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    How to Write and Publish Your Family History

    Writing GuidePenelope L. Stratton and Henry B. Hoff
    NEHGS; 7 x 10 softcover, 208 pp., illus.
    reg. $19.95, member price $17.96
    This update of Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century is a must-have for anyone interested in sharing their research! Using examples from NEHGS's award-winning publications, our experts show you how to write your family history clearly and accurately—from building a genealogical sketch to adding images to indexing. Whether you are new to genealogy or have been researching for years, this improved edition of our bestselling "writing guide" will help you present your findings in writing. 2014.

    Elements of Genealogical Analysis

    Writing GuideRobert Charles Anderson
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, 188 pp., illus.
    reg. $24.95, member price $22.46
    Analyze records and make sound genealogical conclusions using the same method applied by Robert Charles Anderson for the Great Migration Study Project! This handbook presents a step-by-step process for solving genealogical problems—a methodology thirty years in the making. Developed by Anderson and perfected through his work on the Great Migration Study Project, this systematic approach considers each source, each record, and each possible linkage before making a genealogical conclusion. Clearly defined tools, checklists, and logically ordered steps throughout the book help make this method both accessible and effective. 2014

    New England Handbook

    New England Handbook 100Edited by Michael J. Leclerc
    NEHGS; 7 x 10 softcover, 500 pp., illus.
    reg. $24.95, member price $22.46
    Now in its fifth edition, this handbook is an indispensable resource for anyone doing research in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. More than just a how-to book, it is a location guide to public records, repositories, libraries, and genealogical societies throughout New England. This new edition also includes introductory essays explaining basics of research and resources unique to each state, nearly 80 state and county maps, a listing of each town’s parent and daughter towns, a checklist of published and manuscript vital and church records, a New England gazetteer, and a new user-friendly two-color design.

    Portable Genealogist: Immigration to the U.S.

    PG_Immigration_catBy Rhonda R. McClure
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    Since the 1600s, people have immigrated to America to escape religious or social persecution, claim a better life, or seek adventure. No matter the reason or time period, finding your immigrant ancestor can be a difficult task. This Portable Genealogist will help you better understand the major waves of immigration to the U.S. between 1607 and 1924 and discuss what records exist, where to find them, and how to learn more about your ancestor's entry into America. 2013

    Portable Genealogist: U.S. Naturalization

    PG_Naturalization_catBy Rhonda R. McClure
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    Since the seventeenth century, new arrivals to America have been expected to show their allegiance to their new land. Over time, that expectation has developed into the naturalization process of the present day. Naturalization records are important sources of information to the family historian. They tell of the origins of the immigrant, age or birth date, and approximate arrival to the U.S. This Portable Genealogist will help you understand the history of U.S. naturalization, what records are available, and how to access those records.. 2013

    Portable Genealogist: New York State Census

    PG_NY Census_catBy Christopher C. Child
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    New York is a crossroads for many of our ancestors. Some families may have been in New York State for less than a generation on their way farther west, whereas other families became permanent settlers. New York's sources for genealogical inquiry, however, are often lacking-statewide registration of vital records did not start until 1881! One bright spot in New York research is the New York state census. While the U.S. federal census may be the first place genealogists look to gather information about a family, state census records are often overlooked. The New York State census in particular, offers remarkably valuable genealogical information beyond what's contained in the federal census. This Portable Genealogist will assist you in understanding, locating, and using these important records. 2013

    Portable Genealogist: Editorial Stylesheet

    PG_Sketch_catBy Penny Stratton
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    When presenting your genealogical information, it’s important to be consistent in how you present your research, refer to certain places and people, and implement your overall style. This Portable Genealogist will help guide your writing and aid in decisions relating to capitalization, spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, and the like. Key elements for Register and ahnentafel style are summarized, and a list of common abbreviations is provided. 2014

    Portable Genealogist: Building a Genealogical Sketch

    PG_Sketch_catBy Penny Stratton
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    If you're ready to turn your family history research into a publication, this Portable Genealogist will help you assemble the basic elements of a genealogical "sketch" and go over the elements of the descendancy (Register style) and ancestor table (ahnentafel) formats. 2013


    Portable Genealogist: Genealogical Numbering

    Pocket Genealogist: Numbering_catBy Penny Stratton
    NEHGS; 8.5 x 11, laminated, 4 pp.
    reg. $6.95, member price $6.26; includes FREE USPS shipping
    Genealogical writing uses a variety of numbering systems to help organize material and make your research findings accessible to the reader. Whether you are numbering sketches based on descendancy or ancestry, adding generational numbers, or simply numbering a list of children, you should adhere to common standards and styles. This Portable Genealogist will help you navigate and implement these basic numbering systems in your writing. 2013

    Preserving Your Family Photographs

    Preserving Family 100Maureen A. Taylor
    Picture Perfect Press; 8 x 10 softcover, 206 pp., illus.
    Add value to your home collection of family photographs and help preserve them for years to come by applying the methods that conservators and photo curators use every day. 2010 Learn step-by-step how to: • Organize photos for easier research • Attractively display photos • Create scrapbooks using archival guidelines • Properly handle images such as daguerreotypes • Prepare electronic archives

    Finding the Civil War in Your Family Album

    Finding Civil War 100Maureen A. Taylor
    Picture Perfect Press;
    7 x 10 softcover, 192 pp., illus.
    Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, turns her attention to photographs from the Civil War era to help you find wartime stories in your own family album. These images, whether it’s a man in uniform or a woman posing with her children, tell the story of your family’s involvement in a critical period of history. This book will train you to study the photo’s work dates, tax stamps, sitter’s style of clothing, and military dress to help you determine and verify the picture’s authenticity. 2011

    The Best Genealogical Sources in Print

    Genealogical SourcesEssays by Gary Boyd Roberts
    NEHGS, 6 x 9 softcover, xv + 530 pp.
    reg. $24.95, member price $22.46
    An expert in notable families and a master of printed resources, Gary Boyd Roberts has published many articles over the years discussing important genealogical sources and educating the family historian in the value of printed genealogical works. This anthology, first published in 2004, is the culmination of his remarkable career in genealogy and points readers to materials that will benefit their research. Includes a new chapter on genealogical progress since 2004. 2011

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