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Differing Guidelines for state vital records
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Created By:camille boyd
I am somewhat of a novice, but I ordered death certificates for my great, great grandparents in Birmingham, AL. I was told by one of the office reps that you can not obtain birth certificates if you are not the child of the person. Secondly laws are changing in Al that will state you wont be able to access death records either. Please comment and enlighten me on your experiences.
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Created By:Diane Wright_1

Hi Camille,


It has been my experience that jurisdictions allow genealogy copies of vital records--ie not certified copies--to genealogists. It may be that the records need to be x number of years old. If you emphasize that you are only requesting genealogy copies--which are less expensive than certified copies anyway--you may find that doors will open.

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Created By:Lenora


Obtaining information from the various States, Counties, and libraries is getting more difficult.  A lot of the difficulty is caused by budget constraints.  Recently, a county clerk's office advised that the $7.00 fee for a copy of a marriage license (189 is no longer an option.  They will issue only certified copies for $21.00 each.  

I was advised by a library that copies of material are available at $25.00 (yes, twenty-five dollars) a page.

I was advised by a State office that birth and death certificates (regardless of age) are protected by the Privacy Act.  A lot of these people have never read the Privacy Act, but simply use it as an excuse not to spend their time on our "hobby."

I would like to see genealogical and historical societies get more involved with the states and counties in making more records available digitally.  I believe that is the only way to eliminate the problem with getting the information we need. 

On the other hand, I have received help from county offices and libraries that can never be repaid.  There are individuals out there who take the time to help, even going so far as to contact libraries in surrounding cities and counties.  When I get that kind of help, I usually make a donation, albeit a small one


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Created By:Daniel Brown
In NY State one can obtain uncertified genealogical marriage certificates to within 50 years, death and birth certificates to within 70 years (even less if related).   I have gotten genealogical death records from CT, GA, CA and FL.

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