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Hunt, Hiel (Highel, Hial) and Hunt family
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Created By:Barbara Bittner

This is my first post, I hope someone can help.

I have been in search of records connecting Hiel to his father, Jonathan Hunt. I have searched the Barbour collection, but Hiel seems non-existant. He was to have been born in Lebanon, CT  to Jonathan Hunt and ___ (Hannah?)___ Church, 29 January 1782. I also have a family register that places birth on that date in East Hadam, CT. 

Jonathan and Hiel (father and son), moved to Bennington, VT where Hiel married Anna Blanchard (d. of Lemuel Blanchard) in 1805. Most of their children were born there with no town records of their birth. There are town records for voting and paying taxes, but none for the birth of their children. 

Interesting in Hiel's obituary was the story that he was apprenticed at about the age of 18 to a "Mr. Smith" to pay a debt of Jonathan's. I have found no record of this, nor do I know if there would be a record of this. 

Jonathan and Hiel then moved to Ohio via NY in 1815-1816 where both lived out their days. 

The other family mystery is Jonathan's father. Some records connect Jonathan to a father named Jonathan, but a family record states Jonathan's father was Thomas.

Thank you.

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Created By:Barbara Bittner

I should have added that I may have more information that might help with a family connection. It's the paper trail that gives me a headache! I have been fortunate to learn loads about Hiel, but the connection to his father and past generations that is so elusive.

Thank you!

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Created By:Barbara Bittner

I will try adding more information that may help. 

  • Hiel's obituary states that he was born in Lebanon CT, 1782, so Jonathan must have lived in Lebanon at one time.
  • There is a Hunt family line in Lebanon: Thomas m. Mary___ => Jonathan (no birth date) m. Ruth Cushman => Jonathan Jr b. 9 Feb 1750, who would be the right age to be Hiel's father.
  • Jonathan Jr. disappears from Lebanon records.
  • A Jonathan Hunt Jr. appears in a Gazetteer for Windham County, VT as an early settler. That is the only reference to Jonathan Hunt "Jr". No date listed for "early"
  • A Jonathan Hunt (w/o Jr) appear in the town records for the early 1800's paying taxes and voting in Readsborough, VT. Hiel also appears at around the time he turns 18.
  • Researchers working back in time list this as the connection for Jonathan Hunt I am researching.
  • Researchers working forward in time stop with Jonathan Hunt Jr.
  • There is supposed to be a record in the Boston Transcript for Hiel Hunt's birth and I've ordered that from the Godfrey Library. 
  • I'm also trying to locate a marriage record for Jonathan Hunt and Hannah Church which is frequently cited. My family documents say that Jonathan married "a Church". Hannah Church is from Hadley, MA.
  • Family documents confirm the move of Hiel and Jonathan from Readsborough, VT to Ohio as early pioneers when the land opened up.

Those are some of the basics of what I have. Is there anyone who can help? 

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