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Mary Hubbard Nye Diary, Journey from Montpelier to Chicago and back, June-August 1837
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Created By:Michael Fiske
Mary Hubbard Nye (1770?-183 and her husband Elijah (1768-1852) journeyed from their home in Montpelier, Vermont, to Chicago to visit their daughter and son-in-law, Florinda Nye and Bemsley Huntoon. They traveled Lake Champlain, the Erie Canal and Lakes Erie, Huron, and Michigan. Mary also visited a brother on the return trip.  I have yet to determine the brother's name.  I have transcribed pages 159 to 163 of their trip.  The journey started on 8 June 1837 and ended on 22 August 1837.  What a wonderful trip and amazing insight on travel in the 1830's.
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Created By:Michael Fiske
I apologize that these documents from the Mary Hubbard Diary are not viewable.  I contacted the webmaster for NEHGS yesterday and have received no response.  If nothing is done by tomorrow, I will cut and paste into a post.  Mary's diary is remarkable.  If you read the NY Times article today on early New England church records, you would love to read the diary.  Michael Fiske
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Created By:Michael Fiske


Page 159

10 April 1837— 23June 1837



            1837April 10 Hubbard a son born

            May2 Mr Cole moved to Mr Cadwells house

            Saturday6 day Francis Huntoon started for Chicago

            15day monday

  5        MrBrowns fammily started for Chicago

            […]dayMrs Cole died buried 24 day wednesday

            […]day Saturday had a letter from Francis H                        Y


            […] 8 thursday starteded for Chicago four Dollars                4

10       […]Burlington from Burlington to whitehall carring trunks  5 50

            […] breakfast to whitehall                                                         50

            […] diner 50 cents carriing trunks 25 cents makes                    50

            […] the boat Rocherster Cap Grandal pasage                        4

            […]y 12 o clock knight got to the juntion took the canal

15       […][?]alamazoo captain Mathews three hundred and

            […] […]ve miles on the canal two cents and half mule 17 D


            [10] day Saturday pleasant sabbath 11 day jest knight

            […] udica 12 day monday just knight to Syracuse

20       13day tuesday night 5 clock to lyons

            14 day wednesday morn nine clock to Rochester staided

            four o clock afternoon 15 day thursday night to lockport

            16 day friday morn to Bufferlow eaght clock started for

            Detroit in the steamboat Cap Shocks steamboat

25       unitedstates got to Detroit 18 day sabbath morn ten sixD clock

            m the frait on deck and find yourself six D and in cabin16

            we put up to the tavern called the cottage I went tochurch

            in the afternoon opposite the tavern staidedexpecting

            to stay some days but the 19 day monday the Vessel

30       qweenCharlot came ashore and we paid our frait 2 D

            to the tavern and went aboard the brige frait 32 D

            captain keeth Master 20 day run a ground got of tuesdayin

            a short time again got of wednesday 21 day afternoonthursday 22 day not

            much wind run a ground again about noon but

35       didnot stay long got to lake huron afternoon

            23 day friday some good wind cold some rain and snow

            very cold got to mackanoy

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Created By:Michael Fiske


Page 160

24 June 1837— 16 July1837



            June24 saturday noon cold like winter wind ahead

            25day sabbath 26 a child died in a boat near us

            carriedashore to be buried very cold the women went ashore

            Istaid done prity much which I chose 26 day monday

  5        coldrainy started from Mackanoy 5 o clock after no[on] […]

            windahead 27 day tuesday very cold wind ahead […]

            28day wednesday very cold no wind we nead pate[…]

            29day thursday wind not right in michagan lake […]

            atnight some seasick 30 day friday very cold about […]

10       athundershour the wind drove us ahead fast about two ho[…]

            sixclock afternoon a thunder squall very teadious and […]

            ingto some hail after July first day saturday morn […]

            somecold but wind right got into Chicago 5 clo[ck] […]

            afternoonfound my Children well that we m[…] […]

15       betruly thankful the grait and good giver of all th[e] […]

            2day sabbath thundershowers cold for the time of ye[ar]

            3day monday cloudy afternoon more pleasant 4 day

            tuesdaya thundershower some hail very high southerly wi[nd]

            5day wednesday morn thundershower cleared of at noon

20       warmrain again 6 day thursday clear and warm cloudy afte[rnoon]

            MrNye unwell 7 day friday cloudy in the morn clear

            therest of the day 8 day saturday cool and pleasant

            9day sabbath clear and warm Betsey and myself

            wentto the Methidist meeting where Mr Curtis preac[hed]

25       10day monday very warm Harriot Riper came there

            withher husband she staid till after diner 11 day tuesday

            verypleasant 12 day wednesday some cloudy jest enou[gh]

            tobe comfortable Mr Nye and I Florinda and little Mary

            statedfor walkers grove got to Mr Gosses just sun down

30       13day thursday very warm called to David Smiths morning

            visetedto Ralph Smiths afternoon 14 day friday morn

            wentto Harriot Ripers Florinda staid over night

            andwe went home with Mr Gosses and wife

            15saturday we all went to Joliett took tea to Mr

35       Burmonts16 day sabbath went to Meeting hear Mr Forster

            preachin a log schoolhouse good

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Created By:Michael Fiske


Page 161

17 July 1837— 7August 1837



            July17 day monday viseted to Mr Prikeys she was Harriot B

            18day tuesday started for Chicago very wet traveling

            onthe praires got to the villige 8 clock Mr Huntoon

            sickJames not well Ann metilda unwell

  5        19day wednesday very warm 20 day thursday very pleasant

            21day friday Chester not well Ann Better Mr Huntoon

            sick22 day saturday very warm sick yet 23 day sabbath

            Iattened a prisperterien meeting with Betsey rode in

            […][…]oat walked home 24 day monday some cooler 25 day

10       […][…]y warm 26 day wednesday had viseters Mrs Peck and

            […]o […]d her sister and little daughter thunder and sharp

            […]about all night grait rain they staid over night

            […][wed]nesday 27 day thursday cool and clear viseted

            […]and Mr Pecks took tea to Mr Pecks road down

15       […]walked home 27 (sic) friday very warm 28 (sic) Saturday

            […]thundershowers afternoon and night 30 day

            […]did not attended meeting 31 day monday Mrs

            […]apmanand her daughter viseted here some thunder

            Augustfirs day tuesday very warm started for home nine

20       clocknight in the steeme boat Bunker hill Cap Root

            butthe boat did not start till midnight 50 D fraite

            2day wednesday to Michigan city 3 day thursday

            aboutnoon to saint Josephs sea sick got to grand river staid over

            nightto take in wood 3 day thursday pleasant started on did not

25       […]op4 day friday when we got to mackanack about ten clock

            […]the morn then returned back about 50 miles to the vessel

            NorthCarrilinena which was wrecked last monday night found no

            [pa]ssingersdead or alive knew nothing of them whether

            manyor few they started from Chicago saturday before without ballance

30       wereturned got there nine or ten clock at night 5 day saturday

            mornwe were on lake huron stoped to a place to get wood where

            thelake was clear so we could see 30 or 40 feet to the bottom the pike fish

            cameround like sworms they loocked butiful swiming in the bottom

            ofthe lake started from here nine clock 6 day sabbath

35       gotto Detrout 11 clock morn started from Detroyt 5 clock eve

            top[?]rtland about one clock morn and 3 to Cleaveland 7 day

            mondaymorn Mrs B[?]ggles [?] Sanduskey at 5 clock

            westoped to Charlston black river 30 miles to cleaveland

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Created By:Michael Fiske


Page 162

8 August 1837— 16August 1837



            8day tuesday morn to Ery noon to Bancock got to Bufferlow

            Bufferlow4 clock afternoon and went into the boat kalamazoo

            CapMathewes staided till 9 day wednesday 2 clock afternoon

            thenwent into the boat Majesty cap Best Breed Master

  5        gotto lockpoart went through the locks about 12 at night

            10day thursday good fealds of wheat frute trees peach

            cameto medina morn soon to knowsville pears peaches there

            aboutten to egle harbor then to albion quite a fine

            villigenot so good fields of grain got to Brookp[ort]

10       about5 clock heard there of the canal broake 8 […]

            aheadstoped over night to spencers bason [?] da[y] […]

            startedslowly a few miles stoped c[…] […]

            furtherabout nine morn a long st[…] […]

            waswaiting for the canall to be mended the […]

15       thatMr Cooks fammily was in that came w[…] […]

            Chacagoto Bufferlow the boat kalamazoo was […]

            wentaboard of her paid Mr Bred[?] four D and half not one […]

            miles12 day saturday morn by light to pitsford got to lyons 5 clock

            weighingthe boat in the night 13 day sabbath morn 7 clock to jorde[n]

20       afternoon3 clock to suracuse frait four D and quarter

            wentinto a tavern a short time and gave quarter of a D

            thenwent into a boat Cap Coe master frait one D

            14day monday morn got to my Brothers afternoon went

            withmy Brother and his wifes sister to Mr Thommas Hubb[ard]

25       hiswife my cousin good visit there 15 day tuesday Mr Hubbard

            andwife came to my Brothers in the morning to go with

            usto there sons Thommas Hubbard my Brother and susan sis[…]

            hiswife went with us to his farm and then to Mr Hubbards

            andhad dinner and supper there and a good visit came back

30       tomy Brothers his wife alone in her chamber pleasant

            andpatient 16 day wednesday staided to my Brothers with his

            wifeexcept walking out with July to see the place but I

            didnot stay with her long enough she was sosiable very

            pleasantI think for one in her situation she was

35       remarkablepatient and good she said it would be harder

            partingwith me than ever and truly it was she could not

            speakbut held my hand but I must leave her not expectin[g]

            tosee her no more in this world

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Created By:Michael Fiske


Page 163

16 August 1837— 22August 1837



            16day wednesday started at night from my Brothers for home

            wentin to the boat which carried us to the junction frait

            7D and 50 cents

            20day sabbath 8 clock morn took the line boat for whitehall

  5        frait2 D 21 day monday 11 clock morn to whitehall took

            dinerthere caring trunks 75 cents started fro whitehall

            inthe steam boat Cap lyon frait 3 D got to Burlington

            [s]taidover night loging and caring trunks 75 cents

            […]tuesday took the stage to Montpealier frait 4 D

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