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Mary Hubbard Nye (b: abt 1770 CT; d:2 Dec 1838, Berlin, VT), Parents established
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Created By:Michael F
Mary Hubbard (abt 1770 to 173 married Elijah Nye (1768-1852) on 9 January 1786 in Glastonbury, CT.  Until now, no one has confirmed her parents.  This note establishes that Mary's parents were Abigail Hollister (1735-1819) and Eleazar Hubbard (1730-1812).  In "The American Genealogist," Volume 27, 1950, "The Hubbard Family of Glastonbury, Conn." Donald Lines Jacobus identifies four children of Abigail Hollister and Eleazar Hubbard:  Eleazar (abt 1754 to Aug 1832), Elijah (abt. 1757 to Oct 1782), Abigail (abt 1758 to April 1811) and Asahel (abt 1767 to September 1790).  I am in possession of one leaf of a diary written by Mary Hubbard Nye in Berlin, VT.  In July 1812, Mary writes, 'my father departed this life 4 or 5 months sickness.  This demonstrates that Abigail Hollister and Eleazar Hubbard were Mary Hubbard's parents.  Eleazar Hubbard died in July 1812 in Berlin, VT.  In fact, Mary Hubbard Nye, Elijah Nye, Abigail Hollister Hubbard, and Eleazar Hubbard are buried within several feet of each other in East Road Cemetery in Berlin.  Mary Hubbard and Elijah Nye went to Berlin, VT, from Glastonbury, CT, in 1789. Abigail Hollister and Eleazar Hubbard arrived in Berlin from Glastonbury in 1790.  I will post a scan of the document as soon as I convert it to a jpeg file.  In addition, the rest of Mary Hubbard Nye's diary, 40 or more pages, is in the possession of an aunt, who is having it conserved.
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Created By:Michael Fiske
This leaf was preserved by my grandfather, Robert Huntoon Hannah, separate from the rest of the Mary Hubbard Nye diary--probably because it contained information significant to him, that is, his great grandmother, Florinda Nye Huntoon, is mentioned in line 2.  Line 2 gives the date May 23, a Saturday, which establishes the year as 1812.  Florinda Nye married Bemsely Huntoon in Berlin, VT, in May 1812.  Eleazar Hubbard's death in July 1812 is mentioned in line 5.  David Nye's (brother of Elijah) wife's, Honor Tryon Nye, death in 1813 is mentioned in line 10.  In line 11, the death of Sarah House Hubbard (1754–1814), wife of Eleazar Hubbard Jr. is noted.  Finally, Mary Hubbard's and Elijah Nye's daughter Betsey died in December 1814 in Berlin, VT.  Sorry, I'm having trouble attaching the jpeg of diary.
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Created By:Michael Fiske

As I can't seem to post the original, here is my transcription:

[…] back in Jan […]

May 23 saturday Florinda was ma[…]

June 29 Hubbards child put out to nu[…]

[J]uly 8 Hubbards wife dep departed this […]

[…] my father departed this life 4 or 5 months sickness

[Sep]tember went to Connecticut in our hack

[…] [t]hen returned home three weeks and one day gone

[f]ound our family well and glad to see us especialyBet[sey]

I wish we might be thankful for the Goodness of God to […]

1813 September David Nyes wife left this world

1814 (?) my Brother Hubbards wife departed this life

December thanksgiving a child of Mr Andrews was brought in

hurt by a horse thought to be dangerous but recovered in 5days

[…] day wednesday about sunset my youngest Child was

[ta]ken with the spoted fever very suden very sleepy

till (?) about 11 or 12 when she looked wild soon thoughther to

be dying it seems she had not her reason much afterwards ifany

thursday morning moved her into the south room she appeared

to know us some of the time but in grait distress at turn[…]

[M]r Hobart came to […] and prayed with us Betsey not […]

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