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July 23rd article about DNA-findings
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Created By:Pamela Bangs

I have to comment on the article on July 23rd DNA Testing Helps Miami Man Find Biological Family. I recently sent my Husbands DNA sample to Ancestry. It took about 4 weeks to come back. When we got it I was truly excited as I am the researcher in the family and I talked him into doing it. I was never so disappointed, it gave him 3rd or 4th cousins with 95% chance given as a relative. Not so, I wrote to quite a few people and they were not related at all. The rest, and I might add were 4th to 8th cousins, were no real percentage at all. We received 188 pages of nothing. My Husband's last name is Bangs his relative's were from the Mayflower. But the DNA from them returned no Bangs at all.


My feeling on the DNA from Ancestry is:

You spit in a vile, send it in to them, in the meantime they tell you to enter as much info into your family tree as possible, when they receive your DNA they throw the DNA sample in the trash, then they enter your name into their computer and if anyone is researching the last name of a person you are researching it spits it out and they send it to you. 


I was heartbroken. I would not recommend that anyone use these DNA tests. As per the article it specifies Ancestry also 23&me and another. I checked on line and 23&me has lawsuits pending against them. The best info you can get is in research. Save your money and spend it on a trip to Boston or Salt Lake City.     

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Created By:Daniel Brown

I had my yDNA tested via the Brown DNA Project at about 6 years ago and after culling through results connected with a distant cousin and found other promising contacts that I have not had a chance to pursue.  And it did indicate my line's origion which cleared-up a significant issue for me.  So results can be had pending who is doing the testing. 

That said, I do have major complains about Ancestry's forums and the fact that they now dominate the internet genealogy market place and own Rootsweb, find-a-grave, and other former path-makers in genealogy research.

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