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Adams General Hospital, Memphis, Civil War. Nurse/Doctor Relations
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Created By:Michael Fiske
This is not genealogical.  It relates to my exploration of the nurses at Adams General Hospital in Memphis which I have posted previously.  This is based on Thomas Hannah, Jr.'s letters to his wife Elizabeth Marshall Hannah in Belvidere, Illinois.  Thomas was a ward master at Adams General.  This excerpt is from a letter Thomas wrote on 16 July 1863.  In it he discusses his perceptions of how doctors and other hospital personnel view the women with whom he works.  "Ipity the woman hear in this Hospital I wish they wear at home poor defencliswoman they are hear and doing all they can for the sick and my dear hear arethe doctors and stewards and clearks a por miserable low life set that aretalking and making all kinds of remarks about them with regard to thearcharictors I have heard many a conversation about the ladies wich I know to belies and still dear wife I dare not tell them for fear I might get myself introuble and a private soulder better be dead than get his officers down on him butif I had a sister or any dear friend I should tell theas miserable blazards andcowards they lied and make them take thear words back or fight if they liedabout them as I have heard them talk about respectible woman hear my dear wifea defenclis woman knows not whose eyes are upon her and she knows not how much thetoung of scandle is talking about her and you my dear I would advise to be veryguarded and give not the slightest acusure for anyone to talk about you I am aman and know man better than you my dear and I know thear vile intents when youmight be looking upon them as a sincere friend while they might be pretendingto be the same beware of them dear I know you will do nothing wrong but ifthear is any chance they will talk about you and say all kinds of things of youand at the same time you will not know anything of it the woman nourses in theHospital get 12 dolars per month wich is good wages"

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