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  • #58 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Elizabeth Boyd Roberts: A Genealogical Tribute

    With 50 "New" Notable Kin of Stoughton, Scudder, Baldwin, Stanley, Martin (Bates-Stowe), Stebbins, Bullard, Hull, Latham (Dungan-Clarke), William Peck, Royce, Gaylord, Hale, Calkins, Cowles, Withington, Woodruff, or Alcock Descent

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : April 11, 2002

    My mother (Mary) Elizabeth Boyd Roberts, who was born in Corsicana, Texas, December 31, 1912, died in Houston, January 24, 2002. Having twice read at funeral services a eulogy covering her life, I now wish to present a genealogical tribute treating 50 notable figures in American history who are among our distant kinsmen, and whom I have never covered before - in either American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales, Ancestors of American Presidents, Notable Kin, Volumes One and Two, later "Notable Kin" columns in NEXUS and New England Ancestors, or this current column series.

    These 50 "new" figures are sometimes derived from the Somerset or Barnstable, Mass. Hulls or from Rhode Island ur-mother (at least sometimes so considered) Mrs. Frances Latham Dungan Clarke Vaughan, who figure in the ancestry of my maternal grandfather, farmer, politician, and oilman George Wesley Boyd (1880-1952) of Navarro County, Texas. Mostly, however, they are cousins somehow of Ephraim H[ough] Root (1813-1880), my mother's mother's father's father, who migrated from Geneseo, Livingston County, New York, via Memphis (where he married) to Navarro County, Texas also, and whose parents were born in Southington and Wallingford, Conn. respectively.

    I outlined my mother's lines from the royally-descended Col. Thomas Ligon/Lygon of Virginia and Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke of Rhode Island in my 1993 compendium, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States, pp. vii-viii, 204-6, 248-49, with slight corrections in the 2001 edition, pp. 669, 671. My mother's presidential kin were listed on the dedication page of my 1995 first edition of Ancestors of American Presidents (AAP). A likely addition, via the Ver(r)ys of probable Scudder descent, is William Howard Taft. I published a six-generation ancestor table in The American Genealogist (TAG) 55 (1979): 114-15, and corrected it in the second paragraph of #41 of the current column series ("Some Personal Notes - or Why I Trace the Ancestry of Notable Figures").

    In Notable Kin, Volume Two (NK2, 1999), chapter 34 covers twelve of my mother's distant cousins of note via Worshams, seven of whom were descendants of Pocahontas. Of the remaining five, a relatively close cousin is Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter's White House chief of staff. Chapter 48 treats our "notable kin" who descend from Act. Gov. Jeremiah Clarke of Rhode Island. Chapter 50 covers the Lygon descents of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Harry. Chapter 42 treats the probable descents from Jeremiah Clarke and Rev. Joseph Hull of the actress Marilyn Monroe, and Chapter 46 covers Baldwin and Stanton descents of the playwright "Tennessee" Williams. In the last two issues of NEXUS (16 [1999]: 156-59, 200-202) and the first three issues of New England Ancestors (1 [2000], 1:64-66, 2:38-41, 3:42-44), I treated Ligon/Lygon descendants in England, the American South, and New England. Earlier NEXUS columns (13 [1996]: 204-211, 14 [1997]: 70-73, 206, 15 [1998]: 30-32, 116-17) included the Lygon descents of Lord Byron, Sir Winston Churchill, and the Leveson-Gower "Whig cousinage."

    In the preceding column series, #s 22 and 23 introduce the Stoughton and Scudder progenies; #14 notes the Lathrop, Scudder, Stoughton, Royce, Stanley, Gaylord, Stebbins, and Tough ancestors of Selina Alleyne Stanhope Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley, daughter-in-law of the late Princess Margaret of Great Britain; #37 covers the Day, Stebbins, Root, and Haynes forebears of rock singer Janis Joplin; #42 The New York Times; and #48 covers the Lygon descent, via Mrs. Amy Wyllys Pynchon of Springfield, of the novelist Thomas [Ruggles] Pynchon [V]. The previous two columns in this series cover my mother's noted Lathrop and Dwight kinsmen in considerable detail.

    My mother's New England forebears were largely associated with Connecticut - especially New Haven (plus Branford and Milford), Hartford (plus Windsor and particularly Farmington), and New London (plus Norwich). New Englanders from these areas were often derived from earlier Massachusetts settlers; notably from several towns near Boston (Roxbury, Dorchester, Watertown, and Dedham among my ancestors), and "Mayflower country" (Plymouth County and Cape Cod especially). My mother's Stanton-Clarke-Latham strand is from Newport, Rhode Island. Scudder and Betts cousins were early in Long Island, and Dwights, Day cousins, and Catlins were associated with the Connecticut Valley, particularly Springfield, Northampton, Hadley, Hatfield, and Deerfield. Like many prolific Connecticut families, my mother's Root forebears moved to upstate New York, and kinsmen migrated to Vermont, Nova Scotia, and beyond upstate New York to western Pennsylvania, the Western Reserve, and the Midwest generally, especially Chicago.

    Of kin to various noted colonial clans (the progenies of Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Trumbull, Francis Dana, and Rufus King especially), my New England cousins also participated somewhat in the literary "flowering of New England" and Harvard. They include over a dozen major tycoon families (Morgans, Fields, Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts of "The Breakers" and Biltmore, the Cushing sisters, Fishes, Wideners, Pattersons, the wives of H.F. Guggenheim and J.P. Getty, Dorrances, Otises and Chandlers of Los Angeles, and C.S. Eaton of Cleveland); various political and twentieth-century literary figures, often associated with Yale; and among American heiresses who married in England or on the Continent, Jennie Jerome, Mrs. Harry Gordon Selfridge, and Queen Geraldine of the Albanians are treated below as well. A few scientists, artists or architects, a college founder, an aviation pioneer, and a magazine entrepreneur compose the bulk of the remaining 50 figures treated below - and the 10 progenies below that are already treated in NK1 or NK2 . A final surprise is the first archbishop of Québec, grandson of one of the captives from Deerfield taken to Canada. 

    Below, in the usual format for "Notable Kin" columns, are outlined my mother’s Jeremiah Clarke and Rev. Joseph Hull descents through her father; then the Farrington, Cowles, Whiting, Royce, Gaylord, Andrews-Peck, Woodruff, Stanley, Paul Peck, Hale, Alcock, Dwight, Catlin, Lathrop, Stebbins, William Peck, Bullard, Calkins, Bates, Withington, Baldwin, Thomas Scott, Scudder, Stoughton, and Martin ancestry of E.H. Root; then the ancestry shared by my mother and 12 figures treated in Notable Kin, Volumes One or Two who themselves left several major notable descendants, often children or grandchildren; then the 50 “new” figures who descend from one of the families just listed. Sources are divided into general such for each of the progenies considered, then works covering the line from an ancestor in these initial sources to (1) G.W. Boyd and E.H. Root, (2) 12 figures in my Notable Kin volumes who themselves left distinguished progenies, and (3) each of the 50 noted cousins untreated by me in print to date. Pamphlets covering all of these progenies are available in the Society’s library; I add to them frequently.

    Elizabeth Boyd Roberts, 1912-2002, wife of Jack Carl Roberts, 1911-1990, and mother of genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts, b. 1943; George Wesley Boyd & Fannie Kate Root; Hugh Blair Boyd & Mary Elizabeth Bressie, Charles Mitchell Root & Mary Lucy Wade Peevey; Joseph Addison Bressie & Martha Anne Edens, Ephraim H[ough] Root, b. 1813, & Caroline Pool; Ezekiel Edens & Mary Gammill; James Edens & Phereby Averitt; Benjamin Averitt & Amy Spooner; John Spooner & Hannah Stanton; Henry Stanton & Mary Hull; John Stanton & Mary Clarke, John Hull & Alice Tiddeman, Jeremiah Clarke, acting gov. of R.I. & Frances Latham, Tristram Hull & Blanche ----; Rev. Joseph Hull & ---- ----; Thomas Hull & Joan Peson (Pyssing).

    Ephraim H[ough] Root, b. 1813; Judah Root & Sarah Hough; Samuel Root, Jr. & Chloe Palmer, Ephraim Hough, Jr. & Eunice Andrews; Samuel Root & Abigail Cowles, Judah Palmer & Mary Farrington, Ephraim Hough & Hannah Royce, Andrew Andrews & Esther Royce; John Root & Mary Woodruff, Isaac Cowles & Mary Andrews, Micah Palmer, Jr. & Damaris Whitehead, Nathaniel Farrington & Sarah Whiting, James Hough & Sarah Mitchell, Robert Royce & Joanna Gaylord (parents of Hannah and Esther), Joseph Andrews & Abigail Payne; John Woodruff & Mary ----, Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, Daniel Andrews & Mary Peck, John Whitehead & Martha Bradfield, John Farrington & Mary Bullard, Nathaniel Whiting & Sarah Dwight, Samuel Hough & Mary Bates, Michael Mitchell & Sarah Catlin, Isaac Royce & Elizabeth Lathrop, Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley, Samuel Andrews & Elizabeth Peck (parents of Joseph); Matthew Woodruff & Hannah ----, John Cowles & Hannah ---, Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ----, Paul Peck & Martha Hale (parents of Mary), ---- Whitehead & Elizabeth Alcock, William Bullard (Jr.) & ---- -----,John Dwight & Hannah ----, William Hough & Sarah Calkins, James Bates (III) & Anne Withington, John Catlin, Jr. & Mary Baldwin, Robert Royce & Mary ----, Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, Walter Gaylord & Mary Stebbins, John Stanley (III) & Sarah Scott, William Peck & Elizabeth ---- (parents of Samuel); John Stanley & Susan Lancock (parents of Timothy and John, Jr.), John Hale & Martha ----, William Bullard & Grace Howes, Hugh Calkins & Anne ----, James Bates (Jr.) & Alice Glover, Henry Withington & Elizabeth Smith, Joseph Baldwin of Milford and Hadley & Hannah Whitlock, Rev.John Lathrop & Hannah House, John Scudder & Elizabeth Stoughton (later Chamberlain), William Gaylord & ---- ----, Edward Stebbins/Stebbing & Frances Tough, John Stanley (Jr.) & ----, Thomas Scott & Anne ----; James Bate(s) & Mary Martin, Henry Scudder & Elizabeth ----, Rev. Thomas Stoughton & Katherine ----, William Stebbins/Stebbing & ---- ----; James Martin & Joan Adam.

    1. Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758, theologian, philosopher, third president of the College of New Jersey (wife, Sarah Pierpont; Rev. James Pierpont, a founder of Yale College, & Mary Hooker; John Pierpont & Thankful Stowe; John Stowe & Elizabeth Bigge; John Bigge & Rachel Martin of Dorchester, Mass.; James Martin & Joan Adam).
    2. Jonathan Trumbull, 1710-1785, jurist, governor of Connecticut, 1769-1784, Revolutionary patriot (wife, Faith Robinson; John Robinson & Harriet Wiswall; Samuel Robinson & Mary Baker; Richard Baker & Faith Withington; Henry Withington & Anne Leech).
    3. Rufus King, 1755-1827, signer of the U.S. constitution,Federalist statesman and presidential candidate, U.S. senator, diplomat (wife, Mary Alsop; John Alsop, Jr. & Mary Frogat; John Alsop & Abigail Sackett; Joseph Sackett & Elizabeth Betts; Richard Betts & Joanna Chamberlain; Robert Chamberlain & Mrs. Elizabeth Stoughton Scudder). 
    4. Lyman Beecher, 1775-1863, Presbyterian clergyman, and Roxana Foote, his first wife; David Beecher & Esther Lyman, Eli Foote & Roxana Ward; John Lyman & Hope Hawley, Daniel Foote & Margaret Parsons; Jehiel Hawley & Hope Stowe, Ebenezer Parsons & Martha Ely; Ichabod Stowe & Mary Atwater, Joseph Ely & Mary Riley; Samuel Stowe & Hope Fletcher, Samuel Ely & Mary Day; John Stowe & Elizabeth Bigge, see #1 above, Robert Day & Editha Stebbins/Stebbings; William Stebbins/Stebbing & ---- ----.
    5. Junius Spencer Morgan, 1813-1890, international banker and Juliet Pierpont, his wife; Joseph Morgan & Sally Spencer, John Pierpont & Mary Sheldon Lord; Samuel Spencer & Martha Eells, James Pierpont (III) & Elizabeth Collins; John Spencer & Elizabeth Taylor, James Pierpont Jr. & Anne Sherman, Charles Collins & Anne Huntington; Joseph Taylor, Jr. & Mehitable Halsey, Rev. James Pierpont (a founder of Yale College) & Mary Hooker, see #1 above, Timothy Collins & Elizabeth Hyde; Joseph Taylor & Mary Bryan, Samuel Hyde, Jr. & Elizabeth Calkins; Richard Bryan & Mary Pantry, John Calkins & Sarah Royce; Alexander Bryan & Anne Baldwin, Hugh Calkins & Anne ---, Robert Royce & Mary ----.
    6. William Maxwell Evarts, 1818-1901, diplomat, U.S. senator, Secretary of State and attorney general (wife, Helen Minerva Wardner; Allen Wardner & Minerva Bingham; Frederick Wardner & Rebecca Waldo; Shubael Waldo & Abigail Allen; Edward Waldo & Thankful Dimmock; Shubael Dimmock & Joanna Bursley; John Bursley & Joanna Hull; Rev. Joseph Hull & --- ----).
    7. Marshall Field I, 1834-1906, Chicago merchant and philanthropist, founder of Marshall Field & Co. department store; John Field, Jr. & Fidelia Nash; John Field & Lucy Look; Eliakim Field & Esther Graves; John Field, Jr. & Sarah Coleman; John Field & Mary Edwards; Alexander Edwards & Sarah Baldwin of Springfield and Northampton, sister of Joseph Baldwin of Milford and Hadley.
    8. John Davison Rockefeller, 1839-1937, oil tycoon and philanthropist, founder of Standard Oil Co., the University of Chicago, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, and the Rockefeller Foundation (wife, Laura Celestia Spelman; Harvey Buel Spelman & Lucy Henry; Samuel Buel Spelman & Laura Seymour, William Henry & Rachel Frary; Stephen Spelman & Deborah Rose, Joseph Frary & Elizabeth Kirby; Justus Rose & Deborah Barlow, John Kirby & Hannah Stowe; Jonathan Rose & Abigail Hale, Thomas Stowe, Jr. & Bethia Stocking; Bennezer [Ebenezer] Hale & Mary ----, Thomas Stowe & Mary Griggs; Samuel Hale of Wethersfield & Mary Smith, John Stowe & Elizabeth Bigge, see #1 above; John Hale & Martha ----). The son of J.D. and Laura Celestia, John Davison Rockefeller, Jr., 1874-1960, philanthropist and builder of Rockefeller Center, married firstly Abby Greene Aldrich, 1874-1948, philanthropist and art patron, a founder of the Museum of Modern Art; Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, U.S. senator and Republican leader, financier and art collector, & Abby Pearce Truman Chapman; Francis Morgan Chapman & Lucy Anne Truman; Jonathan Truman & Mary Willett; John Willett & Elizabeth Leffingwell; Samuel Leffingwell & Hannah Gifford; Samuel Gifford & Mary Calkins; John Calkins & Sarah Royce; Hugh Calkins & Anne -----, Robert Royce & Mary ----.
    9. Cornelius Vanderbilt II, 1843-1899, financier and philanthropist, builder of “The Breakers” in Newport (wife, Alice Claypoole Gwynne; Abraham Evans Gwynne & Rachel [“Cettie”] Moore Flagg; Henry Collins Flagg & Martha Whiting; William Joseph Whiting & Martha Lyman; John Whiting & Sarah Ingersoll; Jonathan Ingersoll & Sarah Newton; Samuel Newton & Martha Fenn; Benjamin Fenn & Sarah Baldwin of Milford).
    10. Lord Randolph [Henry Spencer-] Churchill, 1849-1895, British chancellor of the exchequer in 1886 (wife, Jennie Jerome; Leonard Walter Jerome & Clarissa Hall; Isaac Jerome & Aurora Murray; Aaron Jerome & Elizabeth Ball; Libbeus Ball & Thankful Stowe; Eliakim Stowe & Lydia Miller; Nathaniel Stowe & Sarah Sumner; John Stowe & Mary Wetmore; Thomas Stowe & Mary Griggs, see #8 above).
    11. Harvey Williams Cushing, 1869-1939, neurological surgeon (wife, Katharine Stone Crowell; William Crowell & Mary Williams Benedict; John Crowell & Eliza Barrett Estabrook; William Crowell & Ruth Peck; Daniel Peck & Jerusha Yerrington; Samuel Peck, Jr. & Alice Way; Samuel Peck & Elizabeth Lee; Joseph Peck & Sarah Parker; William Peck & Elizabeth ----).
    12. Henry Fonda, 1905-1982, actor (second wife, Mrs. Frances Ford Seymour Brokaw; Eugene Ford Seymour & Sophie Mildred Bower; George de Villers Seymour [for whose Stanley descent see NK2: 118, 120], & Frances Gabriella Ford; Henry Augustus Ford & Jane Hosack Millen; Gabriel Hogarth Ford & Frances Gualdo; Jacob Ford, Jr. & Theodosia Johnes; Jacob Ford & Hannah Baldwin; Jonathan Baldwin & Susanna Kitchell; Benjamin Baldwin & Hannah Sergeant; Joseph Baldwin & Hannah Whitlock).
    1. William Henry Seward, 1801-1872, governor of N.Y., U.S. senator, U.S. Secretary of State under Lincoln and Andrew Johnson; Samuel Swazey Seward & Mary Jennings; John Seward & Mary Swazey; Samuel Swazey & Penelope ----; Joseph Swazey & Mary Betts; Richard Betts & Joanna Chamberlain, see #3 in the preceding list.
    2. Hamilton Fish, 1808-1893, governor of N.Y., U.S. senator, U.S. Secretary of State under Grant; Nicholas Fish & Elizabeth Stuyvesant; Jonathan Fish & Elizabeth Sackett; Joseph Sackett, Jr. & Hannah Alsop; Joseph Sackett & Elizabeth Betts; Richard Betts & Joanna Chamberlain, see #3 in the preceding list.
    3. Stuyvesant Fish, 1851-1923, broker, railroad executive, and husband of “400” society leader Marion “Mamie” Groves Anthon; Hamilton Fish (#2 above), & Julia Kean.
    4. George Washington Vanderbilt, 1862-1914, forestry pioneer, builder of Biltmore, brother of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, above, and William Kissam Vanderbilt (wife, Edith Stuyvesant Dresser; George Warren Dresser & Susan Fish LeRoy; David LeRoy [brother of Caroline Bayard LeRoy, Mrs. Daniel Webster] & Susan Elizabeth Fish; Nicholas Fish & Elizabeth Stuyvesant, see #2 above).
    5. Clement Clarke Moore, 1779-1863, Hebrew scholar, poet, author of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (“The Night Before Christmas”); Benjamin Moore & Charity Clark; Samuel Moore & Sarah Fish; Benjamin Moore & Anne Sackett; Joseph Sackett & Elizabeth Betts, see #2 above.
    6. John Hart, ca. 1711-1779, New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence (wife, Sarah Scudder; Richard Scudder & ____ ____; Richard Betts Scudder & Hannah Reeder; John Scudder, Jr. & Joanna Betts; John Scudder & Mary King, Richard Betts & Joanna Chamberlain, see #1 above; Thomas Scudder of Salem & Elizabeth ----; Henry Scudder & Elizabeth ----).
    7. Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, 1826-1902, governor-general of Canada (1872-78), viceroy to India (1884-88), British diplomat; Price Blackwood, 4th Baron Dufferin and Claneboye, & Helen Selena Sheridan (granddaughter of playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan); Hans Blackwood, 3rd Baron Dufferin and Claneboye, & Mehitable Hester Temple; Robert Temple & Harriet Shirley (daughter of William Shirley, governor of Mass.); Robert Temple & Mehitable Nelson; John Nelson & Elizabeth Tailer; William Tailer & Rebecca Stoughton; Israel Stoughton of Dorchester & Elizabeth Knight (aunt of Elihu Yale, benefactor of Yale College); Rev. Thomas Stoughton & Katherine ----.
    8. Walt[er] Whitman [Jr.], 1819-1892, poet, author of Leaves of Grass; Walter Whitman & Louisa Van Velsor; Jesse Whitman & Hannah Brush; Tredwell Brush & Hannah Platt; Epenetus Platt (III) & Sarah Scudder; Benjamin Scudder & either Sarah ---- or Mary ----; Thomas Scudder & Mary Ludlam; Thomas Scudder of Salem & Elizabeth ----, see #6 above.
    9. Edith Newbold Jones, known as Edith Wharton (wife of Edward Robbins Wharton), 1862-1937, novelist; George Frederic Jones & Lucretia Stevens Rhinelander; Frederic William Rhinelander & Mary Lucretia Lucy Ann Stevens; Ebenezer Stevens & Lucretia Ledyard; John Ledyard & Mary Austin; John Austin & Mary Stanley; Nathaniel Stanley & Sarah Boosey; Thomas Stanley of Hartford & Bennet Tritton; John Stanley & Susan Lancock.
    10. John Brown of Harper’s Ferry, 1800-1859, abolitionist; Owen Brown & Ruth Mills; John Brown, Jr. & Hannah Owen, Gideon Mills & Ruth Humphrey; John Brown & Elizabeth Loomis, Peter Mills & Joanna Porter; John Loomis & Elizabeth Scott, John Porter (III) & Joanna Gaylord; Thomas Scott & Anne ----, John Porter, Jr. & Mary Stanley, Walter Gaylord & Mary Stebbins; Thomas Stanley & Bennet Tritton, see #9 above.
    11. Gideon Welles, 1802-1878, journalist, Secretary of the Navy during the Civil War, and Mary Jane Hale, his wife and first cousin; Samuel Welles, Jr. & Anne Hale, Elias Hale & Jane Mulhallan; Samuel Welles & Lucy Kilbourn, Gideon Hale & Mary White (parents of Anne and Elias); Thaddeus Welles & Elizabeth Cowles, Benjamin Hale & Hannah Talcott; Timothy Cowles & Hannah Pitkin, Samuel Hale, Jr. & Mary Welles; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, Samuel Hale of Wethersfield & Mary Smith; John Hale & Martha ----.   
    12. Charles Evans Hughes, 1862-1948, 10th U.S. Chief Justice, governor of N.Y., Republican presidential candidate in 1916 (wife, Ellen Antoinette Carter; Walter Steuben Carter & Marie Antoinette Smith; Evits Carter & Emma Taylor; Noah Andrews Carter & Lydia Gaylord; Thaddeus Carter & Lucy Andrews, Joseph Gaylord, Jr. & Susanna Bunnell; Elisha Andrews &  Mabel Foster, Joseph Gaylord & Ruth Matthews, Nathaniel Bunnell & Thankful Spencer; Samuel Andrews, Jr. & Anna Hall, John Gaylord & Elizabeth Hickox, Hezekiah Bunnell, Jr. & Esther Bristol; Samuel Andrews & Elizabeth Peck, Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley, Hezekiah Bunnell & Ruth Plumb; John Plumb & Elizabeth Norton; Robert Plumb & Mary Baldwin).
    13. Edwin Lawrence Godkin, 1831-1902, journalist, editor of the Nation and the New York Evening Post (1st wife, Frances Elizabeth Foote; Samuel Edmund Foote & Elizabeth Betts Eliot; Eli Foote, a descendant of William Stebbins/Stebbing & Roxana Ward, see under Lyman Beecher and Roxana Foote above).
    14. [Newton] Booth Tarkington, 1869-1946, novelist, author of The Magnificent Ambersons; John Stevenson Tarkington & Elizabeth Booth; Beebe Booth & Hannah Pitts; Walter Booth & Mary Newton; Alexander Booth & Sybil Baldwin, Samuel Newton (III) & Mary Camp; Samuel Baldwin, Jr. & Mercy Allen, Samuel Newton, Jr. & Deborah Baldwin; Samuel Baldwin & Rebecca Wilkinson (parents of Samuel, Jr.), Thomas Baldwin & Jerusha Clark (parents of Deborah); Josiah Baldwin & Mercy Camp (parents of Samuel), Barnabas Baldwin & Hannah Botsford (parents of Thomas); John Baldwin & Mary Camp (parents of Josiah), Richard Baldwin & Elizabeth Alsop (parents of Barnabas), Elnathan Botsford & Hannah Baldwin; Timothy Baldwin of Milford (brother of Joseph of Milford and Hadley) & Mary Welles (parents of Hannah).
    15. George Inness, 1825-1894, painter; John William Inness & Clarissa Baldwin; Aaron Baldwin, Jr. & Mary Crane; Aaron Baldwin & Dorcas Camp; Timothy Baldwin & Eleanor ----; John Baldwin, Jr. & Ruth Botsford; John Baldwin & Mary Camp.
    16. Robert [Emmet] Sherwood, 1896-1955, playwright; Arthur Murray Sherwood & Rosina Emmet; John Sherwood & Mary Elizabeth Wilson; Samuel Sherwood & Hannah Lorain Bostwick; Samuel Bostwick, Jr. & Polyphena Ruggles; Samuel Bostwick & Anna Fiske, Lazarus Ruggles & Hannah Bostwick; Ebenezer Fiske & Rebecca Eliot, Ebenezer Bostwick & Rebecca Bunnell; John Fiske & Hannah Baldwin, Benjamin Bunnell & Hannah Plumb; John Baldwin & Mary Bruen, John Plumb & Elizabeth Norton, see #12 above.
    17. Asa Gray, 1810-1888, botanist (wife, Jane Lathrop Loring; Charles Greeley Loring & Anna Brace; James Brace & Susan Pierce; Abel Brace & Keziah Woodruff; Henry Brace & Elizabeth Cadwell, James Woodruff & Keziah Moore; Samuel Cadwell & Mary Clark, Samuel Woodruff & Mary Judd; Thomas Cadwell & Elizabeth Stebbins, Matthew Woodruff, Jr. & Mary Plumb; Edward Stebbins & Frances Tough, Matthew Woodruff & Hannah ----, Robert Plumb & Mary Baldwin.
    18. [Harry] Sinclair Lewis, 1885-1951, novelist (and husband of newspaper columnist Dorothy Thompson); Edwin J. Lewis & Emma Kermott; John Lewis & Emeline Johnson; Lemuel Lewis & Betsey Hawkins; John Hawkins & Lois Kimberly; Zachariah Hawkins & Mary Tomlinson; Isaac Tomlinson & Patience Gaylord; (probably) Benjamin Gaylord & Ruth Williams; Walter Gaylord & Mary Stebbins.
    19. Amelia Mary Earhart, 1898-1937, aviator (husband of George Palmer Putnam II); Edwin Stanton Earhart & Amy Otis; Alfred Gideon Otis & Amelia J. Harres; Isaac Otis & Caroline Abigail Curtiss; Gideon Curtiss & Ruth Day; Aaron Day & Mary ----; Benjamin Day & Margaret Foote; John Day, Jr. & Grace Spencer; John Day & Mary Gaylord; Robert Day & Editha Stebbins (sister of Edward), Walter Gaylord & Mary Stebbins.
    20. Eleonora Elkins, known as Mrs. Eleonore Elkins Widener Rice, 1861-1937, philanthropist, donor of Widener Library to Harvard (in memory of her son by George Dunton Widener, Harry Elkins Widener); William Lukens Elkins, traction magnate, & Maria Louisa Broomall; George Elkins & Susannah Howell; Daniel Howell & Elizabeth Yerkes; Silas Yerkes & Hannah Dungan; Thomas Dungan & Esther Evans; William Dungan & Deborah King; Thomas Dungan & Elizabeth Weaver; William Dungan & Frances Latham.
    21. Joseph Medill Patterson, 1879-1946, editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News (wife, Alice Higinbotham; Harlow Niles Higinbotham & Rachel Davison; Henry Dumont Higinbotham & Rebecca Wheeler; Charles Higinbotham & Gertrude Dumont; Niles Higinbotham & Mary Lippitt; Christopher Lippitt & Catherine Holden; Anthony Holden & Phebe Rhodes; Charles Holden & Catherine Greene; Randall Holden & Frances Dungan; William Dungan & Frances Latham.
    22. Harry Frank Guggenheim, 1890-1971, industrialist, diplomat and publisher (third wife, [Mrs.] Alicia Patterson [Sampson Brooks], founder of Newsday; #21 above & Alice Higinbotham).
    23. Madeleine Jane Korbel, known as Madeleine Albright, b. 1937, U.S. Secretary of State under Clinton (divorced husband, Joseph Medill Patterson Albright, adopted by his stepfather, Ivan LeLorraine Albright, painter; Jay Frederick Reeve & Josephine Medill Patterson, later Mrs. I.L. Albright; #21 above & Alice Higinbotham).
    24. Robert Burns Woodward, 1917-1979, chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1965; Arthur Chester Woodward & Margaret Burns; Harlow Elliot Woodward & Susan E. Howard; William Elliot Woodward & Clarissa E. Royce; Augustus Royce & Lucy Smith; James Royce & Olive Hinman; Josiah Royce & Lucy Baldwin; Nathaniel Royce & Phebe Clark, Nathaniel Baldwin & Elizabeth Parmelee; Robert Royce & Mary Porter, Samuel Baldwin & Abigail Baldwin; Samuel Royce & Hannah Churchill, Nathaniel Porter & Elizabeth Baldwin, Nathaniel Baldwin (brother of Joseph of Milford and Hadley) & Joanna ---- (parents of Samuel), John Baldwin & (2nd wife) Mary Bruen (parents of Abigail); Robert Royce & Mary ----, John Baldwin & (1st wife) Mary Camp (parents of Elizabeth).
    25. Charles Follen McKim, 1847-1909, architect (McKim of McKim, Mead and White) (first wife, Annie Bigelow; John William Bigelow & Anna M. Barton; Ira Moore Barton & Maria Waters Bullard [sister of Eunice White Bullard, Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher]; Artemas Bullard & Lucy White; Asa Bullard & Hannah Cook; Benjamin Bullard [III] & Judith Hill; Benjamin Bullard, Jr. & Tabitha Edwards; Benjamin Bullard & Martha Pidge; Robert Bullard of Watertown & Anne ----; William Bullard & Grace Howes). For McKim’s second wife, Julia Amory Appleton, see NK1.
    1. Francis Dana, 1743-1811, Revolutionary patriot, diplomat, and jurist; Richard Dana & Lydia Trowbridge; Daniel Dana & Naomi Croswell; Richard Dana & Anne Bullard; Robert Bullard of Watertown & Anne ----, see #25 above. For Francis Dana’s notable progeny by Elizabeth Ellery, see NK1:105.
    2. Geraldine, Countess Apponyi de Nagy-Appony, Queen of the Albanians, b. 1915, wife of Zog I, King of the Albanians (1895-1961, king 1928-39) and mother of Leka I, King (in exile) of the Albanians, b. 1939; Julius, Count Apponyi de Nagy-Appony, & Gladys Virginia Steuart; John Henry Steuart & Mary Virginia Ramsay Harding; Edward Learned Harding & Lucy Booker Ramsay; Seth Harding & Mary Learned; Abraham Harding (IV) & Abigail Adams; Daniel Adams & Sarah Sanford; John Adams & Deborah Partridge; John Partridge & Magdalen Bullard; John Bullard of Medfield & Magdalen Martin; William Bullard & Grace Howes.
    3. Sophia Smith, 1796-1870, founder of Smith College; Joseph Smith & Lois White; Elihu White & Zerviah Cowles; Ebenezer Cowles & Keziah Cowles; Samuel Cowles & Sarah Hubbard (parents of Ebenezer), Jonathan Cowles & Prudence Frary (parents of Keziah); John Cowles, Jr. & Deborah Bartlett (parents of Samuel & Jonathan); John Cowles & Hannah ----.
    4. Edmund Wilson, Jr., 1895-1972, man of letters and literary critic, whose third wife was Mary McCarthy, 1912-1989, novelist; Edmund Wilson & Helen Mather Kimball; Walter Scott Kimball & Helen Matilda Baker; Reuel Kimball, Jr. & Cleanthia Thomas; Reuel Kimball & Hannah Mather; Timothy Mather & Hannah Church; John Church & Hannah Montague; Benjamin Church & Hannah Dickinson; Nehemiah Dickinson & Mary Cowles; John Cowles & Hannah -----.
    5. Carl Trumbull Hayden, 1877-1972, U.S. senator from Arizona (1927-69), Senate president pro tem (1951-69); Charles Trumbull Hayden & Sallie Calvert Davis; Joseph Trumbull Hayden & Mary Hanks; John Hayden & Anne Trumbull; Ammi Trumbull, Jr. & Sarah Gaylord; Josiah Gaylord & Naomi Burnham; Nathaniel Gaylord & Abigail Bissell; William Gaylord, Jr. & Elizabeth Drake, William Gaylord & ---- ----.
    6. J[ean] Paul Getty, 1892-1976, oil tycoon (fourth wife, Louise Dudley Lytton; Walter Lytton & Louise S. Ware; John Herbert Ware & Louise M. Stevens; Paul Taylor Ware & Louise Dudley; Nathaniel S. Dudley & Mary Ann Owen; John Dudley & Lydia Steevens; Nathaniel Steevens & Abigail Buell; Josiah Steevens & Sarah Hubbell, Samuel Buell [III] & Abigail Crittenden; Richard Hubbell & Elizabeth Gaylord, Thomas Crittenden & Abigail Hull; Samuel Gaylord & Elizabeth Hull, John Hull & Abigail Kelsey; William Gaylord & ---- -----, George Hull of Fairfield & Thomasine Michell [parents of Elizabeth and Josiah], Josiah Hull & Elizabeth Loomis; Thomas Hull & Joan Peson [Pyssing]).
    7. Lewis Cass, 1782-1866, governor of the Michigan Territory, U.S. Secretary of War and of State, Democratic presidential candidate in 1848 (wife, Elizabeth Spencer; Joseph Spencer, Jr. & Deborah Selden; Samuel Selden & Elizabeth Ely; Richard Ely, Jr. & Elizabeth Peck; Samuel Peck & Elizabeth Lee; Joseph Peck & Sarah Parker; William Peck & Elizabeth ----).
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