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    Anne Hutchinson and John Wheelwright
    In an occasional Great Migration sketch, usually for a resident of Boston, we will note when there is evidence that the immigrant was a supporter of Anne Hutchinson and John Wheelwright, without describing just what that support meant and what the consequences were.
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    Editor's Effusions
    In this first issue of the New Year, we are making two experiments. First, in addition to our normal distribution to both print and electronic subscribers, we will be sending this issue, and this issue only, to all NEHGS members with electronic addresses. We believe that there are many members of the Society, and especially many new members, who are not familiar with the Great Migration Newsletter, and we hope in this way to broaden the circulation of this publication.
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    Focus on County Courts
    Of the many original sources exploited in the preparation of Great Migration sketches, none provides a wider range of information than the records of the county courts. Furthermore, aside from such sources as private letters and diaries, court records frequently provide the greatest insights into the individual personalities of the immigrants. To better understand this class of records, we will examine the early county courts of Massachusetts Bay.
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    Recent Literature
    Leslie Mahler, “The English Origin of Nathaniel1 Ward of
    Hartford, Connecticut, and Hadley, Massachusetts, Mary1 (Ward) Cutting of Newbury, Massachusetts, Rebecca1 (Ward) Allen of Newbury, and Their Nephew William1 Markham of Hadley: A Previously Unknown Kinship Group,” The American Genealogist 83 (2008-9):13-18. Using the 1664 will of Nathaniel Ward of Hadley as a springboard, Mahler presents records from old and New England which demonstrate that Nathaniel was son of Edward Ward of Little Wratting, Suffolk, and that he was joined in New England by two sisters, Mary (Ward) Cutting, wife of John Cutting of Newbury, and Rebecca (Ward) Allen, wife of Walter Allen of Newbury, and by a nephew, William Markham of Hadley, son of his sister Lydia (Ward) Markham.
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