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  • Notable Kin: Figures in American Folklore

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Since this column was inaugurated two years ago we have treated or explored American connections to the British royal family - via The Queen Mother, The Princess of Wales, and The Duchess of York; the ancestry of signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from New England; the royal descents and much New England ancestry of 30 “tycoon” families; and some of the genealogical character, or New England associations, of three unique places - Nantucket, Hollywood, and Texas.  In the column on the descendants, and kinsmen of descendants, of Pocahontas, we treated a major figure in American folklore.  In the Hollywood, tycoon, and Texas columns, moreover, we considered the New England ancestry, and our own possible kinship, to such “legends in their own time,” or such family clusters, as Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Katharine Hepburn, John Wayne, Orson Welles, Jay Gould, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Hetty Green, the Vanderbilts of “the Breakers” in Newport, the “first family” of H. L. Hunt of Dallas, and the Klebergs of the King Ranch.  In this column I shall extend our coverage of American legends, and prominent figures in American folklore, to the “wild west,” to circuses and vaudeville, and to outlaws and crime.

    The 10 figures treated below are Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), the native of Leominster, Massachusetts, who carried apples, vegetables, and herbs to the middle west and was considered a great medicine man by the Indians; “Buffalo Bill” Cody and “Wild Bill” Hickok among western scouts; P. T. Barnum, “General Tom Thumb” (Charles Sherwood Stratton), and the latter’s wife, Mrs. Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump Stratton, among showmen and pioneers of the circus and vaudeville; Lizzie Borden, the alleged murderess, and Herman Webster Mudgett, serial killer of “Murder Castle” during Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair; and Jesse and Frank James among western outlaws.  Cody was also a noted showman, Hickok a noted gun fighter and U.S. marshal, and Mudgett the most prolific (as to victims, said to be over 200 in all) mass murderer in American history.  Barnum was a major pioneer of popular or mass entertainment - circuses, celebrity “tours,” and curio museums.  Tom Thumb and his wife, toasted by society, received by the Lincolns in the White House, Queen Victoria in London, and Napoleon III in Paris, died almost penniless - a pattern followed by many later entertainers.  The widowed Mrs. Tom Thumb, remarried, later toured in a midget opera company, in vaudeville, with a circus, and in county-fair side-shows.  Six of these ten “figures in American folklore” were native New Englanders and only the Jameses lack extensive New England ancestry.  All ten have “notable kin” or genealogical connections of considerable interest.

    We can begin with the presidential kinships of Johnny Appleseed.  As a descendant of George and Mary (___) Fowle of Charlestown, Chapman was a fourth cousin once removed of John Quincy Adams. Thomas and Katherine (Duxford) Richardson of Westmill, Hertfordshire, parents of immigrants to Woburn, were ancestors of Chapman, Franklin Pierce (Chapman’s sixth cousin), and Calvin Coolidge. Nathaniel and Sarah (Morse) Lawrence of Groton were also ancestors of Chapman and Coolidge, and Sarah’s grandparents, Samuel and Elizabeth (Jasper) Morse of Medfield, were ancestors too of W. H. Taft and “Wild Bill” Hickok below.  Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns of Watertown were ancestors of Chapman, R. M. Nixon, and the half - American Queen Geraldine, wife of Zog I, King of the Albanians. Chapman’s mother was a first cousin of Benjamin Thompson (Jr.), 1753-1814, the philosopher and scientist better known as Count Rumford, also a Fowle and Richardson descendant and the son of Benjamin and Ruth (Simons) Thompson of Woburn.  Another couple in Chapman’s ancestry, John and Elinor (Chandler) Trumbull (Trumble) of Rowley, were forebears of the noted Connecticut family.  Thus Johnny Appleseed and John Trumbull, the “painter of the Revolution,” were third cousins once removed.

    “Buffalo Bill” Cody, as the great-grandson of an “Ipswich” Emerson (actually of Uxbridge, Massachusetts), was a fourth cousin once removed of William Howard Taft, a half fourth cousin once removed of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and a sixth cousin of Millard Fillmore.  “Wild Bill” Hickok was a descendant of Rev. John Robinson, the Pilgrim pastor at Leyden; of Mrs. Eglin Hatherly Downe Hanford - sister of Scituate founder and Plymouth Colony treasurer Timothy Hatherly; of Governor Thomas Mayhew of Martha’s Vineyard; of the above-mentioned Samuel and Elizabeth (Jasper) Morse; and of John Dwight of Dedham.  This last is an ancestor of four presidents of Yale - Timothy Dwight (IV), Timothy Dwight (V), Theodore Dwight [20] Woolsey, and Alfred Whitney Griswold; of Charles Lewis Tiffany among tycoons; of Ellen Axson Wilson and Nancy Reagan among First Ladies; and of American wives of Rudyard Kipling, Irish nationalist Erskine Childers, and surrealist painter Yves Tanguy.  Other Dwight and Whiting descendants, sixth cousins of Hickok, were Edward Henry Green, husband of the legendary Hetty, and Elizabeth Helen Sperry, wife of Louis Leopold, 5th Prince Poniatowski. (Prince) Michael Poniatowski, grandson of these last, was French minister of the interior under Giscard d’Estaing.

    P. T. Barnum was descended twice over from Thomas Taylor of Norwalk and Danbury, Connecticut (died 1735), whose elder brother, John Taylor, Jr. (died 1704), settled in Northampton, Massachusetts, married Thankful Woodward, sister of an ancestor of The Princess of Wales, and was himself the ancestor of, among other notables, Vice-President Charles Gates Dawes, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, the three Cushing sisters of Boston (wives, respectively of Vincent Astor, William Samuel Paley, and John Hay Whitney) and the present Marshall Field V.  Through another ancestor, Thomas Sherwood of Fairfield, Connecticut (died 1655), Barnum was also a half fifth cousm. twice removed, of his discovery and protégé, Charles Sherwood Stratton, better known as “General Tom Thumb,” who was also descended, like Hickok from Eglin Hatherly.  Tom Thumb’s wife, born Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump, was descended three times over from Governor Thomas Mayhew, another ancestor of Hickok, and had five Mayflower lines, one each from John Billington, Francis Cooke, Edward Doty, Stephen Hopkins, and Richard Warrm.  Ulysses S. Grant, a Warren descendant, was a fifth cousin once removed of Mrs. Tom Thumb, and J. A. Garfield, a Billington descendant, was a sixth cousm.  A third presidential kinsman was Cooke and Warren descendant F.D. Roosevelt.

    Lizzie Borden, a patrilineal cousin of the Gail Borden treated in the last “Notable Kin” column, and of Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Laird Borden, was descended from several of the “founding families” of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  Herman Webster Mudgett, deadlier but hardly more notorious than Lizzie, and now not nearly as well known, was descended from perhaps an equivalent group of founders, in his case of Hampton, New Hampshire.  Treated below are Lizzie’s four descents from Ralph Earle of Portsmouth (died 1678) and Joan Savage, his wife, through the Borden, Cornell, Cooke, Cony, Bowen, and Wood families.  Via common descent from William Earle, son of Ralph and Joan, Lizzie was a third cousin four times removed of portrait painters Ralph and James Earle.  Other descendants, moreover, of the immigrant Thomas Cooke of Portsmouth - grandfather of Thomas and great-great-grandfather of John below - include Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph Churchill), Sir Winston Churchill, her son, and Thomas Lanier “Tennessee” Williams.  Under H. W. Mudgett I have outlined his descent from Rev. Stephen Batchelder of Hampton through the Healey, Prescott, Gove, and Sanborn families. Batchelder, whose known presidential descendants to date are Nixon and Ford, is the ancestor of not only many local families but of a sizable portion, it is sometimes thought, of northern New England generally.  Also included is Mudgett’s line from Tristram Coffm. the "‘ur-father” of Nantucket (see NEXUS 3[1986]:26-27), two of whose children remained in Essex County and left large progenies there, in Boston, and in New Hampshire.

    Kinsmen of presidents, descendants of Mayflower Pilgrims or their associates, of colonial governors, of town founders, or of progenitors of large New England progenies, these eight figures certainly belong to, and are related to major sections of, the larger “New England family” that may now number over 100 million Americans. I shall conclude this column, however, with the outlaw brothers Jesse and Frank James, whose ancestry is southern. I do so partly to call attention to the splendid Background of a Bandit by Joan M. Beamis and William E. Pullen, but also to note two of the most startling kinships I've ever encountered among notable Americans.  The maternal grandmother of the James brothers, Mrs. Sallie Lindsay Cole Thompson (born 1803), was the granddaughter of Anthony and Rachel (Dorsey) Lindsay of Baltimore County, Maryland, and Scott County, Kentucky, great-great-grandparents also of (Nicholas) Vachel Lindsay, the poet and third cousin of the outlaw Jameses.  Rachel Dorsey, born about 1737, was descended from several of the major planter families of Anne Anundel County, Maryland.  In particular she was a great-granddaughter of Col. Edward Dorsey, Jr., and Sarah Wyatt, and of Mrs. Katherine Greenberry Ridgely Howard, and a great-great-granddaughter of Edward and Anne (___) Dorsey and of Matthew and Anne (___) Howard.  Due to the careful research of Francis B. Culver and William B. Marye we know that all of these just-mentioned forebears of Mrs. Rachel Dorsey Lindsay were ancestors also of The Duchess of Windsor, born Bessie Wallis Warfield.  Thus The Duchess of Windsor, wife of the former King Edward VIII, was a sixth cousin (via Dorsey, Jr.), a half sixth cousin (via Katherine Greenberry) and a seventh cousin once removed six times over (twice through Dorsey, Sr., four times through Howard) of Jesse and Frank James.  In my forthcoming book on the ancestry of American presidents I shall note the possibility that another ancestor of the James brothers, Mrs. Susanna (Norwood) Stevens Howard of Anne Arundel County (born in England [21] about 1620) could be an ancestor also, via the Stevens, Shipley, and Hanks families, of Abraham Lincoln.

    Outlined below are the descents discussed above of these ten figures in American folklore.  The format is that used in earlier columns: the notable’s name, birth and death years, his or her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to the ancestors mentioned above, with semicolons separating generations and commas separating couples in the same generation.  “MP” indicates a Mayflower passenger.

    1.    JOHN CHAPMAN, “JOHNNY APPLESEED,” 1774-1845; Nathaniel Chapman & Elizabeth Simons; John Chapman III & Martha Perley, James Simons III & Anna Lawrence; John Perley & Jane Dresser, James Simons, Jr., & Mary Fowle, John Lawrence, Jr., & Elizabeth Stone; Samuel Penley & Ruth Trumbull, James Fowle, Jr., & Mary Richardson, John Lawrence & Anna Tarbell, Samuel Stone, Jr., & Dorcas Jones; John Trumbull (Trumble) & Elinor Chandler, James Fowle & Abigail Carter, Joseph Richardson & Hannah Green, Nathaniel Lawrence & Sarah Morse, Samuel Stone & Sarah Stearns; George Fowle & Mary , Samuel Richardson & Joanna Thake, Joseph Morse & Hannah Phillips, Isaac Stearns & Mary Barker; Thomas Richardson & Katherine Duxford, Samuel Morse & Elizabeth Jasper.

    2.      WILLIAM FREDERICK “BUFFALO BILL” CODY, 1846-1917; Isaac Cody & Mary Ann Bonsell Laycock; Philip Cody, Jr., & Lydia Martin; Philip Cody & Abigail Emerson; James Emerson, Jr., & Sarah Look; James Emerson & Sarah ____, Joseph Emerson & Elizabeth Woodmansey; Thomas Emerson & Elizabeth Brewster.

    3.    JAMES BUTLER “WILD BILL” HICKOK, 1837-1876; William Alonzo Hickok & Polly Butler; James Butler & Eunice Kinsley; Benjamin Butler & Susannah Whiting; Israel Butler & Elizabeth Blossom, Ephraim Whiting & Abigail Mason; Thomas Butler & Jemima Daggett, Thomas Blossom & Fear Robinson, Samuel Whiting & Mary Clark; Thomas Daggett & Hannah Mayhew, John Robinson & Elizabeth Weeks, Nathaniel Whiting, Jr., & Joanna Gay, Ephraim Clark & Mary BuIlen; Governor Thomas Mayhew & Jane (Gallyon?), Isaac Robinson & Margaret Hanford, Nathaniel Whiting & Hannah Dwight, Samuel Bullen & Mary Morse; Rev. John Robinson & Bridget White, Jeffrey Hanford & Eglin Hatherly, sister of Timothy Hatherly of Scituate, John Dwight & Hannah ____, Samuel Morse & Elizabeth Jasper.

    4.      PHINEAS TAYLOR BARNUM, 1810-1891; Philo Barnum & Irene Taylor; Ephraim Barnum, Jr., & Rachel Starr, Phineas Taylor & Mary Sherwood; Jonathan Starr & Rachel Taylor, Nathan Taylor, Jr. & Mary Weed, Abel Sherwood & Hannah Fountain; Joseph Taylor & Sarah ____ (parents of Rachel), Nathan Taylor & Hannah Benedict (parents of Nathan, Jr.), David Sherwood & Sarah Meeker; Thomas Taylor & Rebecca Ketchum (parents of Joseph & Nathan), Isaac Sherwood & Elizabeth Jackson; John Taylor & Rhoda ____, Thomas Sherwood & Mary ____ (his second wife).

    5.      CHARLES SHERWOOD STRATTON, “GENERAL TOM THUMB,” 1838- 1883; Sherwood Edwards Stratton & Cynthia Thompson; Seth Sherwood Stratton & Amy Sharp; Thomas Stratton & Martha Edwards; Couch Edwards & Naomi Sherwood; William Edwards & Naomi Couch, Daniel Sherwood & Martha Hull; John Edwards & Mary Hanford, Samuel Sherwood & ____; Thomas Hanford & Mary Miles, Thomas Sherwood, Jr., & Ann Tumney; Jeffrey Hanford & Eglin Hatherly, above (see #3), Thomas Sherwood & Alice ____ (his first wife).

    6.    MRS. MERCY LAVINIA WARREN BUMP STRATTON, 1841-1919,  wife of “General Tom Thumb” and Count Primo Magri; James Sullivan Bump & Huldah Peirce Warren; James Bump & Patience Morse, Benjamin Warren & Huldah Willis; Joseph Bump IV & Mercy Barden, Simeon Morse & Bethia Norris, Sylvanus Warren & Sarah Bisbee; Joseph Bump III & Mehitable Tupper, Newbury Morse & Lydia Bniggs, John Norris & Mary Tupper, Benjamin Warren & Jedidah Topper; Ichabod Topper & Mary ____ (parents of Mehitable & Jedidah), Joshua Morse & Elizabeth Doty, Medad Topper & Hannah ____ (parents of Mary), Samuel Warren & Eleanor Billington; Thomas Topper, Jr., & Martha Mayhew (parents of Ichabod & Medad), John Doty & Elizabeth Cooke, Richard Warren & Sarah Torrey, Isaac Billington & Hannah Glass; Governor Thomas Mayhew & Jane (Gallyon?), Edward Doty (MP) & Faith Clarke, Jacob Cooke & Damanis Hopkins, Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker, Francis Billington (MP) & Christian Penn; Francis Cooke (MP) & Hester Ie Mahieu, Stephen Hopkins (MP) & Elizabeth ____ (MP), Richard Warren (MP) & Elizabeth ____, John Billington (MP), & Elinor ____ (MP).

    7.      LIZZIE ANDREW BORDEN, 1860-1927; Andrew Jackson Borden & Sarah Anthony Morse; Abraham Bowen Borden & Phoebe Davenport; Richard Borden, Jr., & Martha Bowen; Richard Borden & Hope Cooke, Nathan Bowen & Hannah Cooke; Thomas Borden & Mary Gifford, Joseph Cooke & Patience ____ (parents of Hope), John Cooke & Martha Wood (parents of Hannah); Richard Borden & Innocent Cornell, Thomas Cooke & Mary Cory (parents of Joseph), Daniel Wood & Elizabeth Ricketson; John Borden & Mary Earle, Thomas Cornell, Jr., & Sarah Earle, William Cory & Mary Earle, William Wood & Martha Earle; William Earle & Mary Walker, Ralph Earle & Joan Savage (parents of William, Sarah Mary, & Martha).

    8.      HERMAN WEBSTER MUDGETT (Dr. H. H. Holmes among other aliases), 1861-1896; Levi Horton Mudgett & Theodate Page Price; Scribner Mudgett & Nancy Prescott Samuel Prescott & Anna Healey; Jonathan Prescott III & Rachel Clifford, Stephen Healey & Sarah Batchelder; Jonathan Prescott, Jr., & Judith Gove, Josiah Batchelder & Sarah Page; Ebenezer Cove & Judith Sanborn, Nathaniel Batchelder III & Elizabeth Foss; John Sanborn, Jr., & Judith Coffin. Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr., & Deborah Smith; John Sanborn & Mary Tuck, Tristram Coffin. Jr., & Judith Greenleaf, Nathaniel Batchelder & Hester Mercer Sanborn & Ann Batchelder, Tristram Coffin & Dionis Stevens, Rev. Stephen Batchelder & ____ (parents of Nathaniel & Ann).

    9-10.      JESSE (WOODSON) JAMES, 1847-1882, and ALEXANDER FRANKLIN (FRANK) JAMES, 1844-1915, brothers; Robert Sallee James & Zerelda F. Cole; James Cole & SaIlie Lindsay; Anthony Lindsay, Jr., & Alsey (Alice) Cole; Anthony Lindsay & Rachel Dorsey; Nicholas Dorsey, Jr., & Sarah Griffith; Nicholas Dotsey & Frances Hughes, Orlando Griffith & Katherine Howard; Edward Dorsey, Jr., & Sarah Wyatt, John Howard, Jr., & Mrs. Katherine Greenberry Ridgely; Edward Dorsey & Anne____ John Howard & Mrs. Susanna (Norwood) Stevens; Matthew Howard & Anne ____

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