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Tewksbury State Hospital - 1920s
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Created By:Terry G
I have hit many dead ends with regard to a relative that was a patient at Tewksbury Hospital.  I'm wondering if any of you can suggest ways that I can continue the hunt....?

I have emailed Tewksbury Hospital - they have no record of her or her infant son.

There is no birth or death record for the infant son recorded in MA.  (I've been to Vital Stats registry as well as called all local towns they would have lived/died in)

There is no death record for the mother in Vital Stats office or any local town she would have died in (Tewksbury, Waltham, Watertown, Belmont). 

We know the cemetery & plot she is buried at (St.Patricks Watertown) (from the 92yr old son who visited the site his whole life)..however the cemetery does not have any records that go back to the 20's, and there was never a headstone placed on the grave.


Here are their details:


What I've got so far is this:  Giuseppa/Josephine (Magazzu) Giannetto from Waltham, MA went to Tewksbury Hospital around 1925/26 for treatment of Tuberculosis. She was 24 or 25 at the time, and presumably was there also with an infant son, Dominic who died before she did.   Much of this is sourced from her 92 year old son.  (His memory and recall of details is very I have confidence in the story line)  I have her birth record from Italy, Passport App from Italy, see her on ships manifest, then see her and husband in City Directory in Waltham in 1923.  

Her first son was born in 1921 in Mass.  This second son was born about 1923/24?  He was supposed to be 16mos at his death.  There is no reason the family would have been in another state for the birth/death events.  Family and lack of funds would have kept them here.  

I just don't know where else to look?   Would there be newspaper articles related to TB cases or infant deaths?  (Perhaps at that time it was too common to mention?)   Any help is greatly appreciated!

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