Dwight & Mehitable Partridge, see #1 above.

    3. William Morris Hunt, 1824-1879, artist; Jonathan Hunt, Jr. & Jane Maria Leavitt; Thaddeus Leavitt, Jr. & Jemima Loomis; Thaddeus Leavitt & Elizabeth King; John Leavitt & Abiah Kent; Samuel Kent & Abiah Dwight, see #2 above.

    4.  Richard Morris Hunt, 1828-1895, architect (of Newport “cottages” esp.), brother of #3 above.

    5. Theodore Sedgwick, 1746-1813, congressman and U.S. senator, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (wife, Pamela Dwight; Joseph Dwight & Abigail Williams; Henry Dwight & Lydia Hawley; Timothy Dwight & Anna Flint, see #1 above).

    6. Catharine Maria Sedgwick, 1789-1867, novelist; Theodore Sedgwick, #5 above, & Pamela Dwight.

    7. Charles Eliot Norton, 1827-1908, man of letters and art historian (wife, Susan Ridley Sedgwick; Theodore Sedgwick III & Sarah Morgan Ashburner; Theodore Sedgwick, Jr. & Susan Anne Livingston; Theodore Sedgwick, #5 above, & Pamela Dwight).

    8. Eero Saarinen, 1910-1961, architect (at Yale especially) (first wife, Lilian Louise Swann; Arthur Warton Swann & Susan Ridley Sedgwick; Arthur George Sedgwick & Lucy Tuckerman; Theodore Sedgwick III & Sarah Morgan Ashburner, see #7 above).

    9.  John Phillips Marquand II, 1893-1960, novelist (first wife, Christina Davenport Sedgwick; Alexander Sedgwick & Lucy Cameron Rogers; Henry Dwight Sedgwick, Jr. & Henrietta Ellery Sedgwick; Henry Dwight Sedgwick & Jane Minot [parents of H.D., Jr.], Robert Sedgwick & Elizabeth Dana Ellery [parents of H.E.]; Theodore Sedgwick, #5 above, & Pamela Dwight [parents of Henry D. and Robert]).

    10. James Dwight Dana, 1813-1895, geologist; James Dana & Harriet Dwight; Seth Dwight & Hannah Strong; Josiah Dwight & Tabitha Bigelow; Seth Dwight & Abigail Strong; Henry Dwight & Lydia Hawley, see #5 above.

    11. Josiah Dwight Whitney, Jr., 1819-1896, geologist and chemist; Josiah Dwight Whitney & Sarah Williston; Abel Whitney & Clarissa Dwight; Josiah Dwight & Elizabeth Buckminster; Henry Dwight & Lydia Hawley, see #5 above.

    12. William Dwight Whitney, 1827-1894, linguist, Sanskrit scholar; brother of #11 above.

    13. Moses Yale Beach, 1800-1868, inventor, publisher of the New York Sun, pioneer penny newspaper (wife, Nancy Day; Henry Day & Mary Ely; Benjamin Day, Jr. & Sarah Dwight; Edmund Dwight & Elizabeth Scutt; Henry Dwight & Lydia Hawley, see #5 above).

    14. Clarence [Shepard] Day [Jr.], 1874-1935, author of Life with Father, adapted into one of Broadway’s longest-running plays; Clarence Shepard Day & Lavinia Elizabeth Stockwell; Benjamin Henry Day (sometime partner of M.Y. Beach) & Eveline Shepard; Henry Day & Mary Ely, see #13 above.

    15. Chester Bliss Bowles, 1901-1986, diplomat; Charles Allen Bowles & Nellis Harris; Samuel Bowles, Jr. & Mary Sanford Dwight Schermerhorn; Henry Van Rensselaer Schermerhorn & Hannah Buckminster Dwight; James Scutt Dwight & Mary Sanford; Jonathan Dwight & Margaret Ashley; Edmund Dwight & Elizabeth Scutt, see #13 above.

    16. George Bancroft, 1800-1891, historian, diplomat, and U.S. Secretary of the Navy (first wife, Sarah Hopkins Dwight; Jonathan Dwight, Jr. & Sarah Shepard; Jonathan Dwight & Margaret Ashley, see #15 above).

    17. Julian Alden Weir, 1852-1919, painter (both wives, Anna Dwight Baker and Ella Baker; Charles Tainter Baker & Anna Bartlett Dwight; Jonathan Dwight [III] & Anne Bartlett; Jonathan Dwight, Jr. & Sarah Shepard, see #16 above).

    18. William Lawrence, 1850-1941, seventh Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts (wife, Julia Cunningham; Frederic Cunningham & Sarah Maria Parker; Charles Cunningham & Roxalina Dabney; Andrew Cunningham & Mary Lewis, John Bass Dabney & Roxa Lewis; Joseph Lewis & Mary Baker (parents of Mary and Roxa); John Lewis, Jr. & Abigail Hastings; John Lewis & Anne Whiting; Nathaniel Whiting & Hannah Dwight; John Dwight & Hannah ----).

    19. Lemuel Shaw, 1781-1861, jurist (second wife, Hope Savage; Samuel Savage & Hope Doane; Samuel Phillips Savage & Sarah Tyler, Arthur Savage & Faith Phillips; Samuel Phillips & Hannah Gillam; Henry Phillips & Mary Dwight; John Dwight & Hannah ----). Note: By his first wife, Elizabeth Knapp, Shaw was the father of Elizabeth Shaw, wife of novelist Herman Melville.

    20. Rufus Choate, 1797-1859, lawyer, orator, U.S. senator (wife, Helen Mills Olcott; Pelatiah Mills Olcott & Sarah Porter; Asa Porter & Mehitable Crocker; John Crocker & Mary Savage; Thomas Savage & Mehitable Phillips; Henry Phillips & Mary Dwight, see #19 above).

    21. Julie [Anne] Harris, b. 1925, actress; William Pickett Harris, Jr. & Elsie Stivers Smith; William Pickett Harris & Sarah Edna McGraw; Thomas McGraw & Sarah Edna Simpson; William Simpson & Ximena Haines; William Haines & Ximena Hart; John Hart, Jr. & Polly Smith; John Hart & Desire Palmer; Judah Palmer & Mary Farrington; Nathaniel Farrington & Sarah Whiting; Nathaniel Whiting & Sarah Dwight, see #18 above.

    22. Yves Tanguy, 1900-1955, surrealist painter (wife, Katherine “Kay” Linn Sage, formerly married to Don Ranieri Bourbon del Marte, Prince of San Faustino; Henry Manning Sage & Anna Wheeler Ward; Samuel Baldwin Ward & Cornelia Wheeler; Lebbeus Baldwin Ward & Abigail Dwight Partridge; Cotton Partridge & Hannah Lyman; Samuel Partridge & Abigail Dwight; Seth Dwight & Abigail Strong, see #10 above).

    23. John Dwight Archbold, 1848-1916, capitalist, Rockefeller associate, president of Standard Oil of New Jersey; Israel Archbold & Frances Foster Dana; William Dana (III) & Polly Parkman Foster; Peregrine Foster & Mary Parkman; Jedediah Foster & Dorothy Dwight; Joseph Dwight, see #5 above, & first wife Mary Pynchon.

    24. Hugh Bancroft, 1879-1933, president of Dow Jones & Co., publishers of The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Weekly; William Amos Bancroft & Mary Shaw; Charles Bancroft & Lydia Emeline Spalding; Amos Bancroft & Sarah Bass; Henry Bass & Faith Savage; Moses Bass & Hannah Butler, Samuel Phillips Savage & Sarah Tyler, see #19 above; Peter Butler & Mary Phillips; Samuel Phillips & Hannah Gillam, see #19 above.

    25. James Bowdoin, Jr., 1726-1790, Revolutionary statesman, governor of Massachusetts, for whom Bowdoin College is named (wife, Elizabeth Erving; John Erving & Abigail Phillips; John Phillips & Mary Goss; Henry Phillips & Mary Dwight, see #19 above).

    26. Robert Charles Winthrop, 1809-1894, congressman, U.S. senator, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; Thomas Lindall Winthrop & Elizabeth Bowdoin Temple; Sir John Temple, 8th Bt.(Baronet), & Elizabeth Bowdoin; #25 above & Elizabeth Erving.

    27. Joseph Story, 1779-1845, jurist (second wife, Sarah Waldo Wetmore; William Wetmore & Sarah Waldo; Samuel Waldo, Jr. & Sarah Erving; John Erving & Abigail Phillips, see #26 above).

    28. José Batlle y Ordoñez, 1856-1929, journalist and statesman, president of Uruguay, 1903-7, 1911-15 (wife, Matilde Pacheco y Stewart; Manuel Pacheco y Obes & Ana Stewart Agell; William George Irving [Erving] Stewart of Montevideo, Uruguay, & Mariana Agell y Blanco; Duncan Stewart of Ardsheal & Anne Erving; John Erving & Abigail Phillips, see #26 above).

    29. Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzberger, b. 1926, publisher of The New York Times, 1963-1992 (first wife, Barbara Winslow Grant; Theodore Francis Grant & Helen Macdonald; Theodore Elisha Grant & Annie Louise Alden; Theodore Grant, Jr. & Caroline Morse Winslow; Elisha Freeman Winslow & Olive Smith Fisher; Eliphalet Fisher & Susan Farrington; David Farrington & Susanna Fales; Benjamin Farrington & Sarah Fuller; Jonathan Farrington & Prudence Child; Nathaniel Farrington & Sarah Whiting, see #21 above).

    30. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., b. 1951, publisher of The New York Times since 1992; #29 above & Barbara Winslow Grant.


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