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Journey from Berlin, Vermont, to Ogdensburg, New York, 10 February to 2 March 1817, Mary Hubbard Nye
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Created By:Michael Fiske

The following is a transcription of Mary Hubbard Nye's diary as she went from Berlin, Vermont, to Ogdensburg, New York in the winter of 1817.

Mary Hubbard Nye Diary

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19 January—11February 1817



     1     1817January 19 day Sunday very cold and blastering

     2     snowdrifted so none of us went to meeting

     3     21day tuesday I went to a conference […]

     4     Jo[?]Doors but a few there four or five of us

     5     23day thursday very cold Hancey started for Mortown

     6     25day saturday Hancey returned from Mortown

     7     26day sunday cold I attended church the

     8     explanationof 32 chap afternoon a discourse

     9     fromacts 24 chap 25 vers go thy way for

    10    thistime when I have a convenient season I

    11    February1 day saturday S[?]il[?] Smith here one week

    12    2day sunday I went to meeting explanation of 33 chap

    13    inthe afternoon no preaching a funeral of a

    14    babeof [?] Jackmans  X old

    15    3day monday cold attend a concert of

    16    prayerto Mr Bosworths with Mr Nye and [?]

    17    8day saturday packing up for a Journay [?]

    18    9day sunday attended church the e[?]pl[?] 3[?]5c

    19    afternoona discourse from Mark 5 chapter 17

    20    verseand they began to pray him to

    21    departout of thare coasts

    22    10day monday very pleasant started for ogdensburg

    23    stopedat Montpealer to or three hours then to

    24    Midelsexand Moretown a few rods in Duxbury

    25    Wa[?]terburystoped to Shermanes (?) then to Bolten

    27    andput up in Richman to spisers the landerd

    28    andlandlady gone from home Mrs tappen there

    29    whoappeared to be a very religeous woman

    30    11day tuesday not so warm rode to Jerico stoped

    31    tothe four corners a likely looking young man

    32    inthe tavern which used bad language

    33    whichI thout of much and wished it might

    34    notbe so and understood after to be Govenner

    35    Chittantonsson but how meen he must

    36    appearalthou a Governner son we then

    37    rodethrou the pine woods then to esex and

    38    cholchesterwhere we stoped and was [?]ed

    39    preparingto cros the lake expecting wind and

    40    coldbut found very pleasant crossing Mallets

    41    Baywhich was seven miles sun an hour

    42    highstoped mot[?]s and warmed and there rode

    43    sevenmiles on the island and put up

    44    towillcockses where we was entertained

    45    verywell

Mary Hubbard Nye Diary

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12 February— 16 February1817




     1     February12 wednesday cold rode acrost the lake

     2     amile and a half on to cumberland head a mile an

     3     andthen a crost the bay 3 miles to platsburgh

     4     stopedin the villige an hour or so then to

     5     cha[?]eand Moretown put up to alvards

     6     Moretowncaled shadagee woods it appear

     7     almostlike a religeous conference a number living

     8     thereand a man from a town Joining Middle

     9     prayedwith us the landlord said he was but

    10    achild a month old and told his experience

    11    thirteenweeks under grait trials of mind

    12    13day thursday clear and cold rode 8 miles stoped

    13    toRoblens (?) the Landlord wars for liker then

    14    8(?) miles to the four corners shadagee where I

    15    understoodwas a refermation then 12 miles stoped

    16    toBells 12 miles to the french mills where

    17    weput up to fermans the landlady not

    18    wella woman from Montreal there

    19    whoappeared religeous and the landlady told

    20    methey had a female praying sosiety there

    20    14day friday very cold indeed started a bout noon

    21    fromcon[?]lible and rode to Reidges to

    22    theindian villege stoped to the tavern the

    23    landlordanamarican no more in the villege

    24    MrBrooks chester Hancy and myself went

    25    intothe church with one of the preastly order

    26    whoshowd us the curiosities in the church

    27    beingvery cold we did not stay so long as I

    28    shouldwish to for the eye is not satisfyed

    29    withseeing and the ear hearing although

    30    itis vanity often started from indian villege

    31    towardsknight rode to Mesenia got there dusk put up

    32    atstans Chester came almost an hour later very

    33    coldfroze his ear and foot after he got warm he

    34    fantedI slept with Hancy in a large cold

    35    chambersome there that appeared to have religeon

    36    15day saturday not quit so cold rode to luisville

    37    stoptto Hamalton in Madrid to [?]naps where

    38    wasa black woman who had to children by

    39    whitmen one four weeks ole wich the

    40    landladysaid was capt Peases of Potsdam

    41    afterI heard some thout it was the landlord

    42    thento lisburn got to Decon Martins it

    43    wasquit dusk put up all knight religion

    44    peopleappeard to be lived in a log hous

    45    [?]day sunday pleasant 13 miles to B

    46    [?]ptto the Red mills by the river saint lorrance to a

    47    tavernsome [?]are singing all most dancen


Mary Hubbard Nye Diary

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16 February—28 February1817




     1     18of Febury 1[?] day sunday got to ogdensburg in the fore noon

     2     foundmy children there well as to heal[th] […]

     3     nopreaching there that day I think we did

     4     notspend our time to the Glory of God giving

     5     tohim thanks for bringing us to see each other ag[?]

     6     andspeaking of his goodness and praising his holy

     7     17day monday very pleasant three or four of

     8     theladyes there called in to see us Mr Pickin at [?]

     9     18day tuesday warm time goes fast with us

    10    Rodeover the river to see the fort but did not go in

    11    19day wednesday pleasant Chester and Bemsley went to canton

    12    20day thursday very pleasant Mr Nye Florinda and

    13    myselfand children rode out to see the plase stoped

    14    tosome wigwamms squas and poposse

    15    afternoonhad company who appeared very agreeable

    16    21day friday warm a young man by the name of Brown

    17    Diedin the village Florinda and myself visited

    18    inthe afternoon with a few of the nabouring women

    19    rainyand thawed quit fast at knight

    20    22day saturday some cooler preparing for home

    21    23day sunday froze some I attended church

    22    inthe forenoon being unwell I did not go afternoon

    23    24day monday pleasant in the morning started

    24    forhome Chester went one rode we another with

    25    afammily calculating to meet on a wednesday knight

    26    thenrode to Potsdam put up at Whelcocks

    27    whereware nice people and a Base vial and

    28    organswich they played on very nice

    29    25day tuesday cold rode to Hopkinton where

    30    westoped a short time then to Chesterfield

    31    andto Bangor (?) put up to woods a log hous

    32    26day wednesday pleasant rode to Malone

    33    stopedand got some [?]pe[?]s and a woman told me that

    34    sincelast august [?]0 joined the church there

    35    andmore sea[?]ious I had good company Mrs Hickock

    36    thatrode with us to Platsburgh four days

    39    rodeto shadagee and Moretown put up to alvards

    40    ChesterCrosby and Manson stayed 8 (?) miles back

    41    27day thursday snowy chester came before we

    42    westarted we started together rode to Platsburg left

    43    MrsHickock not far from sundown rode acros[?]

    44    thelake and put up to willcocks on the island

    45    28day friday good weather crosted to Cholchester

    46    pint(?) 3 miles on the lake rode to Burlington

    47    villigestoped an hour or to then to spisers


Mary Hubbard NyeDiary

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1 March—2 March 1817




     1     [?]march 1 day saturday snowy rode as far as Hubb[?[

     2     founour people well stayed to Hubbards that knight

     3     2day sunday pleasant but none of us went to church

     4     rodehome in the morning found thing all well

     5     theLord has carried us out and brought back in saifty

     6     andwhy is it we do not love and adore and prais him

     7     wichwould be our reasonable service



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