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  • Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Milford, Massachusetts, Giving Exact Place of Origin in Ireland

    Richard Andrew Pierce

    Published Date : December 1992

    1. Patrick Flynn, d. Jan. 1, 1853, aged 20 yrs. Margaret Flynn, d. 1855 aged 22 yrs. Natives of Clashmore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Erected by their Mother Ann Flynn.

    2. This stone was erected by Alexander Frazer in memory of his son Alexander who died on the 11th day of Mar. 185[3?] ae. 22 years. Native of the parish of Ballintoy, Co. Antrim, Ireland.

    3. Patrick Bermingham, Died Oct. 14, 1869 aged 32 yrs. A native of Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland. Erected by his wife Catherine [adj. is a small stone for their young child].

    4. John Sullivan, Died Dec. 24, 1873 aged 28 yrs. A native of the Parish of Dromid, Co., Kerry, Ireland.

    5. Patrick McKeague Died May 13 1870 aged 31. Native of Clooncangh [?] Co. Galway, Ireland. Infant dau. Bridget, Died July 27, 1871.

    6. Luke Boyle died Sept. 19, 1866 Aged 60 yrs. Native of Co. Galway Ireland. [Adj. stone] Erected by Luke Boyle to the memory of his beloved wife Ellen. A native of the Parish of Ballenakill, Co. Galway, Ireland. Died May 13, 1865 Aged 51 years.

    7. Mathies Smith, Died Aug. 8, 1859 ae. 30 yrs. Native of Parish of Din, Co. Cavan, Ireland. His dau. Anna Maria ae. 10 months. His wife Catherine 1836-1884.

    8. Sacred to the memory of James Gaffny, who died Dec. 18, 1855 aged 73 years, a native of the Co. Sligo, Ireland. Also his son Patrick Died Aug. 31, 1859 ae. 26 yrs.

    9. Erected by Patrick McGarry to the memory of his Father & Mother Michael McGarry died May 14, 1855 ae. 67 yrs.; Ann McGarry his wife died Apr. 2,1855 ae. 57 yrs. Both natives of the Parish of Tumour, Co. Sligo, Ireland [adj. is a stone for more recent members of the McGarry family].

    10. Erected by John Madden in memory of his beloved mother Catherine Madden Native of the Parish of Loughrea who died March 8, 1852 aged 45 yrs. [adj. is an older stone for Thomas Madden, illegible] [in front of this stone]: James Madden Died Apr. 23,1870 Aged 54 yrs. A native of Clontuscar, Co. Galway, Ireland. His wife Margaret Died July 31, 1869 Age 50 yrs. (also two infant children).

    11. Erected by his daughter in memory of Patrick Manion died Aug. 18, 1866 Aged 66, Native of Parish [of] Gilchrist, Co. Galway, Ireland. His wife Mary Manion; son Patsy.

    12. In memory of Ann wife of Patrick Smith Died Feb. 1, 1864 ae. 32 yrs. Native of Parish of Kells, Co. Clare, Ireland. Erected by his children Peter J. and Rose A.

    13. Martin O’Shaughnessy Died Sept 20,1883 Aged 54 yrs. Native of Kilmardadie [?], Co. Galway, Ireland. John F., Thomas P., Delia, Martin, Katie, Children of Martin and Mary L O'Shaughnessy. Erected by his Wife Mary.

    14. In memory of Peter Duffy a native of Dundalk Co. of Louth, Ireland, who died May 23, 1857, aged 63 years. [Inscription below]: FATHER.

    15. Erected by [illegible] in memory of her husband John Keaney native of the Parish of Killeddon, County Sligo Ireland, died April 27, 1866 aged 43 years.

    16. Erected in memory of Jane wid[ow] of Patrick Maloney Died Oct. 4, 1858 Aged 73 years A native of Ennistamon, Co. Clare, Ireland. [adj. this stone in same plot, one of same age, type and size]: Catherine wife of Thomas O’Donel Died Sept. 6, 1854 Aged 42 [?] years. A native of Ennistimon, Co. Clare, Ireland.

    17. John Condon Died Feb. 9,1865 Aged 68yrs. A native of Mitchellstown, Co. Cork, Ireland. Erected by his wife Bridget

    18. Martin Kennedy, died July 4,1866, Aged 35 years Native of Lough [or Laugh?] Hill [?], Co. Galway, Ireland. His wife Catherine 1831-1915 [a small Kennedy stone adj.]

    19. Thomas Faherty, Native of the Parish of Minno, Co. Galway, Ireland Died Dec. 21, 1865 Aged 21 yrs. Erected by his Mother.

    20. Michael d. Jan. 21, 1867 aged 14 years 3 mos.; Mary Liza died July 13, 1869 aged 3 years 2 mos. John died July 16, 1869 aged 27 yrs. Children of Thomas & Mary Sheehan, natives of the parish of Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland. [beneath]: 1865 Wm. M. Sheehan 1914.

    21. Ellen Lenihan, Died June 20, 1871 Aged 70 yrs. A native of Parish of Ballynamona, Co. Cork, Ireland. Erected by her son James. Her daughter Ellen Died Jan. 11, 1865.

    22. Erected by James .... In memory of his wife Mary Died Aug. 24, 1885[?] ae. 48 yrs. Born in Parish of Donacavey, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

    23. Mary Naulty Died Aug. 5,1871 Aged 58 yrs. A native of Killbeg Co. Meath, Ireland. Erected by her Daughter Ann.

    24. Catherine wife of John Byrne Died May 31, 1880 ae. 39 yrs. 2 mos. A native of Parish Killucan, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Their dau. Mary M. Died Jan. 31,1872 ae. 1 yr. 9 mo.

    25. Erected by Timothy Kirby in memory of his Brother & Sister: John died Dec. 21, 1875, ae. 26 yrs. 7 mos.; Mary died Feb. 10, 1880 ae. 50 yrs. Natives of Castle Lyons, Co. Cork, Ireland.

    26. John E. McDermott, Born in Gurtteen, Co. Galway, Ireland Died in Andersonville Aug. 18, 1864 ae. 45 yrs.

    27. Patrick Reynolds Died June 19, 1875, ae. 88 yrs. Native of Co. Roscommon, Ireland.

    28. James Hennessey, Died Dec. 3, 1872 Aged 65 yrs. A native of the Parish of Mountmellick, Queens Co., Ireland. Erected by his wife Bridget. Bridget Hennessey Died May 29, 1879 ae. 66 yrs. [adj. this stone, of same type and period, poss. a relative]: Stephen Highland, Died Nov. 11, 1881, ae. 73.

    29.John Hayes, Died June 14, 1887 ae. 46 yrs. Native of Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland. [adj. stone]: Timothy Hayes, Died Oct. 1, 1871, Aged 24 years.


    30. James Fitzgerald, Died May 29, 1872, aged 32 years. A native of Co. Kerry, Ireland.

    31. Maria wife of Charles Flynn, Died July 2, 1871, ae. 35 Yrs. Native of Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland. Also her son Patrick, Died July 11, 1871 ae. 17 yrs.

    32. [next to above stone, not necessarily rel.]: John Dignan, Died March 12,1871 Aged 23 yrs. A native of the Parish of Cevea [?], Co. Sligo, Ireland. Erected by his brother Michael.

    33. Michael Murphy, native of Knocktopher, parish of Ballyhale, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Died Oct. 2, 18[70?], Aged 67 yrs. Mary daughter of Michael & Johanna Murphy, died Jan. [19?] 1856 Aged 17 yrs. Erected by his son Michael.

    34. Dennis Murphy Died July 15, 18[70?] Aged 69 yrs. A native of Parish of Caranarave [?], Co. Cork, Ireland. Erected by his wife Mary.

    35. Bridget Loftus, Wife of John Shaughnessy, Died July 23, 1889 Aged 53 yrs. Native of Parish of Drum, of Mayo, Ireland. [Adj. is a newer Shaughnessy stone]

    36. To the Memory of Michael Welch who Died Nov. 30,1861 Aged 44 Years. A native of the Parish of Clooncare, Co. of Leitrim, Ireland. A tribute of affection by his beloved Wife.

    37. Erected by Margaret in memory of her beloved Husband Patrick Quinlan Died Dec. 14, 1858 Aged 62 yrs. Ellen wife of John Quinlan died Jan. 18, 1852, Aged yrs. Native of Loughall [?], Co. Cork, Ireland.

    38. Dennis Kelley, Died March 22, 1885, ae. 73 yrs., Native of Sligo, Ireland. Mary, wife of Dennis Kelley, Died Mar. 11, 1864 ae. 78 yrs. 8 mos. 7 days.

    39. William Pyne, Died Aug. 16, 1869, Aged 45 yrs. A native of Castletown roche, Co. Cork, Ireland. Erected by his wife Margaret.

    40. John O’Donell, Died Oct. 20, 1874, Aged 48 years. A native of Enisgeal, County Donegal, Ireland. erected by his wife. Katie Daughter of John & Catherine O’Don[n?]ell, Died May 15, 1874 Aged 6 years & 6 months [adj. is a stone for two inf. O’Donells who d. in the 1850s]

    41. James Broughey Died Feb. 12, 1876, Aged 62 years. A native of Corr, County Galway, Ireland. Winefred wife of James Broughey, Died Nov. 8 1882, Aged 79 yens. A native of Co. Clare, Ireland. [adj. are stones for two Broughey sons and their wives]

    42. Patrick Cauley, Died June 24, 1870, Aged 24 years. A native of Aughnough, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

    43. [oldest inscription in a large Clifford plot]: John Clifford Born June 24, 1826, Town of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Died April 1, 1896. MaryB., his wife, 1834-1914.

    44. Michael J. Raftery, Died Aug. 11 [?], 1874, Aged 50 years. Born in the Parish of Abbey, Co. Galway, Ireland. Erected by his loving wife Maria.

    45. Timothy Desmond of Ballinhassig, Co. Cork, Ireland, who departed this life May 27, 1863, Aged 27 [?] years. Erected by Daniel Pratt.

    46. Jane Mullany, Died Sept. 25, 1863 [?], Aged 42 years. A native of the Town of Sligo, Ireland.

    47. Bridget, daughter of Daniel & Mary Conologue Died March 1, 1850, Aged 22 year[s]. Native of [Culdaff? Clonduff?], Co. Donegal, Ireland.

    48. Erected by Mary memory of her husband Patrick, a native of Parish Don[?]many, Co. Donegal, Ireland; died Dec. 19 [?], 1855, Aged 28 years. Margaret M. died Nov. 22, 1857, Aged 1 yr. 9 mos. John Edward d. Mch. 7, 1852, Aged 4 months 21 days. Also an infant.

    49. Erected by Richard O’Connell in memory of his wife Mary, native of In St. Lawrence, Co. Limerick, Ireland who died March 20, 1851, Aged 64 years.

    50.    Erected by John McSweney In memory of his beloved Mother & Children Joannah McSweney native of Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland, died Mar. 27, 185[7?] [1?], Ae. 52 yrs. Joannah died Jan. 13, 185[1?] [7?], ae. 1 year 1 month. Dennis died Jan. 2, 1853 [?], ae. 1 year & 5 mos.

    Children of John & Ellen McSweney

    51.    Erected in memory of John O’Connor Died May 14,1855 aged 66 [?] yrs. Also his beloved Daughters, Margaret, Bridget, Abigail, and Honorha, natives of Glenvill, Co. Cork, Ireland. Erected by his sons, Michael & Patrick.

    52.    Erected by Mary Ann Conlin in memory of her husband Daniel Conlin a native of the Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died Jan. 19, 1851, ae. 31 yrs.

    53.    Erected by Daniel .... in memory of his beloved wife Bridget who died Aug. [__] 1858 aged 55 years. Native of Boherascrubb, Parish of Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland.

    54.    Erected by James and Bridget Clancey Natives of Lahirch, Parish of Ennistymon, Co. Clare Ireland in Memory of their children Anne Died Dec. 5, 1851 , ae. 3 mo. 2 days and Michael Died July 26, 1848 ae. 8 mo. 26 days.

    55.    Margaret, wife of Charles O’Keeffe, Died Feb. 5,1853 ae. 32 yrs. Native of Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Her son Aurthur [sic] Died Mar. 27,1870 ae. 18 yrs 3 mos. 22 days.

    56.    Erected by Catherine Larkin in memory of her beloved husband Martin Larkin, native of Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland Died Nov.[?] 14, 1853 ae. 43 yrs. Also her children Margaret, Martin, John [on an adj. stone is another ch. who dy.]

    Richard Andrew Pierce, a professional genealogist in Boston who specializes in Irish and nineteenth-century research, works with the NEHGS Enquiries Service. He wrote on the Kennedy, Fitzgerald, Murphy and Barron Irish origins in NEXUS 7(1990):102-3, 8:61-62, 9:23-4; his contributions to the Clinton ancestor table are noted elsewhere in this issue.

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