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  • Notable Kin: Foreign Prime Ministers or Presidents with New England - Derived Forebears or Wives: Part I - Canada

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : June - July 1988

    The last “Notable Kin” column (NEXUS 5[1988]: 56-59) covered the New England ancestry of four Canadian prime ministers and the wife of a fifth.  In this second column on New England connections of foreign prime ministers or presidents we shall treat firstly some newly discovered ancestors of Jennie Jerome, wife of British Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Randolph (Henry Spencer) Churchill, mother of Prime Minister Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer) Churchill, and paternal grandmother of the second wife of Prime Minister (Robert) Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon, plus the New England ancestry of Mary Alden Osgood, wife of Irish nationalist (Robert) Erskine Childers and mother of Republic of Ireland President Erskine Hamilton Childers.  Then among American wives of continental heads of state or government we shall consider Mary Elizabeth Plummer, wife of Prime Minister Georges Eugene Benjamin Clemenceau, the “Tiger of France,” and Charlotte Garrigue, wife of Thomas Jan Mazaryk, later Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, first president of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, 1918-35, and mother of Czech Foreign Minister Jan Garrigue Masaryk.

    American-European intermarriages, between noble or noted Britishers and American heiresses especially, can be found throughout American history.  So too can some “reverse migration” of Americans to England and the continent, sometimes via Canada or the Caribbean.  International unions increase dramatically, however, after the Civil War, due partly at least to the enormous wealth of America’s industrial “tycoon” families, to much increased foreign travel and study, and to consequent social interaction among national “establishments” or “intellectual gentries.”  Given the large number of these marriages - Anglo-American unions 1865-1914 alone probably total 1000 American forebears or wives for European prime ministers or presidents are not only not surprising; future such connections can undoubtedly be expected.

    In the July 1942 issue of The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (NYGBR), Conklin Mann charted the entire then-known ancestry of Jennie Jerome, the American mother of Winston Churchill, and noted the latter’s kinships to Franklin D. Roosevelt, General Douglas MacArthur, and (in the October issue) Vice President Henry A. Wallace.  These ancestral charts were carefully prepared, although undocumented. Until recently the major additions or corrections to them, besides various newly discovered English origins or seventeenth-century wives, were the identification of Abigail, wife of the immigrant Timothy Jerome, as a daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail (Green) Rich of Preston, Connecticut (see The American Genealogist [TAG] 22[1945-46]:94-97), an authoritative tracing of the entire known ancestry of Rebecca Hatch, wife of Capt. Nathaniel Berry, Jr., of Kent, Connecticut, and sister of a great-great-grandmother of Ulysses S. Grant (see Kerry William Bate, The Ebenezer Hanks Story [1982], pp. 156-58, 178-80, 103-104, 192-93, and TAG 51[1975]:231-40, 52[1976]:88-90), and the elimination of Churchill’s supposed Mayflower lines to Francis Cooke and Richard Warrm.  Elizabeth Cooke, a granddaughter of both of these last, married Daniel Wilcox of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, but the mother of Daniel Wilcox, Jr., Churchill’s ancestor, was almost certainly the unknown first wife of Daniel, Sr. (see the Register 87[1933]:73-74, and The Mayflower Quarterly 47[1981]:69).  Among Jennie Jerome’s ancestors were immigrant forebears, or the parents of immigrant forebears, of many Americans, including most New Englanders, bearing the surnames Jerome, Tuttle, Burt, Olds, Stowe, Wetmore, Sumner, Nettleton, Griswold, Coe, Hawley, Atwater, Sayre, Merriman, Beach, Phippen, Philbrick, Borden, Ripley, and Howland.

    Conklin Mann knew all eight of Jennie Jerome’s great-grandparents, but only 14 of 16 and 26 of 32 of her ancestors in the next two generations.  One great-great-grandfather, John Guthrie (ca. 1700- 1756) was apparently an immigrant from Scotland, and the maiden surname of a great-great-great-grandmother - Meribah, wife of Eleazur Smith of Dartmouth, Massachusetts - is unknown.  The remainder of the “unknowns” among Churchill’s 18th-century American forebears were ancestors of Jennie Jerome’s matrilineal great-grandmother, the wife of David Willcox (1763-1828) of Macedon, Wayne County, New York, whose gravestone states that she was Anna Baker, born in Nova Scotia 27 May 1761, died 28 December 1813.  Nothing more was known about this Anna Baker [95] until Michael J. Wood of London, in the course of extensive research into American descendants of the Shermans of Dedham, Essex, found in the Society’s library a 1951 typescript by Bertha W. Clark on the descendants of Francis Baker of Yarmouth.  Pages 119-20 of this work cover the family of Joseph5 Baker, born Jamestown, Rhode Island, 12 February 1738/9, who married Experience Martin in Swansea, Massachusetts, 4 September 1760. About 1762 (or earlier if Anna Baker was indeed born in Nova Scotia and in 1761, and was not merely “from there” or born a year or two later) Joseph Baker, his brother William, and their cousins George Sherman, Sr. and Jr., migrated to Nova Scotia.  All four were living in Sackville, N.S., in 1770, but later returned to New England.  Joseph Baker eventually settled in Ira, Vermont, where he died 15 June 1796.  His will, dated 11 February 1795, names a daughter Anne Willcocks.  A son, Joseph Baker, Jr., moved about 1800 to Farmington, Ontario County, New York, adjacent to Macedon in Wayne County, where Anna (Baker) Willcox is buried.

    Further documentary proof of Anna’s parentage might be found in Nova Scotia, Vermont, or New York.  It is, however, so unlikely that two men named Willcox or Willcocks, both of New England, each married an Anna or Anne Baker born in the early 1760s in Nova Scotia, and that both couples would later move, or have siblings who moved, to adjacent New York towns, that in the absence of actual disproof we can confidently accept Joseph Baker’s daughter as Churchill’s matrilineal great-great-grandmother.  This matrilineal descent can be extended for only one more generation, for the parentage of Experience Martm. who appears in only a “miscellaneous” section of Henry J. Martin’s Notices Genealogical and Historical of the Martin Family (1880), cannot be readily traced.  Outlined below, however, is the entire known American ancestry of Joseph Baker, including forebears that connect Churchill to most New Englanders named Twining, Sherman, Tripp, Buffington, and Southwick.  As noted in the last “Notable Kin” column, Churchill is a distant kinsman of Taft and Hoover among U.S. presidents, of Sir. R.L. Borden among Canadian prime ministers, and of the 5th Earl of Rosebery among British prime ministers, via his descent from Philip Sherman, first Secretary of the Rhode Island colony, and Henry Sherman of Dedham, Essex. William Twining of Yarmouth and Eastham on Cape Cod and the Quakers Lawrence and Cassandra (___) Southwick of Salem were also ancestors of R.M. Nixon, and John and Mary (Paine) Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, were ancestors of W.G. Harding.

    In American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales I covered the descent of Bostonian Mary Alden Osgood, wife of (Robert) Erskine Childers and mother of Irish President Erskine Hamilton Childers, from John and Elizabeth (Thompson) Cogswell of Ipswich, ancestors also of the two presidents Adams and Calvin Coolidge.  Below, then, I have outlined her descents from Griffith and Margaret (Fleming) Bowen and the famed Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson among immigrants with royal forebears; from Mayflower sires John Alden, Edward Fuller, and Richard Warren, and from a brother of Plymouth Governor Edward Winslow; and from John Dwight of Dedham, for whose noted progeny see NEXUS 5(1988):19- 20.  Among these ancestors the Bowens’ son Henry was also a forebear of Franklin Pierce, Mrs. Hutchinson was a forebear of F. D. Roosevelt, Mrs. Ruth Alden Bass was a great-grandmother and a great-great-grandmother respectively of the two presidents Adams, and Warren was a forebear of Ulysses S. Grant, F. D. R., Sir Charles Tupper, and Mrs. J.G. Diefenbaker.  The first wife of Erskine Hamilton Childers was also a New Englander - Ruth Ellen Dow of Exeter, New Hampshire, a descendant of Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts.

    Mary Elizabeth Plummer, a native of Springfield, Massachusetts, married Georges Eugene Benjamin Clemenceau (formerly her teacher at a girl’s school in Stamford, Connecticut), later known as the “Tiger of France”, in 1869 in New York City.  She bore him three children but they separated and divorced in 1892.  Mrs. Clemenceau died in Paris in 1923.  I cannot readily trace the ancestry of her mother, Harriet A. Taylor, born in South Hadley, Massachusetts, but not covered in Rev. Elbert O. Taylor’s 1903 History of John Taylor of Hadley or its 1922 or 1952 supplements.  Among the forebears of Mrs. Clemenceau’s father, New Hampshire native William Kelly Plummer, however, are Stevens Flanders, Jr., and Abigail Carter of Salisbury, Massachusetts, ancestors also of Chester A. Arthur and Lester B. Pearson; Nathaniel and Susanna ____ Merrill and John, Jr., and Mary (___) Emery, all of Newbury, ancestors of Franklin Pierce; John and Agnes (Yeomans) Wheeler of Newbury, ancestors of presidents Garfield, Hoover, and Ford (this last also descended from Wheeler’s son-in-law, Aquila Chase); and Nantucket “ur-father” Tristram Coffin. also an ancestor of Ford and brother of Mrs. Mary Coffin Adams, ancestor of Calvin Coolidge.

    Thanks to Joseph Paul Mazza of Washington, D.C., American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales also outlines the descents from John and Elizabeth (Gore) Gager of Norwich, Connecticut, and from James and Margery (Hill) Morgan of New London, of Charlotte Lydia Whiting of Morrisania, New York, wife of a Danish-born bookseller, Rudolph Garrigue, later president of the Germania Insurance Company, and mother of Charlotte Garrigue, born in Brooklyn in 1850, who met her future husband, Czech patriot Tomas Jan (later [96] Tomas Garrigue) Masaryk, while studying music in Leipzig.  Married at Morrisania in 1878, Masaryk became both a statesman and a philosopher, serving as president of the Republic of Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1935.  His wife, who died in 1923, was a second cousin twice removed of both U.S. Vice President Schuyler Colfax, Jr., and Mrs. Adlai Ewing Stevenson II (Ellen Borden), and a third cousin once removed of John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles.  A more distant kinsman, via Gagers or Gores, of The Princess of Wales, F. D. Roosevelt, R. B. Bennett, and probably the wife of Sir Charles Tupper, and via Morgans of the Princess and Millard Fillmore, Mrs. Masaryk was also descended from Robert Abell and Mrs. Margaret Wyatt Allyn among immigrants with royal ancestry; from Mayflower pilgrims John Alden, William Bradford, and Thomas Rogers; and from Samuel, Jr., Samuel, and Rev. John Lathrop.  Among these Abell was an ancestor of Grover Cleveland, Alden of the two presidents Adams and Childers, Samuel Lathrop, Jr., and Hannah Adgate of F.D.R., Samuel and Elizabeth (Scudder) Lathrop of Ulysses S. Grant, and Rev. John Lathrop, a founder of Barnstable and father of Samuel, of Sir R.L. Borden and Mrs. J.G. Diefenbaker. Tomas and Charlotte’s son, Jan Garrigue Masaryk, Czech Foreign Minister, 1940-48 (of the provisional government in London during World War II) also married an American - Mrs. Frances Anita Crane Leatherbee of Chicago, a descendant of Rev. Peter Bulkeley of Concord, Massachusetts.

    Churchill, Eden, Childers, Clemenceau, and Masaryk are not the only European prime ministers or presidents with New England genealogical connections.  To cite only two examples among statesmen whose highest office was quite brief, William Henry Waddington, French prime minister from February to December 1879, married Mary Alsop King, daughter of Columbia College president Charles King and Henrietta Low, granddaughter (by Mary Alsop) of diplomat Rufus King, Massachusetts signer of the U.S. Constitution, and descendant, via Alsops, Underhills, Feakes, and Foneses, of a sister of Governor John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay (see NEXUS 3[1986]:133-35, 291-94, 411987]: 253).  Arturo Ivens Ferraz, prime minister of Portugal from July 1929 to January 1930, was a great-grandson matrilineally of Thomas Hickling (1744-1834) of Boston and St. Michaels in the Azores, by Sarah Falder of Philadelphia, a second wife.  By Sarah Greene, his first wife, Hickling was also the maternal grandfather of historian William Hickling Prescott. New England is not, moreover, the only American region represented in the ancestry of European prime ministers and presidents.  (Robert) Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon, grandson-in-law of Jennie Jerome, was himself the great-great-grandson of Sir Robert Eden, 1st Baronet, colonial governor of Maryland, and the Hon. Caroline Calvert, co-heiress of the proprietary governors of that colony and a great-granddaughter of Jane Lowe of Dorchester County, wife firstly of Henry Sewall, secretary of the province, and secondly of Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, both a civil and proprietary governor of Maryland.  Nicholas SewaIl, Lady Baltimore’s son by her first husband, was the matrilineal great-grandfather of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, signer of the Declaration of Independence and half third cousin three times removed of Anthony Edm.  The mother of (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, Eden’s successor, was Helen (Nellie) Artie Belles, a native of Spencer, Indiana, whose father’s Tarleton forebears lived in Scott County, Kentucky, and St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

    Outlined below are the descents discussed above of Churchill, Lady Eden (later Countess of Avon), Childers, Mrs. Clemenceau, and Mrs. Masaryk.  The format used is that used in earlier columns: the prime minister’s name, birth and death years, then parentheses and the name of his wife if the treated ancestry is hers, his or her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to ancestors mentioned above, with semicolons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation. “RD” indicates an immigrant of royal descent, “MP” a Mayflower passenger, and “PW” an ancestor shared with The Princess of Wales.

    1.    SIR WINSTON LEONARD SPENCER-CHURCHILL, 1874-1965; Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, 1849-1895, British Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1886, & Jennie Jerome; Leonard Walter Jerome & Clarissa Hall; Ambrose Hall & Clarissa Willcox; David Willcox & Anna Baker; Joseph Baker & Experience Martin; Francis Baker & Elizabeth Buffington; Joseph Baker & Isabel Sherman, Benjamin Buffington & Hannah Southwick; Daniel Baker & Elizabeth Chase, Samson Sherman & Isabel Tripp, Thomas Buffington & Sarah Southwick, Daniel Southwick & Hester Boyes; Francis Baker & Isabel Twining, William Chase, Jr., & ____, Philip Sherman & Sarah Odding, John Tripp & Mary Paine, John Southwick & Sarah (parents of Sarah), Lawrence Southwick & Cassandra (parents of Daniel & John), Joseph Boyce & Eleanor ____; William Twining & ____, William Chase & Mary George Odding & Margaret , Anthony Paine & ____.

    2.    (ROBERT) ANTHONY EDEN, 1ST EARL OF AVON, 1897- 1977 (second wife, Anne Clarissa Spencer-Churchill; John Strange Spencer-Churchill & Lady Gwendoline Theresa Mary Bertie; Lord Randolph Henry SpencerChurchill & Jennie Jerome, as above).

    3.    ERSKINE HAMILTON CHILDERS, 1905-1974; Irish nationalist (Robert) Erskine Childers, 1870-1922, & Mary Alden Osgood; Hamilton Osgood & Margaret [97] Cushing Pearmain; William Robert Pearmain & Cordelia Miller Smith; Elisha Smith & Mary Butler Bass; Josiah Smith & Mary Barker, Moses Butler Bass & Margaret Sprague; Thomas Smith & Judith Miller, Elisha Barker & Elizabeth Bowen, Moses Bass & Hannah Butler, John Sprague & Margaret Webb; Joseph Smith & Anne Fuller, Josiah Miller & Mary Barker, Isaac Bowen & Elizabeth Tucker, Joseph Bass & Mary Belcher, Peter Butler III & Mary Phillips, Jeremiah Sprague & Priscilla Knight, Peter Webb, Jr., & Margaret Leavitt; Samuel Fuller & Mary ____ John Miller, Jr., & Margaret Winslow, Henry Bowen & Elizabeth Johnson, John Bass & Ruth Alden (parents of Joseph & Ruth), Samuel Phillips & Hannah Gillam, Anthony Sprague & Elizabeth Bartlett, Peter Webb & Ruth Bass; Matthew Fuller & Frances Josiah Winslow (brother of Governor Edward Winslow, MP) & Margaret Bourne, Griffith Bowen (RD) & Margaret Fleming (RD), John Alden (MP) & Priscilla Mullins (MP), Henry Phillips & Mary Dwight, Benjamin Gillam, Jr., & Hannah Savage, Robert Bartlett & Mary Warren; Edward Fuller (MP)& ____ (MP), William Mullins (MP) & Alice ____ (MP), John Dwight & Hannah ____ Thomas Savage & Faith Hutchinson, Richard Warren (MP) & Elizabeth ____; William Hutchinson & Anne Marbury (RD).

    4.    GEORGES EUGENE BENJAMIN CLEMENCEAU, 1841-1929 (Mary Elizabeth Plummer; William Kelly Plummer & Harriet A. Taylor; Nicholas Folsom Plummer & Susan D. Kelly; Nathaniel Plummer & Susanna Folsom; Jesse Plummer & Sarah Merrill, Nicholas Carr Folsom & Mehitable Flanders; Nathaniel Plumer & Mary ____, Benjamin Merrill & Hannah Bartlett, Samuel Flanders & Mary Page; Joshua Plumer & Elizabeth Dole, Daniel Merrill, Jr., & Esther Chase, Richard Bartlett IV & Margaret Woodman Steven Flanders III & Sarah Blaisdell; Richard Dole, Jr., & Sarah Greenleaf, Daniel Merrill & Sarah Clough, Aquila Chase, Jr., & Esther Bond, Richard Bartlett III & Hannah Emery, Steven Flanders, Jr., & Abigail Carter; Stephen Greenleaf & Elizabeth Coffin, Nathaniel Merrill & Susanna ____, Aquila Chase & Ann Wheeler, John Emery, Jr., & Mary ____ Tristram Coffin & Dionis Stevens, John Wheeler & Agnes Yeomans; Peter Coffin & Joan Kember).

    5.    Tomas Jan Masaryk, later TOMAS GARRIGUE MASARYK, 1850-1937 (Charlotte Garrigue; Rudolph Garrigue & Charlotte Lydia Whiting; William Loring Whiting & Mary F. Starr; John Whiting & Lydia Leffingwell; William Bradford Whiting & Amy Lathrop, Christopher Leffingwell & Elizabeth Coit; Charles Whiting & Elizabeth Bradford, Nathaniel Lathrop & Anne Backus, Joseph Coit & Lydia Lathrop; William Whiting & Mary Allyn, Samuel Bradford & Hannah Rogers, Samuel Lathrop, Jr., & Hannah Adgate [parents of Nathaniel & Thomas], Thomas Lathrop & Lydia AbelI; John Allyn & Ann Smith, William Bradford, Jr., & Alice Richards, John Rogers, Jr., & Elizabeth Pabodie, Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, Joshua Abell & Bethiah Gager; Matthew Allyn & Margaret Wyatt [RD], Henry Smith & Ann Pynchon, William Bradford [MP] & Alice Carpenter, John Rogers & Anna Churchman, William Pabodie & Elizabeth Alden, Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House, Robert Abell [RD] & Joanna ____; William Pynchon & Anne Andrew, Thomas Rogers [MP] & Elsgen ____, John Alden [MP] & Priscilla Mullins [MP]).


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    Editor’s Note: Correction to last “Notable Kin” column: The only Liberal among the five treated Canadian Prime Ministers was not John George Diefenbaker but Lester Bowles Pearson.  Mr. Roberts apologizes for this error, to our Canadian readers especially.

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