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  • Gifts of Stock

  • By contributing appreciated securities to NEHGS you can get two tax breaks: you can deduct the entire amount as a charitable donations and avoid paying the capital gains tax on the increased value from the time it was purchased. Stock or other publically traded securities may be transferred electronically or by mail. In either case, donors will be notified of the stock receipt by the Society. Your tax deduction will be based on the mean market value of the stock on the day of the shares transfer into the NEHGS account.

    Please alert the NEHGS Development Office before transferring stock and send the Society either a copy of the broker’s instructions or a letter of intent including the number of shares and gift date transfer. Please note that due to confidentiality protocols, the NEHGS Development Office often has no way of knowing who sent the stock if we are not notified by either you or your broker. Prior to the stock transfer, please contact Ted MacMahon, Director of Development at NEHGS, at 617-226-1218 or

    Electronic Transfer of Stock

    Stock may be sent electronically by your broker or trust advisor to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. You may instruct your broker to “deliver free” with the following information:

    • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management's number is DTC 0015
    • The Society's account number is 707-119420
    • The Society's federal tax number (EIN#) is 04-2104757

    The Society's contact at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is Tom Bernazani (617-570-9257).

    Transfer by Mail

    If you wish to send the actual certificate(s) by mail, please do the following:

    • Write part of the NEHGS account number (707119420) in the upper right-hand corner of the certificate(s). Mail the unsigned certificate(s) by Certified Mail to:
      Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
      Attn: Tom Bernazani
      28 State Street, 25th Floor
      Boston, MA 02109
    • Include a letter notifying Mr. Bernazani that the donation of xx shares of (stock name) is a gift to the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and send a duplicate copy to the NEHGS Development Department. The stock sale and gift processing will be expedited when you include this letter of intent.
    • Sign and date a Morgan Stanley Wealth Management stock power form (available through NEHGS) for each stock company; the rest of the form may be left blank. Mail the stock power form(s) under separate cover to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management at the above address.
    • An alternate method of transfer is to have the issuing corporation transfer the stock to the Society's name and send it by certified mail to the NEHGS Development Department. Please notify NEHGS in advance of this transfer.
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