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6 Question Non Member Survey
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Created By:John Mezzacappa 1

Apologies, I wasn't sure if I should place this in general genealogy or off topic. 

I just completed your survey asking for information on why I am not a paying member. As there is no comment box, I will place my additional feedback here.

I was a paying member, but did not renew my subscription. I am very unlikely to ever renew my subscription under the current subscription layout because your website is too centered on Massachusetts as is your organization and the price for annual membership is very expensive for what you have to offer to those who have ancestors from New England that are not from Massachusetts. If you lowered your annual subscription and/or created another tier for those of us who will probably never visit your physical location and just want access to your online databases or your excellent magazine, I would be much more likely to become a paying member again. The problem is not your database, website, etc... Those are all great quality albeit a bit too specialized considering this is supposed to be the New England Historic Genealogical Society and not the Massachusetts Genealogical Historic Society. The problem is most of what you are charging a premium for are not useful to the vast majority of people who browse your online databases.

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