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Created By:Debbie Fletcher
Algira Cooper (or Alzira, Alcira, Elzira, Elgira, Elcira)
whose father was Joseph Cooper who m. Elgira Davis

Searching EXHAUSTIVELY for information on Algira. (or any of the above variations) Her parents are
supposed to be Joseph Cooper and Elgira Davis. Finding nothing. Desperate. The handwritten
pedigree tha was passed down through the family has no dates for Joseph and Elgira, but says that
Algira was born Oct 11 1799 and died Oct 19 1849 in Springfield Maine.

This handwritten pedigree says that Joseph Cooper's parents were Alexander Cooper and Patience
Goodwin. I have found plenty on them, but found that their son Joseph died of yellow fever in Norfolk,
VA at age 23, unmarried, so I'm thinking that this handwritten, passed-down-through-the-family pedigree
is wrong.

I even tried to correspond with the Goodwin family genealogist to see what source they have for Joseph
dying unmarried at age 23, and no one responds.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or other sources I can check? I joined Ancestry specifically
because of this problem. I have looked at everything I can find, even remotely possible, and am finding
nothing. I'm at my wits end.

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