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    Family historians rely on a number of organizational tools, including commonly used forms to record their research efforts and findings. Even though most genealogical software programs will export your findings into such formats, it is important to understand how each works and how they can be organized to best support future research. The following templates will help you organize your research, save you time, and present your information in a consistent and accurate way.

    Family Charts

    Five Generation Family Chart

    A multi-generational chart provides a road map of your ancestors and includes basic information about each couple: full name and date and place of birth, death, and marriage. Each person on the chart receives a number. The subject of the chart is number 1; the subject’s father is 2, the mother is 3; the father’s father is 4, the father’s mother is 5; etc. Each chart is assigned a number and cross-referenced to connect charts and generations. Thus, every ancestor receives a unique number that can be used as shorthand or for filing. E.g., 3:6 refers to chart number 3, person number 6. Download our five generation chart.

    Research Templates

    Family Group Sheet

    A family group sheet provides a snapshot of each nuclear family and records pertinent information about each family member. This information may include:

    • For father and mother: given and last name(s); birth, death, and marriage date and place; parents’ names; other marriages
    • For children: sex, given and last name(s); birth, death, and marriage date and place; spouse’s name

    Download our family group sheet.

    Research Log

    Research logs are an excellent way to keep track of the research you have already accomplished. They contain a list of every source you consulted—and whether your search was successful or not. Handwritten or typed, these logs help prevent duplicate searches and lookups. Download our research log.

    Interview Questions

    Gather information about your family and ancestors by interviewing family members, friends, and neighbors. These suggested interview questions will help!

    Writing & Publishing

    Register Style Template

    Format your article or book manuscript using Register style—a widely used genealogical format that's been used for more than 100 years. An editor looking over an article submitted for possible publication will be favorably impressed and will follow your text more easily when the material is presented in Register format. Read more about the Register. Download the template!

    Sample Stylesheet

    This stylesheet is a sample only. Although many of the items listed reflect rules that NEHGS follows, you need not match all exactly. Establish your own guidelines and, most important, be consistent! For punctuation, hyphenation, and other general style rules, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style. Download the sample stylesheet.

    Editorial Checklist

    Use this resource to help refine your work and keep elements and styles consistent. Download the checklist.

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