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  • 'Hollywood Gothic' and the Alabama Three

    John Anderson Brayton

    In my last article (NEXUS 8[1991):204-6) I explored the kinships among Senator Jesse Helms, rock idol Elvis Presley, and former President Jimmy Carter, following the division by Gary Boyd Roberts of Southern ancestry into Tidewater planters and migratory pioneers. The ancestry of Mr. Presley and Sen. Helms fell squarely into this latter, an extremely mobile group of German, Welsh, and Scots-Irish immigrants who flooded the South from the beginning of the eighteenth century. President Carter is descended also from Tidewater-derived lesser planters and well-to-do Deep South farmers (a kind of haute bourgeoisie) whose prosperity endured despite Civil War and Reconstruction. These planters are often ancestors of the middle and upper-middle classes of today’s “New South,” and frequently descend, in at least one line, from the Tidewater aristocracy of colonial Virginia.

    In this article I wish to explore the background of some Southern or Southern-derived literary and Hollywood figures whose ancestry runs the gamut from Tidewater planter to prosperous farmer to migratory pioneer. Writer Dubose Heyward (author of Porgy and Bess) and actress Joanne Woodward (wife of actor Paul Newman) are descended from the aristocracy of both Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina - the latter an anomaly in itself, with elements of Tidewater planter and immigrants from the West Indies, (Huguenot) France, and even Eastern Europe, as well as a few New Englanders. The ancestry of writers Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, In Cold Blood) and Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird), and of actress Tallulah Bankhead, all born in Alabama, is generally derived, with some exceptions, from the lesser Tidewater planters of Surry, Henrico, Brunswick and Isle of Wight Counties, Virginia. These “Southside” planters rose to ascendancy in the early eighteenth century, scattered into the Carolinas over the next few generations, and were well established in various parts of the Deep South by the 1830s. Actor Montgomery Clift (if we may believe the quite plausible account of his mother’s ancestry in a 1978 biography) is descended from Great Migration New Englanders and Tidewater aristocrats, plus migratory pioneers of East Tennessee and Germans of the Shenandoah Valley.

    Of the above-mentioned figures, TaIlulah Bankhead and Truman Capote were sixth cousins and sixth cousins once removed (via Williams and Bustin) and share likely earlier Williams ancestry with Harper Lee. Capote and Lee also share Branch forebears. Dubose Heyward and Joanne Woodward are sixth cousins via the royally-descended French Huguenot Gignilliats of Charleston and share Mazyck and Taliaferro ancestry as well. Five of the six -all except Bankhead - have at least two immigrant ancestors of royal descent and kinships to at least one former U.S. president. At least three (Chit, Heyward, and Wood-ward) have New England ancestry; a fourth (Capote) had Saltonstall ancestry and thus distant New England cousins.

    Much of the immediate ancestry of these Deep South figures was found in wills, deeds, court orders, and marriage bonds, only some of which have been abstracted and published. Many ancestors of Harper Lee, Truman Capote, and Joanne Woodward especially had never been treated in print. Thus I undertook many trips to state libraries and courthouses, and used various holdings as well of the LDS Family History Library and Centers. From time to time, beleaguered probate clerks asked, “You’re tracing whom?” I am particularly grateful to Ms. Alice Lee and Mr. Wade Woodward III, sister and brother respectively of Harper Lee and Joanne Woodward. Their knowledge of various of their forebears and kinsmen unknown to me was considerable, and this article could not have been written without their help. Thanks are also due Mr. Ruffin Sledge Davis of Vicksburg, Mississippi (cousin of both TaIlulah Bankhead and Truman Capote), whose charts allowed me to trace Miss Bankhead’s maternal ancestry in some detail. Gary Boyd Roberts of NEHGS first suggested this particular column, and has monitored its progress for several years.

    Novelist Harper Lee has royal descents via Virginia immigrants Christopher Branch, William Farrar of Farrar’s Island, and John Goode, plus John Hinton of North Carolina. She is a first cousin five and six times removed of President Thomas Jefferson. The ancestry of her maternal grandmother, Ellen Rivers Williams, includes more than a hall-dozen major families in colonial North Carolina; via Lane, Lee is a second cousin four times removed of Joseph Lane, first governor of Oregon [1]. Her immigrant Williams ancestor, Thomas of Isle of Wight Co., was almost certainly the brother of Bankhead and Capote forebear John Williams (ca. 1650-92), also of Isle of Wight Co. She also very probably shares Soane ancestry with Tennessee Williams [2].

    Actress Tallulah Bankhead, of largely Scots-Irish ancestry (Piedmont South Carolina to Alabama and Mississippi) shared Moorman ancestry with Mark Twain [3], her fourth cousin twice removed. A Jamestown ancestor, Edward Bennett, uncle of Virginia governor Richard Bennett, connects her to Lowes of Maryland, Blands of Virginia, and other noted Tidewater planters. The actress’s father was U.S. Speaker of the House William Brockman Bankhead; her grandfather was Alabama senator John [111] Hollis Bankhead, noted promoter of road improvement and the canalization of the Tombigbee River.

    Writer Truman Capote (born Truman Streckfus Persons, later adopted - like Presidents Ford and Clinton - by a stepfather) was of royal descent via immigrants Christopher Branch and Henry Wyche, and shared Lanier ancestry with poet Sidney Lanier and playwright Tennessee Williams. Through Burchett (Lundy) (Turner) Green of Isle of Wight Co. he was a hall third cousin five times removed of Matt Whitaker Ransom, North Carolina senator and U.S. minister to Mexico [41. The immigrant Henry Wyche, grandson of a Saltonstall and great-grandson of a Poyntz, was a second cousin once removed of Maj. Richard Saltonstall of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and a third cousin once removed of Anne Bell, first wife of Maine proprietor Sir Ferdinando Gorges. The immigrant Christopher Branch, mentioned above, is the earliest known colonial ancestor of President Thomas Jefferson.

    According to Patricia Bosworth, biographer of Montgomery Clift, his mother at age 18 discovered (amazingly) that her parents were children of Montgomery Blair, Lincoln’s first postmaster-general, and Robert Anderson, Kentucky-born Union commander of Fort Sumter, S.C. Blair’s wife, Elizabeth Woodbury, was born in Portsmouth, N.H.; through her Clift was descended from presidential forebears Jacob and Elizabeth (Whipple) Perkins, John and Judith (Gater) Perkins, Thomas and Joan (Antrobus) Lawrence, Edmund and Judith (Pares) Quincy, and Philippe du Trieux, ancestors respectively of Coolidge and FDR, of these last and Millard Fillmore, of Taft and FDR, of J.Q. Adams, and of Theodore Roosevelt. Mrs. Mary (Lawrence) Burnham, immigrant daughter of Thomas and Joan, was of royal descent through her father. Anderson’s wife Elizabeth Bayard Clinch was a great-great-granddaughter of John Mohr McIntosh and Sir Patrick Houston, 5th Bt., two royally-descended Scots immigrants to Georgia; another Scots forebear with royal ancestors was Robert Livingston the elder of New York, whose noted progeny (including G.H.W. Bush and Eleanor Roosevelt) was discussed in the last NEXUS (10:72). Via Maryland ancestors of Montgomery Blair, Clift was descended from Miles and Ann (Taylor) Cary, ancestors of the presidents Harrison. Robert Anderson was a first cousin twice removed, and Clift thus a first cousin five times removed, of the brothers George Rogers and William Clark, soldier and explorer respectively [5]. Among distant kinsmen treated in previous columns note Wendell descendants Oliver Wendell Holmes and Louisa May Alcott (NEXUS 6[1989]:204-6, 7[1990]:156-58) and Whipple descendants James Russell Lowell, Susan B. Anthony, and Clara Barton (6:205-6, 7:157-59, 210-12, 8:153).

    DuBose Heyward, scion of numerous Tidewater planters of both Virginia and South Carolina, can be traced to a signer of the Declaration of Independence (Thomas Heyward) and nine colonial immigrants of royal descent - Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson of Rhode Island; Francis Dade, Anthony Savage, Lawrence Smith, and the brothers Lawrence (Jr.) and John Washington (the latter of Westmoreland Co.), all of Virginia; and James Cuthbert, Jean-François Gignilliat and Elizabeth (Massingberd) Hyrne of South Carolina. A tenth colonial immigrant, Mary (Langhorne) Townshend, descended almost certainly from the Bostocks of Cheshire, probably has such ancestry also. Presidential kinsmen include George Washington (via both Washingtons and Lawrence Smith through the Towneleys); James Madison and Zachary Taylor (via Thorntons); FDR and George Bush (via Hutchinsons); and Theodore Roosevelt (via Stobos). For Heyward’s connection via Lawrence Smith to the Towneleys, H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and such notables as Mrs. Thomas Hart Benton, Mrs. Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee, Meriwether Lewis, George Catlett Marshall, Jr., Mrs. Samuel Eliot Morison, George Smith Patton III, and Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, see NEXUS 4 (1987):24-28. Heyward’s previously unexplored Virginia ancestry is derived through his father’s maternal grandmother, Mildred Barbara (Johnson) Watkins of Memphis. Among distant New England kinsmen are various notable descendants of John and Hannah (___) Dwight (see NEXUS 5[1988j:19-22, 95-98, 6:156-59, 7:209-11, 9:30-32), plus James Russell Lowell through the Cutts family of Portsmouth, N.H. (NEXUS 6:205-7).

    The ancestry of actress Joanne Woodward includes planters in all three major Tidewater colonies (Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina). The three main families she shares with Dubose Heyward - Gignilliat, Mazyck and Taliaferro, this last of Virginia - were respectively French Huguenot, Eastern European and Italian in origin. Royal descents are derived through Jean-François Gignilliat of South Carolina and Alexander Magruder of Maryland. Via Simeon Cushman (1744-ca. 1839), a native of Lebanon, Connecticut who migrated to Barnwell District, South Carolina, Miss Woodward is descended from Isaac Allerton and Richard Warren of the Mayflower. Presidential kinsmen include Madison, via Catlett; Taylor, via Allerton; Grant, via Warren; and FDR, via both Allerton and Warren. Revolutionary General Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox,” and his wife Mary Esther Videau are both first cousins seven times removed [6]. Other Richard Warren descendants, treated in earlier “Notable Kin” columns, include Sir Charles Tupper, 1st Bt., Mrs. John George Diefenbaker and Erskine Hamilton Childers among foreign prime ministers, presidents, or their wives; Thoreau, Longfellow and Bancroft among “flowers” of New England; the King-Kleberg ranching dynasty, Abel Head “Shanghai” Pierce, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Orson Welles, Mrs. Elia Kazan, and “Mrs. Tom Thumb” (Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump Stratton Magri) among western, Hollywood, entertainment or folkloric figures; and the second Mrs. Frederick Douglass (Helen Pitts).

    Outlined below, in the usual format for this column, are descents noted above for Lee, Bankhead, Capote, Chit, Heyward and Woodward. Following the figure’s name and birth and death years are his or her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to ancestors mentioned previously; as always, semi-colons separate generations and commas separate couples of the same generation. As usual also, RD indicates royal descent; MP, a Mayflower passenger; and TP, an ancestor of two or three presidents.


    1. (NELL) HARPER LEE, 1926- ; Amasa Coleman Lee & Frances Cunningham Finch; James Cunningham Finch & Ellen Rivers Williams; John Robert Finch & Frances Cunningham, John Bonner Williams & Kitty Maiben; John Farrar Finch & Frances Smith, James Cunningham & Alice Marshall, Theophilus Hunter Williams & Elizabeth Jane Lane; John Finch & Elizabeth Farrar, William Marshall, Jr. & Lucy Jefferson Goode, Isaac Williams & Rachel Smith, James Lane & Irene Hunter; John Farrar & Rebecca Puryear, Bennett Goode & Martha Jefferson, Joel Williams & Jane Smith, Joel Lane & Martha Hinton; George Farrar & Judith Jefferson, John Goode, Jr. & Mary Harris, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. & Mary Field (parents of Martha and Judith), Isaac Williams & Martha Joseph Lane, Jr. & Patience McKinne, John Hinton, Jr. & Grizelle Kimbrough; William Farrar (III) & Priscilla Baugh, John Goode (RD) & Anne Bennett, Thomas Jefferson & Mary Branch, Peter Field & Judith Soane, John Williams (d. Bertie Co., N.C) & Anne John Hinton (RD) & Mary Hardy; William Farrar, Jr. & Mary , Christopher Branch, Jr. & ___, Henry Same & Judith Fuller, Thomas Williams & Mary ___; William Farrar (RD) & Cecily ___, Christopher Branch (RD) & Mary Addie.

    2. TALLULAH [BROCKMAN] BANKHEAD, 1902-1968: William Brockman Bankhead & Adalaide Eugenia Sledge; John Hollis Bankhead & Tallulah James Brockman, Joshua Thomas Sledge & Evelyn Eugenia Garth; William David Sledge & Mary Thomas Brown, Samuel Eugene Garth & Adalaide Gilchrist; Norfleet R. Sledge & Catherine Ella Jones, William Durrett Garth & Elizabeth Lewis Woods Martin; Fanning Jones & Mary Bustin, George Martin & Barbara Woods; Tignal Jones & Penelope Cain, Christopher Bustin & Martha Williams, Thomas Martin & Ann Moorman; Francis Jones & Mary Ridley, William Bustin & Elizabeth Lewelling, Nicholas Williams, Jr. & Charles Moorman & Elizabeth (Reynolds?); Nathaniel Ridley & Elizabeth Day, Nicholas Williams & Anne Lewis; James Day & Mary Thompson, John Williams (d. Isle of Wight Co., Va.) & Anne ___; John Day & Mary Bennett; Edward Bennett & Mary Bourne.

    3. TRUMAN CAPOTE (born TRUMAN STRECKFUS PERSONS), 1924-1984: Archulus Persons, Jr. & Lillie May Faulk; Archulus Persons & Mabel Knox; John Williams Persons, Jr. & Elizabeth Pauline Persons, John Brewer Knox & Lula Margaret Dinkins; John Williams Persons & Martha Ann Flewellen (parents of J.W., Jr.), Oscar FitzAlan Knox & Susan M. Kendall; Turner Persons & Sallie Williams, David Kendall & Anne Reid Brewer; John Persons & Prudence Jones, John Williams & Frances Bustin, John Brewer, Jr. & Mary Mitchell; Francis Persons & Mary Turner, Nicholas Williams & Ann Lewis (as above, #2), William Bustin & Elizabeth Lewelling (as above, #2), John Brewer & Bathia Morris, Lockett Mitchell & Sarah ___; Simon Turner & Mary , George Brewer, Jr. & Abigail Wyche, Thomas Mitchell & Ann ; Joseph Turner & Burchett Lundy, George Brewer & Sarah Lanier, Henry Wyche, Jr. & Frances ___, Henry Mitchell & Tabitha Branch; John Lanier, Jr. & Sarah ,Henry Wyche (RD) & ___, Thomas Branch, Jr. & Elizabeth Archer; Thomas Branch & Elizabeth (Gough?); Christopher Branch (RD) & Mary Addie.

    4. (EDWARD) MONTGOMERY CLIFT, 1920-1966: William Brooks Chit & Ethel Anderson Fogg; Woodbury Blair & Maria Latham Anderson; Montgomery Blair & Mary Elizabeth Woodbury, Robert Anderson & Elizabeth Bayard Clinch; Francis Preston Blair & Violet Gist, Levi Woodbury & Elizabeth Williams Clapp, Richard Clough Anderson & Sarah Marshall, Duncan Lamont Clinch & Eliza Bayard McIntosh; Nathaniel Gist & Judith Cary Bell, Peter Woodbury, Jr. & Mary Woodbury, Asa Clapp & Elizabeth Wendell Quincy, William Marshall, Jr. & Anne McLeod, John Houston McIntosh & Eliza Bayard; David Bell & Judith Cary, Peter Woodbury & Elizabeth Dodge (parents of Peter, Jr.), Jacob Quincy & Elizabeth Williams, Torquil McLeod & Anne Clark, George McIntosh & Ann Priscilla Houston, Nicholas Bayard Jr. & Catharine Livingston; Henry Cary, Jr. & Ann Edwards, Josiah Woodbury & Hannah Perkins, Edmund Quincy (IV) & Elizabeth Wendell, Jonathan Clark & Elizabeth Wilson, John Mohr Mcintosh (RD) & Margery Fraser, Sir Patrick Houston, 5th Bt. (RD) & Priscilla Dunbar, Peter Van Brugh Livingston & Mary Alexander; Henry Cary & Judith Lockey, Matthew Perkins, Jr. & Martha Rogers, Edmund Quincy (III) & Dorothy Flint, Abraham Wendell & Katherine de Kay, Philip Livingston & Catharine Van Brugh; Miles Cary (TP) & Anne Taylor (TP), Matthew Perkins & Esther Burnham, Edmund Quincy, Jr. & Elizabeth Gookin, Johannes Wendell & Elizabeth Staets, Robert Livingston the elder of N.Y. (RD) & Alida Schuyler; Jacob Perkins (TP) & Elizabeth Whipple (TP), Thomas Burnham & Mary Lawrence (RD), Edmund Quincy & Judith Pares, Evert Janse Wendell & Susanna du Trieux; John Perkins (TP) & Judith Gater (TP), Matthew Whipple, Jr. (TP) & Anna Hawkins (TP), Thomas Lawrence (RB, TP) & Joan Antrobus (TP), Philippe du Trieux & Susanna du Chesne; Matthew Whipple (TP) & Joan ___ (TP).

    6. DUBOSE HEYWARD, 1885-1940: Edwin Watkins Heyward & Jane Screven DuBose; Thomas Savage Heyward, Jr. & Louisa Virginia Watkins, Edwin DuBose & Jane Edwards Screven; Thomas Savage Heyward & Georgiana Hasell, Edwin F. Watkins & Mildred Barbara Johnson, Samuel Dubose & Anne Palmer Stevens, Napoleon Bonaparte Screven & Septima McPherson Edwards; Thomas Heyward, Jr. & Anne Elizabeth Cuthbert, Thomas Johnson, Jr. & Ann Catharine Harriet Washington, O’Neal Gough Stevens & Anne Palmer, Richard Bedon Screven & Alice Pendarvis; Thomas Heyward, signer of the Declaration of Independence, & Elizabeth Savage, [113] John Alexander Cuthbert & Mary DuPre Heyward, Thomas Johnson & Elizabeth Meriwether, Henry Washington & Ann Quarles, John Palmer & Ann Cahusac, John Screven & Elizabeth Pendarvis, Josiah Pendarvis, Jr. & Elizabeth Louisa Stobo; Thomas Savage (III) & Mary Elizabeth Butler, James Cuthbert (RD) & Mary Hazzard, Thomas Heyward & Annie Gignilliat (parents of Mary DuPre Heyward), Thomas Meriwether & Elizabeth Thornton, John Washington & Catherine Washington, John Pamor/Palmer & Marianne Gendron, James Screven & Mary Hyme Smith, Richard Park Stobo & Mary Harvey; Thomas Savage, Jr. & Elizabeth Fowle, John Gignilliat & Mary Magdalen DuPre, Francis Thornton, Jr. & Mary Taliaferro, Henry Washington & Mary Bailey (parents of John above), John Washington (Jr.) & Mary Massey (parents of Catherine), John Gendron & Elizabeth Mazyck, William Screven & Catherine Stoll, Thomas Smith, 2nd Landgrave & Mary Hyme, James Stobo & ___; Thomas Savage & Mehitable Phillips, Jean-François Gignilliat (RD) & Susanne Le Serurier, Francis Thornton & Alice Savage, John Taliaferro & Sarah Smith, John Washington, Jr. & Anne Wickliffe (parents of Henry), John Washington & Mary Townshend (parents of John [Jr. above]), Dade Massey & Elizabeth Ellis, Isaac Mazyck & Marianne Le Serurier, William Screven & Bridget Cutt, Edward Hyme & Elizabeth Massingberd (RD), Archibald Stobo & Elizabeth Park; Habijah Savage & Hannah Tyng, Henry Phillips & Mary Dwight, Anthony Savage (RD) & (poss.) Sarah Constable, Robert Taliaferro & Katherine Bedman, Lawrence Smith (RD) & Mary (Hitchen?), John Washington (RD) & Anne Pope (parents of John, Jr.), Lawrence Washington (RD) & Joyce (parents of John), Robert Townshend & Mary Langhorne (possible RD), Robert Massey & Mary Dade, Robert Cutt & Mary Hoel (parents of J.R Lowell ancestor Robert Cutt[s], Jr.); Thomas Savage & Faith Hutchinson, John Dwight & Hannah Francis Bade (RD) & Beheathland Bernard; William Hutchinson (TP) & Anne Marbury (RD, TP).

    6. JOANNE [GIGNILLIAT] WOODWARD, 1930-: Wade Woodward, Jr. & Eleanor Gignilliat Trimmier; Wade Woodward & Minnie Waunita Verdery, J. Lloyd Trimmier & Eleanor Gasque Gignilliat; Solomon R Woodward & Martha Elizabeth Wade, Richard Walthall Verdery & Georgia Ann Leonard, James W. Trimmier & Virginia P. Shelton, John Farquhar Gignilliat & Nancy Wragg Porcher; William Drayton Wade & Temperance Cushman, Uriah L. Leonard & Cassandra Drane, William H. Trimmier & Martha A. Kirby, Norman Page Gignilliat & Charlotte Gignilliat Trezevant, Richard Shackleford Porcher & Esther Gasque; James Cushman & Elizabeth (poss. Woodward), Stephen Drane & Rebecca Wilson, William Sloan Trimmier & Margaret Hampton Rowland, Gilbert Gignilliat & Mary McDonald, John Farquhar Trezevant & Margaret Pepper Gignilliat, Philip S. Porcher & Selina Sophonisba Shackleford; Simeon Cushman & Judith (___), William Drane & Cassandra Magruder, Obadiah Trimmier & Lucy Stribling, James Gignilliat & Charlotte Pepper (parents of Gilbert and Margaret Pepper Gignilliat), Samuel Porcher & Henrietta Harriet Porcher; Nathaniel Cushman & Sarah Coomer, Ninian Beall Magruder & Rebecca Young, Thomas Stribling, Jr. & Nancy Ann Kincheloe, John Gignilliat & Mary Magdalen DuPre, Peter Porcher & Elizabeth Cordes (parents of Samuel), Philip Porcher & Mary Mazyck (parents of Henrietta Harriet); Isaac Cushman, Jr. & Sarah Gibbs, Samuel Magruder & Margaret Jackson, Thomas Stribling & Elizabeth Taliaferro, Jean-Francois Gignilliat (RD) & Susanne Le Serurier, Thomas Cordes & Henrietta Catherine Gendron, Isaac Mazyck, Jr. & & Jane Mary St. Julien; Isaac Cushman & Rebecca (prob.) Harlow, Thomas Gibbs & Alice Warren, Ninian Magruder & Elizabeth Brewer, Francis Taliaferro & Elizabeth Catlett, Anthony Cordes & Esther Madeleine Balluet, Isaac Mazyck & Marianne Le Serurier; Thomas Cushman & Mary Allerton, William Harlow & Rebecca Bartlett, Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker, Samuel Magruder & Sarah Beall, Robert Taliaferro & Katherine Bedman, John Catlett & Elizabeth Underwood; Isaac Allerton (MP) & Mary Norris (MP), Robert Bartlett & Mary Warren, Richard Warren (MP) & Elizabeth ___ (parents of Nathaniel & Mary), Alexander Magruder (RD) & Sarah ___.


    [1] Joseph Lane, 1801-1881; John Lane & Elizabeth Street; Jesse Lane & Winifred Aycock; Joseph Lane, Jr. & Patience McKinne.

    [2] For the ancestry of Tennessee Williams to #67 Elizabeth (Hicks) Lanier, see NEXUS 8(1991):108-109. The now expanded ancestry of this last is (very probably) Robert Hicks, Jr. & Elizabeth Urvin; Nathaniel Urvin & Elizabeth Peterson; John Peterson & Elizabeth Soane; Henry Soane & Judith Fuller.

    [3] Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), 1835- 1910; John Marshall Clemens & Jane Lampton; Samuel Clemens & Pamela Goggin; Stephen Goggins, Jr. & Rachel Moorman; Thomas Moorman & Rachel Clark; Charles Moorman & Elizabeth (Reynolds?).

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    [6] Francis Marion (ca. 1732-1795) & Mary Esther Videau; Gabriel Marion & Esther Cordes, Henry Videau & Anne Cordes; Anthony Cordes & Esther Madeleine Balluet (parents of Esther & Anne).


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    General: For the royal descents of Christopher Branch, William Farrar, John Goode, John Hinton, Henry Wyche, Mrs. Mary Lawrence Burnham, John Mohr McIntosh, Sir Patrick Houstoun, 5th Bt., Robert Livingston the elder, Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson, Francis Dade, Anthony Savage, Lawrence Smith, the brothers Lawrence (Jr.) and John Washington, James Cuthbert, Jean-François Gignilliat, Mrs. Elizabeth Massingberd Hyme, and Alexander Magruder, with caveats for Goode, Hinton, Savage and Smith, see G.B. Roberts, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants (1993), pp. 407-8, 224-25, 336-37, 134-35, 421-22, 455-57, 109-10, 53-54, 92-93, 233-35, 285, 253-54, 330-31, 333, 243, 60, 453-54, 213-15, 99 and sources cited therein. For presidential connections noted herein see G.B. Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents, preliminary ed., rev. (1989). For the kinships of Harper Lee and Truman Capote to playwright Tennessee Williams see J.A. Brayton, The Complete Ancestry of Tennessee Williams (forthcoming, prob. 1994). Harper Lee’s kinship to Gov. Joseph Lane, Tallulah Bankhead’s to Mark Twain, Clift’s to William and George Rogers Clark, and Joanne Woodward’s to Francis Marion and his wife are treated in the Lane, Moorman, Clark and Cordes/Marion/Videau/Porcher sources cited above; see also, however, R.M. Bell, The Ancestry of Samuel Clemens, Grandfather of Mark Twain (rev. ed., 1984), chart on p. 5 esp. For Capote’s kinship to M.W. Ransom see Brandenburger, op. cit., and A.J. Macon, Gideon Macon of Virginia and Some of His Descendants (1956), pp. 159-63 (Ransom, Green).

    John Anderson Brayton, a native of Dyersburg, Tenn., has contributed two previous “Notable Kin” columns - “The Ancestry of Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams” (NEXUS 8 [1991]: 108-12) and “Carter, Helms and Presley: A Foray into the Piedmont ‘Non-Plantation South”’ (8:204-6). As noted above, an expansion of the former column will soon appear in book form. Other articles by Mr. Brayton have appeared in the Virginia Genealogist and Tennessee Ancestors. Most recently he was part of the NEHGS team that traced President Clinton’s immediate ancestry (NEXUS 9[1992]:204-9), and contributed several monographs to Twenty-Six Colonists to New England (1993) by J.B. Threlfall. Interested readers may contact him at 920 Holland Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

    NOTE: Among immigrant ancestors of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in the last “Notable Kin” column (NEXUS 10:73), the term RD was inadvertently omitted after Robert Sinclair of N.Y., Robert Livingston the elder of N.Y., and Robert Livingston the younger of N.Y. Sources for the Sinclair and Livingston royal descents, however, are noted on p. 74, under #7.

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