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Collaborating on an Ancestral Line
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Created By:Mary Gilchrist
If several people who all share a common ancestor wish to collaborate to document and share the line, what are the candidate means to do this beyond email, for example, perhaps to include sharing a family tree that is posted on Ancestry or RootsWeb without letting it get out of hand?
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Created By:Frieda

I have gathered descendants (and possible descendants) of my ninth great-grandfather Clement Weaver for collaboration by forming a site with called Descendants of Clement Weaver.  I started with those descendants who had visited the Clement Weaver house in Rhode Island; I was able to get their email addresses from the owner of the house.   We have grown as others have found out about our site.    We have solved some genealogical mysteries, found errors and discrepancies in publications,  have a dna study, share photos and stories, etc.

Frieda Weaver Gockel 

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Created By:Judi Temple
On of my lines collaborates on a tree on It's nice because the sites sends out regular newsletters on new additions and such.  I am not a paid member but the cousin who created the tree does pay for it and he invites family members to it and they can maintain their branches.  I haven't really used other features of the site than the tree related functions.  Ancestry is my main research tool but I maintain my tree locally.

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