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Huntoon Genealogy, Zophar (Sophia) Huntoon gender identity in the 19th century
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Created By:Michael Fiske
Daniel T. V. Huntoon in Philip Huntoon and His Descendants lists a Zopher Huntoon, born 3 September 1851 to Mary Manchester Smith Huntoon and William Francis Huntoon.  Allan Abrahamse in The Huntoon Family in the Nineteenth Century includes a Sophia Huntoon born on the same date in Rhode Island.  The 1850 Census for Providence, Rhode Island, lists a Zopha Huntoon, age 9/12, female, in the household of William F. and Mary B. Huntoon.  The 1860 Census for Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, enumerates a Jaspar Huntoon, age 10, living with John Holbrook and wife Betsy.  Betsy was Betsy Huntoon, William Francis Huntoon's sister.  The 1870 Census for Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, Ward 4, lists a Sophia Huntoon, age 19, female, living with William F. and Mary B. Huntoon. Zophar is listed in the 1880 Census in Providence as male, age 29, a clerk.  Zophar is listed in the 1884 New York City, Brooklyn, Directory, as a clerk working in stationery.  Zophar Huntoon died 21 May 1894 in New York City (New York Herald Tribune, 23 May 1894).  The obituary reads "On Monday, May 21, in his 45th year, son of Mary and the late William F. Huntoon."  Funeral services were held at the home of Zophar's brother-in-law, George B. Hurd.  George was the husband of Zophar's sister, Florence Huntoon.  Zophar/Sophia switched gender identification throughout life—female at birth and at age 20 and male at age 10 and death.    

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