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  • Genealogical Puzzle: Search for the Parents of Lewis Warren

    George Warren

    Published Date : December 1985
    Moses Warren was of English descent and a manufacturer of woolen cloth.  His son Lewis was born in Canada 14 March 1780 where he learned the trade of weaver.  In 1806 Lewis, wanting to go into business, was required to take the oath of allegiance to the British Crown.  He refused and moved to Connecticut where in 1809 he married Sophronia Adams of Preston (Poquetanuck), Connecticut, the daughter of Daniel and Alice (Ensworth) Adams.  Daniel was descended from two sons of Henry of Braintree, Thomas and Edward, and also from Thomas Tracy, John Cary, Richard Woodward and Richard Dana.  Daniel was a Minute Man who answered the Lexington Alarm.  Alice was descended from Tyxhall Ensworth, William Bradford of the Mayflower and James Fitch of Old Saybrook and Norwich.

    Lewis and his wife Sophronia settled in North Stonington, Connecticut, where two sons were born: Guy Lewis, 23 September 1810, and Albert Gallatin, 26 July 1812.

    In 1811 the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut granted to Lewis Warren, “a foreigner born in Canada,” license to purchase land “in the same manner to all intents and purposes as tho the said Warren was a Native inhabitant of this State.”

    Lewis and Sophronia and their two small sons migrated to Allegany County, New York, in 1813 where Lewis built and operated the first flour and grist mill in Rushford.  There a third son was born, William Harrison, 26 October 1814, and there Lewis drowned 13 March 1815 trying to open the floodgates of his pond during a heavy rain.  The widow returned by wagon 450 miles to Poquetanuck taking her three small sons to live in the home of her father.  The eldest, Guy Lewis, went to work for a carriage and harness maker in Hartford.  Later he accepted a job in Charleston, South Carolina, where he married Mary Ruberry Vardell of that city, 11 October 1838.  In the 1840s the other two sons went to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  William married Eliza Dodge of Stonington and died 4 January 1904 in Sturgeon Bay. Guy Lewis died in Sumter County, South Carolina, 2 September 1875.

    Lewis was said to have been an educated man and a “close associate of General William Henry Harrison” for whom he named his third son.  I have found no evidence to support that claim.

    One descendant remembers the old folks talking about a piece of family land in New York State leased for ninety-nine years and a churchyard in which numerous Warren kin were buried.

    An unidentified Moses Warren was in Stonington, Connecticut, in 1820 building a road.  A Moses of New Hampshire went to Nova Scotia after the American Revolution.  A Moses was taken prisoner to Quebec in 1781.  Several Moseses served in the Revolution.  A Moses was a surveyor of western New York State for the Holland Land Company. That included Rushford. Another Moses of Massachusetts lived after the Revolution in Jay, Maine, which was in Canada prior to that war.  A Moses was a surveyor for the Connecticut Land Company.  A Moses was on a commission to settle the boundary between Massachusetts and Connecticut in 1820.  No son Lewis have I found.

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