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  • #53 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Major Historical Figures Descended from Anne (Lloyd) (Yale) Eaton of the New Haven Colony

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : November 22, 2000
    Partly as an adjunct to my last three New England Ancestors columns, on the ancestry of presidents of Yale, and partly to invoke the contribution, to its region, state, and the nation generally, of the New Haven Colony (New Haven, Branford, Guilford, Milford, Stamford, and Southold, Long Island, 1643-65), I wish to consider the notable progeny of Mrs. Anne Lloyd Yale Eaton. A descendant of King John and Llywelyn Fawr ap Iorwerth and his son David, princes of North Wales, and a daughter of George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester, and Anne Wilkinson, Anne Lloyd was first married to Thomas Yale, a distant cousin also descended from King John and Llywelyn and David of North Wales. Yale died about 1619 and before 1628 Anne married Theophilus Eaton (ca. 1590-1657/8), a London merchant who brought Anne, her Yale children, and other family members to Boston in 1637 and soon thereafter to New Haven. Theophilus was the first governor of the New Haven Colony, 1643-58, and a virtual partner with Rev. John Davenport – also of royal descent, but with a much smaller notable progeny (at least as yet traced) – in the Colony’s founding and theocratic governance. After Eaton’s death Anne returned to England and died a year or two later at Seven Oaks, Cheshire.

    Her second husband is thus the first “major colonial figure” associated with Anne. The second is her grandson, Elihu Yale (1649-1721), East India Company official, the philanthropist for whom Yale College and University are named, and the son of David Yale and Ursula Knight. Anne Yale, daughter of Thomas and Anne, married Edward Hopkins (ca. 1600-1657), governor of Connecticut, but was long insane and apparently left no issue. The entire later American progeny of Anne (Lloyd) (Yale) Eaton is derived through only two of her children – the immigrant Thomas Yale of New Haven, who married Mary Turner, and Hannah Eaton, second wife of William Jones (ca. 1624-1706), deputy governor of both the New Haven Colony (1664) and Connecticut (1691-97). Thomas Yale left three sons and daughters who married into the Ives, Talmadge, Bishop and Pardee families of New Haven and left descendants. Mrs. Jones left two sons who survived and four daughters who married, including Elizabeth, wife of John Morgan of New London, brother of an ancestor of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Of Yale or Jones descendants treated below, six have appeared in earlier columns and five in my Notable Kin, Volume Two (NK2, 1999). These six are the first Mrs. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Mary Storer Potter, a Yale-Ives-Potter descendant); Secretary of State William Maxwell Evarts (Jones-Morrison-Todd-Evarts, the last two families of Guilford), his grandson, editor (William) Max(well Evarts) Perkins (also a Yale-Talmadge-Smith-Coggeshall-Davenport-Bruen-Perkins descendant, a line partly associated with Milford and Stamford) and the latter’s nephew, Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, Jr.; the artist Norman (Perceval) Rockwell (Jones-Elwell-Waring-Rockwell) and French cabinet minister Michael, Prince Poniatowski (both Yale-Pardee-Sperry-Poniatowski and Jones-Morrison-Tallman-Sperry).

    Outlined below are the Yale or Jones descents of 16 figures, or their spouses, whose ancestry I have partly treated elsewhere, largely in American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (AACPW) (1984) and its supplements in Notable Kin, Volume One (1998). Following these 16, and the above six, are two pairs of siblings not treated in any of my past works – legal codifier David Dudley Field, Jr. and Atlantic cable promoter Cyrus West Field, whose father was born in East Guilford, and two daughters of Yale Medical School dean George Blumer, wives respectively of Nobel Prize scientists Ernest Orlando Lawrence and Edwin Mattison McMillan. Further “new” figures are the wife of Chief Justice (and 1916 presidential candidate) Charles Evans Hughes, Vice President Henry Agard Wallace, and the wife of Arthur Kittredge Watson of IBM and of Senator W. Stuart Symington, Jr., of Missouri. Descendants of Mrs. Jones via Morgans of New London and Groton, and Chapmans of Preston (and Johnston, R.I.) include the wife of Republican leader and financier Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich; her daughter, philanthropist and art collector Mrs. Abby Greene Aldrich Rockefeller, wife of John D., Jr.; and their sons, the five Rockefeller brothers, including New York governor and U.S. Vice President Nelson A., and Chase Manhattan president and CEO David Rockefeller. From Elizabeth (Jones) Morgan of New London are also derived, among figures below, (1) Yale coach and football promoter Walter Chauncey Camp, via Fowlers, Bishops and Camps of Guilford; (2) Gladys Marion Watkins, wife of Yale president Charles Seymour, via Fowlers of Guilford and Atwater, Law and Watkins of northeastern Pennsylvania; and (3) Mary Josephine Lauder, wife of boxer James Joseph “Gene” Tunney, via Morgans of Groton, Rowlands of Windsor and Lauders of Greenwich. Descendants below of Isaac Jones, a brother of Mrs. Morgan, are Maude Gage, wife of “Oz” creator Lyman Frank Baum, both natives of upstate New York, Yale professor and literary critic (and New Haven native) William Lyon Phelps, and Vice President Wallace, a native of Iowa, who would have been president if FDR had died a few months earlier (in his third term). Sarah Jones, a sister of Isaac and Mrs. Morgan, married firstly Andrew Morrison; the Dudley brothers named above are her great-great-great-grandsons, via Tallman, Dudley and Field of Guilford.

    Descendants below of New Haven Yales, sometimes via Ives, Talmadge, Bishop, Atwater, Andrews, Sanford, Gilbert, Bassett, Wooding, Bradley, Hemingway, or Carter, also all of New Haven, are Poughkeepsie, N.Y. native and Livingston scion Anna Livingston Reade Street, second wife of U.S. Vice President Levi Parsons Morton; Elizabeth Dwight Woolsey, niece of Yale president Timothy Dwight Woolsey and second wife of University of California and Johns Hopkins president Daniel Coit Gilman; novelist Ernest (Miller) Hemingway, a native of Oak Park, Illinois, to which his grandfather moved from Plymouth, Conn.; the two Blumer sisters noted above, whose husbands worked at the University of California at Berkeley; Ellen Antoinette Carter, wife of New York governor, presidential candidate and Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, and Anna C. Hemingway, wife of Watson and Symington.. Outlined below, in this column’s usual format (and following a list, with NK2 or NEXUS references, of the six figures whose Yale or Eaton lines have been treated in earlier columns) are such descents, plus all those from other RD immigrants not covered in AACPW or NEA 1, for the 24 additional figures mentioned above. Following the figure’s name, birth and death years, brief career description, plus parentheses and the names of a wife if the treated ancestry is hers, are his or her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., backwards to Thomas Yale, Hannah (Eaton) Jones and other italicized immigrants of royal descent, to Mass. unless otherwise noted. As always, semi-colons separate generations and commas separate couples in the same generation. For the RDs of Mrs. Anne Lloyd Yale Eaton, her first husband and Yale children see my 1993 The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants (RD500), pp. 311-12, 321-22 (and its forthcoming second edition), the Welsh Genealogies compendia by Peter C. Bartrum cited therein, and four articles by Peter G. Van der Poel, Henry B. Hoff or Robert Joseph Curfman, in The American Genealogist 32 (1956): 71-79, 52 (1976): 142-44, 56 (1980): 101-5 and Journal of Royal and Noble Genealogy 1 (1995, sponsored by The Augustan Society): 14-26.

    1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882, poet (1st wife, Mary Storer Potter, a Thomas Yale descendant) (NK 2:186, 189).
    2-4. William Maxwell Evarts, 1818-1901, lawyer, diplomat, U.S. Attorney-General and Secretary of State, a Hannah (Eaton) Jones descendant; his grandson, (William) Max(well) (Evarts) Perkins, 1884-1947, editor, man of letters, also a Thomas Yale descendant; and the latter’s nephew, Archibald Cox, Jr., b. 1912, legal scholar, U.S. Solicitor General and Watergate prosecutor (NK 2: 198, 200-1).
    5. Norman (Perceval) Rockwell, 1894-1978, artist and illustrator, a Hannah (Eaton) Jones descendant (NK 2: 28).
    6. Michael (Casimir Jean Pierre Guillaume Maria André), Prince Poniatowski, b. 1922, French Minister of the Interior (under Valéry Giscard d’Estaing), a Thomas Yale and Hannah (Eaton) Jones descendant (NEXUS 14 [1997]: 159).
    7-15. Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, 1841-1915, U.S. Senator and Republican leader, financier, and art collector (wife Abby Pearce Truman Chapman; Francis Morgan Chapman & Lucy Anne Truman; Amos Chapman & Amy Morgan; Israel Morgan & Elizabeth Brewster, a descendant twice over of Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke [see AACPW, p. 34]; William Morgan, Jr. & Temperance Avery; William Morgan & Mary Avery; John Morgan & Elizabeth Jones; William Jones & Hannah Eaton); their daughter and son-in-law, Mrs. Abby Greene Aldrich Rockefeller, 1874-1948, a founder of the Museum of Modern Art, wife of John Davison Rockefeller, Jr., 1874-1960, builder of Rockefeller Center, patron of Colonial Williamsburg [son, by Laura Celestia Spelman, of oil tycoon and philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller, a descendant of Mrs. Anne Humphrey Palmes Myles, see NK 2: 4-7]; and five grandsons, John Davison Rockefeller III, 1906-1978, founder of the Population Council and president of Lincoln Center, Inc. (father by Blanchette Ferry Hooker of John Davison Rockefeller IV , b. 1937, governor of West Virginia and U.S. Senator), Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, 1908-1978, governor of New York, U.S. Vice-President under Ford, and art patron, Laurance Spelman Rockefeller, b. 1910, venture capitalist, conservationist, chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Winthrop Rockefeller, 1912-1973, governor of Arkansas, rancher, and David Rockefeller, b. 1915, president and CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank.
    16. Levi Parsons Morton, 1824-1920, congressman, diplomat, governor of New York, U.S. Vice-President under B. Harrison (2nd wife, Anna Livingston Reade Street; William Ingraham Street & Susan Watts Kearney; Randall Sanford Street & Cornelia Billings, Robert Kearney & Anna Livingston Reade; Caleb Street & Mabel Sanford, Andrew Billings & Cornelia Livingston, John Reade & Catherine Livingston; John Sanford & Mabel/Mehitable Ives, John Billings & Elizabeth Page, James Livingston & Judith Newcomb [parents of Cornelia], Robert Gilbert Livingston & Catherine McPheadres [parents of Catherine]; Thomas Ives & Anne Thompson, Joseph Page & Mary Saxton, Gilbert Livingston & Cornelia Beekman [parents of James and Robert Gilbert]; Joseph Ives & Mary Yale, Joseph Saxton & Hannah Denison, Robert Livingston the elder of N.Y. & Alida Schuyler; Thomas Yale & Mary Turner, George Denison & Bridget Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman).
    17. L(yman) Frank Baum, 1850-1919, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (wife, Maude Gage; Henry Gage & Matilda Joslyn, q.v.; Judson Gage & Eleanor Carpenter; Eli Gage & Hannah Rice; Ebenezer Gage & Grissell Elwell; Samuel Elwell & Mary Jones; Isaac Jones & Deborah Clark; William Jones & Hannah Eaton).
    18. Walter Chauncey Camp, 1859-1925, Yale football coach, promoter of American football; Leverett Lee Camp & Ellen Sophia Cornwell; Elah Camp & Orit Lee, Chauncey Cornwell & Mary Goodrich Cosslett; Eben Lee & Huldah Bishop, Robert Cornwell & Sarah Hart; David Bishop, Jr. & Andrea Fowler, Elijah Hart, Jr. & Sarah Gilbert; Benjamin Fowler & Andrea Morgan, Ebenezer Gilbert, Jr. & Mercy Cowles; John Morgan & Elizabeth Jones, Ebenezer Gilbert & Hester Allyn; William Jones & Hannah Eaton, Thomas Allyn & Abigail Warham; Matthew Allyn & Margaret Wyatt of Conn.
    19. William Lyon Phelps, 1865-1943, literary critic and teacher; Sylvanus Dryden Phelps & Sophia Emilia Lyon Linsley; James Harvey Linsley & Sophia Brainerd Lyon; William Lyon (III) & Lois Mansfield; William Lyon, Jr. & Elizabeth Maltby, Nathan Mansfield & Deborah Dayton; Nathaniel Maltby & Deborah Jones, Isaac Dayton & Elizabeth Todd; Isaac Jones & Deborah Clark (see #17 above), Michael Todd & Elizabeth Brown; Eleazer Brown & Sarah Bulkeley; Thomas Bulkeley & Sarah Jones; Rev. Peter Bulkeley & Jane Allen.
    20. Charles Seymour, 1885-1963, president of Yale, 1937-51 (wife, Gladys Marion Watkins; Thomas Hamer Watkins & Elizabeth Atwater Law; Charles Law & Ellen Augusta Atwater; Charles Townsend Atwater & Elizabeth Snyder; Heaton Atwater & Clarissa Bishop; David Bishop, Jr. & Deborah Fowler; David Bishop, Jr. & Andrea Fowler, see #18 above).
    21. James Joseph “Gene” Tunney, 1897-1978, boxer, world heavyweight champion, 1926-28 (wife, Mary Josephine Lauder; George Lauder, Jr. & Katherine Morgan Rowland; George Rowland & Maria Townsend Durfee; James Edwards Rowland, a descendant of Mrs. Amy Wyllys Pynchon, & Catherine A. Morgan; Jasper Morgan & Catherine Copp, a descendant of Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke [see AACPW, p. 57]; William Morgan (III) & Lydia Smith; William Morgan, Jr. & Temperance Avery, see #s 7-14 above).
    22. Ernest (Miller) Hemingway, 1898-1961, novelist and short-story writer; Clarence Edmonds Hemingway & Grace Hall; Anson Tyler Hemingway & Adelaide Edmonds; Allen Hemingway & Louise Tyler; Jacob Hemingway, Jr. & Lucretia Smith; Jacob Hemingway & Abigail Linsley; Abraham Hemingway, Jr. & Mercy Tuttle; Abraham Hemingway & Sarah Talmadge; Enos Talmadge (1st husband) & Hannah Yale; Thomas Yale & Mary Turner.
    23-24. David Dudley Field, Jr., 1805-1894, lawyer and legal codifier, and Cyrus West Field, 1819-1892, merchant, capitalist and promoter of the first trans-Atlantic [telegraph] cable; David Dudley Field, q.v., & Submit Dickinson; Timothy Field & Anna Dudley; David Dudley & Mary Tallman; Ebenezer Tallman & Anna Morrison; Andrew Morrison & Sarah Jones; William Jones & Hannah Eaton.
    25-26. Ernest Orlando Lawrence, 1901-1958, nuclear physicist, inventor of the cyclotron, Nobel Prize winner in physics, 1939 (wife, Mary Kimberly Blumer) & Edwin Mattison McMillan, 1907-1991, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, 1951 (wife, Elsie Walford Blumer, sister of Mrs. Lawrence; George Blumer, q.v., & Mabel Louise Bradley; Edward Elias Bradley & Mary Elizabeth Kimberley; Isaac Bradley & Abigail Knowles Hervey; Lewis Bradley & Lydia Wooding; Isaac Bradley & Lois Bishop, Israel Wooding & Lydia Bassett; Abraham Bradley & Sarah Wilmot, Job Bishop & Esther Dorman, Amos Bassett & Mary Gilbert; Alexander Wilmot & Sarah Brown, Samuel Bishop (2nd husband) & Hannah Yale, John Gilbert & Mary Ives; Eleazer Brown & Sarah Bulkeley, Thomas Yale & Mary Turner (parents of Hannah and Mary), Joseph Ives & Mary Yale; Thomas Bulkeley & Sarah Jones; Rev. Peter Bulkeley & Jane Allen).
    27. Charles Evans Hughes, 1862-1948, 10th U.S. Chief Justice, governor of N.Y., Republican presidential candidate in 1916 (wife, Ellen Antoinette Carter; Walter Steuben Carter & Marie Antoinette Smith; Evits Carter & Emma Taylor, John Cotton Smith & Ellen Content Fox; Noah Andrews Carter & Lydia Gaylord, William Taylor, Jr. & Abigail Case, Aaron Fox & Eunice Beebe; Thaddeus Carter & Lucy Andrews, Daniel Case, Jr. & Mary Watson, Caleb Beebe, Jr. & Eunice Avery; William Carter & Anne Yale, Daniel Case & Penelope Buttolph, Caleb Beebe & Phebe Buckingham; Theophilus Yale & Sarah Street, John Case, Jr. & Sarah Holcomb, Hezekiah Buckingham & Sarah Lay; Thomas Yale, Jr. & Rebecca Gibbard, John Case & Sarah Spencer, Robert Lay & Mary Stanton; Thomas Yale & Mary Turner, William Spencer & Agnes Harris of Conn., Thomas Stanton & Sarah Denison; George Denison & Bridget Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman).
    28. Henry Agard Wallace, 1888-1965, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce, U.S. Vice President 1941-45, and Progressive Party presidential candidate in 1948; Henry Cantwell Wallace, q.v., & Carrie May Brodhead; John Avery Brodhead & Mary Anne Matilda White; Elijah Schoonmaker Brodhead & Mary Agard; Horace Agard & Polly Stone; Noah Agard & Lucinda Jones; Eaton Jones & Elizabeth Catlin; Samuel Jones & Sarah Hickson; Isaac Jones & Deborah Clark; William Jones & Hannah Eaton .
    29-30. Ann C. Hemingway wife of (1) Arthur Kittredge Watson, 1919-1974, president and CEO of IBM World Trade, diplomat; (2) (William) Stuart Symington (Jr.), 1901-1988, U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1st Secretary of the Air Force (his 2nd wife); Stuart Clayton Hemingway & Madeline Cooney; Harvey Clayton Hemingway & Minnie Grainger Noble; Willet Hemingway, Jr. & Lydia Amelia Bradley; Willet Hemingway & Sarah Rowe; Enos Hemingway & Sarah Hemingway; Abraham Hemingway, Jr. & Mercy Tuttle (parents of Enos), see #22 above.

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