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     A trip to NEHGS is a fascinating journey into the past for your entire family! As you begin to do your research, your children can learn the fascinating stories that are told only through your own family history. Our wonderful building on Boston's beautiful Newbury Street contains a host of resources that can help your children unlock the key to their family's past, as well as give them a passion for learning that can last a lifetime!

    Some Family Genealogical Projects from Our Online Genealogist, David Lambert

  • Show your children your old family photographs. Explain who are in the photographs and when they were taken.
  • Using copies made from your old photos, letters, and family documents, create a family scrap book.
  • Make a list of questions, and have your children conduct a genealogical interview about you and your childhood.
  • Make a family history website together.
  • Create a family chart on poster board using photos.
  • Take your children on a genealogical field trip to see where their ancestors used to live.
  • At bedtime, tell them an "Ancestor Story" instead of their normal bed time story. Family stories can be handed down from generation to generation, and helps preserve a family's heritage.

    Hear what our genealogists have to say:

    Chris Child, reference librarian, visited NEHGS often as a child and is now working at  101 Newbury Street. His passion for genealogy started as a young child and continues today, specializing in Connecticut and general New England research.

    Getting interested in genealogy at a young age has been great since I've had a chance to learn stories from the older generations of my family. Many get interested in genealogy at retirement and have to start with themselves. By interviewing my grandmother and great-aunts, I had living witnesses to the earlier data, which made my search much easier. I've also gotten some friends and their older relatives interested in their pasts as well.

    Other Interesting Resources
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