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Jonathan Fisk (1739-1816), Greenwich, CT, and Schuylerville, NY
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Created By:Michael Fiske

Frederick Pierce in his Fiskand Fisk Family (1896) lists Jonathan Fisk (Pierce #533), born 13 August1739, as a son of Josiah Fisk (Pierce # 334). Barbour Collection records show that a Jonathan Fisk was born on thesame date in Greenwich, Connecticut, to Abigail Mead, 1710–?, and Jonathan Fisk(Pierce #336), 1706–1756.  In fact Josiahand Jonathan Fisk were both sons of Elizabeth Browne, 1671–?,  and Samuel Fiske (Pierce #249), 1670–?.


Except for Josiah, Pierce omits all of the children of Samueland Elizabeth, Pierce Numbers 333–330: Elizabeth, Josiah, Phineas, Jonathan,Samuel, Lois, and Anna, in his presentation.


The Barbour Collection record suggests that Piercemisidentifies the father of Jonathan Fisk, Jr. He was the son of Abigail Mead and Jonathan Fisk, Sr., who is theJonathan listed as Pierce #336.  Barbourrecords show that Abigail Mead and Jonathan Fisk were married on 23 April 1738in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Jonathan Fisk, Jr. married Hannah Reynolds, 1743–1814.  After the Revolutionary War, Hannah andJonathan relocated to Saratoga County, New York.  Jonathan Fisk, Jr. died 26 December 1816 inSchuylerville, Saratoga, New York.


Hannah Reynolds and Jonathan Fisk, Jr. were the parents of David,Ezra, Stephen, and Benjamin Fisk who migrated to Ontario County New York in theearly 1800’s.  Their daughters HannahHill, Auldy Green, Martha Lewis, Doshe Williams, Cloe Potter, Lydia White, andAbigail Boice remained in Saratoga County. The married names of the daughters come from the will of Jonathan Fisk,Jr, which I have transcribed.

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